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7 Dec 1998 - NE Roots list

I decided to post the following article ... this was in my grandmother's Bible and comes from an Omaha paper, early 1900's.



Double Marriage in Two Families Causes Most Peculiar Relationship



     A strictly family affair is the term that may be applied to a double wedding that was soleminized yesterday afternoon, but two families contributing the four interested persons to this occasion.

     The Johnson and Schlick families of South Twentieth street, well known members of the Castellar Presbyterian church, furnish each a bride and groom.

     Adam Johnson, widower, with two daughters, married Miss May C. Schlick, daughter of Mrs. Matilda Schlick; at the same time Charles Schlick, brother of Miss Schlick, nee Johnson, was wedded to Miss Mabel Johnson, daughter of Adam Johnson, the one ceremony uniting both couples.

     This apparently simple matrimonial proceeding has, in reality, brought about a complexity of family ties that it would require and advanced student of genealogy, mathematics and various kinds of sciences to decipher. Here are a few of the relationships these four will bear one another:

     Adam Johnson has become not only his wife's husband, but her father-in-law, and is at the same time his own father-in-law and brother-in-law.

      Miss Mabel Johnson becomes niece-in-law to her husband, daughter-in-law of her father, and her own daughter-in-law, while her brother has become her son-in-law.

     Charles Schlick is stepson-in-law to his own sister and brother-in-law to his son-in-law, and if a brother-in-law is related to a son-in-law, then he is related to himself, but the problem becomes a trifle deep at this point for the lay mind.

     The Rev. Walter Reynolds, pastor of Castellar Presbyterian church, officiated at the double ceremony and the newly wedded pair went at once to the residence of Adam Johnson, where they will make their home.

(Boy oh boy, was that interesting to type...almost lost my spot.)

Karen >*;*< <>

The year was 1905.
Having difficulty sorting it out? Perhaps the marriage records will be of assistance.
Records provided by Bill Wever from microfilm at NSHS. Thanks, Bill!

Douglas County Marriages:
#15345 -
Adam M. Johnson and May E. Schlick
#15351 -
Charles E. Schlick and Mabel L. Johnson

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