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Czechs in World War

(Part 2)

   The Secretary of the State of Nebraska, Charles W. Pool, in 1925 published a roster of soldiers, sailors and marines, who had served in the Civil, Indian, Spanish-American and World Wars and were living in Nebraska at the time. This list was compiled by county and precinct assessors and is probably as complete as such a list can well be, except the names of those who had died or been killed in service, or had moved away since the close of the wars. The following Czech names appear among those who participated in the World War (1914--1918):

   Steve Aksamit, Wilber (Co. B, 318 Eng.); Joseph Ambroz, Ravenna (not assigned); L. J. Ambroz, Ravenna, (Co. A, 41st Supply).

   Peter Badura, Ansley (Battery B, 15th Field Art.); L. T. Bahensky, Palmer (Co. A, 2nd Eng.); Ant. A. Barnas, Pender (Co. A, 2nd Eng); Fred Barta, Omaha (Navy); John Barta, Spencer (Supply Co. 16, I Div.); James Barta, Albion (Co I, 15th); M. Barta, Comstock (Co. A, 355th Inf.); Rud. Barta, Linwood (Co. 133, Q. M. C.); E. V. Bartek, Ewing (U. S. S. Dorsey); Philip Bartek, Weston (Co. 60); Mike Bartelec Jr., Abie (Evac. Hosp. No. 9); Ed. Bartle, St. Paul, Jaroslav Bartos, Otto Bartos, Lad'a Bartos (navy), all Omaha; James Bartos, Verdigre (Co. E, 103rd.); Ed. Bartunek, Schuyler (Co. 10); F. J. Bartunek, Abie (Co. G, 314 Ammun.); Wm. Bartunek, Tobias (Co. A, S. A. T. C.); Ed. Bashus, Plattsmouth, (Co. A, 314th Am. Train); Ed. J. Basta, Creighton (S. A. T. C.); Fr. Batelka, Clarkson (Co. F, 314th Am. Train); Vlad. Bauer, Milford (Med. Dept.); Jos Bazant, Valparaiso (Air Service); George Bednar, Omaha, Joseph Bednar, Oconto (Co. F, 127th); Joseph Becek, Dodge (Co. C, Eng); Paul Beha, O'Neill (320th Supply, G. M. C.); Raymond Belik, Morse Bluff (Marines); Ed. L. Bena, Florence (Co. 59); Leopold Bedna, Shelby (Co. B, 12th S. B. M.); Louis Bedna, Verdigre (Co. G, 62nd); F. V. Benesh, Ravenna (unassigned); Anton Beran, Ord (Air Service); Otto Beranek, Dix (Depot Brig.); Fr. Bernasek Jr., Geneva (Co. A, 128th Inf.); Jos. J. Besta, Omaha (Co. B, 161st D. B.); John Beza, Dodge (Co. A, 13); Adolph Beznoska, Cedar Bluffs (U. S. destroyer Kimberly); Jos. Beznoska, Cedar Bluffs (Co. D, 136th Inf.) ; Albert Biba Jr., Exeter (Co. G, 350th Inf.); Ant. J. Blaha, Elba (Co. G, 355th); Chas. Blaha, St. Paul (Co. B, 7th Mach. Gun Batt.); Ralph Blaha, Ord (Med. Dept.); Will F. Blaha, Ord (Co. F, 356th Inf); Alb. Blecha, Benkelman (Co. C, 140th); Louis R. Blecha, Table Rock (Co. K, 3rd Batt.); Jos. F. Blumal, Nebraska City (Co. 46, 164th Depot Brig.); Jos. Bohac, Clarkson (Co. D.); A. W. Bohaboj, Prague (Co. 24, V. U.); Ant. J. Bohaty, Abie (Co. G, 314th Am. Train); John Borovicka, Hubbell (Co. A, Guards); Joseph Bors, Milligan (Co. G, 4 J. N. F.); Louis J. Bouc, Valparaiso (Med. Corps); J. W. Bouska, Atkinson (S. A. T. C.); Geo. J. Brabec, Weston (Amb.); Theodore Brabec, Wahoo (Navy Hospital); Jos. Bradka, St. Paul, Ed. F. Brejcha, Western (Reg.); Ed. Bren, Lynch (O. T. C.); Dr. Miles Breuer, Lincoln (Med. Dept.); H. H. Bricka, Lincoln (Med. Dept.); Sidneyl L. Broz, Wilber (Co. A, 355th Inf); Herbert Buchta, Osceola (Co. E, 46th Inf.; Jos. J. Budka, Omaha (Co. 136, Amb. Co.); A. A. Bukacek, Neligh (Co. F, Inf., 19th Div.); B. J. Bukacek, Valparaiso (Co. D, 1st A. A. B.); John Burda, Wilber, Ed D. Bures, Rogers (Co. 25); John W. Bures, Morse Bluff (Vet. Hosp. Corps.); Mathew Bursek, Omaha, E. L. Bydalek, Dannebrog (Co. B. A, 345th S. B.).

   Ed. Cada, Clarkson (Co. K, 355th); C. W. Cahota, Valentine (Co. 1, 4th Neb. Inf.); Adolph Cechal, Plattsmouth (Co. D, 355th Inf.) A. H. Cerney, St. Paul (Med. Dept.); Ernest Cerney, St. Paul, Ed. Chaloupka, Omaha (Co. K, 2nd Neb.); Thos. Chaloupka, Wilber (Co. H, S. A. T. C.); J. V. Charvat, Havelock (355th Inf.); James Chezek, Omaha, Ben. Chezek, Omaha (M. G. 147); Louis Chladek, Verdigre (343rd.); Fr. J. Chmelir, Scribner (U. S. S. Louisiana) ; James Chmelka, Thurston (Co. 14, Mach. Gun); Joseph Chmelka, Thurston (O. T. C.) ; Louis Chocholousek, Verdigre (Co. H, 355th In.); Fred Chubaty, Arlington, Jerry Chulik, Oshkosh, (15th A. A.); Miloslav Chval, Omaha (Med. Corps); Anton J. Chyatal, Morse Bluff (355th Field Hosp. 39 Div.); Louis E. Cihacek, Linwood (105 Am. Train); Vinc. E. Cihlar, Walnut (199th Air Serv.); Louis H. Cinek, Omaha (Co. G, Motor Corps); Frank Cisar, Indianola (Motor 3); Ed. Cizek, Osmond (Med. 35th Div.); James Cizek, Osmond (Field Hosp. No. 19); Joseph Cizek, Prague (Co. A, 102nd); Geo. F. Cizek, Wilber (Co. B, 318 Eng.); Ed. R. Coufal, Brainard (Camp Hosp.); L. J. Coufal, Benson (Co. C); Ed. Cudly, Milligan (Co. D, 350th Inf.); John Culek, Garrison (342nd Field Art.); Emil Curda, Weston (Bat. D, 127th Field Art.); James Curda, Weston (67th Art. C. A. C.).

   Wm. Dezort, Burchard (340th F. R.); Alb. Divis, Brainard (Co. I, 355th, 89th Div.); Fr. H. Divis, Bee (Inf.); Emil A. Dobry, Center (Co. H, Marines); A. S. Dolezal, Wahoo (315th Supply Co.); Emil Dolezal, Valparaiso (134th Inf); Fr. E. Dolezal, Colon (39th Hdq.); G. M. Dolezal, Lincoln (30th Inf. 3rd Div.); A. H. Dranselka, Omaha (125th Vet. Corps); John Drapal, Lawrence (Co. A, 134th); Chas. A. Drda, Wilber (Co. E); Frank Drdla, Omaha (140 Camp Funston); A. Paul Drobny, Verdigre (Co. 2, 158th Depot Brig.); Stan. Drozd, Duncan, James, Drudik, Fairfield (Co. C, 3rd); Lawrence Drudik Jr., Lawrence (18th Vet.); J. C. Duchacek, Meadow Grove (Co. A); Adolph Duchek, Crete (81st Baloon Service); Fr. Dufek, David City (Co. G, 46th Div.); Jos. F. Dufek, David City (Co. G, 20th Inf.; Maxwell Dusatko, Brainard (H. A. F.); Ed. Dusek, Bladen (Hdq. 134th); Carl Dvoracek, Blue Hill (Co. 9, G. S. 2); Geo. W. Dvorak, Rising City (U. S. A. Base Hosp.): Henry Dworak, Howell (Co. D); Joseph Dworak, David City (U. S. A. Base Hosp.); Thos. Dvorak, Verdigre.

   Frank A. Eis Jr., Humboldt (356th); Ant. F. Elznic, Geneva (Co. C, Machine Gun).

   Emil Faferta, Ord (Co. E, 355th Inf.); Fr. Faferta, Ord (Co. E, 355th Inf.); Adolph J. Fayman, Clarkson (355th); Gus. B. Fayman, Clarkson (Co. 843); Emil Ferenc, Morse Bluffs (Co. B, 16th Inf.) Chas. Fiala, Brainard (S. 20th In.); Fr. Fiala, Omaha, Geo. Fiala, Howell, Jos. Fiala, Omaha, Jos. Fiala, Omaha (Hdq. 127, Field Art.); J P Fiala Howell (385th); Fr. Filip, Western (Co. B, 354 Reg); Frank Finkral, Battle Creek (Co. B, 19th Train); Ed. Fitl, Swanton (Co. C, 341st Mach. Gun Batt.); Wm. W. Fitl, Swanton (Med. Corps); Richard M. Franta, Crete (350th Inf.); Adolph Freeouf, Wilber, Frank Freeouf, Wilber Joseph Frokner, Prague (Co. E, 109 Eng.).

   Ed. Gruber, St. Paul (Co. C, Con.).

   Fr. Habrich, Virginia (318th Brig., 163rd R. D. D. B.); Adolph Hadacek, Haigler (Co. B, Mach. Gun Batt.); John Hadacek, Haigler (Co. A, Mach. Gun. Batt.); John L. Hadraba, Plattsmouth (Co. 47, S. S.); Alois Hajek, Sidney (1st Batt., 40th Inf.); John Hajek, Stanton, Wm. Hajek, Mullen, Ed. Hajny, Omaha (Goose Island); John Halada, Crete (Supply Co., 134th); Jos. Halva, Lynch (Co. H, 69th Inf.); Victor Halva, Niobrara (Co. A, C. C.); James Hambek, Spencer (Co. 15, Cavalry); James Hamek, Omaha (Industrial Service); Henry Hamik, Stuart, Louis Hanzlik, Verdel (Co. G, 355th Inf.); Henry Hapek, Lynch (Co. H. G., 134th Inf.); Jos. Hasek, Omaha (Co. G, 61st Reg.); Lawrence Hatra, Bellwood (Co. D); Roy Hatra, David City (Co. A); Louis Hausner, Brainard (351st Inf.); Paul Havel, Clarkson (Co. G); Ant. J. Havelka, Colon (Co. A, 314th Am. Train); John Havlic, Haigler (Ord. Dept. Mach. Gun. Batt.); Lumir Havlicek, Crete (Hdq., 355th); Frank J. Havlovic, Prague (Co. G, 310 Inf.); Jos. Hejtmanek, Clarkson (Co. 52, 164th); Jas. Hecl (Co. B, 361 Inf.); Frank Henza, Grand Island (310, M. T. C. R. U.); Milton Herbrich, Omaha. Jos. F. Herian, Antioch (15th Div.); Fr. E. Herout, Verdigre (Co. E, 313th); Ed. A. Hesh, Crete (352nd); Alb. S. Hines, Morse Bluff (869 Aero Squadron); George Hlad, Leigh (Co. I, 363rd Inf.); Chas. Hladik, Weston (Battery E, 355th Field Art.); Claud Hlavac, Brainard (Battery B, 127th Field Art.); Fred Hlavac, Brainard (Co. K, 349 Inf.); Henry R. Hobek, Verdigre (Inf. Reserve Corps); F. W. Hodek, Omaha (356th Inf.); Fr. Hoffman, Wilber, Stanley Hoffman, Wilber (248th Amb.); L. J. Hokuf Bertrand (Co. C, 355th Inf.); Jos. Holasek, F. L. Holub, Omaha; Jacob Holub, Prague (Co. A, 20th Med.); Wm. Holub, Ravenna (Co. D, 4th Inf.); John Holy, Schuyler (106th Eng.); Henry A Honack, Omaha (Co. 13, 1st Neb. Reg.); John A. Horacek, Brainard (Battery E, 29th Field Art.); J. F. Horacek, Elba (Co. M, 70th Inf.); Jos. M. Horacek, Chambers (Battery Co., 17th Field Art.); Fr. Horak, Wilber (14th Vet. Corps) ; Jas. B. Horak, Richland (7th); Jos. Horak, Ravenna (Co. D, 137th Inf.); Ladislav Horak, Clarkson (Co. 47); Wm. Horak, St. Libory (Bakery Co. 37th); Fred Horky, Valparaiso (Co. A, 10th Inf.) ; John Hornicek, Lodgepole, (Attending Serg. Office Garis); Harold Horney, Tobias (Co. A, 89th); Fr. A. Hotovy, Ulysses (Co. G, 314th Am.); Gustav Houfek, Malmo (134th Inf.); Louis F. Houfek, Schuyler (Co. 347); Fred J. Houzvicka, Exeter (Co. M, 355th Inf.); Louis Houzvicka, Verdigre (Q. M. C.); V. C. Hovorka, Randolf (Co. 350 Inf.); C. B. Hroch, Wymore, Chas. Hroch, Barneston (Co. D, 101st Inf.) ; E. F. Hromas, Dorchester (Co. M, 355th); Fr. J. Hromek, Lynch (Co. 42, 164th D. B.); Ed. Hronek, Imperial (Co. B, 15th Inf.); Rudolph Hronek, Howell, Adolph A. Hruby, Touhy (Co. I, Mech. Transport); Ed. Hubka, Falls City (Co. A); Emil Hubka, Pawnee City (107th Field Art.); F. D. Hubka, Virginia (Machine Gun. 350th, Inf.); Jas. Hula, Prague (Co. C, Div. Batt.); Jos. Huletz, Table Rock (Co. E, 1st Cavalry); Ad. J. Humlicek, Abie (Co. I, 62nd Inf.); Wm. J. Humpal, Atkinson (Signal Corps); Lotto Hynek, Humboldt (Co. E, 109th Eng.); Milo Hynek, Plattsmouth (Co. E, 457th Mar.); Wm. Hynek, Humboldt (Co. 8, 6th Nebr.); Wm. A. Hynek, Morse Bluff (H. D. 2., 134th Inf.);

   Fr. Jakoubek, Valparaiso (Inf.); Jos. Janacek, Wilber (Co. B, 54th Coast Art.); Oldrich Janak, Burwell (Co. 1, S. A. T. C.); Alb. S. Janda, Plattsmouth (S. A. T. C.); Jerry J. Janda, Wilber (18th Am. Depot); John J. Janda, Lawrence, W. J. Janda, Omaha (20th Baloon); John Janicek, Shelby (Co. G, 305th); Emil Janik, Fr. B. Janik, Omaha; Karl L. Janouch, Halsey (Co. 30, 20th Eng.); Fr. J. Janousek, Clarkson (676th); Alfred A. Janovsky, Fremont (336th Supply Co.); Ed. Jares, Elba (Co. F, 14th, 3rd Div.); August Jarosh, Farwell (127th Field Art.); Fr. E. Jarosh, Omaha (164th Depot Brigade); Jos. A. Jarosh, Omaha (340th Field Art.); Fr. Jaros, Pawnee City (17th Vet. Corps) Anton Jasa, Wahoo (316th Air Service); Vlad. Jasa, Weston (S. A. E. F.); Jas. Jecha, Brainard (Co. A, 14th M. G.); F. A. Jelen, Gretna, Adolph Jelinek, Swanton (Co. G, Reg.); Chas. Jelinek, Omaha (352nd Inf.); Ed. Jelinek, Abie (Co. 61); H. M. Jelinek, Dunning (18th Vet. Hosp.); J. A. Jelinek, Hemingford (76, M. Dep., Reg.); Mike Jelinek, Powell (Co. 166); R. J. Jelinek, Touhy (Hdq. 335th Inf.); John Jenik, Wayne (S. A. T. C,); Jerome Jerman, West Point (Ordnance); Jos. A. Jerman, West Point (Co. K, 355th Inf.); L. W. Jerman, West Point (Main Camp); Joseph H. Jezek, Hemingford (Remount, 323rd); Henry Jicka, Lawrence (Co. F, 128th Inf.); Vlad. J. Jisa, Weston (Creighton S. A. T. C.); Adolph A. Jonas, Clarkson (Co H); Ben Jonas, Clarkson (Co. 313, B); Anton M. Juracek, Weston (18th Baloon Serv.); Chas. Juracek, West Point (Co. C).

   Jos. Kacmarek, Elwood (Co. G, 104, Am. Train); Jerry Kadlec, Clarkson (Co. 19, 4th); Steve G. Kafka, Beemer (Co. A); Ben Kalal, Niobrara, Frank Kalal, Lynch (Co. Hdq. 69th Reg.); Julius Kalasek, Plattsmouth (Co. 96, 872 Eng.) ; Wesley J. Kalasek, Plattsmouth (Co. M D, 15th Div.); Jos. Kalcik, Crete (Air Serv.); Stephen Kalis, Coleridge (Co. 306, 88th Div.); Steve Kalisek, Howell (Co. I, 349); C. F. Kamen, Burchard (356th Amb.); Walter Kaminsky, Inavale (Co. B, 355th Inf.); Fred Kaplan, Niobrara, R. Karel, Clarkson (Co. 9, O. H. T.); W. A. Karel, Clarkson (Bemt. 127th); Ed. C. Karlik, Omaha (Co. D, 138th Eng.); Adolph Kasal, Poole (Co. H, 134th Reg.); Adolph Kaspar, Prague (121st), Anton Kasparek, Omaha (Am. Det.); Fr. Kasparek, Wilber, Jos. Kasik, Geneva (Co. 13, 314th S. Train); Jos. F. Kasik, Milligan (Co. B, 314th M. S. T.); Chas. Kava, Columbus (127th); Emil Kavan, Omaha (M. T. C. 510, M. S. T. 423); Ed. Killian, Wahoo (Aviation); Ray A. Killian, Wahoo (H. D. 2 Co., 355 Inf.); Wm. M. Killian, Wahoo (Bat. E, 126th F. A.); F. J. Kirchman Jr., Wahoo (Co. D, 356th Inf.); Fr. Klabenes; Schuyler (Co .37); Otto Klabunda, Louisville (Navy); Ed. Klanecky, Ord (Co. A, 134th Inf.); Jos. F. Klanecky, Farwell (20th Co.); J. W. Klanecky, Ord (Co. A, 134th Inf.); Jos. J. Klein, Bellwood (Co. G); Jos. J. Klein, Milligan (36th Navy); Fr. Klepetko, Chapman (Co. 2, 3rd Batt.); D. Q. Kletecka, Omaha (Co. E, 7th Reg.); Milo Klobora, Schuyler (Co. 109); Fr. John Kment, Omaha (U. S. S. Radior); Jos. Kment, Omaha (Co. F, 3rd Nebr.); Chas. A. Knajdl, Prague (Bat. E, 127 F. A.); Frank Knajdl, Prague (355 Inf. 89th Div.); Geo. D. Knapp, Wilber (Dept. Q. M. C.); Wm. H. Kobrt, Beatrice (Co. 3); Ad. V. Kobza, David City, Louis J. Kobza, Brainard (Co. H, 352nd Inf.); John H. Kochler, Geneva (S. A. T. C.); Frank Kofranek, Milligan (Co. F, 27th Inf.); Ed Koci, Crete (Co. A, 18th); E. H. Kokjer, Wahoo (Co. 49, C. A. C.); Chas. L. Kolar, Wolbach (Co. 11, 2nd Reg. A. S. M.); Fred Kolar, Exeter (Navy); F. L. Kolar, Cushing (Co. B, Dev. Batt. No. 1); Kr. Koliha, Schuyler (Co. 131); Jos. Koliha, Abie (Co. E, 343rd); J. F. Komarek, Shickley (Co. B, S. A. T. C.); Fr. Komicka, Omaha (Co. G, 50th); F. J. Komsak, St. Paul (Co. L, 20th Inf.); Jos. E. Konecky, Ithaca (177th Vet. Co., Hdq.) ; J. J. Konicek, Walthill (Co. G, B); Ant. Konopasek, Verdigre (Co. G, 355th); Jos. Kopecky, Omaha (104th Base Hosp.); Edwin D. Korab, Ann Carr (Co. D, 20th Mach. Gun. Batt.) ; Fr. Korbel, Verdigre (338th Field Art.); W. J. Korbel, Utica; Rud. Korejzl, Wilber; H. R. Korsal, Plattsmouth (Sec. Serv.); Stephen Korus, Lincoln (Ordnance Dept.); Jos. M. Kosek, Elyria (Co. M, B. D.); Ed. Kostal, Ravenna (138th Inf.); Fr. Kostal, Omaha (S. A. T. C.); Lester Kostal, Ravenna (H. Q., 109th Sign.); Alvin Kostlan, Fremont; Adolph Kotas, Milligan (Q. M. Corps); John F. Kotas, Milligan (131st, A. N. B.); John H. Kotas, Milligan (Co. D, 350th Inf); Ed. Kotik, St. Paul; F. J. Kotlar, Snyder (Co. M, 30th Inf. Reg.); Ernest H. Kouba, Friend (M. P., 221st); R. E. Kouba, Verdigre (Co. B); Fr. Koukal, Weston (Co. G, Infantry); Alb. Kounovsky, Wood Lake (Co. 20, 5th Reg.); John Kounovsky, Pishelville (Co. F); Fred Koranda, Havelock; James Koutnik, Morse Bluff (Med. Dept. 119th F. A.); Stephen Kovanda, Exeter (Co. M, 355th Inf.); Chas. J. Kovarik, Snyder (Co. 6, 43rd Inf.); Ed. L. Koza, Bruno (Co. D, 109th); Chas. J. Kozlik, Crete (83rd Field Art.); Fr. Kral, Richland; J. W. Kral, Western Co. A, 137th); Wm. Kralik, Lindsay (B. P., 137th); Chas. J. Kranda, Omaha (Camp Grant); John Kratka, Norfolk (Co. B, Regular); Fr. Kratochvil, Wilber (Co. G, 42nd Inf.) ;Chas. Krejci, Exeter (Norfolk Sta.); Emil Krejci, Exeter (3rd Batt. Inf., Repl.) ; Fr. Krejci Jr., Schuyler (Co. K, 355th); Jos. Krejci, Marple (149th By.); Louis Krejdle, Geneva (Co. 63, 163rd Depot. Brig.); Ed. Kremlacek, St. Paul (Co. E, 429th M. S. T.); Henry Krenk, Niobrara (Co. B. A., 67th); James Krenk, Niobrara; Wm. Krepela, West Point; A. Kreshel, Tobias (Batt. D, 102nd Field Art.); Chas. Kreshel, Wilber (Navy); Ludwig Kresl, West Point (Co. K, 355th Inf., 89th Div.); V. Krikac Jr., Comstock (Hdq. 10th, 164th Depot Brig.); Lew Krikava, Virginia (Co. 13, 14th Machine Gun Batt.); Geo. Krivanek, Plattsmouth (Navy); Ed. Kriz, Brainard (10th Div.); Emil Kriz, Hemingford (Co. B, 350th); Fr. Krlz, Hemingford (Co. 323); Jos. A. Kriz, Brainard (14 Reg. Battery F.); Dr. R. E. Kriz, Lynch (Navy); Fr. C. Kroupa, Verdigre (5th Am. Train); George Kroupa, Omaha (Navy); Joseph Kroulik, Havelock (Battery Co., 5th Field Art.); Otto L. Krula, Sumner (Hosp. Corps); A. Krupicka, Wilber (Co. M, 335th Inf.); Adolph Krupicka, Milligan (Co. 2, D. B. G. G.); Joseph A. Krysl, Stuart (53rd Baloon Co.); Chas. Kubas, Silver Creek; Fr. Kubat, Geneva (Battery F, 127th Field Art.); John J. Kubat, Omaha (Co. C, 340th Field Art.); John J. Kubista, Prague (Co. 9, Am. Train); J. A. Kubista, Pierce (G. M. C.) ; Fr. Kubitschek, O'Neill (Dental Corps); Alb. Kucera, Hay Springs (Co. A, Infantry); Frank Kucera, Du Bois (Co. F, 355th); Fred Kucera, Table Rock (Co. C, 29th Machine Gun); Fr. M. Kucera, Rushville (Supply Co., 355th Inf.); Jas. Kucera, Clarkson (253rd); Joseph A. Kucera, Weston (Co. I., 2nd Inf.); Otto Kucera, Crete (S. A. T. C.); Joseph Kudera, Schuyler (Co. D); Fr. Kudlcek, Wilber (Co. 20); John Kudrna, Mullen (22nd Inf.); Jos. J. Kudrna, Wahoo (Co. C, 341st Mach. Gun); Henry Kugler, Lodgepole (Batt. F, 339th Field Art.); J. J. Kugler Jr., Brainard (Co. 11); J. F. Kukral, Verdigre (354th F); Henry F. Kulish, Niobrara (Battery C, Artillery); Henry Kuncl, Omaha (Navy); Herry M. Kunc, Crab Orchard (Machine Co., 87th Inf.); Rudolph Kunc, Wilber (Co. G, 42nd Inf.); Ant. I. Kupka, Crete (Am. 126th); Jos. Kusak, Prague (Co. F, 16th); Chas. Kuta, Columbus (81st Base Hosp.); Ed. Kuticka, Ravenna (Co. F, 4thlnf.); Jos. Kuzelka, Beemer (Co. D, 314th Am. Train); Fr. E. Kvacek, Sumner (U. S. S. Saturn); J. G. Kyndl, Ravenna (Co. 27, Air Service).

   Ed. Lahodny, Beatrice (Co. 130, 160th); John Lala, Comstock (Co. E, 3rd Inf.); Ralph E. Landa, Lexington; Ed. Lanik, Wahoo (31st Field Art.); Emil Lasansky, Springfield (Hdq. Dept.); Adolph Lastovica, Omaha (Chief Mechanic); Frank Lastovica, Omaha; Ed. F. Laun, Milligan (Co. A. S. A. T. C.); Arnold Lepik, Hastings (Co. E, 109th Eng.); George Lidmila, Hoskins (Co. E, 352nd); John Liska, Bee (28th Art.); Joseph Lopour, Clarkson (Supply Co.); Jos. Lorenc, South Omaha (105th Field Hosp.); J. J. Loukota, Gross (Co. 3 D, 7th M. G.); Jos. Lukas, Omaha (C. L. 355th, 3rd 89th Div.).

   Jos. Mach, Verdigre (161st Depot. Brig.); Anton Machal, Omaha (6th Nebr.); Geo. Machovec, Weston (7th Construction); Jos. B. Machovsky, Clarkson (Co. 6, C. A. C.); Art. Malatka, Loup City (Med. Dept.); Fred J. Maly, Valparaiso (314th Train); J. W. Maly, Valparaiso (Ordnance Dept.) ; Ed. P. Mares, Dorchester (47th C. A. C.); Geo. F. Mares, Wahoo (U. S. S. Nevada); Henry Mares, Wilber (Co. H, 14th Inf.); Fr. J. Marik, Dodge; Rudy Marik, Lodgepole (423rd T, Batt.) ; C. J. Marousek, Overton; Ed. Masek, Wilber (251st Air Serv.); Jos. J. Masek, Chapman (Co. 6, 606th); Fr. G. Masinda, Omaha (27th Field Art.); John C. Mastny, Stanton (Co. C, Sig. Batt.); Will Matejicek, Monowi (Co. 33, Q. M. C.); Emil Matejka, Howell (Co. 493); Rud. J. Matejka, Ohiowa (323rd Air Service); F. C. Meduna, Weston (Co. G, 314th Am. Train); Lloyd R. Meduna, Wahoo (Base Hosp. 49); Guy Melsha, Lynch (Co. M, 3rd Inf.); Barney L. Micek, Columbus (Co. H, 59th Inf.); Joseph Micek, Shelby; John J. Misek, North Bend; Edward Misko, Ord; Fr. Misko, Ord (Air Service); Fr. Misnar, Doniphan (Co. 20, C. A. C.); F. H. Mizera, David City (Co. B, 314 H. T.); Fr. Mladek, Poole (Co. C, 40th); Fr. J. Moravec, Bee (Co. G, Hdq.); J. J. Moravec, Bee (25th Coast Art.); Chas. Mrkvicka, Ravenna (Co. D, 8th); F. J. Mrkvicka, Farwell (Base Hosp. 81st); John Mrkvicka. Ravenna (Co. 342, Supply); C. A. Mrsny, Snyder (Co. B. E. 14th Reg.); Jos. Musil, Prague (Motor Transport Corps); Wm. Musil, Ravenna (Co. A, 341st).

   Chas. Naiberk, Ravenna (Medical Corps No. 3); Jos. Nalezinek, Malmo (U. S. S. Madawaska); Vennie Nemecek, Wahoo (Hosp. Corps); Albert Novacek, Walnut (354th C. T., 314th T. R.); Anton Novak, Omaha (Co. C, 23rd Batt.); Chas. Novak, Prague (63rd Marine Guard Co.); Earl O. Novak, Orchard (Co. I, 29th Inf.); Fr. Novak, Geneva (134th Inf.); Jos. Novak, Lawrence (Co. 631, A. S. Air Service); Ralph Novak, Schuyler (Training Camp); John Novotny, Madison (Co. C, 119th); Jos. Novotny, Meadow Grove (102nd); Jos. Novotny, Prague (30th F. B.); Anton Novy, Omaha (136th Amb. Co.); Jos. Nozicka, Abie (B. B. C. F. A.); Jos. Nedela, Wilber (U S. S. Louisiana); Jos. Nejepinsky, Omaha (Artillery); Ant. J. Netherda, Crofton (U. S. S. Huron).

   Chas. Okrina, Abie (Co. G, 109th Eng.); Geo. J. Omada, Dodge M. G. Reg.); C. H. Ondrak, Ravenna (Cr. Batt.); Henry F. Ondrak, Ravenna (12th Vet. Hosp.); John Ondrak, Ravenna (Co. 1, Reg.); F. N. Opocensky, Bee; John Ort, Brainard (Co. 6, 20th Eng.); Fr. J. Otradovec, Pilger (Co. D, 408th Tel. Batt.); V. J. Otradovsky, Cedar Bluffs (428th Eng.).

   Edward A. Pabian, Morse Bluff (314 Amm. Train, 89th Div.); John W. Pabian, Prague (Co. E, C. A. C.); Emil Pakes, Petersburg (U. S. N. R. F.); Jos. Pakes, Petersburg (Aviation School); John H. Palacek, Plattsmouth (Co. D, 127th Field Art.); Fr. J. Pallas, Valparaiso (Co. B, Div. Bat. I); Henry J. Pallat, Wahoo (Co. I, 159th Inf., 40 Div.); Joseph J. Pallat, Wahoo (Rec. Ship Philadelphia); A. Panek, Shelton; H. H. Pankratz, Henderson (31st); J. H. Panuska, Omaha (Field Art.); John S. Papez, Albion (Hdq. 30th F. A.); Fr. J. Parizek, Crete (Field Art.); Fr. Pavlat, Sunol (unassigned); Richard Pavlat, Lodgepole (Imperator); Stan. Pavel, Omaha; Ant. Pavelka, Bladen (Co. D, 314th); John Pavelka, Milligan (Co. 53, Neb.); Vac. Pavelka, Crofton (Medical, 353rd); Fr. Pavlik, Weston; John D. Pavlik, Verdigre (Co. M, 361st); James Pavlik, Weston (S. A. E. F.); Anton Pecha Jr., Omaha (141st Field Art.); Adolph Pecek, Comstock (Co. F, 14th Reg.); O. J. Pecetka, Elyria (Co. H, Inf.); Jos. J. Pek, Monowi (Co. 13, 103rd Field Art.); Wm. Pelc, Spencer (C 49, Submarine Chaser); L. G. Pelecky, Omaha (Baloon Service); E. L. Pelikan, Exeter (U. S. S. Minnesota); Albin Peltz, Ulysses (Co. A, 1st Inf.); Jos. Penaz, Ord (Co. B, 314th); Max Penkava, Virginia (Co. 31, 163rd Depot Brigade); Anton Perlaska, North Loup (Co. I, 134th Inf.); Adolf Pesek, David City (89th Sanitary Squad); Herb. Pesek, Ravenna (Co. M, 125th); Samuel J. Pestal, Wahoo (244th Amb. Co.); Tom Pestal, Weston (244th Amb.); Chas. Peterka, Virginia (Co. K, 43rd Inf.); Rudolph Peterka, Prague (Q. M. C.); Alois Petracek, Friend (Hdq., 355th); F. W. Petrasek, Table Rock (Co. 1, 10th Div.); R. W. Petrasek, Humboldt; Jos. Petricek, Omaha (14th M. G. Batt.); R. Petrzelka, Prague (Co. B, 2nd Mach. Gun); Fr. Petz, Howell (Co. 234); Bert. Piska, Bertrand (288th Air Service); Florian Placek, Humphrey (Co. H, 138th Reg.); Lad. Placek, Swanton (168th Depot. Brig.); Vinc. Placek, Prague (Co. H, 58th Inf.); Jas. Plihal, Table Rock (S. A. T. C.); Anton Plouzek, Crete (Co. B) ; E. C. Plouzek, Crete (318th Eng.); Fr. H. Pochop, Breslau (7th C. A. C.); Anton Podany, Clarkson (Co. I, 39th Inf.); Fr. A. Podany, Clarkson (Co C, 314th Supply Train); Jas. Podany, Stanton (Co. C, 130th Machine Gun); Steve J. Podany, Clarkson (Co. C, 314th Inf.); Jerome Pojar, Dodge (Co. C); G. E. Pokorny, Spencer (Navy, Oversea Duty); Stephen Pokorny, Schuyler (Co. 338); Fr. Polacek, Clarkson (Co. 1, C. A. C.); Fr. Polacek, David City; Ed. Polansky, St. Paul; J. F. Polansky, Tecumseh (1st Gas Reg.); N. J. Polensky, Elba (Co. C, 1st G. R.); Rune Polnicky, Red Cloud (350th Air Service); Fred Pomajzl, Crete (Co. B, 4th Reg.); Frank Pop Jr., Weston (Hdq. Co., 8th Batt. A. E. F.); Alf. L. Pospisil, Colon (322nd Hdq. Train and Military Police); Emil Pospisil, Dorchester (Co. M, 355th); Miles Pospisil, Swanton (318th Eng.) Lawrence Potadle, Malmo (Aero. Serv.); Julius N. Prai, Prague (Co. D, Rim); Fr. J. Prasek, Crete (Battery A); Anton Prazak, Swanton (Machine Gun Co., 30th Batt.); Fr. Prazak, Swanton (162nd Battery Co. B); Chas. Prchal, Morse Bluff (Co. D, 109th Eng.); E. J. Prchal, Spencer (Battery C, 149th Field Art.); J. E. Prchal, Howell (Co. D, 109th); L. J. Prencik, Omaha; Arthur Pribyl, Wymore (Base Hosp.); Fr. Pribyl, Bee (Hdq. 134th Inf.); Geo. Pribyl, Odell (354th 314th Sathain); Jerry W. Prochaska, Prague (Co. 60, 163rd Dep. Brig.); Lud. C. Prochaska, Prague (Co. A, 314th Amm. Train); Ed. E. Prochaska, Prague (Gen. Hosp. No 21); John Prokop, Verdigre (Co. F, 101st); Jos. Prokop, Wilber (Co. M, 1st Eng.); John W. Proksel, Omaha (U. S. S. Wisconsin); Fr. Proskovec, Bruno (Co. C, 314th Am. M.); John J. Prusha, Omaha (330th Supply Co.); Emil Psikal, Dorchester (Co. B, 20th Inf.); Fr. J. Ptacek, Bruno (Co. G, 314th Am. M.); Jos. Puncochar, St. Paul.

   Jos. Rasplicka, Wilber (Hdq. 136th Inf.) ; Harry W. Rech, St. Edward (U. S. S. Brooklyn); Jos. Rehor, Wilber (S. A. T. C.); Jos. Rejzlik, Herman (67 R.); Chas. Reka, O'Neill (Hdq. 16th Div.); Alois F. Rerucha, Brainard (Co. A, 101st Inf.); Ed. F. Rezabek, Wilber (Casual Co., 134th); Eman Rezabek, Dorchester (114th); Edward Rezac, Seward (Co. D, 109th Supply Train); Emil Rezac, Bee (Co. I, 355th Inf.); Joseph E. Rezac, Wahoo; Ant. A. Rezac, Dunning (Co. F, 134th Inf.); Ed. Rezek, Omaha; F. J. Rezny, Wilber (Hdq. 23rd Mach. Gun Batt.); Jos. A. Riha Jr., Omaha (276th M. Police); Robert Riha, Omaha (43rd Inf.); Jos. Rocek, Wolbach (Co. B. R. F.); Ant. F. Rohla, Geneva (Co. L, 164th Dept. Brig.); Jos. E. Rolence, Brainard (Battery Co.); J. P. Roubal, Chapman (163rd Depot. Brigade); J. M. Roucka, Omaha (Co. 95); Jos. F. Roza, Omaha (314th, 89th Reg.); Paul Rozmajzl, Omaha (Infantry); J. A. Runa, Omaha; E. E. Ruzicka, Schuyler (Co. 355th); Otto D. Ruzicka, Verdel (Co. E, 101st); W. F. Ruzicka, North Bend (Co. 38); Fr. Rynes, Omaha (Co. B, 341st Div.); Fr. Rynes Jr., Schuyler (Co. F, 219th); Jos. V. Rysavy, Creighton (Co. 158th Marine); Jos. Rysavy, Burwell (141st Depot Brig.); Oscar Ryslavy, Beatrice.

   Ant. L. Sabatka, Ceresco; Fr. Al. Sabatka, Ceresco (Co. I, 20th Inf.); F. J. Sachal, Touhy (Amm. Train, 27 Div.); Lloyd Samsula, Deweese (Co. E, 17th Eng.); F. J. Sazama, St. Paul (Co. B, 8th Amm. Train); Jerome Scheinost, Creighton (Co. 10, 163rd Depot Brig.) Lewis Scheinost, Creighton (8th Amm. Train); Fred Schleis, Wilber (Co. 12, C. A. C.); Jos. Schmadek, Bradish (Co. M); Fr. Shimek, Omaha; Henry G. Seba, Dunbar (Co. D, 49th Inf.); Ed. Sebek, Crete (Cavalry); J. F. Seda, Clarkson (38th Hosp. Train); Edwin Sedivy, Verdigre (61st); Felix Sedivy, Verdigre (972nd Q. M. C.); Anton Sedlacek, Dorchester (A. S.); John Sedlacek Jr., Lynch (1st Reg. Band); Jos. Sedlacek, South Omaha (Co. 13, 137th Inf.); Jos. Sedlacek Jr., Schuyler (Co. D, 338th); Jos. Sedlacek, Thurston (Co. E, 134th Reg.); Chas. Seidenglanz, Prague (Co. A, 134th Inf.); Louis Sedlacek, Gretna (15th Depot Brigade); Ed. Selement, Milligan (C. M. C.); Chas. G. Semrad, Linwood (Co. G, 314th Amm. Train); L. H. Semrad, Abie (Hdq. 355th Inf.) ; Mike Sevcik, Ord (Co. I, 134th Inf.); Jerry J. Severa, Leigh (259th Med. Dept.); Wm. J. Severa, Pilger (Co. C, 8th Amm. Train); Chas. Shandera, Prague (314th Amm. Train); Ed. Shestak, Omaha (423 M. Sup. Tr.); W. S. Shestak, Wilber; Geo. W. Shestak, Wilber; Fr. Shimerda, Beatrice (Co. C, 350th Inf.); Fr. Shimerda, Wilber; Stanely Shimonek, Wilber; Henry Shusta, Wahoo (Co. A, 8th Amm. Train); F. J. Sibal, Ogalalla (G. H. O.); Carl Sikyta, Crab Orchard (Bat. E, L. Unit. 5th); Ed. J. Simanek, Dodge (Base Hosp. No. 49); Lumir Simecek, Wilber; Alb. Simic, Milligan (C. M. C.); L. W. J. Simka, Schuyler (Co. 59); Joseph Simondynes, Wahoo (Co. A, 355th Inf.); L. J. Sintek, Elba (U. S. S. Michigan); J. L. Sistek, Ravenna; Jos. J. Skalicky, Venus; Adolf Sklenar, Davey (Co. A, 168th Inf.); Fr. Sklenar, Ceresco; Jos. Sklenar, Wahoo (Air Service); Louis J. Sklenar, Abie (Co. 9, 23rd Reg.); M. J. Sklenar, Wilber; A. D. Skocdopole, Ravenna (Supply Co., 136th Inf.); J. B. Skoumal, Omaha; Fr. E. Skrdla, Atkinson (Special Duty); Fred Skrivanek, Milligan (138th Supply); Wm. Sladek, Exeter (Co. C, 56th Inf.); Mat. Sladky, Wahoo; Henry Slama, Swanton (Co. D, 12th Reg.); Roland E. Slama, Wahoo (S. A. T. C.); Wm. Slama, Lincoln (318 Eng.); Albert Slechta, Verdel; Henry Slechta, Pishelville; Lad. Slechta, Niobrara; Wm. Slegl, Omaha; Robt. Slepicka, Tobias (Co. B, 69th); E. W. Smaha, Ravenna (Q. M. C.); Jerry Smahrala, Surprise (Co. 9); Ludvik Smaus, Prague (Co. A, Machine Gun Batt.); Jos. Smetana, Plattsmouth (Navy)r Fr. Smolik, Comstock (Co. 8, 128th Amb.); Adolph B. Sobotka, Wilber (Marines, 28th C. A. P.); Fr. Sobotka, Valparaiso (Co. I, 28th Inf.) John Sobotka, Inman (U. S. S. Plattsburg); Vladimir Sobotka, Bee (Co. H, 355th Inf.); S. E. Sochor, Dorchester (298th N. S.); Anton Sokol, Hemingford (Co. B, 5th Div.); John L. Sokol, Loup City (Co. 15, M. P.); Jos. F. Sokol, Loup City (Co. D, Guards); Stanley Soukup, Page (Co. B, 3rd Batt., 164th D. B.); Emil Spalka, Spring Ranch (B 314 Supply Train); Joseph Spatz, Plainview (125th Ordnance Dept.); Ed. Spevacek, Ravenna (Q. M. C., G. M. M.); Fr. Spinar, Crete (314th Sanitary Train); Fr. Spinar, Lynch (U. S. S. Puritan); Fr. Spirk, Wilber; Victor M. Spirk, Wilber; Wm. Spirk, Crete (Co. B); Gus Sramek, South Omaha (Co. Q, 23rd); Joseph Stanek, Garrison (Co. 242, Field Hosp.); Jos. Stanek, Schuyler (Co. 30); Steve Stanek, Lindsay (Co. H, Q. M. C.); Fr. Stanislav, Linwood (Hdq. 355th Inf.); Edward J. Staska, Seward (46th Reg., C. A. C.); Gerald Stastny, Schuyler; John J. Stastny, Ulysses (Co. C, 43rd); Ed. J. Stech, Exeter (42nd Coast Art.); Jerry Stecher, Omaha (Amm. Corps); John Stefan, Omaha (Inf.); F. E. Stejskal, Prague; F. J. Stejskal, Crete (Medical Dept.); Lad. Stejskal, South Omaha (Med. Corps); R. J. Stepan, Table Rock (Co. 6, 132nd); J.J. Stepanek, Omaha (M. G. Co., Inf.); Jos. Sterba, Omaha (27th Inf.); Oldrich E. Sterba, Omaha (Co. C, 128th Inf.); Ed. Stetina, Exeter (Co. B, 4th Inf.); Ed. Stetina, Bruning (Co. B, 4th Inf.) ; Walter Stovick, Seward; Emil Strachota, Prentice (392nd Motor Co.); Rud. Strunc, Bee (Co. G Hdq., Head Batt.); Rud. J. Studnicka, Farwell (Co. 24, 78th); Wm. Studnicka, Dodge (Co. G, 314th Amm. Train); Oldrich Stulik, Omaha (Heavy Artillery); Chas. Suchan, Howell; Louis Suchan, Howell; Rudolph Suchan, Howell (Co. D); Ant. S. Suchanek, Albion (B. H. M. D.); Leon Suchanek, St. Paul; Jos. Suchdol, Battle Creek (127th Field Art.); Albert Suchy, Tamora (Machine Gun Co.); Jos. Sumovich, Elba (C. P.O.); Jacob G. Svacina, Omaha (Co. 113); A. Svanda, Ravenna (Co. Q, 53 D. B.); Louis Svec, Milligan (Co. 2, F. S.); Fr. Svejda, Crete (Co. F, 16th); Adolph Svoboda, Lawrence (Co. C, D. P. T.); Anton J. Svoboda, Tilden (Bat. A 30, Coast Artillery); Fred Svoboda, Wilber (Co. D, 355th Inf.); Jos. Svoboda, Richland (Co. 4, 6th); Jos. Svoboda, Omaha (127 Field Art.); Theo. Svoboda, Lawrence (Co. 14, 114th); Wm. F. Svoboda, Lindsay (Hdq., 28th Inf.); Raymond Sykora, Lawrence (Medical Corps, 35th); Ed. M. Synek, Elyria (Co. K, 362nd); Roy Synovec, Pierce (Co. D, 109th Eng.) ; Ed. Sysel, Crete (525th A. A. S.).

   A. A. Tachovec, North Loup (Co. L, 355th Reg.); Wm. Tachovsky. Swanton (Vet. Corps); Edward Tejcka, Lincoln (Co. C); Alb. Tejral Jr., Spencer (Supply Co., 338th Field Art.); Fr. Tejral, University Place (19th Div.); Frank A. Tejral, Valparaiso (Co. M, 355th Inf.); John Tejral, Milford; Fr. Tenopir, Davenport (15th Signa. Corps); Emil Teply, Leigh (Co. C, 314th Supply Train); Fred Teply, Gothenburg (Co. K, 355th Inf.); Gabriel J. Tesar, Plainview (5th C. A. C.); J. J. Tesar, Leigh (Co. 81); Lad. Tesar, Omaha; Fr. Tlustos, Pawnee City (Medical Dept.); Jos. Tlustos, Wayside (Co. I, 314th Amm. Train); Wm. Tobiska, Crete (Co. M, 355th); Geo. Tomas, Plainview (Great Lakes); Fred. Tomek, Table Rock (Med. Dept.); Adolph Tomes, Schuyler (Co. 320); Jerry Tomha, Clarkson (Co. E, 29th Field Art.); Albin Tomsicek, Ansley (Co. 48, Labot. Batt.); Jacob G. Tomsicek, Weston; Frank Tomsik, Winnetoon (37th Co., 10th); Louis Tomsu, Omaha (10th Div.); Alois Totusek, Clarkson (Co. C, 137th); Anton Travnicek, Leigh (Co. B, 59th Inf.); John Trecek, Omaha; Henry E. Tretina, Peru (Unassigned); Jos. Trochta, Virginia (Air Service); Chas. Trouba, Bee (88th Div.); Jos. R. Trubl, St. Paul (Co. F, 134th Inf.); Edward Trutna, Wahoo; Anton Tuma, Cotesfield (Co. K, 252nd Inf.); C. W. Tuma, Omaha (Co. D, 26th U. S. Guards); Fr. A. Tuma, Cotesfield (Co. 13, 148th Mach. Gun); Jos. Tuma, Elba (Co. K, 20th Inf.); J. F. Tuma, Cotesfield (Co. A, 350th Inf.); Raymond Tuma, Elba (U. S. S. Lee); Theo. Tuma, Elba (24th Band); W. E. Turecek, Wayside (A. R. D., 323rd); Thos. L. Tvrdy, Swedeburg; Stanley Tvrz, Wilber (Navy).

   Dr. J. L. Ubl, Loup City (Dental Corps); Jos. J. Ulrich, Crete (67th); J.J. Urban, Prague (Co. E, 109th Eng.); J. A. Urban, Prague (Co. B, 229th R.); M. S. Urban, Omaha; John Urbanovsky, Brainard (113th D. O.); Jos. Uzel, Omaha (Navy)

   Jos. Vacek, Omaha (127th Field Art.); A. F. Vacku, Norfolk (Co. D, 18th); Oldrich Vacovsky, Omaha; O. J. Vancina, Omaha (Inf.); Anton Vanek, Omaha; Chas. Vanek, David City (Co. K, 4th Neb.); Eman Vanek, Dorchester (137th Mach. Gun); Chas. Vanicek, Schuyler (Co. 3); Fr. Vanicek, Schuyler (Co. 2); Sigismund Vanicek, Valparaiso (Inf.); A. F. Vasina, Colon; Chas. Vasina, Morse Bluff (Med. Corps); Chas. Vasina, Milligan (Mech. Div.); Otto Vavak, Prague (10th Field Art.); Jaroslav Vavra, Schuyler (Co. B); Lloyd Vavra, Elyria (Co. C, 20th Inf.); Richard Vavra, Crete (Co. B, 23rd Mach. Gun Batt.); Fr. Vavricek, Schuyler (Co. 34); Vac. J. Vecera, Verdigre (Co. C); John Vejlupek, Omaha; L. R. Vejraska, Odell (Battery Unit, 89th Div.); Jas. E. Vech, Morse Bluff (Co. 59, 163rd Depot Brig.); Chas. Veleba, Elyria (Co. H, 81st Reg.); Fred J. Veleba, Pleasant Dale (320th Mobile L. Co.); A. Vesely, Ashland (Co. K); Anton Vetrovsky, Virginia (Co. D, 40th Reg.); Ed. E. Vincik, St. Paul (Co. 8, 355th Inf.); John Vitamvas, Omaha (Infantry); John M. Vitamvas, Silver Creek (Base Hospital No. 90); Ed. Vitek, Clarkson (Co. 5); Harry J. Vlacek, Hooper (Co. D, U. S. M. C., 113 Beg.); Emil Vlasak, Prague (Co. D, S. A. T. C.); Fr. Vlasak, Dorchester (Co. B, 4th); Fr. E. Vlasak, Prague (Co. C, 222nd Field Signal Batt.); Louis B. Vlasak, Prague; Rudolph Vlasak, Howell (Co. D, 109th); A. J. V. Vlcan, Monowi (Co. A, 355th Inf.); A. E. Vlna, Omaha; J. J. Voboril, Prague (Co. D, 109th Eng.); Jos. Vodehnal, Clarkson (Co. H, 58th); Ed. Vogeltanz, Ord (Air Service); J. Vonak, Omaha; Fr. F. Vondra, Bee (Co. B, 313th Amm. Train); Wm. E. Vondra, Valparaiso (Inf. 34 Div.); Wm. Vondrasek, Table Rock (Co. B, 355th); Jas. Vopalensky, Morse Bluff (Co. A, 134 Inf.); J. G. Vosek, Madison (Unassigned); Otto Vosika, Swanton (P. M. E., Reg.); Fr. Votruba, Hay Springs (355th); John Votruba, Stanton (Co. B., 134th Inf.); Albin Vraspir, Clarkson (Co. 202, C. A. C. T.); A. E. Vraspir, Bruno (Co. C, Hdq.); Jos. Vrba, Schuyler (109th Eng.); Rudolph Vrzak, Schuyler (Co. 109, Eng.); F. W. Vybiral, Kennard (Electrician).

   Fr. J. Wachal, Prague (Co. D, 6th Neb. Inf.); Lee J. Wagner, Prague (Unit B, G. R. S.); Jos. Walla, Omaha (81st Hosp. Corps); Leonard Walla, Morse Bluff (Co. G, 58th Inf.); Clarence Wanek, Loup City (U. S. S. Orizaba); Fr. Wanek, Giltner (Air Service); Frank Wanek Jr., Wilber (6th C. A. C.); John A. Wanek, Giltner (C. R.); Chas. Watzek, Humboldt (Co. A, 24th Mach. Gun Batt.); Chas. J. Wesely, Cedar Bluff (Co. D, 109 Eng.); L. A. Wesely, Cedar Bluff (Ordnance); Fr. J. Wojta, Weston (Hdq.); Jos. F. Wojta, Weston (S. A. E. F.).

   M. R. Yirak, Gretna (Air Service).

   Louis Zabloudil, Ord (Am. Co., K. I. C. G.); Fr. J. Zacek, Madison (Co. S, 13th Inf.); Peter Zacek, Creston (14th Inf.); Zadina, South Omaha (Co. C, 134th); Chas. J. Zaloudek, Omaha (103rd Amb. Corps); Anton Zalud, Burwell (Co. C, 89th Div.); B. J. Zastera, Howell; Leo. A. Zavadil, Humphrey (Co. M, 3rd Inf.); Jos. Zavodny, Seward (Co. B, 59th); Thos. Zavodny, Seward (Med. Detachment 359th); Fr. A. Zednik, Wilber (48th Field Art.); R. Zednik, Wilber; Wm. L. Zednik, Wilber (U. S. S. Zeppelin); Fr. Zelenda, Clarkson (Co. 9, C. A. C.); Boh. T. Zeleny, Seward (Co. I, 137th Reg); Jacob Zeleny, Omaha (U. S. S. North Dakota); Jas. W. Zeleny, Wilber (23rd Battery); Fr. Zemanek, Omaha (16th Inf.); John Zich, Omaha (135th Field Art.); Thos. Zidko, Spencer (Co. Hdq., 58th Inf., 4th Div.); Chas. Zila, Pierce (Guard); Fr. Zimola, Wahoo (127th F. A.); Chas. E. Zizka, Cedar Bluff (Co. D, 109 Reg. Eng.); Henry Zlab, Stapleton (Co. 19, Hdq. Batt. D. T.); John D. Zlab, Hubbell (Navy); Fr. Zlata, Omaha; Albert Zoubek, Verde) (Co. E, 125th); Jos. Zoubek, Stanton (Auto School); Jos. Zvolanek, Humboldt (Co. E, 109th Eng.); F. Zwonechek, Wilber.

   Jas. Forman, Omaha; Roy Holly, Plattsmouth; Charles Hoffman, Omaha; Cyril Janda, Plattsmouth; John Jirousek, Plattsmouth; Jos. Panek, Omaha; Edw. Spicka, Omaha; Edw. A. Skoumal, Omaha; Jas. Stary, Omaha; Emil Chval, Omaha; Paul Chval, Omaha.

   It may be in place to record here also the Czech names of the veterans of the Spanish-American War as listed in Mr. Poole's roster.

   Frank J. Baley, Omaha (Co. D, 2nd Nebr.); Henry Fingado, Saunders County; Anton Fisher and Joseph Fisher, Prague; Charles Frohner, Weston (Co. A, 15th Inf.); Wm. Havranek, Milligan (Co. L, 1st U. S. Inf.); Jos. Hledik, Howell (Co. D,); Rud. Horacek, Chambers (Co. E, 1st Nebr. Reg.); Will Hudec, Saunders County (died in camp); Jos. F. Hulka, Fairbury (Co. A, 3rd Nebr.); Frank Jansa, Saunders County; Stephen Jelinek, Lincoln (11th Inf.); Fr. Jura, Schuyler; Emil Killian, Wahoo; Frank and Joseph Kopac, both Omaha and both in Co. K, 2nd Nebr.; John Malon, Omaha (Co. I, 2nd Batt.); Thomas Nemecek, Saunders County; John Ondrak, Fairmont (Co. H, 1st Volunteers); Otto Otradovsky, Schuyler; W. F. Pacal, Wymore (1st Nebr. V. J.); J. Pivonka, Omaha (Co. L, 10th Inf.); E. E. Placek, Wahoo (1st Nebr.); Bert Polsky, Lincoln (Co. A, 3rd Nebr.); A. M. Salak, Schuyler; F. J. Simodynes, Wahoo; Chas. Smrha, Milligan (Co. G, 1st Volunteers); C. M. Tomandl, Merna (Navy); Anton Urban, Prague (Co. C, 49th Reg.); Chas. Urban, Prague (M. C., 342nd); Anton Vesely, Ashland; F. Walla, Wahoo; Jos. Zpevak, Omaha (Co. B, 39th Inf.).

   No Czech names appear among those of the veterans of the Civil War, although among our pioneers there were probably a dozen or so who had taken part in that conflict. By 1925 they had all passed on. It must be remembered that Czech immigration to this country did not begin until with the late fifties and early sixties and but very few of those who lived here during the Civil War could speak or understand English.

   Among those who paid the supreme sacrifice in the World War were the following Czechs:

Killed in Action:

   Leo Brinda, Valentine, Co. E, 4 Inf.; Jerry Cerny, Gothenburg, 9 Inf.; Rudolph Deml, Omaha, Co. F, 355 Inf.; Albin Folda, Clarkson, Co. M, 355 Inf.; Lewis Franek, Stanton, Co. C, 128 Inf.; Fr. J. Hajek, Whitman, Co. B, 2 MG, Bn.; James Houska, Milligan, Co. B, 4 Inf.; Ferdinand Jelinek, Ravenna, Co. B, 137 Inf.; Frank B. Koca, Tobias, Co. C, 128 Inf.; James J. Korinek, Omaha, Co. D, 4 Inf.; Oldrich Krcma, South Omaha, Co. G, 127 Inf.; Frederick Maixner, Bee, Hdq. Co., 7 Inf.; Frank Myslivec, Omaha, Co. E, 355 Inf.; John Ort, Omaha, Co. B, 1st Brigade, Mach. Gun Batt.; Anton J. Rejda, Brainard, Co. K, 125 Inf.; Edward V. Ruzicka, Pishelville, Co. B, 101 Inf.; Joseph L. Shavlik, Bliss, Co. F, 4 Inf.; Louis J. Smaus, Prague, 35 Co., 164 Dept. Brig.; James Svec, Milligan, Co. H, 134 Inf.; Anton Tomek Sr., Pierce, Co. B, 58 Inf.; Emil Vitek, Clarkson, Co. C, 4 Inf.

Died of Wounds:

   Jacob A. Blatny, Linwood, Co. E, 4 Inf.; Emil Boudar, Omaha, E, 355 Inf.; Paul G. Hurt, Ashton, Hdq. Co., 355 Inf.; Joseph Kacin, Clarkson, Co. M. G., 38 Inf.; Frank J. Mrsny, Co. F, 164 Inf.; Slezak, Tobias, Co. B, 355 Inf.; John Srutek, Fullerton, Co. F, 59 Inf.

Died of Disease (Largely Influenza):

   Emil Bartos, Center, Medical Dept. Amb. No. 25; Lewis Cerv, Dodge, Co. 6, 4 Inf.; James Chladek (Kladek), Omaha, Co. 3, 4th Mec. Regt.; Robert N. Dohnal, Omaha, M. D. Cas. OTC, Ft. Riley; Adolph A. Drabek, Florence, Sq. E. Post Fld.; Leonard M. Dudek, Campbell, 91 Bln. Co.; James A. Havluj, Sup. Co., 147 F. A.; Miloslav Horak, Howell, 36 Co., 163 Dep. Brig.; Edward R. Janesovsky, Elsie, 47 Co., 161 Dept. Brig.; Matt. A. Jirousek, Plattsmouth, Co. C, 126 NG, Bn.; George J. Kirchman, Wahoo, Med. Repl. Draft; Frank Klapal, Sargent, Co. C, 355 Inf.; Adolph Kluna, Comstock, 49 Co., 164 Dept. Bg.; Joseph Kobes, Hastings, 453 Eer. Sq. Wash.; Rudolph F. Koukal, Lawrence, Co. G, 355 Inf.; Wm. V. Kovarik, Crete, 28 Co., 164 Dept. Brig.; Joseph F. Kriz, Dodge, Co. D, 109 Eng.; Frank W. Liska, Verdigre, Bat. E, 338 FA; Frank J. Malina, Garland, Hdq. Co., 69 Inf.; Anton Maly, Brainard, Co. B, 336 Inf.; Vincent Mudra, Walnut, Co. D, 364 Inf.; Frank Pallas, Thurston, R. R. and Cons. Serv.; Joseph L. Polak, Valjaraiso, Co. B, 30 MG Bn.; Lewis Prokop, Crete, Co. H, 47 Inf.; August J. Rajsky, Madison, Scl. Bakers and Clks.; Joseph F. Severyn, Schuyler, Co. C, 338 MG; George W. Skala, Omaha, Co. C, 341 MG Bn.; John A. Slaby, Red Cloud, 4 Co. 3 Bn. 164 Dept. Brig.; John Slapnicka, Omaha, Auto Repl. Draft Sig.; Frank Stepanek, Dodge, Co. M, 20 Inf.; Joseph S. Storek, Lindsay, Med. Det., 32 MG Bn.; Chas. F. Sucha, Leigh, Am. Co. 255, Sn. Tn. 14; Frank Tlustos, Dubois, Co. I, 69 Inf.; Adolph Valla, O'Neil, 47 Co., 161 Dept. Brig.; Anton Vodicka, Rushville, 47 Co., 161 Dept. Brig.; Clarence Zabka, Loretto, Med. Dept.

Died of Accident:

   John Michal, Table Rock, Sup. Co., 149 Inf.


   Chas. Slavik, Omaha, Co. A, 16 Inf.; Joseph Toman, Clarkson, Co. I, 1st Inf.

   Martin Svoboda, Dwight, 31 Co., 164 Dept. Brig. died by suicide.

   Robert Coufal, Schuyler, Percy Jas. Stanousek, Osmond, and James Sikyta, Crab Orchard, all in the navy service, died of influenza in the Naval Hospital, Great Lakes, Illinois.

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