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Doctor and Mrs. Carrig are members of St. Andrews Catholic Church, in Bloomfield. Doctor Carrig is affiliated with the Lions Club, the American Legion, and the Veterans of Foreign Wars. He also holds memberships in the American Medical Association and the Nebraska State Medical Association. Politically, he is a Democrat.


Lester Carrig, son of Charles Joseph and Elizabeth Haney Carrig, was born in Columbus, Nebraska, December 12, 1905. His father was born in Shell Creek Township, January 21, 1868, and died August 31, 1940. His mother was born in Columbus Township, March 19, 1868.

Lester Carrig attended St. Francis Academy, now St. Bonaventure's Parochial School and was graduated from Columbus High School, and Notre Dame University, at South Bend, Indiana, where he received the degree of Bachelor of Arts. He was a student of journalism, and was managing editor of the school paper while at Noire Dame. After his graduation, he became associated with his father in stock raising and farming. He managed the Carrig farm in Shell Creek Township prior to 1942. Since then, he has been interested in wheat farming in western Kansas. He is now engaged in the manufacture and distribution of a stock spray, with headquarters in Omaha.

On June 10, 1930, he was married to Katharina Speice, the daughter of Washington Irving and Louise Matthews Speice. Mrs. Carrig has one sister, Dorothy, who is married to Howard L. Burdick, of Columbus. Her paternal grandfather, Charles A. Speice, came to Columbus in 1858, and her paternal grandmother was a sister to Gustavus Becher, and a daughter of Gustavus Becher, Sr., who came to Columbus in 1857.

Mrs. Carrig attended Brownell Hall, in Omaha, the Wolcott School, in Denver, and the Arden School, at Lakewood, New Jersey. She is an accomplished pianist and served as a director of the Friends of Music in Columbus for three years.

Lester and Katharina Speice Carrig have one son, Irving Charles, born December 5, 1932, in Columbus. He attended St. Bonaventure's Parochial School and Kramer High School, in Columbus. In 1948, he enrolled at the Creighton Preparatory School, in Omaha. His hobbies are music, painting, football, and track. He was prominent in track at Kramer High School.

The Carrigs are members of St. Bonaventure's Catholic Church. Lester Carrig is a member of the B.P.O.E. and the Chamber of Commerce. Politically, he is a Democrat.


Charles Joseph Carrig, Jr., son of Charles J. and Elizabeth Haney Carrig, natives of Platte County, was born in Columbus, Nebraska, August 18, 1908.

Charles Carrig, Jr. attended St. Francis Academy, was graduated from Kramer High School, in Columbus, and then enrolled at Notre Dame University in South Bend, Indiana, where he spent two years in study. After finishing school, he was employed in Omaha at the Auditor's Office of the Union Pacific Railroad Company, and the Sinclair Refining Company. He is now associated with the Douglas Aircraft Company, in Los Angeles, California.

On December 25, 1930, at Tekamah, Nebraska, he married Elizabeth Kinney, the daughter of Vincent and Ella Byrne Kinney, natives of Nebraska.

Charles and Elizabeth Kinney Carrig have one daughter, Carol Anne, born January 1, 1933, in Omaha. Carol Anne attended St. Mary's Academy, Los Angeles, California, St. Augustine's Grade School, Culver City, California, and the Catholic Girl's High School, in Los Angeles.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Carrig are members of the Catholic Church. Politically, Mr. Carrig is a Democrat.


Edward Grant Carter, known as "E. G.," son of William and Catherine Miller Carter, was born in Lucas County, Iowa, near Charlton, on February 9, 1872. His father was a native of Virginia, and his mother, a native of Indiana. After their marriage, the William Carters established their home on a farm in Lucas County, Iowa, where Mr. Carter was engaged in farming and stock raising.

Edward G. Carter was born on this farm and attended the district school. He assisted his father on the farm until the early 1890's, when he went to Charlton, Iowa, where he became district sales representative for a Cedar Rapids, Iowa, furniture company.

At Charlton, on June 4, 1899, he married Ida McMains, daughter of John Franklin and Georgiana Wright McMains. Both Mr. and Mrs. McMains were natives of Lucas County, Iowa, where Ida was born. Mr. McMains was the stationary engineer with the milling company there.

After their marriage, Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Carter made their home in Charlton, Iowa. They had two children: a son, W. Lyndal, and a daughter, Arlene, both of whom were born in Charlton.

E. G. Carter continued his work as sales representative for the Cedar Rapids furniture company until late 1906, when he became associated with Schmitt and Henry, a furniture manufacturing company, of Des Moines, Iowa, as their representative. His sales district then comprised part of Nebraska.

On January 1, 1907, the Carter family moved to Columbus, Nebraska, where their children attended grade school. W. Lyndal was graduated from the Columbus High School in 1919, married Kathryn Greisen, and was owner and manager of the Carter Shoe Company, in Columbus, until October, 1948. Arlene Carter graduated from Columbus High School in 1923, and married Edgar Hearrell. They live in Cedar City, Utah, where Mr. Hearrell is a representative of feeds in northern Nevada and Utah, with Sperry Mills, the

The History of Platte County Nebraska

western division of General Mills, of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

For twenty-seven years, 1907-1934, Edward Carter represented the Schmitt and Henry Furniture Company, of Des Moines. In 1934, he started the E. G. Carter Furniture Store, in Columbus, located at 2409 Thirteenth Street.

Edward G. Carter is a member of the Columbus Chamber of Commerce, the United Commercial Travelers, and a former member of the Wayside Country Club. Politically, he is a Republican. The Carters are Presbyterians.


W. Lyndal Carter, son of Edward Grant and Ida McMains Carter, was born in Charlton, Iowa, January 10, 1901. His parents moved to Columbus from Charlton in 1907.


W. Lyndal Carter

W. Lyndal Carter attended the Columbus grade schools, and was graduated from Columbus High School in 1919. He is interested in music, and for several years played with dance bands and theatre orchestras.

After finishing high school, he worked for a time in the Baer Shoe Company retail store, where he became a junior partner, in 1925. In 1931, he bought the interest of his partners, Paul Baer and W. F. Schram, and operated the store at 2512 Thirteenth Street under the name of Carter Shoe Company, until September, 1948.

On April 24, 1923, Lyndal Carter and Kathryn Greisen, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Greisen, of Columbus, were married at the St. Bonaventure Church.

Kathryn Greisen Carter graduated from the Columbus High School in 1921, and attended St. Mary of the Woods College, in Terre Haute, Indiana, for one year, 1921 to 1922.

Mr. and Mrs. Carter had four daughters: Kathryn Joyce is now deceased.

Roberta Jean attended the St. Bonaventure Grade School, and was graduated from Kramer High School in 1942. She was enrolled at St. Catherine's College, in St. Paul, Minnesota, where she spent 1942 to 1943, and then took a business course. She worked in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and Omaha, Nebraska, until her marriage to Harold C. Twiss, of Omaha, in the spring of 1945. Mr. and Mrs. Harold C. Twiss have two daughters, Pamela Ann, born January 19,1948, and Melanie Joan, born December 19, 1949. They live in Pasadena, California.

Virginia Lee Carter attended the St. Bonaventure Grade School and was graduated from Kramer High School in 1946. In 1946-1947, she was enrolled at St. Catherine's College in St. Paul, Minnesota. In 1947-1948, she was a sophomore at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln, where she was affiliated with the Alpha Xi Delta Sorority. In 1948-1949 she attended a school for dental assistants in San Francisco, California.

Dorothy Gay Carter, born August 6, 1936, attended the St. Bonaventure School in Columbus, and Holy Name Parochial School in Pasadena, California.

W. Lyndal Carter has been active in local civic affairs. He served on several important committees of the Columbus Chamber of Commerce, including the County Fair Committee. He was president of the Chamber of Commerce in 1936-1937, and on its Board of Directors for three years. He was a member of the Columbus City Band. Besides music, his hobbies are golf and football.

Mr. Carter has memberships in the B.P.O. Elks, the United Commercial Travelers, and the Wayside Country Club. Politically, he is a Republican.

The W. Lyndal Carter family were members of the St. Bonaventure Catholic Church in Columbus. They moved to 119 Spruce Street, in South Pasadena, California, in November, 1948.


William J. Casey, son of William Casey, was born November 15, 1896, at Aide, Missouri, and died in Columbus, Nebraska, December 4, 1946. He was the youngest of five children, three boys and two girls, of whom two are living. Frank Casey, of Dexter, Missouri, and Mrs. Lillie Mitts, of Morley, Missouri. His father died a short time before his birth, in 1896, and his mother died fifty years later, in July, 1946.

At the age of fourteen, William J. Casey started to make his own way. He attended and finished the Telegraph College at Springfield, Missouri, and at the age of twenty, came to Nebraska where he entered the employ of the Union Pacific Railroad as a telegrapher, his first assignment being at Albion, Nebraska. He remained there for nearly three years, during which time he was promoted to agent and telegrapher. He was transferred to Madison, Nebraska, for a short time, and during his stay, he met and married Hattie Fisher, on June 14, 1919. They returned to Albion to establish their home, and he continued his work there until he was transferred to Columbus in 1926. At that time, he became third trick operator in Columbus, and successively filled the positions of second and first trick operator.

In 1944 he was appointed local agent, and in May, 1946, became passenger agent.

William J. and Hattie Fisher Casey had two children: Helen graduated from Kramer High School in 1939, attended Midland College at Fremont, for one year, and then entered St. Joseph's Hospital in Omaha, Ne-



braska, for Nurses' Training. She is married to Doctor J. F. Narkevitz and lives in Portola, California. Doctor and Mrs. J. F. Narkevitz have two sons, Joseph, Jr. and William John. William J. Casey, Jr. attended school in Columbus and was graduated from Kramer High School in 1942. After his graduation, while working as telegrapher at North Bend, Nebraska, he died in a train accident.

William J. Casey, Sr. served in the Signal Corps in World War I, and received his discharge at Lafayette, Indiana, where he was stationed when the Armistice was signed. He held memberships in Hartman Post Number 84, American Legion, the Order of Railroad Telegraphers, Old Timers Club Number 3, The American Association of Railroad Ticket Agents, and the Columbus Chamber of Commerce.

Mr. and Mrs. William J. Casey attended the Federated Church. Mrs. Casey is now serving as librarian at the Columbus Public Library.


Joseph Francis Cerny, owner of the Columbus Motor Company, son of Julius and Frances Kropatsch Cerny, was born at Osceola, Nebraska, February 20, 1903. His father, a native of Austria, was born February 17, 1853, and died at Shelby, Nebraska, June 7, 1938. His mother was born in Germany, and died in Osceola, Nebraska, August 19, 1919.

Joseph Cerny is one of eleven children. His eldest sister, Josephine, is married to Nick Gondringer; Wilhelmina is the widow of Hubert Altmanshofer; Frank a farmer, is married to Georgiann McCarthy; John, a farmer, is married to Mary Pawaloski; Julius, Jr., a farmer, is married to Alberta Glaubitz; Annie is employed as a clerk; Frances is the wife of N; V. Gondringer; Oswald is a farmer; William, a mechanic, is married to Judith Czapla; Helen is the wife of Richard Merrick.

Joseph Cerny attended the rural school in Districts 68 and 39, in Polk County. On August 13, 1921, at Omaha, he married Eleanor Goc, daughter of Stanley and Stefana Ezindgele Goc. Mr. Goc died in Columbus, August 20, 1921. In 1930, Mrs. Goc married Frank Sapikoski, and now lives in Omaha. The Cernys have two children: Daniel Joseph, born November 15, 1928, and Romayne Mary.

Mr. Cerny came to Columbus in November, 1921, where he has been engaged in garage and mechanic work. In 1923 he established his own business.

Mr. Cerny is a member of the Fraternal Order of Eagles. Politically, he supports the Democratic Party. The Cernys are members of the St. Bonaventure Catholic Church.


Edwin Hull Chambers, the son of Benjamin F. and Sarah Byerly Hull Chambers, was born in Dakota City, Dakota County, Nebraska, on January 11, 1863. He was one of six children; His parents were born and reared in Pennsylvania, and were married there in 1856.

In 1857, shortly after their marriage, Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Chambers made their way to Dakota City, Nebraska, where he built a home and became engaged in farming. During that winter, they were compelled to make a trip to Des Moines, Iowa, by bob-sled. During the trip there, they were attacked on several occasions by packs of wolves, and they had only an axe for protection. In Des Moines, however, Mr. Chambers traded two lots he owned in that city for a gun. They returned to Nebraska safely and he resumed farming. During the Civil War, Benjamin F. Chambers served as a member of the Second Nebraska Volunteer Infantry, Company I.

In 1879, the Chambers family moved to Niobrara, Nebraska, where Edwin Hull grew up. When he was seventeen years old, he entered the office of his father, who had been appointed Registrar of the United States Land Office in Niobrara, by President Grant. Edwin Hull was employed there until 1884. During that time, he. was admitted to practice before the land office, which was then under a new head, but he did not apply for admission to the general practice of law.

In the summer of 1888, he went to the state of Washington, and there spent a few months at Spokane in practice before the land office.

In the fall of 1888, he came to Columbus, Nebraska. He served one year as a clerk in the office of G. B. Speice, who was clerk of the district court at that time.

In 1889, Mr. Chambers went into the insurance business in partnership with E. W. North. When the partnership dissolved about two years later, he entered the real estate and insurance office of the Becher, Jaeggi and Company. In 1900, when Mr. Jaeggi retired from the firm, Mr. Chambers bought an interest in the company, and the firm name was then changed to the Becher, Hockenberger and Chambers Company. It was incorporated under that name in 1913, and became one of the leading real estate and insurance firms in central Nebraska.

Besides serving as vice-president of the Becher, Hockenberger and Chambers Company, Mr. Chambers was vice-president of the Guaranty Loan and Trust Company and also treasurer of the Columbus Land Loan and Building Association.

On January 4, 1888, in Columbus, Edwin Hull Chambers was married to Stella North, the only daughter of Major Frank E. and Mary L. Smith North. Mrs. Chambers was born April 16, 1869, in Columbus. Mr. and Mrs. Chambers had one daughter, Helen Marguerite, who was born December 17, 1888, and died December 25, 1894, at the age of six.

Mr. Chambers was a Mason, thirty-second degree, and was master of the Lebanon Lodge for several years. He was one of the organizers of the Columbus Lodge 1195, B.P.O.E. (Elks), and served as its first exalted ruler. He was a member of the Modern Woodmen, Woodmen of the World, and a member and past president of the Wayside Country Club. Politically, he was affiliated with the Republican Party.

The History of Platte County Nebraska

Edwin Hull Chambers was a member of the Grace Episcopal Church. He died in Columbus on May 1, 1922.

Mrs. Edwin Hull Chambers lives in Columbus.


Hardy Joseph Christensen, son of Mikkel P. and Senie Drangeson Christensen, natives of Denmark, was born in Lindsay, Nebraska, November 13, 1896. His father was born December, 18, 1861, and came to Platte County from Denmark in May, 1884. His mother was born December 11, 1870, and lives in Lindsay.

Hardy J. had two brothers and one sister: Anna is married to P. A. Pedersen; John is married to Carrie Smith; and Axel to Olga Jensen. The brothers are both farmers.

Mr. Christensen lived in Lindsay, where he attended School District 64. He was previously engaged in farming, stock raising and feeding, and is now check-in man at the Columbus Sales Pavilion.

On June 25. 1924, at Duncan, Nebraska, he married Marcelline Lassek, daughter of Stephen and Martha Wozny Lassek. Mr. Lassek was born in Columbus, December 2, 1870, and died June 2, 1945, in Duncan. He was a farmer. Mrs. Lassek was born in German-Poland, February 27, 1873. Marcelline Lassek Christensen has four brothers and two sisters: Joseph, a railroad carpenter, is married to Laura Kusek; Stephen, Jr., a farmer, is married to Helen Tworek; Casimir, a farmer, is married to Helen Siemek; Basil served in the U. S. Army; Marie is married to Milton Scholz, of Duncan; and Barbara is married to Ed Siemek.

Hardy and Marcelline Christensen are the parents of a son, DeVerne, born in Columbus, April 18, 1930.

DeVerne attended School District 55 and Duncan High School.

The Christensen family are members of St. Mary's Catholic Church.


Chris Christensen, Oconee Township farmer, was born on March 18, 1882, in Denmark. He came to Platte County on March 1, 1910, and located on a farm in District 13, in Oconee Township, where he is a farmer and stock raiser. His parents, both natives of Denmark, were married there. His father died in Denmark.

His mother immigrated to this country with Chris, and settled in Nance County, near Fullerton, Nebraska, where she died.

On April 18, 1906, at Fullerton, Nebraska, Chris Christensen was united in marriage to Cora McCauley, the daughter of William and Minnie Langan McCauley.

William McCauley was born in Wisconsin, and died August 7, 1934, in Columbus. Minnie Langan McCauley was born in Illinois. They were formerly Nance County farmers.

Chris and Cora McCauley Christensen are members of the St. Rose of Lima Church, at Fullerton, Nebraska.


Emiel J. Christensen, Columbus architect, came here from Lyons, Nebraska, July 7, 1927. Born in Washington County, Nebraska, April 23, 1895, he was the son of Louis and Maren Petersen Christensen, both natives of Denmark. His father was born September 8, 1859, and died at Lyons, September 10, 1910. His mother was born September 19, 1870,

Emiel J. has two sisters: Ida, Mrs. Louis Jensen, lives at Lyons; and Louise, of Elk Horn, Iowa.

Emiel Christensen attended the rural schools near his home, was graduated from the Lyons High School, and Washington University, at St. Louis, Missouri. During World War I, he served nineteen months with the Fourth Division of the A.E.F. He is a past Commander of Hartman Post Number 84, American Legion. During World War II he was Platte County chairman for three Red Cross drives.

His marriage to Clara Ann Newmeyer took place at Lyons, September 11, 1920. They had two sons: Philip Louis, born July 5, 1921, at St. Louis, a veteran of World War II, served in the United States Army for three years, thirty-four months of which were spent in the Pacific; William Emiel, born in Omaha, February 23, 1927, is a Navy veteran of the second World War, and attended Midland College. Mrs. Christensen died October 2, 1938.

Emiel Christensen, architect, has been prominent in the building trades in Columbus, and has taken an active part in the housing administration. A gifted public speaker, he is well-known for his many addresses to civic and county organizations. He is a member of the American Legion, the Chamber of Commerce, and a member and past president of the Rotary Club.


Donald V. Clabaugh, son of Herman and Gertrude Horton Clabaugh, was born in Monroe, Nebraska, August 26, 1920. His father was born at Monticello, Iowa, February 25, 1879, and came to Monroe in 1906, where he married Miss Horton. Mrs. Clabaugh was born at Onslow, Iowa, November 12, 1886, and died in Long Beach, California, August 4, 1936.

Herman Clabaugh moved to Columbus in 1926, and located at 2216 Eleventh Street, where he started the Columbus Hatchery, the first hatchery in Platte County. The incubators used then were of the oil heating type. Later, they modernized the hatchery with all new electric incubators. Don worked with his parents in the hatchery and grew up with the business. After completing high school, he went to the College of Agriculture at the University of Nebraska, and received one semester of training in poultry raising. Following this, he worked for his father until 1942, when they formed a partnership. In 1943, when his father died, Don became owner of the business. He has plans for a new hatchery building at the present location.

He has one sister, Ellen, who is the wife of Roy Schmidt; one brother, Homer, died at Genoa, June 24, 1913.


Don Clabaugh married Dorothy Drinnin, daughter of George and Nellie Fouts Drinnin, in Columbus, on December 18, 1940. They have one daughter, Patricia, born in Columbus, October 8, 1942.

Don served in the United States Army from July, 1944, until January, 1946. He took his training at Camp Hood, Texas, and saw action in the European Theatre of Operations. During this time, he was awarded the Combat Infantryman's Badge and three battle stars.

He is a member of the Columbus Chamber of Commerce. the Columbus Rotary, Veterans of Foreign Wars, and the American Legion. The Clabaughs are members of the Methodist Church, and he is a member of the Brotherhood of that church, also active in its Sunday school work. Don Clabaugh is a Republican.


Herbert Francis Clark was born in Columbus May 5, 1879, and died July '4, 1948. His parents, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Clark were pioneer Columbus residents. His father was a Civil War veteran.

After he received his schooling at St. Francis Academy, and the Columbus High School, then conducted at the present Second Ward building, Herbert Clark worked at the carpenter trade with his father for several years. He then clerked in the Hulst and Adams grocery store and later in the Columbus Mercantile Company. In 1915, he became a member of Henry Ragatz & Company. He was a part owner in the business from 1915 to 1940. During his twenty-five years there he served as the firm's secretary. In 1940, he sold his interest in the firm.

On June 11, 1915, he was married to Miss Emma Brunhober. They had one daughter, Dorothy, who married Robert Wopat and lives in Texas.

Dorothy was graduated from Kramer High School and the University of Nebraska, where she received her Bachelor of Arts degree. While at the university, she was affiliated with the Kappa Kappa Gamma National Sorority.

Herbert Clark was a charter member of the Columbus City Band, which was organized July 11, 1899, and continued with the band as a cornetist for a quarter of a century.-He served as the band's director in 1915 and 1916. He was also a member of the former Columbus Community Orchestra, a member of Hose Company Number 2 of the Columbus Fire Department, the B.P.O.E (Elks Club), and the Chamber of Commerce. He served for some years as a member of the St. Bonaventure Cemetery Board. He was a member of St. Bonaventure's Catholic Church, and a member of the Sixty Schoolmates Club. His hobbies were music, hunting and fishing.


Chester Franklind Clark, son of Shell and Ella Mae Hudson Clark, was born in Platte County, August 8, 1896. His father was born November 6, 1865, at Centerburg, Ohio, came to Platte County in 1882, and died in Columbus in June, 1936. Mrs. Clark, granddaughter of H. J. Hudson, and daughter of James Hudson, was born April 18, 1867, in a railroad cabin, in Lincoln County, Nebraska. At the time of her birth, her father was employed in the construction of the Union Pacific Railroad. Mrs. Clark was one of the first white children born in that county. She died in Columbus in August, 1924.

Chester Clark had two sisters: Ruth, Mrs. Edward M. Ragatz; Alta, who married George A. Freeman, died in Fremont, Nebraska, in March, 1929. Two brothers and two sisters died in infancy.

Mr. Clark attended School District 47 and Columbus High School. He has been employed by the Beatrice Foods Company for many years.

On November 6, 1919, at Fremont, he married Ethel M. Douglass, daughter of George M. and Loretta Mahaffey Douglass, of Columbus. Mr. and Mrs. Clark have five children: Douglass, born June 28, 1922, served in the United States Army for five years, during World War H; Lois is now Mrs. Ray Nyffeler; Loretta is Mrs. Wesley Lusche; Ethel; and David, born September 1, 1934. Douglass, Lois and Loretta are graduates of Kramer High School. Ethel and David attend the Columbus schools.

Mr. Clark, politically is affiliated with the Democratic Party. The Clarks attend the Federated Church, in Columbus.


Howard A. Clarke was born in Bellevue, Nebraska, on December 15, 1868. He was the son of Artemas Matthewson and Almira A. Williams Clarke.

His father was born in Greenwich, New York, in 1832, and his mother was born in Pennsylvania.

His parents were married in Pennsylvania on January 1, 1856, and that year came to the Nebraska Territory and settled at Bellevue in Sarpy County.

Almira Williams Clarke was a descendant of Roger Williams, and Artemas M. Clarke was a descendant of a brother of John Clarke who with Roger Williams was one of the founders of Rhode Island.

The father of Artemas M. Clarke was Isaac Duncan Clarke, a native of Massachusetts.

Artemas M. Clarke was engaged in freighting between Omaha and Denver before the advent of the Union Pacific Railroad, and also had an established mercantile and stock business in Bellevue, prior to 1879, when he moved to Omaha where he was in the real estate business until 1906. He went to California that year and died there in June, 1910. Mrs. Clarke died in 1914.

In the early days Mr. Clarke had been in partnership with his brothers, A. M. Clarke of Papillion, Henry Tefft Clarke who married Martha Fielding and William E. Clarke who was married to Adelaide Brotherton.

Besides Howard A. Clarke, Artemas M. and Almira Williams Clarke had a son, Elmer S. Clarke, who lived at York, Nebraska.

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