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 History of this Project, List of NSGS & NSHS Volunteers

How to use these data files (modified 23 Oct 2002)

Please note: There are a number of extracts with the source identified as "unknown" and/or without a newspaper code.
Those extracts have now been moved to a separate data file. NSHS and the volunteers are trying to determine the proper code.
Consider yourself warned - if you "find" your surname in the "unknown" file, the original article may not be findable!
Further delay in making these files public (while sorting out the code problems) does not seem worthwhile.
19 Sep 2000: Five more newspapers now identified and code given for proper newspaper name!

How to order copies of the original newspaper articles
NSHS website - see Reference by Mail page

You must write to NSHS where a print will be made from the newspaper microfilm.
Send your check or money order, and SASE (self-addressed, stamped envelope).
Supply the location (town & county), NEWSPAPER NAME, date of publication, page & column number - along with the surname/full name being researched.
(Do not include the "Call number", it won't help locate the article at this point in time.)

NSHS Newspaper Code List

Newspaper Codes #0-499 (Unknown & A-Gar)
Newspaper Codes #500-999 (Gen-Ord)
Newspaper Codes #1000-9663 (P-Z & unalphabetized leftovers)

compiled by Barbara Riedy O’Neil

Note: NSGS has published some newspaper extracts in similar format, click on Newspaper Extracts.

If this first attempt to organize and present the extracts works, more files will be added
(Many files already in existance, some typed and others handwritten. If you wish to volunteer, contact Cindy Drake at NSHS. Some files are not scannable because extracts were done on "forms" and the lines interfere with interpretation of the letters. There is a large collection of handwritten extracts from Czech resources. Maybe this is your specialty?).
Exactly how or when for additions? - well, this project is experimental! Heaven only knows how it will develop.
We may have to redo the whole works with the newspaper title inserted, eliminate the newspaper codes. Prefer to avoid the mess that would result if must include title, town & county.
The data found here belongs to all the folks that labored to make it possible. Thank You!

Currently, over 160,000 extracts can be found here. 

Below is a search engine for the extract files.

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