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The Ogden Examiner [Utah]
March 25, 1913


(Ralston List)

[This was transcribed exactly as published in the Ogden Examiner. There are many duplications, obvious misspellings, etc.
The list is not in alphabetical order, though it appears to start out that way.]

"Calling Roll of Death in Omaha"
Omaha, Neb., March 24--Latest reports tonight gave the following list of identified dead:

A. J. Peek, 4117 Farnum street.
Benjamin Barnes, brother of B. J. Barnes, druggist.
Mrs. A. H. Bigelow, 2527 Cass avenue.
Henry Bleauvelt, fire and police lineman, 2912 Lake street.
Marie Booker, 1414 North 30th street.
Jean R. Brooks, real estate dealer, 24th and Lake streets.
Infant son of Morris Christenson, 55th and Center.
Harry Cooper, telephone lineman.
C. W. Copeley, 2620 North 24th.
Mrs. Cliff Daniel, 19th and Locust.
Cliff Daniels, mail carrier, 19th and Locust streets.
Mrs. B. Davis, 4428 Jackson
Mrs. Davis, 44th and Howard.
George J. Duncan, 4101 Farnum street, advertising solicitor for the Bee, died at Nicholassenn hospital.
C. W. Dillon, proprietor of pool hall, 24th and Grant.
__________ Ferguson, 2335 North 19th.
Two daughters of Cliff Daniels, aged 18 and 12 years.
John Doyle, iron worker.
D. L. Fields, 2880 Franklin.
William Fisher, 46th and Marcy.
Mrs. E. F. Fitzgerald, 2704 North 20th.
Mrs. F. G. Goodenough, 4703 Mason.
Henrietta Greely, 27th and Burdette.
J. H. Hansen, 4690 Mayberry.
Mrs. And Mars Hardy of Cedar Creek Valley, reported dead.
Mrs. Heine and sisters, 20th and Miami.
Andrew Handrickson, 42nd and Harney.
Mrs. Ellen Hensman, 1021 South 46th street.
Mrs. Van Dauen.
Mrs. Hoage.
B. I. Barnes.
________ Lardson, man.
Nels Larsen, 522 North 36th.
Mabel McBride, 4115 Farnum.
Two men under Johnsonís saloon, 24th and Lake.
Mrs. Ida Newman, 4224 Dewey avenue, head nurse at Child Saving institute, killed instantly.
J. B. Nicholson, 1802 Binney.
Mrs. Cora Lee Norris, 3507 Burt.
T. B. Norris, 3705 Burt.
Helen Nownes, 28th and Burdette.
Lloyd Glover, colored, 2102 North 27th street.
George Hansett, colored, 21th and Grant streets.
Sunny Ford, colored, 21st and Grant streets.
T. E. Johnson, colored, 26th and Seward streets.
John Doyle, 48th and Mason streets.
Mrs. Hansen, 48th and Mason streets.
Mrs. Hansen, 47th and Pacific streets.
John Ryan.
Mrs. F. G. Goodenough, 4713 Mason street.
Mrs. Ella Johnson, 2813 North 20th street.
Nathan Krinsky, baker, 2308 North 24th street.
Mrs. Krinsky.
Five small Krinsky children.
Solomon Wartezel, baker, 2308 North 24th street.
Emma Roesing, 12 years old, 27th and D streets, South Omaha.
Miss Jepson, 48th and Mason streets.
Mrs. Frank Davie, 410 William street.
Charlotte Devie, 4110 William street.
Charles V. Fitch.
Mrs. Saber, 42rd and Charles street.
Marie Hanson, 2723 Blondo.
Mrs. Lavidge, 369 South 38th street.
Lavidge boy, 2 years old.
Mrs. Hines.
Mrs. Davis.
Mrs. R. R. Valdevan, 3218 Charles street.
C. D. Wisson, 32nd and Hamilton.
Moore Kiew, 2522 Burdette.
H. V. Fitz, 2723 Pratt street.
Emma Rosing, 1321 North 29th street, South Omaha.
Mrs. Frank Davey, 48th and Pierce streets.
Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Hogge, 3411 Cumming street.
Miss Haas, sister of W. Haas, a salesman for Paxton & Galligher.
Mrs. Holm and baby daughter, 38th and Chicago streets.
Miss Freda Hulting, 2633 Chicago street, died after reaching Child Saving institution.
May Hanson.
Fourteen-year-old daughter of Edward N. Jepsen, 1025 South 48th street.
__________ Jimpson, workman Missouri.
George Hanson.
Lloyd Glover, 42th and Yates.
Tom Johnson, 26th and Steward streets.
George Hamael, 21st and Grant streets.
Charles South, 24th and Blondo streets.
__________ Dunn.
Mrs. Odessa Parks, 3210 Lake street.
Marie Lindsey, 1413 North 30th street.
Three-year-old daughter of Morris Christson, 55th and Center.
Mrs. H. S. Clarke, 3402 Lincoln.
Mrs. A. A. Carpenter, 33rd and Burt.
Mrs. H. J. Hines, 8316 Harney.
Bert H. Fields, 2802 Franklin.
John C. Fitzpatrick.
Jason L. Garrison, 2707 Corbin.
Mrs. J. D. Hague, 3411 Cummings.
M. Hines, 47th and Leavenworth.
Mrs. J. G. Hanson.
George Hamfet, 21st and Grant.
A. J. Jackson.
C. F. Kopley, 3620 North 24th.
Mrs. Andrew Kolp, 601 South 43rd.
J. J. MacDonald.
Mrs. E. D. Noto.
Dorothy Norris, 4 years old, 3597 Burt.
Helen Nowns, 24th and Burdette.
Mrs. Rathke, 15th and Clover.
Two Rathke children.
Mrs. John Sullivan, 42nd and Harney.
Mrs. E. A. Sawyer, 34th and Lincoln.
Mrs. Anna Sullivan, 24th and Miami.
_________ Shaw.
H. E. Said.
Mrs. H. E. Said.


Mrs. Edith Kimball, 29 years old, Winnipeg, Canada.

Frances S. Kimball, 2 years old.
Mary Morgan, 15 years old, daughter of Arthur Morgan, Ralston.
H. E. Said, employe Howard stove works.
Mrs. H. E. Said.
Unidentified man, supposed to be Bert Thomas, employe of the stove works.
Unidentified woman at Duff & Johnsonís undertaking establishment.
Morris Kiene, 2522 Burdette.
Jason L. Garrison, 2707 Corby street.
Mrs. Hansen, mother of Hans Hansen, body found at 48th and Marcy streets, burned to death.
Mrs. Rathke, body found at 60th and Grover streets.
Two sons of Mrs. Rathke, aged 11 and 13, bodies found with mother.
Mrs. E. D. Mot.
Bert Thomas, employe of the stove works.


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