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Outposts of Zion by the Rev. Wm. H. Goode, 1864 (Feb 2003)

Have Faith in God by the Rev. Charles W. Savidge, 1914 (Jan 2003)

Solitary Places Made Glad by the Rev. Henry T. Davis, 1890. (Dec 2002)

A Frontier Life: Sketches and Incidents of Homes in the West,
1902, by Rev. Charles Wesley Wells

A History of Nebraska Methodism: First Half-Century (1854-1904)
by Rev. David Marquette, D. D.

John W. Iliff - Religious School for Methodists, at University Park, Colorado
was founded in his memory by his son, William.
(article from Portrait and Biographical Record of Denver and Vicinity, Colorado)

All 6 books are part of the Mardos Memorial Library Collection

Conferences Booklets of the Methodist Episcopal Church - Abbreviations List, Photo Index
The following booklets were sent to us by the people that "cleaned a parsonage and the minister's office" in Nebraska. As we complete the reproductions, the original material is being sent to the NE United Methodist Historical Center (see bottom of this page for the address).

NEW   Nebraska Conference of the M. E. Church (entire state), Minutes, etc. 1870-1881
(Single volume collection, a reproduction of Conference Minutes - Mardos Memorial Library - completed Feb 2003)



Nebraska City, Lincoln, Omaha


Nebraska, Beatrice, Lincoln, Omaha, Covington


Nebraska, Beatrice, Lincoln, Omaha, Covington


Nebraska, Beatrice, Lincoln, Omaha, Kearney, Covington


Nebraska, Beatrice, Lincoln, Omaha, Kearney, North Nebraska


Omaha, Lincoln, Kearney, Beatrice, Nebraska, North Nebraska (order changes)


Omaha, North Nebraska, Kearney, Lincoln, Nebraska, Beatrice (order changes)


Omaha, Nebraska City, LIncoln, Kearney, North Nebraska, Beatrice


Omaha, North Nebraska, Lincoln, Nebraska City, Beatrice, Kearney


Omaha, North Nebraska, Lincoln, Nebraska City, Beatrice, Kearney


Omaha, North Nebraska, Lincoln, Nebraska City, Beatrice, Hastings


Last meeting as M. E. Church as one conference for entire state. Division of districts as follows -


NEBRASKA CONFERENCE - Nebraska City, Lincoln, Beatrice, York, Hastings



Nebraska Conference - 1883 (Districts: Nebraska City, Lincoln, Beatrice, York, Hastings, Kearney, Grand Island; Montana Mission)

North Nebraska Conference
Minutes of the annual conference with statistics, and reports of conference and standing committees. A good source for following the assignments and residences of Methodist Episcopalian Ministers. Some memorials for deceased ministers. These booklets were recovered from trash when a parsonage was being cleaned. Thanks to Jim & Barb Hruza!
    Districts in this conference for 1892: Elkhorn Valley, Grand Island, Norfolk, and Omaha.
    Districts in this conference for 1899: Grand Island, Neligh, Norfolk, and Omaha.


Note 1: The size of the images used in the above has been dependent on the quality of the paper used for the original printing. Sorry about the loading time for the statistical tables in some issues; have reduced the image size where it was possible to do so and still have legible data.
Note 2: Links for all files, 1892-1899 were "swept" and corrections made Mar 2000. Aug 2001: The "fuzzy" image (table) has been replaced.

1897 NEBRASKA CONFERENCE - Complete book of minutes (except a partially torn-out page)
     Districts: Beatrice, Hastings, Lincoln, Nebraska City and York.
(Jan 2003)

1898 Nebraska Conference held at Fairbury, NE - from local newspaper (file on Jefferson County website)  Districts: Beatrice, Hastings, Lincoln, Nebraska City and York.

1900 NEBRASKA CONFERENCE - news clippings only, with some advertisements.
     Districts: Beatrice, Hastings, Lincoln, Nebraska City and York.
     A portion of a news report for Des Moines Conference (Iowa) was attached. (Hruza. Swept Mar 2000)

Methodist Episcopal Church Nebraska Conference -
     Districts: Beatrice, Hastings, Lincoln, Nebraska City, York (Hruza - Files for 1901 through 1903 swept Mar 2000)

1901 (partial)

1913 - M.E. Church Nebraska Conference (year that NE statewide Conference came into existence)
Booklet has no cover, includes summary of church history; lists of ministers with past & current assignments, current status, some obits. Alpha index appeared at back of book & is not complete. NOTE: Some mention of Omaha tornado damage, drought conditions in the district reports.

Note: Obituary for the Rev. Jacob Adriance
was published in ENGS Fall Quarterly 1999 Vol XXIV, no 3 page 41.
Contact Dodge County website for information.

Nebraska & Midwest Genealogical Record, Vol. IX, 1931
Marriage Records, First Methodist Church, Plattsmouth, Cass County, NE
Record of Baptisms, First Methodist Church, Plattsmouth, Cass County, NE

NSGS--Nebraska Ancestree
Vol I, no. 3 page 131 - Winter 1978
Crawford Valley Methodism 1882-1957, Plainview, Pierce Co.

Vol. 2, no. 2 page 56 - Fall 1979
ME Church, Church Record for Stromsberg, NE (Polk County)
Vol. 2, no. 2 page 66 - Fall 1979
ME Church Record, Lexington, Dawson, NE (Baptisms, Marriages)
Vol. 4, no. 4 - Spring 1982
Beginnings of the Methodist Church in Nebraska (including list of early ministers and early sermons)

Vol 7, no. 1, page 17 - Summer 1984
Third Annual Epworth League Conference and School of Methods, North Platte (Lincoln County), NE - 1 Jul -1 Aug 1897

Vol. 7 no. 1, page 21 - Summer 1984
Highland Methodist Cemetery, Nemaha County, NE
Vol. 7 no. 3, page 100 - Winter 1984-5
Blue Springs Methodist Church, Gage County, NE (1878-79 death records)

Vol. 12 no. 1 page 12 - Summer, 1989
M.E. Church Cemetery, Davis Creek Twp. Valley Co., NE

Vol. 21 no. 3 page 85 - Winter 1998

Macon Methodist Church - Baptism records 1883-1916

Vol. 21 no. 3 page 91 - Winter 1998

List of ministers appointed in 1885 for Nebraska City District  as reported by Nemaha County Granger

Vol. 22 no. 2 page 49 - Fall 1999
Keene Methodist Church/Cemetery(Kearney County)

Methodist Church - News Clips

Plattsmouth Journal, Thursday, 21 September 1916: Departure of Rev. F.M. DRULINER, arrival of Rev. Thomas A. TRUSCOTT.

Methodist Ministers - Obits
HERRICK, Marvin Virgil (1920, KS - 2004, NE)  See archives of Grand Island Independent (15 Jan 2004).
WESTADT, Dale K. (1918, Belden, NE - 2002, Schuyler, NE)  See archives of Columbus Telegram (29 Nov 2002)

Reference Links and addresses -

Missing Links, Vol. 6, No. 32 - 19 August 2001
The General Commission on Archives and History for The United Methodist Church <> maintains an archive and library in which historical records and materials about The United Methodist Church are preserved and made available for public and scholarly use. The online catalog is a searchable database of detailed descriptions of the material held at the Archives.

August 2001
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