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  This enumeration was taken by John Evans. There is no date except "1856" printed on the page. The residence is given as Manhattan.

Benjamin B. Moore(a), b. in Vt., farmer; 1 m. 21 up.; 2 m. 16 up.; 2 m. und. 16.
N. W. Reyerson, b. in N. Y., carriage m[aker]; 1 m. 21 up.
David J. Fleming, b. in Pa., carriage m[aker]; 1 m. 21 up.
Washington Lewin, b. in 0., farmer; 1 m. 21 up.

  (a) Benjamin B. Moore, wife Anna, daughter Kate, and sons Abram, George and Oscar came to the Elkhorn Valley from Hinsdale, Mich., in the summer of 1856 and took a claim at Catherine, otherwise known as Dead Timber. The next summer they removed to what was afterwards known as De Witt in the same county. - Andreas, History of Nebraska, p. 598.



  This collection of records was on loose sheets of paper and was recently found between the leaves of an old unabridged dictionary, which was stored with a large number of duplicate books by the Nebraska State Historical Society.

  A letter dated "Hampton, Iowa, 3-13-'15" and addressed "Dear Boy" is signed "Father". important excerpts:

    "I send this fragmentary or rag-tag mess of family pedigree - - - - I once got in communication with John Long, Union, Iowa, but he moved to another place a county or two west from Union. His father (also John Long) had recently died at Union. This writing was after I left printing business ----- I send you all the data I possess, and all that I know of. Sister Matilda Blackburn lost all her record, in mother's own family Bible, when her home burned. - - - - Were my mother living she would be 106 years old today . . . . . ...

    Pinned to the first record is a sheet of paper headed "S. H. Shoemaker's Pedigree."
    His father's grandfather, Samuel Shoemaker lived in Delaware; a Holland-Welchman; married Elizabeth McDowell, at a church in Penna.:
His mother's grandfather, Elias Long, born in Germany about 1750; died at the age of 80; settled in Delaware state, the year 1756; married in same Elizabeth Ryermal (Rymel) born on the ocean (a German) and raised seven sons and five daughters in said State. Removed to Luzerne Co., when only three or four families in the county.
    His maternal grandfather, Elias Long, was born in Delaware in [blank]; married Sarah Goss, in Luzerne Co., Huntington Tp.; 1798 or 9, ---- raised nine sons and seven daughters (two other children died ---- 18 in all.)
    Sarah Long, born March 13 - 1809 at Luzerne Luzerne Co Penna. (Father German. Mother Sarah Goss born in Conn.)
    Samuel Shoemaker, born June 24. 1802. Chemung Co N. Y. (Died Nov. 1. 1848. Father Welch & Duch Mother Duch & Irish)
    Samuel Shoemaker & Sarah Long ---- Married Feb. 4, 1828 at Luzerne Pa. by Rev Dodson. eight children born to them.
    1st] Charles, D. born Nov 15, 1828 Married to Sophia, Hoerner Dec 28, 1854 at Monmouth, Warren Co. Ill. by Rev R. C. Mathews. 5 children William H, Cora, Delevan D, Charles J, Effie S.


    2nd] Matilda S. born May 16. 1831. married to H. W. Blackburn in Joliet Will Co. Ill. Feb 28, 1850. by Rev Comstock. born to them five children --- Kittie. Guy. [?] Daniel. Cora. Minnie.
    3d] Chancy Shoemaker born Feb 8 - 1834
        "        "    died  "  8 - 1834
    4] Eleanor S. born March 23 - 1835 married James H. Rosinbum April 1, 1852 at Monmouth Ill. by Rev. John Fletcher Chaffee. born to them four children. Elizabeth. Cora M. Andrew. J. Rette. (second married to Jackson.)
    5] John Fletcher. S. born April. 5 - 1838. Married to Kate McDermott. of McGregor, Iowa Nov 23 - 1859. at Prairie Du Chine, Wisconsin. by Rev. Alfred Bronson; She died at Crowley, La., Aug. 7, 1902 born to them six children. --- Irme. Hattie. Mary. F. Charles. James. Gertrude.
    6] Samuel Henry. S. born July 19 - 1840  Married to Rette Furee [?] Sep 4 - 1866 at DeWitt Clinton Co Iowa. by Rev. C. G. Truesdale. born to them two children. Jessie. May 11, 1868. Frank. H. April 2, 1875
    7] Catherine S. born Jan 31 - 1843
       "     "  died Nov 29 - 1849
    8] Sarah Elizabeth. S. born Aug 11- 1845  Married to Geo. A. Averill Oct 1 - 1866 by Rev J. B. Taylor. at De Witt. Iowa. to them were born seven children Ella. Adelo. May. Florence. Grace. Frank. James. G.
    Sarah Elizabeth. died Jan. 27, 1882, at Corning, Iowa.
    Samuel Shoemaker died Nov 1 - 1848.
    Daniel McNeil died Feb 28, 1869, at DeWitt. Iowa.
    Daniel McNeil born in Hillsboro, N. H. March 24. 1792. married to Sarah Shoemaker March 17 - 1851 by Rev. Stephen Ridgly. at Galesburgh Knox Co. Ill.
    Mrs. Sarah McNeil Married to James Green July 22, 1875 at Lourune Rock Co Minnesota.
    Sarah Green died Sep 5th 1891.

  Extract from J. F. Shoemaker's letter dated Crowley, La., Jan. 16, 1902, in answer to questions "from me":

    Father was six feet in height and weighed 200 lbs. I think we landed in Chicago about April 20 or 25, 1846. We remained there about ten days. Then father bought [a] span of horses, old Charlie and Alex, and we went to Aurora and remained there about ten days or two weeks; then moved to Oswego, seven miles further down Fox river. Here we lived for some time and then moved out on Whiffen's farm and helped him through harvest. In the fall moved to Weir's "on the Aux Sable" where we remained one year, and then moved to Rock Creek, where father died the following Nov. and Catherine died a month later.
    Father's farm in Chemung county was 2 1/2 miles south and 1/2 mile west from Millport and ten miles from Elmira. The locality of the farm was known as Catlin Hill. Father bought 80 acres [of] land 6 miles from Oswego, Ill., and 160 acres a few miles north from Monmouth in the summer of 1844. Weirs farm, on the Aux Sable, was in Kendall county. I do not know anything of the Longs, (mothers people) only I know that they were very numerous at Union (Iowa) there being several branches of the Long family there - so much so, that a letter addressed to one of them had to state where they lived; which way and how far from town. I know that mother would direct hers, say four miles northeast from town, near such a mill.



  These records, found with the Shoemaker papers, were included in a letter dated "Los Angeles Calif March 30th 1902 Dear Uncle and Aunt." It is signed "your Niece Libbie" and "Mrs. Libbie Townsend." She mentions her mother as living with her and a letter which her mother had received from her uncle.

Sarah E. Rosinbum Born April 10th 1855 Monmouth Illinois
Married Wilson Slater June 17th 1871 Husband died
Remarried Nov 4th 1895 Mr. Townsend
Margaret E. Slater Born Jan 5th 1872 David City Nebr
Bertha E. Slater Born Feb 21st 1874 Edgerton Ohio
William R. Slater Born Sep 3d 1875     "    "
James H. Slater Born Sep 9th 1877      "    "
Jennie E. Slater Born April 11th 1880 David City Neb
Samuel H. Slater Born Oct. 31st 1883 Creighton Neb
Cora. A. Slater Born Sep 12th 1885     "      "
Charles. T. Slater Born July 20th 1888   "      "
Wilson. E. Slater Born Feb 21st 1890 Creighton Neb
Rettan [?] B. Slater Born Dec 1st 1891  Omaha Neb
Lillian. M. Townsend Born Oct 18th 1896  Los Angeles Calif
Ethel. G. Townsend Born Jan 27th 1899        "      "


  This is another paper which was with the Shoemaker record.

Thomas J Tubbs Born May 11th 1796
Matilda C Tubbs Born March 13, 1805
Thomas H Tubbs December 14th 1824
Lawrence G Tubbs June 5th 1827
Eri S Tubbs February 26th 1830
John M Tubbs July 28th 1832
Sarah A Tubbs April 9th 1835
Elias L Tubbs March 1st 1838
Mary E Tubbs October 16th 1840
Martha A Tubbs March 27 1843
Amos C Tubbs June 15 1845
Thomas J Tubbs married Matilda C Long February 6th 1822
Sarah A Tubbs married A T Eastman March 8th 1856
Mary E Tubbs married King R Powell June 15th 1857
Elias L Tubbs married Martha Hurley November 11th 1866
J M Tubbs married Jane Grimes July 3rd 1857
     Grand Father Elias Long was a German his name was Elias Long & he married Sarah Goss. thair Children was Eri G Long ---- Matilda C Long - - - - & Sarah Long the Old Stock was all Quakers

(Sarah s Family)
Justin L Eastman Born Nov 3rd 1857
Chancy M Eastman Dec 13th 1860
Elias L Eastman Nov 5th 1862
Chorrilla E Eastman Nov 27th 1868
Ruby A Eastman Sept 18th 1876
Eri T Eastman March 3rd 1882


(Mary Children)

Wetha A Powell
Justa Powell
Albert S Powell
Myrtle Powell
Minnie Powell
(Lawrence Children)

Dan Tubbs
Adda Tubbs
Grey Tubbs

(Elias Children)

Lawrey Tubbs
H E Tubbs

Thomas H Tubbs Dec'd December 13 1837
Thomas J Tubbs Dec'd July 22, 1847
Eri S Tubbs Dec'd January 18th 1850
Matilda C Tubbs Dec'd October 16th 1879
Sarah A Eastman Dec'd January 24th 1890
Lawrence G Tubbs Dec'd December 23rd 1896
Mary E Powell Dec'd February 27 1906
Martha A Tubbs Dec'd Thursday March 8th 1906

  Copied from a photostat of the Bible record owned by Mrs. Mary (Walton) Ferris, Chicago, Illinois. According to the Perkins Genealogy, Part 1, pp. 1-11, 29-30, 46-7 and Central New York Genealogies, Volume 1, pp. 112-3, 410-1, John Perkins of Burlington, Otsego County, New York, was the son of Ebenezer5 Perkins (Ebenezer4 Samuel3 John2-1) . His wife was Elizabeth Herrington.
John Perkins Born January the 13th Day Ad 1749
Elizabeth Perkins Born June th 4 day Ad 1749

Sarah Perkins Born Sept the 15th Day Ad 1769
Naby Perkins Born February the 21 day Ad 1772
Ebenezer Perkins Born April the 30th day Ad 1777
Elizabeth Perkins Born Nov the 30th Day Ad 1773
Joanna Perkins Born october th 3 day Ad 1775
Martha Perkins Born March the 8 day Ad 1779
Mary Perkins Born Born Feb th 9th day Ad 1781
John Perkins [Jr in later hand] Born April the 23 day Ad 1783
Josiah H Perkins Born January th 2 day Ad 1785
Caleb and Joshna Born Nov th 26 day Ad 1789

John Perkins Died the 1 Day of November in the year 1812 Aged 63 years nine Month 19 Days

IconRufas Herrington was Born June 23d 1744
I was Married to Rufas Herrington 1814
Rufas Herrington Died Apr 7th 1821

[Written in
and cramped
and later hand.]

IconElizabeth Perkins Died January 24th AD. 1827
Mary Golden Died May the 7th AD 1814
Sarah Marsh Died August 10th AD 1834
Abigail Munson Died May AD 1827

[Different hand:
faded ink.]


Contributed by Mrs. C. S. Paine, Lincoln, Nebraska

  These, records are from the Bible of James M. Porter, which was bought at Jacksonville, Illinois, September 1840.

James M. Porter and Elizabeth Upton were married April 7 - 1833
Jonathan E. Tanner [?] and Susie Porter married Sept. 10, 1848.
Isaac Cuvey and Marthey Porter married 1850.
James M. Porter born Nov. 29, 1811
Elizabeth Upton born Dec. 23, 1814
Sewisey Porter was born July 29, 1834
Martha Porter was born Aug. 3, 1835
Marion A. Porter was born Apr. 22, 1837
Harriett Porter born Apr 6, 1839
Jane Porter born Mar. 15, 1841
Thomas J. Porter born Aug. 13, 1842
Auston P. Porter born July 30, 1844
Mary Porter born Aug. 14 - 1846
Manda Porter born Aug. 18, 1849
Angeline Porter born Aug. 26 - 1852
Zeligh F. Porter departed this life Aug. 25, 1835
James W. Scott died Dec. 27, 1839
Marion A. Porter died Jan. 23, 1840
Mariam Porter died Aug. 5 - 1851 age 59 years
Robert M. Porter died Mar. 14, 1852 age 70 years 5 mo. 5 days
J. M. Porter died May 4, 1893 age 81 years 5 mo. 5 days
Elizabeth Porter died Aug. 17, 1894 age 79 years 7 mo. 17 days
Martha Covey died Sept. 1893 age 58 years

  Three Hundred Colonial Ancestors and War Service. By Elizabeth M. (Leach) Rixford, East Highgate, Vt., published by The Tuttle Company, Rutland, Vt., 1934. 341 pp. + index, 25 pp. Illustrated. Price, $15.00.

  This compilation represents the results of a great many years of patient, arduous work. In furnishing clues and suggestions this type of genealogy is much more useful to the ancestry searcher than a work giving the descendants of a common ancestor and most any descendant of New England families will find here one or more lines of personal interest. The excerpts from original colonial records are especially valuable. The longer American lines in this work are Brown, Cutter, Cutting, Field, Flint, Hawkins, Hawley, Hinds, Hungerford, Lawrence, Leach, Mead, Nash, Phelps, Read, Rixford, Sanford and Shattuck.

  THE CLEMENT GENEALOGY covering nearly 200 years, listing descendants of Henry Clement, giving names, places and dates of births, marriages and deaths; 327 family names, about 1,400 individuals; family groups and individual pictures; 15 pages of index. Price $3.00. Shipments made promptly.




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