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I can only answer questions about the names Bailey, Conley, and some Auxier, Holbrook, Runyon, Calhoun,Trusty and Cole.
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Husband: Erik Svendsen LINDEGAARD, (BORN KORSGADE)(SEE N4)
Born: 16 Jun 1801 at: Svendborg (se old bible sheet) Married: 6 Apr 1827 at: Svendborg Died: 8 May 1890 at: Svendborg Father:Claus LINDEGAARD, (KORSGADE 4 1801) Mother:Andrea Dorthea SVENDSEN, (LIVED WITH E.L 1834) Other Spouses:
Wife: Caroline HOYVALD
Born: 25 Apr 1802 at: Svendborg Died: 16 May 1877 at: Svendborg , (both burried Hoeyvald f. plot) Father:Andreas HOYVALD, (SADDELMAKER,FIREINSPECTOR) Mother:Mette Pedersdatter MAEGAARD Other Spouses:
Name: Born: 1821-1848 at: Married: at: Died: 1826-1930 at: Spouses:
Name: Andreasine Dorthea (Signe) LINDEGAARD Born: 11 Jun 1827 at: Svendborg, (buried A/2/6Sv.C.Yard) Married: WFT Est. 1839-1867at: Died: 30 Mar 1907 at: Svendborg Moellergade 92/94 Spouses: Hans Poulsen HANSEN, SHIPBUILDER SHIPOWNER
Name: Claus Christian LINDEGAARD Born: 5 Oct 1832 at: Svendborg Married: 6 Mar 1863 at: Svendborg Died: 10 Apr 1916 at: Svendborg Spouses: Gertrud Marie WIVEL
Name: Emilie Caroline Mathilde LINDEGAARD Born: 8 Jan 1842 at: Svendborg (baptised April 3, 1842, npage4) Married: WFT Est. 1854-1884at: Mathilde sisther to my g.grandmother A.S.L Died: 10 Jun 1921 at: Svendborg(Mollergade 21) Spouses: Bendix Moeller WIVEL, (COBBERSMITH) ,SEENOTES

All files are copyright protected and are not to be duplicated for profit.

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