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Index to Todd County Misc. Court Records

Todd County Court Orders
Book C 1825 - 1828
Alphabetical Index

Kennedy, U E. guardian L & W KENNEDY pg 5, 158, 309, 315
KENNEDY, J N allowed pg 7
KING, Geo guardian E GILKESSON pg 11, 153
KENDALL, Jas T. Licensed pg 107, 378
KIRKMAN, William Sur Road pg 110, 272
KENNEDY, Jas M S__ Road _____ pg 196
KENDALL, Jas _ atten on fa__ pg 262
KENNEDY, J N  Renew his Bondry fa__table  pg 312
KIRKMAN, Wm List of propery 323
KENDALL, Jas Jailor  pg 327
KIRKMAN, Jno guardian for Garth PETTY pg 337
KILLEBREW, Wm List of property pg 339
KENNEDY, J N Exempt for not returning free pg 371
KENDALL, James, allowed as guard pg 379
KEELING, William Surv Road pg 381
KENNEDY, Jas N list fines pg 385
KENDALL, James Ref___ as Jailer pg 396

Estate of William KIRKMAN ,  Jan 13,1851

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