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APRIL, 1925



Volume 3   LINCOLN, NEBR   Number 2







Genealogical Material Wanted


   THE NEBRASKA GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY will be glad to consider for Publication in the Nebraska and Midwest Genealogical Record

    FIRST. Manuscript genealogical records of family lines including record of the original settler in America and the first five succeeding generations of his descendants, provided such material has not been completely published elsewhere, or where such material is a correction of matter previously published. References to printed authorities, giving volume and page should when possible accompany such material.

    SECOND. Manuscript genealogical records of the last four or five generations, accompanied by a transcription of Bible records or tombstone inscriptions to substantiate the dates of birth, death and marriage.

    THIRD. Verified church records including vital records of births, baptisms, marriages, deaths and burials.

    FOURTH. Verified transcriptions of old burying ground inscriptions.

    FIFTH. Verified transcriptions of old wills, provided they have not previously published elsewhere.

    SIXTH. Transcriptions of Bible records of single families prior to 1850.

Miss Roxy V. Ammerman, Fairmont, Nebr.
Mrs. B. G. Miller, Crete, Nebr.
Mrs. R. C. Hoyt, Omaha, Nebr.
Mrs. David Hill, Salina, Kas.
Mrs. William Rogers, Lincoln, Nebr.
Mrs. H. K. White, Wahoo, Nebr.
Dr. David C. Hilton. Lincoln, Nebr.
Mrs. R. S. Merrell, Fairbury, Nebr.
Mrs. Charles L. Sprague, Beatrice, Nebr.
Mrs. D. O. Cleghorn, Chadron, Nebr.
Mrs. R. J. Kilpatrick, Beatrice, Nebr.
Mr. J. V. Thompson, Uniontown, Pa.
Mrs. S. D. Kilpatrick, Beatrice, Nebr.
Mrs. C. R. Peterson, University Place, Nebr.

The Nebraska and Midwest Genealogical Record

Copyrighted April, 1925, by the Nebraska Genealogical Society




No. 2 

     Published by the Nebraska Genealogical Society; issued in quarterly numbers at two dollars a year; single copies seventy-five cents.

     The Nebraska and Midwest Genealogical Record is a magazine of History and Genealogy. Manuscripts, data and queries upon these subjects are solicited and will be given careful consideration.

     Contributors should attach to their manuscripts their full names together with the authority for the statements made therein. Address all correspondence to the managing editor.

     Send all dues to Mrs. C. C. Waldo, Treasurer, 826 South 14th st., Lincoln, Nebr.


Note: The original publication had no table of contents.

Nebraska Genealogical Society, qrtly meeting & annual election Jan 1925


Green Family Bible Records (con't from Jan 1925)


Gravestones from old cemetery at Beatrice, NE (con't from Jan 1925)


Van Arsdale Family - Trenton, NJ Records


Ancestry of One Branch of the Calhoun Family in the US (MA, NH, NY, AL, NE)


Saunders Family (con't from Jan 1925 - ERROR)


Some Curious Old Records (gravestones at Lanesborough, MA)


Notes and Comments (Books published)


Queries (Nichols, Richardson, Whitney, Thompson, Butler, Davis)


MRS. E. B. CROWNOVER, Managing Editor
1229 South 27th st., Lincoln, Nebr.

MRS. C. H. JENKINS,'28, 2040 E st., Lincoln, Nebr.
MRS. THEODORE WESTERMAN, '28, Bronxville, N. Y.
MRS. H. B. MARSHALL, '28, Lincoln, Nebr.
MRS. VICTOR F. CLARK, '27, Diller, Nebr.
MRS. B. M. ANDERSON, '27, Omaha, Nebr.
MRS. C. R. PETERSON, '27, University Place, Nebr.
MRS. S. D. KILPATRICK, '26 Beatrice, Nebr.
MRS. Y. A. HINMAN, '26, North Platte. Nebr.

   The Nebraska Genealogical Society met at the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce on Friday, Jan. 23, for luncheon and the regular quarterly meeting and annual election of officers.
   Mrs. C. S. Paine gave a most interesting account of the annual meeting of the American Historical Association and mid-year meeting of the Mississippi Valley Historical Society, held at Richmond, Va., and Washington, D. C.
   Mrs. B. G. Miller of Crete read the bill for the adoption of a state flag for Nebraska, and made a strong plea for its adoption, the measure being unanimously endorsed by the society.
   It was also voted to contribute $5.00 toward the expenses of the International Congress of Women at Washington, D. C.
   The following officers were elected for the year 1925.

President, Mrs. Wm. Rogers
1st Vice-president, Mrs. Robert Kilpatrick
   2nd Vice-president, Mrs. E. H. Allen
Secretary, Mrs. A. R. Congdon
Treasurer, Mrs. C. C. Waldo
Corresponding sec., Mrs. C. H. Rush
Librarian, Mrs. C. S. Paine



   Chairmen Standing Committees: Membership, Miss Katherine Green
Finance, Mrs. C. F. Spencer
Research, Mrs. C. C. Waldo
Publicity, Mrs. W. S. Whitten

(Continued from January, 1925)


   James Green and Susanna his wife was married the 18th Day of September in the Year of our Lord * * * 1729

   My Daughter Susanna being the Tenth Child Was Born the 20th Day of April in the Year of our Lord 1732 and Departed this Life The --- Day of December in the Year of our Lord 1754  23 years, 7 months, 8 Days

   My Daughter Deliverance being the Eleventh Child was born the 25th Day of July 1733 And Departed This Life In The 5th of November In The Year of our Lord 1736 being 3 years 3 months 11 days Old

   My Son Samuel being The Twelfth Child Was born The -- of May 1736 and Departed This Life The 26th Day of The Same Month Aged 22 Days

   My Son Samuel being The Thirteenth Child was born the 28th Day September in the Year of our Lord 1738 [departed this life August 1752]

   My Daughter Deliverance The 2d & Fourteenth Child Was born May The 18th 1741---- And departed this Life the 12th of October following.

   My Daughter Penelope The Fifteenth Child was born September the 8th 1742

   My Daughter Mary the Sixteenth Child was born --- departed this Life November 6th 17-6

   My Son Jeremiah Green the ---ith Child was

   My Son James Green the ---eth Child was---- in the year of our Lord 1750

   My Mother Deliverance Green [G-Grandmother] Departed



   this life the 29th Day of Aprille in ye year of our Lord 1664

   [G-Uncle] My Brother Elisha Green Departed This Life the 29th Day of March in the year of our Lord: 1695

   [Aunt) My Sister Mary Renalds Departted this Life the 7th Day of January Anno Dominy: 1694

   [Aunt] My Daughter Mary Green Departted This Life the ---st Day of October in the year of our Lord 16--

   The Gift of James Greene to his son Jeremiah Fones Greene who departed this Life in the year of our Lord 1758 in the month of April aged 66 years.

   Jeremiah Fones Greene & Elizabeth Moulton were joined in Matrimony by Elder Gardner Thurston in Newport on the ---
of December in the year of our Lord 1768.

   She departed this life on the 5th day of May in the year of our Lord 1770. Aged Twenty years 5 months & 6 days.

   Jeremiah Fones Greene departed this Life in Lanesborough on the 12th day of October in the year of our Lord 1806. Aged sixty years, 10 month's & 10 days.

(To be continued)

Contributed by Mrs. C. R. Peterson, University Place, Nebr,

(Continued from January, 1925)


MURGATROYD, EMMANUEL, born July 6, 1821, died Nov. 24, 1908
MURGATROYD, ELLEN, wife of E. Murgatroyd, died Feb. 29, 1892, aet. 71 years, 8 months, 8 days
MURGATROYD, GEORGE, died Nov. 20, 1880, aet. 21, years, 4 months

McCOY, JOHN, 1843-1917. Co. D, 51st Ohio Inf.
McCOY, NANCY E., his wife, 1839-1901

MAUGER, HESTER, died July 12, 1890, aet. 78.

MARSH, DANIEL, died Nov. 10, 1880, aet. 33 years, 10 mos., 29 days.

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