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The History of Platte County Nebraska

1832, died in Humphrey, Nebraska, December 29, 1906.

Joseph Bender had four brothers, all of whom became farmers: Peter, Jr., died April 9, 1915; Phillip, who died December 3, 1912; John W., who died November 9, 1928; and Henry, his twin, who died March 11, 1945. Joseph's two sisters, Anna and Elizabeth, are still living.

After completing his education in the Platte County public schools, Joseph Bender was married on January 21, 1890, to Catherine Wunder, daughter of Simon and Paulina Yachter Wunder, in Henry, Illinois. Mr. and Mrs. Bender had two daughters: Theresia, who lives in Platte County, and Mrs. Irene Schaecher, of Humphrey. Mrs. Bender died on August 27, 1922.

Mr. Bender, a member of St. Francis Catholic Church, of Humphrey, and the Knights of Columbus, is a supporter of the Democratic Party.


George Berney, son of Anton and Ursula Furger Berney, was born in Volz, Canton Grisons, Switzerland, January 30, 1832.

His mother died when he was six years old, and three years later his father remarried. When George was old enough, he left his father's home and for two years was employed to herd cattle at Lindau, Germany. He then went to Milan, Italy, where he made his home for several years with an uncle who was an innkeeper. George assisted him with the work. At the age of sixteen, he became interested in the Revolution of 1848. He was taken prisoner by the Austrians and lived in a prison camp in Austria. After his escape, he made his way to his father's home in Switzerland, arriving there in 1853. His years in the prison camp taught him to love liberty, so in 1854 he immigrated to America.

In the spring of 1855, at the age of twenty-three, he went to work in the lumber camps of northern Wisconsin. Later he went to New Orleans, where he worked on a steamer plying between there and Mobile, Alabama. From there, he moved up the river to St. Louis in 1856, and in May of that year came to Omaha, where he was employed until the spring of 1857, at which time he came to Platte County, and settled on a homestead in Bismark Township.

On February 27, 1865, George Berney married Rosa Henggeler, daughter of Franz and Ursula Martz Henggeler, who settled in Platte County in 1858. In 1866 the Berneys established their home on a homestead five miles southwest of Columbus, where they remained until 1892, when they moved to Columbus.

George and Rosa Berney had one son, Joseph F. Mr. Berney spoke four languages: German, English, French and Italian.

In 1881 he made a trip to his native country, and at that time visited France, Switzerland and Italy. In 1889, he again visited those countries, with R. Greisen and Robert Kummer, and on that trip saw the World's Fair in Paris. In 1908 he made his last trip to Switzerland, remaining there for a year.

Rosa Henggeler Berney died February 10, 1913, and George Berney died February 13, 1915. He was a member of the Catholic Church, and both George and Rosa Berney are buried in St. Bonaventure's Cemetery.


Joseph F. Berney, son of George and Rosa Henggeler Berney, was born on a farm five miles southwest of Columbus, June 7, 1867. His maternal grandfather was Franz Henggeler.

Joseph attended the District School near his home, and in 1879 and 1880, the St. Francis Academy. In the fall of 1880 he went to Washington State, where he was employed at various work in saw-mills, logging camps, and coal mines. His educational privileges up to 1889 were limited, because he had sought early in life to make his own way. He returned to Nebraska in 1889, and that year his father sent him to the Omaha Business College.

He went to school for a year, and in 1890 took a position in the First National Bank in Columbus, as bookkeeper, and later became assistant cashier. He was associated with the bank from 1890-1901. In 1894 he was elected City Treasurer and was reelected to the office. In 1901 Mr. Berney bought out an implement store at 2420 Eleventh Street, now the George Ewert Implement Company, and operated it for four and a half years, when he sold it to William J. Voss. He then traveled for the Acme Harvester Company, and about 1907 he bought the J. B. Gietzen Lumber Company, which he operated in partnership with G. W. Viergutz. Later, Mr. Berney sold his interest to Howard Clarke. He then bought the Kehoe Implement business at Platte Center, and operated it for two years. In 1919 he became Assistant County Treasurer, and in 1922 he was nominated by the Democrats for County Treasurer.

On September 6, 1892, at St. Bonaventure's Church in Columbus, Joseph F. Berney married Eva Schilz, daughter of William and Elizabeth Karges Schilz. Mrs. Berney attended St. Francis Academy in Columbus.

Mr. and Mrs. Berney had six children: Etheline Margaret, who died in infancy; Lillian, now Mrs. Frank P. Dietz, of Columbus; Joseph G., deceased; Paul W., a doctor of internal medicine, at Cedar Rapids, Iowa, who is married to Georgia Smith, daughter of Adam and Fannie Costello Smith; George A. and Edmond Berney who live in Omaha.

Joseph F. Berney was a member of the Knights of Columbus, the Modern Woodmen, and the Sons of Herman. He died July 8, 1922, in Columbus.


Roy David Bernt, owner and manager of the Bernt Radio Service in Columbus, was born July 23, 1912, in Shelby, Nebraska. He is the son of William and Mary Hasselbalch Bernt. William Bernt was born October 16, 1879, in Polk County, Nebraska. Mary Hasselbalch Bernt was born April 13, 1883, in Polk County.


Roy David Bernt came to Platte County with his parents in 1920, and here he was graduated from Kramer High School.

On April 24, 1937, at Aurora, Nebraska, Roy Bernt married Viola Edith Janssen, of Columbus, the daughter of Otto and Sena Eden Janssen.

Mr. Bernt is a member of the Columbus Chamber of Commerce. Politically, he is affiliated with the Democratic Party. Mr. and Mrs. Bernt are members of the Lutheran Church.


Cortland Leroy Bersee, optometrist, son of Mr. And Mrs. Alton Llewellyn Bersee, was born August 6, 1911, in Spartansburg, Pennsylvania, and arrived in Columbus on November 20, 1945, from Omaha. His father, a veterinarian, was born September 1, 1884, in Carry, Pennsylvania. His mother was born July 3, 1894, in Missouri Valley, Idaho.

Cortland L. attended Deuel County High School, Omaha University, Creighton University, and Southern College. He has traveled through the United States and four foreign countries with an orchestra, playing percussion instruments. He is a jeweler, optician, and optometrist at the Roger Jewelry Store in Columbus.

C. L. Bersee was married and has two daughters: Linda Lee, born April 19, 1941; and Mary Winifred, born January 31, 1944. Both children were born in Omaha.

Before coming to Columbus, C. L. Bersee practiced optometry in Omaha for ten years, from 1935 to 1945.

His hobbies are sports, music and reading.

C. L. Bersee is a member of the Masons, the Eagles, Phi Theta Upsilon, a Professional Optometric Society, the American Optometric Association, the Wayside Country Club, and the Columbus Chamber of Commerce. Politically, he is non-partisan. He attends the Presbyterian Church.


Albert George Billerbeck, of Humphrey, moved to Platte County from Pierce, Nebraska, September 1, 1888. He was born in Carroll, Iowa, October 16, 1876, the son of Henry J. and Minnie Wiederholz Billerbeck.

His father, born January 11, 1832, in Westphalia, Prussia, came to America in 1854, first settling at Freeport, Illinois. He was present at the famous Lincoln-Douglas debate and, in the span of his lifetime, voted for eighteen presidents. He died April 28, 1928, when he was ninety-six years old, and was said to have been the oldest resident of Cedar County. Mrs. Billerbeck was born October 20, 1837, in Germany, and died in Humphrey, January 16, 1899.

Albert has one living brother: H. J. Billerbeck, of Crofton, Nebraska. Ten brothers and sisters are deceased.

He has lived in Carroll, Iowa and Pierce, Osmond, and Humphrey, Nebraska. He attended the St. Francis School at Humphrey, and the Sioux City Commercial College. For several years he was the manager of the Humphrey Nurseries.

On February 5, 1901, at Humphrey, he married Anna Gertrude Frey, daughter of John B. and Elizabeth Schmitz Frey. Mr. and Mrs. Billerbeck have six children: Marguerete is with the Bell Telephone Company; Agnes is married to Albert Widhelm, of Humphrey; Thelma is married to N. A. Battaglia, and lives in Omaha; Eugene, of Helena, Montana, is married to Thelma Theilen; Cyril, married to Ann Galager, lives in Seattle; Norbert, married to Marge Vanderlip, lives in Los Angeles. Norbert served with the United States Marine Corps during World War II, and was stationed at Pearl Harbor and Midway. All of the sons were members of the St. Francis High School basketball team, and each was captain of his team while in school.

The Billerbecks are members of the St. Francis Catholic Church, at Humphrey.


Jacob R. Bitner, son of D. N. Bitner, was born November 7, 1890, in Thomas County, Kansas, and died April 24, 1948, in Columbus, Nebraska. He had one sister, Mrs. J. W. Banta, of Juanita, Nebraska, and one brother, D. N. Bitner, Jr., of Gorden, Nebraska. His mother, one sister, and two brothers are deceased.

At the age of four he came with his parents to Nebraska, where they settled on a farm in Adams County, south of Hastings. He grew to manhood there, attending rural schools, Hastings Academy, and was graduated from Hastings College, with the degree of Bachelor of Arts. He received his Master's Degree at the University of Nebraska, spent two years at Jefferson Medical College, in Philadelphia, and took a public health course at the University of Chicago.

A veteran of World War I, Mr. Bitner transferred from the Balloon Service to the Air Force, when this latter branch was first being developed. Before going to Fullerton, Nebraska, as superintendent, he was a teacher in McCook High School and Grand Island Junior High School, and served as superintendent at Kenesaw. He came to Columbus in September, 1943, as principal of Kramer High School, and assumed the duties of superintendent two years later.

Always interested in Nebraska high school sports and other activities, Mr. Bitner served on the Nebraska High School Activities Association board of control for more than ten years, and was chairman for several terms.

On August 5, 1925, at Rutland, Vermont, he married Mary J. Sheldon. They had one son, "Bud," and one daughter, Mary Jaque.

Jacob Bitner was a member of the Presbyterian Church. He held memberships in the Masonic Lodge, Elks Lodge, Lions Club, Izaak Walton League, Hartman Post Number 84, American Legion, American Association of School Administrators, Nebraska School

The History of Platte County Nebraska

masters Club, National Education Association, and state, county, and local educational associations. He was a charter member of the Fred Filbrick Post of the Fullerton American Legion.


Nicholas Blaser was born in Aarwangen, Canton Bern, Switzerland, on March 25, 1841, and died in Columbus on December 9, 1932.

At the age of five, he gained his first experience in handling a row boat, and by the time he was ten years old, he had become an expert in all kinds of river work and lore. He continued in this work until 1857, when the railroad he had been working on was completed.

At the age of sixteen, he started to serve a three-year apprenticeship as a carpenter and mason, meanwhile putting in the required few weeks each year in the Swiss Army. While serving his apprenticeship, he was located at Basel, in north Switzerland.

As a journeyman, carpenter and mason, he spent two years, from 1860 to 1862, traveling in France, England, and Germany. In 1867, he immigrated to the United States with his family. They went directly to St. Joseph, Missouri, and there took a Missouri River steamer to Omaha. Mr. and Mrs. Blaser and two men by the name of John Jaisli and John Friedli hired a wagon and a team of mules to take them to Columbus, but when they reached the Elkhorn River, the bridge had been washed out and they had to return to Omaha. Later, Mr. Blaser and Mr. Friedli set out on foot for Columbus. The two men waded across the Elkhorn and before reaching their destination, were forced to ford the icy waters of Union Creek.

His family joined him and they remained in Columbus for about six months, after which they moved to Aurora, Illinois, where Mr. Blaser worked as a carpenter and in contracting. They remained in Illinois for two years, and the following year, they returned to Columbus to take up a homestead of eighty acres in Loup Township.

The Blaser Family lived on their farm until 1899, when they moved to Columbus, and Mr. Blaser again took up his trade as a carpenter and contractor. During the early 1900's, he devoted most of his energies to the building of many bridges in Platte and in all of the adjoining counties.

He served as one of the first supervisors from Loup Township, and filled the position of assessor at one time during those early years. He was also a charter member of the Evangelical Protestant Church in Columbus, known as the German Reformed Church when it was organized.

In 1863, in Aarwangen, Switzerland, Nicholas Blaser was married to Elisa Ernst. Mrs. Blaser had one sister and four brothers: Mary Ann Ernst, Mrs. Samuel Ernst, of Switzerland, was the mother of Caesar Ernst, of Platte County, who married Mary Eiseman; Jacob, Sr., who was married to Katherine Aby; John, who was married to Marie Weiss; Andrew, who was married to Katherine Gunther; and William.

Mrs. Blaser came to America with Mr. Blaser in 1867. Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Blaser had seven sons and one daughter: Nicholas, Jr., died July I, 1916; Louis was married to Julia Gerber; John was married to Mary Lemp; Frank was married to Lena Schupbach; Mike was married to Lena Boss; Paul was married to Bertha Boss; Henry was married to Catherine Rupp; and Emma is the wife of Fred Oppliger. Mrs. Blaser died on April 13, 1914.

Nicholas Blaser was an honorary member of both the Swiss Maennerchor and the Swiss Society. Politically, he was a Democrat.


Frank Blaser, son of Nicholas and Elisa Ernst Blaser, early pioneers, was born December 27, 1871, in Platte County. He has one sister and five brothers: Mrs. Fred Oppliger, Louis, and Henry, of Columbus; and John, Michael and Paul, of Duncan, Nebraska.

Frank attended the Platte County schools and has been a successful farmer throughout his life.

On December 9, 1897, Frank Blaser married Lena Schupbach, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Christian Schupbach. Mrs. Blaser was born in Canton Berne, Switzerland, on September 21, 1872, and came to the United States when she was nine years old. Her home was at West Bend, Iowa, until 1893, when her family moved to Platte County. She has two sisters and two brothers: Mrs. Rosa Ernst and Mrs. Otto Ernst, of Columbus; Rudolph, of Genoa, Nebraska; and Alfred, of Salt Lake City, Utah; and Christian, deceased.

Frank and Lena Blaser have five children: Walter, Frances, Sarah, Della and Lorena. Walter, married to Margaret Abegglen; Sarah, Mrs. Herbert Ernst; Frances, Mrs. Carl Wuetrich, of Los Angeles, California; Della, Mrs. Edward Kolar, of Omaha; and Lorena, Mrs. Kenneth Johansen, of Columbus. The Frank Blasers have eleven grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.

On December 7, 1947, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Blaser celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary. They are living on the same farm where they began farming in 1897. The Blasers are members of the Evangelical Protestant Church.


Henry Blaser, former Platte County Supervisor for District 6 and farmer, was born May 14, 1876, in Platte County, the son of Nicholas and Elizabeth Ernst Blaser. The elder Mr. Blaser was born in Canton Bern, Switzerland, March 25, 1841. He served as a soldier in the Swiss army for four years, and in 1867 came to the United States, directly to Platte County, with his wife. After six months, they moved to Illinois, where he worked as a carpenter for two years, then returned to Platte County, where he took up a homestead of eighty acres, in Loup Township. He was engaged in farming until 1899, when he moved to Columbus and resumed his work in the carpenter trade. He


died December 9, 1932 in Columbus. Mrs. Blaser was born in Canton Bern, Switzerland, July 4, 1840, and died in Columbus, April 13, 1914.

Henry Blaser had six brothers and one sister: Nicholas, Jr. died July 1, 1916; Louis is married to Julia Gerber; John is married to Mary Lemp; Frank is married to Lena Schupbach; Mike is married to Lena Boss; Paul is married to Bertha Boss; and Emma is the wife of Fred Oppliger.

Henry Blaser attended District 37 rural school, District 7, Duncan school, and the Fremont Normal School, at Fremont, Nebraska.

On March 30, 1903, he married Catherine Rupp, daughter of John and Verina Roth Rupp. Mr. Rupp was born September 10, 1840, in Switzerland, and died February 5, 1919, in Columbus. Mrs. Rupp was born June 6, 1848, in Switzerland, and died September 13, 1913, in Columbus.

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Blaser are the parents of six sons: Milton W., born June 3, 1904, graduated from public school at Duncan, and is married to Mary Nyffeler; Nick J., born February 25, 1906, also graduated from Duncan High School and the Grand Island Business College, is married to Lottie Boss; Henry M., born May 9, 1907, is married to Edna Gerber, and is also a graduate of Duncan High School; Raymond P., born March 4, 1910, graduated from Duncan High School and is married to Ruth Kershaw; Roy E., born March 3, 1912, graduated from Duncan High School, received his Bachelor's Degree from the University of Nebraska, his Master's Degree from Rutgers University at New Brunswick, New Jersey, his Doctor of Philosophy Degree from the University of Raleigh, North Carolina, and is now associate agronomist at Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, and married to Catherine Agnew; Orville G., born April 18, 1916, married Dorothy Nyffeler. He is a graduate of Duncan High School. Milton, Nick, Henry, Raymond and Orville are farmers.

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Blaser were members of the Evangelical Protestant Church of Columbus and Mr. Blaser was affiliated with the Republican Party.


Paul Blaser, prominent Butler Township farmer, was born at Duncan, Nebraska, October 5, 1878. His father, Nicholas Blaser, born in Canton Bern, Switzerland, in March, 1841, served as a soldier in the Swiss Army for four years. In 1867 he came to America, with his wife, Elizabeth Ernst Blaser, and settled in Platte County. After about six months, he moved to Aurora, Illinois, where he worked as a carpenter, and also engaged in contracting for two years. He then returned to Platte County, and took up a homestead of eighty acres in Loup Township. Later, he purchased other land, for which he paid from four to six dollars per acre. He was engaged in general farming until 1899 when he came to Columbus, and resumed his work in the carpenter trade as a general contractor. He died December 9, 1932, in Columbus. Mrs. Blaser, born in Switzerland, July 4, 1840, died in Columbus, April 13, 1914. Paul had six brothers and one sister.

Paul Blaser attended the District 37 rural school and District 7 Duncan city school. On December 27, 1900, he was married to Bertha Boss, daughter of Christian and Emelia Gesin Boss. Mr. Boss, a native of Switzerland, was born March 16, 1834, and died February 23, 1902, at Duncan. Mrs. Boss was born in Switzerland, September 2, 1853, and died in Silver Creek, Nebraska, November 26, 1934.

Mr. and Mrs. Blaser had three children: Arthur, born February 16, 1901, attended the Duncan schools, the Columbus High School, and the University of Nebraska, after which he worked as a druggist at the Miessler Drug Company, in Columbus. He married Frieda Westbrook, and died December 15, 1940. Alma, the wife of John A. Gerber, was born December 30, 1904. She attended the Duncan grade and high school. Evelyn, born August 22, 1913, is the wife of Clarence Scholz. She also attended the Duncan schools.

Mr. and Mrs. Blaser are members of the Evangelical Protestant Church in Columbus.


Oscar Blaser was born March 13, 1898, in Columbus. His parents were Louis, Sr. and Julia Gerber Blaser. Louis Blaser, Sr. was born October 23, 1865, in Canton Bern, Switzerland, and came to Platte County from Switzerland May 10, 1868. Julia Gerber Blaser was born June 17, 1874, in Columbus, and died there December 17, 1930.

Oscar Blaser had three sisters and three brothers: Rose, Mrs. Emil Mueller, deceased; Minnie, deceased; Laura, Mrs. Linus Steiger; Louis, Jr., married to Alma Saalfeld; Carl, married to Helen Schupbach; and Allan, married to Alice Nyffeler. His brothers were farmers.

Oscar Blaser attended school in District in Columbus Township, and is a farmer.

On August 2, 1922, at Columbus, he was married to Lena Schupbach, daughter of Christ and Margret Zybach Schupbach. Christ Schupbach was born in Switzerland September 15, 1871, and died June 18, 1922, in Columbus. He was a farmer. Margret Zybach Schupbach was born in Switzerland February 2, 1881.

Lena Schupbach Blaser had four brothers and five sisters: Ida, Mrs. Will Flueckiger; Adolph, married to Helen Settgast; Helen, Mrs. Carl Blaser; Otto married to Lily Heibel; Anna, Mrs. Reinhold Ernst; Edward, married to Irene Staub; Eleanor, Mrs. John Oppliger; Margie, Mrs. Roy Coffin; and Clarence. All are farming except Adolph, who is a barber, and Mrs. Flueckiger, whose husband is a butcher.

Oscar and Lena Schupbach Blaser had four children, all born in Columbus: Angeline, Mrs. Robert Gahan; Carroll, Dorothy Mae, and Richard. All attended School in District 3, and the Kramer High School.

Oscar Blaser is a member of the Eagles Lodge. The Blaser family attend the Evangelical Protestant Church.

The History of Platte County Nebraska


Edward R. Blaser, son of Hector and Ida Marti Blaser, early Platte County pioneers, was born in Platte County, June 17, 1903. His father, a farmer born in Arwangen (sic), Canton Bern, Switzerland, February 3, 1862, came to Platte County from Kane County, Illinois, in March, 1867, and died in Columbus, May 18, 1932. Mrs. Blaser was born in Arwangen (sic), Canton Bern, Switzerland, May 28, 1870.

Edward has one sister and four brothers: Clara is the wife of Charles Schmid; John, Jr.; Samuel; Otto who died December 24, 1920, in Columbus; and Hector Blaser, Jr., of Loup Township.

Edward Blaser attended District School Number 37, in the Gruetli neighborhood. He was employed at the J. R, Luschen Grocery for four years, and then was an employee of the Railway Express for four years before he started the Blaser Produce Market, in August, 1926, of which he was proprietor in 1950.

On July 21, 1924, at Council Bluffs, Iowa, he married Louise Lund, daughter of Charles L. and Hildeborg Person Lund. The Blasers have three daughters. Geraldine, born in Columbus, was graduated from Kramer High School, attended MacMurray College, at Jacksonville, Illinois, for one year, and then was enrolled at the University of Colorado. On June 12, 1948, she married Michael C. Trent. Clarice, born in Columbus, graduated from Kramer High School and also attended MacMurray College. Virginia, born September 27, 1936, attends the Columbus schools.

The Blasers are members of the Federated Church in Columbus. Politically, Mr. Blaser is affiliated with the Democratic Party.


Hector Blaser, Jr., well-known Loup Township farmer of the third generation, was born at Duncan, October 1, 1893, the son of Hector and Ida Marti Blaser. Mr. Blaser, Sr., who came to Platte County in April, 1869, was born in Switzerland, February 3. 1862, and died May 18, 1932, in Columbus. Mrs. Blaser was born May 28, 1870, in Switzerland.

Hector Blaser was one of six children. Clara is married to Charles Schmid. John, who, like his brother, is a farmer, is married to Eva Born. Sam, a cobbler and custodian, is married to Rose Tschudin. Edward, a produce station owner and manager, is married to Louise Lund. One brother, Otto, died December 24, 1920.

Hector, Jr., received his education at School District Number 37. On December 12, 1917, at the farm home of George Tiaden, Sr., he married Minnie Lemp, daughter of Frederic, Sr. and Anna Tanner Lemp.

Hector and Minnie Blaser had five children: Frederic, born January 16, 1926, served in the United States Navy; Harold, born July 6, 1927, was also in the Navy; Shirley Mae, born April 25, 1929; Ronald and Donald, twins, born May 6, 1931. All of the children attended School District 37 and the Monroe High School. Harold attended the University of Nebraska, prior to entering the service.

Mr. Blaser has served as sexton of the Gruetli Cemetery, a member of the school board of District 37, and has served as Assessor of Loup Township. The Blasers are members of the Gruetli Evangelical Reformed Church, at Gruetli.


Martin C. Bloedorn was born May 27, 1858, at Manitowoc, Wisconsin. He attended school there, and as a boy, learned the blacksmith trade. He came to Nebraska in 1879, and located in Humphrey, where he was residing at the time of his marriage to Minnie Bruns.

Minnie Bruns was born September 27, 1864, at Westphalen, Germany, and came to this country with her parents when she was four years old. She grew up in Burlington, Iowa, and then went to Platte Center to visit her sister, Mrs. Louise Gertsch. While visiting there, she met Mr. Bloedorn.

They were married in Platte Center, March 5, 1885. At the time of their Golden Wedding Anniversary, in 1935, Mrs. Gertsch was in attendance, the only person still living at that time who had attended the wedding, in 1885. After the wedding, Mr. and Mrs. Martin Bloedorn took the train to Humphrey, where Mr. Bloedorn owned a blacksmith shop. They established their home there.

Martin was a member of the Humphrey band, and upon their arrival at the station, the band members met them and played appropriate music, while escorting them to their home.

According to the Columbus Journal of November 2, 1887, Mr. Bloedorn was the Republican nominee for sheriff in 1887. In 1889 he was elected Sheriff of Platte County.

The family moved to Columbus to reside during his two-year term of office, and then returned to Humphrey. In 1904, they moved back to Columbus, and Mr. Bloedorn began traveling for the International Harvester Company. He went abroad one year, as foreign representative for the company.

Martin and Minnie Bruns Bloedorn were the parents of seven children: Clara lives in Hollywood, California, where she does clerical work for the Douglas Aircraft Corporation; Lillian lives in Los Angeles, where she is manager of the silver department at Slavicks; May is Mrs. W. C. Rector, of Columbus; Laura died in 1921; George died in 1913; William died in 1912; and Arnold died in 1907.

Mrs. Bloedorn died November 5, 1939, in Anaheim, California, and Martin C. Bloedorn died August 3, 1944, in Hollywood, California.


Math Boesch was born December 24, 1874, in Rodes, Iowa. He and his father moved from that state in the spring of 1879 and settled in Platte County. His father

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