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No. 3-4

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Sylvanus Hussey, Cayuga County, New York

page 25

Kentucky Wills - Madison County


Mosher Family Record


Congdon Family Bible


Cincinnati (Ohio) Newspaper Notices


Douglas County (Nebraska) Marriage Licenses


Query - Drake


Editor's Corner


Surname Index - Volume XII


Mrs. Edward V. Howlett, Pontiac, Michigan.
  Lydia Hussey, Widow, of Ledyard, Cayuga County, State of New York.

  To Reuben Hussey of the same place, Erastus Hussey of the same place, William Hussey, Isaac Hussey, Charles Hussey of the town of Niles, Berrian County, Michigan, Stephen Hussey of the town of Collins, Erie County & State of New York, Edwin Fuller & Cyrus Fuller of the town of Plymouth, Wayne County, Michigan, Eliza Barber, wife of William Barber of Hopewell, Ontario County, State of New York, & Joshua Baldwin of Ledyard aforesaid Special guardian for Mary Jane Smith of the town of Hamburgh Erie County state of New York, a minor, heirs at law and next of kin of Sylvanus Hussey, late of said town of Ledyard Dec'd


- - - - - - - and is presented for proof and probate by John Hussey and Benjamin Hussey, executors named therein - - - - - - - - - - - - - - at Auburn, the First day of May in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty eight

Thomas Y. How jr Surrogate



Scipio, [N. Y.], 12th mo, 29,1821

  Whereas Samuel Fuller executed to Abel Fuller a note in these words and characters, vis--

  "$374:07. Hampton. April 24th d 1807. I promise to pay Abel Fuller three hundred Seventy four Dollars seven Cents in one year after my mothers Fuller Decease It being for his rite in the widow thirds Interest Six Months after her Death till paid.

(Signed) (Samuel Fuller."

  Since which the said Abel has died intestate leaving a widow named Sarah and Children towit Edwin and Cyrus Fuller -- and said Sarah having it in contemplation to marry and desiring to obviate all difficulties that may arise respecting said note hath this day by writing as far as In her lays made over said note to me her father for the purpose here after Expressed, in Consideration whereof I do hereby promise and agree that all monies Received by me my heirs executors or administrators on said note shall be paid over as follows to wit the Share that by Law belongs to my said Daughter Sarah I promise to pay to her son Erastus Hussey, or his children if he be dead leaving a child or children and the residue to the children of said Abel Fuller or the heirs of such as may be deceased. And in case Erastus dies without children before said money is received In such case I promise to pay the whole money to the children of said Abel and their heirs

IconSpacerSigned in presence of
John Hussey
J. H. Byron

Silvanus Hussey*

  "This is a memorandum of business that is transacted for Edwin and Cyrus Fuller By Me, Stephen Durfee
  I received in cash from Roswell Barnum [?] in Connecticut for Them Thirteen Dollars and twelve Cents. it came from him by way of Property that fell to them from a Great Uncle that has Deceased.

  Likewise Received by the same hand 6th of 11 mo. 182[?]8 One
hundred and twelve Dollars & 91 cents                  $112.91

  Received the 12th of the 11 mo from Hezekiah Moshier by the selling
their Farm. One Thousand Dollars                       1000.

  This is a memorandum of money that has been paid out for Edwin and Cyrus Fuller By me Stephen Durfee their Guardian. I paid eight Dollars some years since for the building of a Barn on Their farm.

  Paid seven Dollars for a letter of Guardianship.

  Paid one Dollar and fifty Cents for business done by an Attorney to send to ct.

  Paid eight hundred Dollars for land in Michigan for them and they take the Deeds.

  Edwin had fourteen Dollars for spending money to go to Michigan.

  Edwin had twenty nine Dollars to send to Michigan the 6th of 9th mo 1829.

  Edwin had 24 Dollars spending money when he went to Connecticut.

  One Dollar was paid for drawing writings when their farm was sold.

   Edwin had fifty Dollars the 29th of the 4 month when he started for Michigan.

  1832 the 1 of 1 mo. Cyrus had 61 Dollars of Elias Durfee for a note of fifty Dollars.

May the 8th 1832"

*New York Census, 1790, gives
Silvanus Hussey, Cambridgetown, Albany Co., family 3-3-3
Paul Hussey, Hudson, Columbia Co., family 1-1-6
John Hussey, Hudson, Columbia Co., family 1-2-3



  Abel Fuller appointed captain of Fifth Company, Fifth Regement of militia of State of Connecticut, April 3, 1804.

  Abel Fuller of Genesee Co., N. Y., buys a certain tract of land in said county containing 153 1/2 acres, April 17, 1804.

  Stephen Durfee, Nov. 12, 1828, signs a bond to Hezekiah Moshier, agreeing to deed to said Moshier "the Widow Fuller farm in Aurora containing 153 1/2 acres at $10 per acre. Signed at Aurora, M. Fillmore, witss.

  Erastus W. Starkweather and Eleanor his wife of Plymouth, Wayne Co., Territory of Michigan, deed to Edwin Fuller a tract of land in said county. [No date.]

  There was a certain note dated April 24, 1807, payable to Abel Fuller, for the sum of $374.07. On Oct. 26, 1840, Cyrus Fuller of Livonia Twp., Wayne Co., Michigan, sold his right in this note to E. H. Bristol of the same place for $169.41. On July 12, 1844, E. H. Bristol sold his right in the note to Edwin Fuller for the same amount.

  An old letter signed "Stephen Durfee thy step father", "to Edwin Fuller" and dated "Palmyra, the 17th of the 6th month 1844." "Dear son . . . . has been in my mind for considerable to address thee in this way as my health is such as I never expect to see thee again until thee should see it in thy way to come hear . . . . what I most wanted to write about . . . . I heard a considerable said and thought that I Discovered it myself that thee and Sirus [Cyrus] was Dissatisfied Because I Did not Give you more when you left me which to me was very strange . . . . when you came to live with me it was thy mother's choice to have you come with her and all that she should expect of me to Doe was to have care of the property that was left By thy father and to fare as my children Did till you Come of age. and this was the understanding of all the family at the time that thy mother and I was maried and I think that Erastus must have heard all this for it was openly talked before the hole family and further I mentioned to thy Grandfather that it was my chois that he should Goe and have everything secured by law to thee and Sirus Before we was maried so that there should be no hard thoughs ever arise about it, and thy Grand Father Did it . . . . . [Erastus was mentioned several times in this letter.]


IconIsiah W. Moshier
To Edwin Fuller

  This Indenture witnesseth that Isaiah Walker Moshier of the county of Wayne, in the State of Michigan now aged 15 years, 4 and 1/2 mos. by and with the consent of Phobe W. Brownell - his mother - hath put himself . . . . apprentice to Edwin Fuller of the County and State aforesaid to learn the art, trade, and mystery of a farmer . . . . and after the manner of an apprentice to serve from the day of the date hereof, for and during, and until the full end and term of 5 years, 7 and 1/2 months . . . . and the said master . . . . shall provide suf. meat drink and lodging and decent and comfortable clothing, suitable for the Sabbath and every day - and one years schooling and instruction - one quarter at a time - and at the expiration of said term - One Hundred Dollars in Cash and one new suit of woolen clothing complete, overcoat and all, of good domestic manufacture and also to provide, in sickness and in health for



the said Isaiah, in all things, fitting for an apprentice during the said term, and also such clothes as he may have at the time . . . . this Sixth day of January. in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and forty two.

Sealed and delivered in the
  presence of

Geo. A. 0 Keeffe                          [Signature torn off.]


Contributed by Mrs. Anna (Turley) Noland, Richmond, Kentucky.
[Continued from Vol. X, p. 37.]

  A-31. JOHN PROVINE Of Madison Co., Va. Wife, Mary; dau. Sarah when she marries, son Wm., Rebecca my youngest dau., sons Alexander & John the preemption of land on Station Camp in Cumberlain, my 2 daus Any & Mary 100 A on Harpers & claim on Duck River to be divided among all my children - to be cont. till my son Wm. is of age. Bro. Andrew Provin, wife Mary Alex Denny and Sam'l Woods, exors. Feby 27, 1792. Joshua Nichols, Robt Henderson, Alex Reed, witss. Probated Apr. 1792.

  A-33. ELIZABETH STEPHENSON, Madison Co., Va. Granddau. Jean Stephenson, son James; to Joseph Hunter; to granddau. Jean McKnight 10 £ rent of mill; to David Maxwell the bal. to keep cows & divide among his children, except John & Elizabeth. David Maxwell & Joseph Hunter, exors. Feby 1791. Edward Stephenson, Wm. Mitchell, witss. Rec. Apr. 1792.

  A-34. ROLAND HOY, May 23, 1791. Settled by John Glover. John South came before Aaron Lewis, Madison Co., Ky. Roland Hoy got the man charged in acct. etc. Rec., July 1791.

  A-35. LOYD PORTWOOD, Madison Co., Ky. Son, John, when he comes of age, land on which I live; 2 girls, when they come of age; wife Elizabeth. April 1792. Thomas Portwood, Ludi Portwood, witss. Rec., June 1792.

  A-37. ELIZABETH STEPHENSON. Inventory, 1792, John Davis, John Patterson, Edw Stephenson. Rec., June 1792.

  A-37. LOYD PORTWOOD. Inventory, July 1792, Asa Seary, Thomas Portwood, Sherwood Harris.

  A-39. JAMES HOWARD, dec'd. Appraisement of estate, June 5, 1792. Rec. 1792.

  A-39. GEORGE BRIDGES, Fayette Co. Niece Betsy Fox, dau. of my 1/2 bro. Samuel Fox, a late emigrant from Hanover Co., Va. Niece Rebecca Farthing, dau. of my 1/2 sister Ann Farthing of James City Co., Va. Niece Betsy Piggott, dau. of my sister Mary Piggott of the city of Williamsburg, Va. Bro. Isham Bridges, exor. Sept. 7, 1790. ". . . Should I not return from the campaign . . ." Rec., July 3, 1792, by oaths of John Fox & Isaac Hackaday, witss.

  A-41. THOMAS REYNOLDS, dec'd. Inventory, July, 1792, George Boon, Isaac Hackaday, James Hackaday. Rec., Aug. 1792.

  A-42. GEORGE BRIDGES, late of Fayette Co., Ky. Aug. 1792. Subscribers of Madison Co., Ky., Sam Fox, Oswell Townson, Wm Bridges, John Moore. Rec. 1792.

  A-44. EDW. STEPHENSON, dec'd on Aug. 11, 1792; his desire estate (bonds) he sold & divided among his children, the ones on Davis and the other on Brooks. Mentions dau. Betsey, son John, wife. John Snoddy & son Wm Stephenson, witss. James Stephenson, Humphrey Best, adm'r. Aug. 20, 1792. This non cupative will of Edw. Stephenson, dec'd, rec. Oct. 1792.


  A-45. JOHN LINN, dec'd; appraisement, Nov. 6, 1792.

  A-49. JAMES MARTIN, dec'd; appraisement, July 2, 1793. Wm. Irvine. Witss., David Gass, Yelverton Peyton, Jas. Wolfscale.

  A-50. JOHN KNIGHT, dec'd; appraisement by Jesse Embry, Edward Turner, Nicholas White.

  A-53. BENJAMIN NOAKS, dec'd. Settlement allotted Jane Noaks, now Burnside, her dower, Aug. 26, 1793. Property in possession of Robert Burnside & Micajah Farriss, guardian, to amount, £76-19-6. Property to widow £114-4-0; for orphans £47-17-4. James Barnet, Wm. Kearley, Yelverton Peyton. Rec. Jan. 1794.

  A-54. CHRISTOPHER HARRIS. My 1st children, viz., Dubney Harris, Sarah Morton, Robt., Mourning Jones, Christopher & Mary Jones. Wife and other children, negroes to be divided according to Cornelius Dabney's will: appoint Foster Jones & Christopher Harris, exors. of above part of will. Wife & son Overton Harris. Drawing Creek land to son John. Sycamore Spring Tract to son Benj. Tract to son Wm. Haley Tract to son Barabus. My lands in Albemarle Co., Va., sold & my sons James and Samuel shall receive as much as Col. John Miller & Robert Rodes shall judge. Other sons to be made equal to them. My three daus., Jane Gentry, Margaret Harris, Isabel Harris. Wife, John Sappington & John Harris, exors. Hartly Sappington, Richard Sappington, Jos. Wells, witss. Prob., Mar. 1794.

  A-56. ISAAC BURGIN, farmer. Dau. Nancy, wife Mary. Dennis Burgin, exor. Property to be divided among all my children (not named). Liaven Gray, Chas. Burgin, witss. Prob., Mar. 1794.

  A-57. CHRISTOPHER HARRIS, appraisement, Dec. 14, 1794.

  A-59. JAMES CLARK, inventory by Edw. Brasfield, Will Hiatt, John Smith, Wm. Pierce. July, 1794.

  A-59. ISAAC BURGIN, appraisement, John Carpenter, Thos. Crews, Peter Hackett, Cam Smith. June 25, 1794.

  A-61. JAMES JANES, appraisement, Aug. 1794.

  A-62. AMSTEAD BLACKWELL, Will. Children, Wm, Nancy, Randolph, Zekiel, David, Sally & John. Wife Dicy. Son Wm. & John Sappington, exors. Green Clay, George Brown & Benj. Blackwell, witss. Prob., Oct. 1794.

  A-63. DENNIS DEVER, dec'd. Settlement by Sam'l Rice & Moses Dooley. Maj. John Boyle, adm'r. 1794.

  A-63. EDW. CARPENTER, dec'd. Appraisement by Andrew Bogle, Elihu Green, John Turner. 1794.

  A-64. JAMES HOWARD, dec'd; dower allotment to Hannah Taylor, late widow of. Edw. D. Roberts, Samuel Fox, John Stepp. 1794.

  A-65. ALEXDER DOUGLAS, dec'd, appraisement, 1792, by Geo. Adams, Robt. Bornsides, Michael Farris. Rec. 1794.

  A-67. JAMES STEPP, Will. Wife Susie equal to children (not named). 1794. John Stepp & Golston Stepp, exors. Jas. Stepp, Elijah Stepp, Thos. Lawhorn, witss. Rec. Nov. 1794.

  A-68. NATHAN HAWKINS, Dau. Elizabeth Level, land in Spottsylvania Co., dau. Mary Stephenson, dau. Nancy Schooler, to son Nicholas, the Bible & 100 A. in Bourbon Co. Wife Catherine. Son Nathan, dau. Marcy Barnet, son Simon. My 7 children. Wife, exor. Levin Cole, John Bone, Geo. Cormack, Thomas Bone, James Purtum, witss. Rec. Nov. 1794.

  A-70. AMSTEAD BLACKWELL, dec'd. Inventory, 1795; Thomas Strawn, David Crews, Hartly Sappington.

  A-76. JAMES MCMULLIN, dec'd, 1793. Appraisement by Stephen Hancock, Wm. Hancock, Adam Wood. Rec. 1794.


  A-77. ROWLAND HOY, dec'd. Sale. John Glover, adm'r. John Price, Minor Young. Rec. Oct. 1794.

  A-77. THOMAS WELCH, dec'd. Appraisement, 1794, Daniel Crews, John Wilson, Jas. Martin. Rec. Jan. 1795.

  A-77. JAMES MCMULLIN. Settlement by Haile Talbot, Stephen Hancock, Gabriel Mullins. Rec., Mar. 1795:

  A-79, 80. WM. GALISPIE. Inventory, Dec. 1794, by John Manire, Robert Brank, James Crawford, Bogwell Maxwell. Rec Mar. 1795.

  A-82. JAMES CHIZUM, will. My niece, Sarah K. Williams, to Wm. Hagon, to Sopha Strawhan, John Wheeler, to my mother at death. My desire Thomas, John, Isaac, Betsey, Rosey and Samuel Williams, daus. and sons of my bro. John Williams. Niece Mary Chambers, sister Martha Dorsey, her dau. Delta. 1795. John Sappington, John Wheeler, exors. Thomas Tevis, Thomas Strawhorn, John Caperton, wltss. Rec., May 1795.


Contributed by Emily C. Landon (Mrs. W. M.), Angola, Now York

  These records are from the Bible of Harvey McCullar, who married Betsy Mosher (born June 22, 1826). A sheet of paper giving the family records of this Mosher family, in the hand writing of Julia Mosher Earle, and signed by her at Fort Ann April 8, 1886, gives much the same data. The original copy of the latter is in possession of Mrs. Landon.


Aaron Mosher (i)

born Jan 31 - 1775

Ruth Mosher(a)

 "  Jan 9 - 1779

James Mosher(i)

 "  Feb 23 - 1788

Betsy Mosher

 "  Oct 30 - 1792

Aaron Mosher Jr

 "  Mar. 12 - 1799

Daniel Masher

 "  & died 1800

Susan Mosher

 "  Aug. 24 - 1802(b)

Olive Mosher

 "  Apr 17 - 1804

Calista Mosher

 "  Dec 4 - 1806

Mariah Mosher

 "  Apr. 6 - 1808

Austin Mosher(i)

 "  Oct. 9 - 1809

Emily Mosher

 "  June 6 - 1810

Aarchilus Mosher

 "  Nov 3 - 1811

Darwin Mosher

 "  Dec. 12 - 1812(c)

Julia Mosher

 "  Aug 20 - 1813

Anga(d) Louisa Ruth Mosher

born May 6 - 1815

James Richardson Mosher

born Feb 6 - 1818

Henry Tyler Mosher

 "  Dec 29 - 1819

Myron Mosher

 "  Apr 2 - 1822

Sylvia Mosher

born Mar 14 - 1824

Betsy Mosher

born June 22 - 1826

Theron Carlos Mosher

born Mar 8 - 1829(f)

Phillip Sidney Mosher

born May 21 - 1831

(a) "Ruth Richardson" - Julia Mosher Earle's Paper.
(b) "Aug 28 - 1802" - Ibid.
(c) Not on Mrs. Earle's Paper; probably the son of James and Betsy Mosher.
(d) "Anna" - Julia Mosher Earle's Paper.
(e) "Ruth Richardson Mosher" - Ibid.
(f) "Mch 18 - 1829" - Ibid.
(g) Mrs. Landon gives her name as Betsy Tyler.
(h) "His sister in law" - Julia Mosher Earle's Paper.
(i) Abbie M. Hemenway, Vermont Historial Gazetteer, Part III, pp. 782, 783, 1196,



Betsy Mosher died Feb 13 - 1816

Dr. James Mosher died May 3 - 1816

Ruth Mosher(e) died Aug 25 - 1815

Susannah Mosher died Feb - 1819 aged 60 yrs

Henry Mosher died Apr 13 - 1819 aged 24 yrs

Daniel Mosher died March 4 - 1826 aged 75 yrs

Sylvia Mosher died Oct 1829 aged 35 yrs

Phillip Sidney Mosher died Aug 6 - 1833 aged 2 yr 4 mo 15 da

Darwin Mosher died Aug 4 - 1834 aged 22 yrs 7 mo

Henry Mosher died May 21 - 1837 aged 17 " 4 mo. 22 da.

Sylvia Mosher died Dec 22 - 1837  13 yrs 9 mo 8 da

Aaron Mosher sr died Aug 21 - 1864  88 yrs 6 mo 22 da

Betsy Mosher died Feb 14 - 1876  83 yrs 3 mo 14 da


Aaron Mosher and Ruth Mosher(a) was married March 22 - 1798

James Mosher and Betsy Mosher(g) married April 23 - 1811

Aaron Mosher and Betsy Mosher(h) was married May 8 - 1817


  The last part of Julia Mosher Earle's paper throws additional light on this family.

"My Grandfather Moshers name was Daniel - Died Mch 4 - 1826

" Grandmother     "     "    " Susanna -"  Feb - 6 - 1819

My Grandmother Richardson's maiden name was Susan Thompson.

My Grand-fathers name was Asa Richardson

They were natives of the Town of Coventry State of Conn.

Signed, Julia Mosher Earle. Fort Ann Apr 8 1886"



Contributed by Helen Lyons WIkoff (Mrs. H. E.), New York.

  This Bible was published by Evert Duyekinck - Webster's and Skinner's of Albany, N. Y., in 1813, and is in possession of Mrs. Anna Jones Beverly, Binghamton, New York. This copy was made by Mrs. Lucy Congdon Mosher, Binghamton, New York.

John Congdon born March 5th. 1768 in Pawnel, Vt., Married

Betsey Crary born April 12, 1771 in Voluntown, Conn.


Joseph Congdon* born December 3rd. 1787 in Claredon, Vt.

Susannah Congdon born Feb. 3rd. 1790 in Westfield, N. Y.

Ezra Congdon born May 5, 1792 in Westfield, N. Y.

Job Congdon born June 5, 1794 in Claredon, Vt.

Dolly Congdon born Nov. 15th. 1796 in Claredon, Vt.

John Congdon, Jr., December 14th. 1798 in Claredon, Vt.

Betsey Congdon, Feb. 14th. 1801 in Claredon, Vt.

Nathaniel Congdon, April 23rd. 1803, in Claredon, Vt.

Elias Congdon, May 28th. 1805 in Claredon, Vt.

Lois Congdon, May 28th. 1807 in Brandon, Vt.

Joel G. Congdon, Dec. 4th. 1809 in Brandon, Vt.

Lavinia Congdon, March 19th. 1812 in Brandon, Vt.

     *Joseph Congdon married Sarah Hinds, dau. of Jesse Hinds, who was in the Revolution.


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