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Fort McPherson National Cemetery

Maxwell, NE

Chronological List
of Western Army Posts with date all burials were moved to Fort McPherson

Name of Army Post

Date of relocation

Fort Halleck, WY

December 1878

Fort Hartsuff, NE

November 1881

Fort Sanders, WY

4 May 1883

Fort Fetterman, WY

4 May 1883

Fort Hall, Idaho

19 May 1883

Camp White River, CO

8 Jan 1887

Independence Rock, WY

11 Jan 1888

Fort Kearny, NE


Fort Sedgwick, CO


Fort Bridger, WY

29 May 1891

Fort Laramie, WY

13 Jun 1891

Fort Hale, SD

30 Jul 1891

Fort Crawford, CO

4 Dec 1891

Fort Lewis, CO

10 Dec 1891

Fort McPherson, NE


Fort Steele, WY

8 Apr 1892

LaBonte P.O., WY

26 May 1896

Fort Atkinson, NE

Mar 1905

Old South Pass, WY

16 Mar 1907

Baggs, WY

June 1909

Fort Mitchell, NE

July 1915

Fort Sidney, NE

10 Aug 1922

Fort Robinson, NE

22 July 1947

We were told there have been 81 group burials when individual bodies were not sufficiently preserved or identified to permit placement of a specific stone with the remains. 350 individuals are so buried.

Some bits of history from the brochure:
This site was originally known as Fort McKean, established 27 September 1863. It was then briefly called "the Post at Cottonwood Springs" and finally became Fort McPherson on 20 February 1866. It was named in honor of Major General James B. McPherson (died at Battle of Atlanta). The original purpose of the Fort was to protect people migrating west, and the railroad workers. When this duty was no longer necessary, Fort McPherson became a national cemetery 3 Mar 1873. Those buried at Fort McPherson include Indian scouts, Civil War veterans, and Buffalo Soldiers. It occupies 107 acres of the original military reservation land.

For more information write to:
Fort McPherson National Cemetery, HCO 1, Box 67 Maxwell, NE 69151
or telephone (308) 582-4433

They have extensive lists and will be happy to search for records.

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