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moved to the Professor's former home, Tiffin, Ohio, where Mr. Cramer died in 1896.

In 1900, Mrs. Cramer went to Europe, where she studied languages in Germany and Switzerland, for two years. She returned to her old home in Columbus, in 1902, where, upon the death of Mrs. V. H. Weaver, she assumed the duties of housekeeper for her brother, Valentine H. Weaver, and his three sons, Allan, Everett and Howard.

She was a member of Harmony Chapter Number 13, Order of Eastern Star, and the Grace Episcopal Church. She died on July 6, 1937, at the home of her sister, Clara, in Columbus.


Mary E. Cronin, "Mayme," daughter of Michael and Catherine Hanrahan Cronin, was born March 20, 1872, in Omaha, and came from there to Platte County on May 1, 1872. Her father, a farmer, was born in Clash Melcon, County Kerry, Ireland, January 15, 1838, and died June 1, 1918, at Platte Center. Her mother was born June 29, 1839, at Ardoughter, County Kerry, Ireland, and died August 1, 1918, at Platte Center.

Mary Cronin had five sisters: Margaret Cronin McGuane; Kathryn Cronin Reilly; Sister M. Maura, O.F.S. ; Angela Cronin Smith and Anastasia Cronin Higgins.

Mary spent her childhood at Presho, Lyman County, South Dakota, and Platte Center, Platte County, Nebraska. She attended the parochial school, was graduated from Platte Center High School, and attended college in Kansas City, the Fremont Normal, Peru State Teachers College, Wayne State Teachers College, and Creighton University. She taught school for forty-seven years.

Miss Cronin was a member of St. Joseph's Catholic Church, in Platte Center, and is a charter member of St. Joseph's Sodality, and the Sewing Club. She participates in all church activities and improvements, and holds membership in the Platte Center Woman's Club and the Improvement Club. Politically, she is a Democrat.


Patrick Cronin, son of James and Margaret Dumford Cronin, was born in County Kerry, Ireland, December 24, 1870, and settled in Platte County, June, 1896. He has remained in Lost Creek Township as a farmer since that time. He had three brothers and one sister: Tim, who was married to Nellie Fenton, is now deceased. He lived at Presho, South Dakota. Mike, who was married to Margaret Dumford, is deceased. He lived in Erie, Pennsylvania. Jerry, who is married to Margaret Callahan, lives in Ireland. Mae, who is the wife of Louis Rasmussen, lives in Colon, Nebraska.

On April 12, 1907, at Platte Center, Patrick Cronin married Mary Gleason daughter of Stephen and Bridget Burke Gleason. Mary Gleason Cronin had four sisters and two brothers. Katherine, Margaret and Agnes are deceased. Lizzie, Mrs. Jim Foley, Will and John Gleason live in Platte Center.

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Cronin have one daughter, Elaine, the wife of Louis McDermott. They live near Platte Center and have one son, Donald McDermott.

The Cronins are members of St. Joseph's Catholic Church, of Platte Center.


Jay Andrew Crosier, son of Henry and Mary E. Hill Crosier, was born November 3, 1886, on his father's farm, three miles east of St. Edward, in a sod house.

His father was born in Delaware County, Iowa, September 18, 1850, and came to Platte County in 1872, in a covered wagon, locating three miles east of St. Edward, in Woodville Township, where he built the sod house. Mrs. Crosier was born in Delaware County, Iowa, February 7, 1854, and died in St. Edward, January 7, 1946.

Jay A. Crosier had two brothers and three sisters: Edith Evelyn, Mrs. L. E. Green; Herbert LeRoy, died December 7, 1903; Jennie Maude, Mrs. Thomas McVeigh; Mary Viola, Mrs. R. R. Younger; and Waldo, died June 17, 1918, in France.

Mr. Crosier has always lived on the farm where he was born. He attended School District 47, and is engaged in farming, cattle feeding and hog raising.

On February 11, 1913, at Polk, Nebraska, he married Ellen Louise Dorr, daughter of George Lewis and Helen Augusta Shafer Dorr. Mr. Dorr was born in Faunton, Massachusetts, April 6, 1839, and died March 5, 1905, at his home, nine miles north of Genoa, Nebraska. He was a Civil War veteran, a member of the Chicago Police Force, a mail clerk, and a farmer. Mrs. Dorr was born in Pennsylvania, May 1, 1848, and, died January 1, 1911, north of Genoa.

Ellen Louise Dorr Crosier had two brothers and two sisters: Bertha May; Arthur Berthold, who married Helena Baustert; Julia Evelyn, Mrs. R. R. Griffin; Charles Bernie, who died July 26, 1907; and one child died in infancy.

Mr. and Mrs. Crosier have five children, all born on the home farm: Lysle, born December 13, 1913; Herbert, born June 16, 1915; Donald Arthur, born May 15, 1917; Vivian Irene; and Robert Glen, born February 24, 1924. The children all attended School District 47 and the St. Edward High School. Lysle and Robert are farmers. Herbert, a veteran of World War II, is owner of a service station. Donald, also a veteran of World War II, is a Smith-Hughes teacher, at Kramer High School, in Columbus. He married Eleanor C. Plucknett, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Plucknett, of DeWitt, Nebraska. They have two children: LaDonna, born October 26, 1942, and Cheryll, born September 6, 1944. Vivian Crosier is a housewife.

The Crosier family are members of the West Hill Baptist Church. Jay Crosier is affiliated with the Democratic Party. He is a member of the Community Club of District 47, and has been Moderator of that district for the past thirty years.

The History of Platte County Nebraska


John M. Curry, the son of Samuel B. and Margaret O'Conner Curry, was born in Washington, D.C., May 17, 1866.

His father was born in Ireland and educated in England where he was graduated from Oxford University with degrees in military science and music. He came to the United States in the early 1860's and located at Boston where he was married to Margaret O'Conner in 1863.

He served in the Union Army during the Civil War where he was commissioned a captain. After the close of the war Captain Curry remained in the regular army and was assigned to duty in Wyoming.

John and his older brother, Samuel B. Jr., who was born in Boston came west with their parents. They traveled by rail to St. Louis, then to St. Joseph, Missouri, where they ferried across the Missouri River and joined the ambulance train in command of Colonel Carrington. The officers and their families rode in the wagons and the soldiers traveled on foot. Enroute to Fort Phil Kearney they stopped at Fort Kearney in Nebraska and Fort Laramie.

They arrived at Fort Phil Kearney in the Sioux Indian country shortly after the fort was established.

The Curry family along with the others at the fort, experienced two of the most ferocious Indian attacks recorded in history. The first one took place on December 19, 1866, when a group of men sent out to chop wood was attacked by the Sioux Indians, headed by Chief Red Cloud. Major Fetterman of the fort, took a detachment of eighty-one men, rescued the wood choppers and pursued the fleeing Indians into one of their cleverly devised traps, where the entire detachment was slaughtered, resulting in one of the biggest losses to the army, aside from the Custer massacre, recorded during the Indian wars.

Following this, the Sioux beseiged (sic) the fort, and those left had almost despaired of their lives when "Portuguese" Phillip, an historical character, volunteered to try to go through the Indian lines to Fort Laramie to secure reinforcements. Fear ran high among the survivors, but soon Phillip returned with the detachment from Fort Laramie to rescue the beleaguered fort.

Another historic incident in warfare with the fighting Sioux Indians was the famous "Wagon Box Fight" that took place in July, 1867, near Fort Phil Kearney while the Curry family were still at the fort. This fight resulted in one of the most severe Indian defeats in Western history.

That winter Captain Curry died at the fort and when the fort was abandoned in August, 1868, Mrs. Curry and her sons, Samuel and John, started for the east. Enroute east they stopped in Columbus where on February 6, 1869, Margaret O'Conner Curry and John Browner were married. They lived in Columbus until 1874 when they moved to the Browner farm in Columbus Township.

Besides Samuel, John had two brothers, William and James Conner Browner, and two sisters, Catherine, Mrs. Samuel P. Drinnin, and Helen, Mrs. Albert H. Gehner. John attended the Columbus schools and following that was engaged in farming and stockraising in Columbus Township.

On May 27, 1892, John M. Curry was married to Nellie Marie Fleming, the daughter of Michael and Kathleen Waldron Fleming, of Dixon, Illinois.

They had eight children, four sons, John Jr., Samuel B. III, Michael P., J. Milton, and a daughter, Lillian, are deceased. The others are Margaret, Helen and Kathleen.

Margaret was graduated from St. Francis Academy, the Nebraska State Teacher's College, at Kearney and attended the University of Iowa. She taught in the Columbus schools.

Helen was graduated from Columbus High School, Nebraska State Teachers' College at Kearney and Rosary College at River Forest, Illinois. She also attended the University of California at Berkeley. She taught in the Omaha schools.

Kathleen was graduated from St. Francis Academy, and attended the University of Colorado at Boulder where she was affiliated with the Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority, before her marriage in 1933. She was the social editor of the Columbus Daily Telegram. She is the wife of Doctor Reynolds J. O'Donnell. They have three sons: John Reynolds, Roderic Don, and Kevin.

John M. Curry served as city engineer in Columbus from 1911-1923.

Politically he was a Democrat. He was a member of St. Bonaventure's Church. He died March 27, 1937.


William Anthony Curry, the son of Anthony T. and Mary A. Durkin Curry, was born on October 1, 1888, in Crawford County, Iowa. His father, a farmer, was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on October 1, 1850, and his mother was born in Philadelphia on August 15, 1862. After their marriage, Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Curry established their home in Iowa, where they reared their family, and where Mr. Curry was engaged in farming and stock raising. William Curry has a brother, John F., of Seward, Nebraska, and a sister, Clara, Mrs. Bell, of Dennison, Iowa.

William attended the grade schools in Dennison, Iowa, and was graduated from high school and business college there. He also attended the Iowa State Normal School.

He came to Nebraska and entered into a partnership with his brother, John, in the clothing business, at Seward. In 1917, the Curry Brothers opened their Columbus store and William came to Columbus to manage it.

On November 1, 1919, at Denver, Colorado, William A. Curry was married to Olga Oehlrich, the daughter of Arnold and Rose Piening Oehlrich. Mrs. Curry attended the Columbus schools and was graduated from


the Columbus High School and the St. Mary College, at Knoxville, Illinois.

William A. and Olga Oehlrich Curry had two sons: William A., Jr., born in Columbus, October 6, 1921; and Arnold John, born in Columbus, February 26, 1933.

William, Jr., attended the St. Bonaventure Junior High School and was graduated from Kramer High School. He attended the Notre Dame University for one year, and was graduated from Northwestern University, in Evanston, Illinois, where he received his Bachelor of Arts degree. During World War IT, he served with the United States Navy. After the war, he studied law at the University of Colorado, at Boulder, and is engaged in the manufacturing of fertilizer in Scotts Bluff, 'Nebraska. William, Jr., is married to Virginia Trowbridge, of Columbus, and they have one son, William Anthony, III, born June 15, 1947. Virginia Trowbridge Curry was graduated from Kramer High School and attended Stephens College and the University of Nebraska, where she received her Bachelor of Arts degree.

Arnold John Curry attended the Columbus grade schools and Kramer High School where he was a member of the Class of 1951.

William A. Curry has extensive land holdings and manages a ranch. He is a charter member of the Wayside Country Club, a member of the Knights of Columbus, and politically, is affiliated with the Democratic Party.

Mr. and Mrs. Curry have traveled extensively in the United States, Mexico, throughout Europe, and in 1925, with their son William, Jr., were on a Mediterranean cruise which terminated in Rome, Italy, at Easter time.

They are the owners of fine saddle horses, and horseback riding has been one of their favorite sports. Mr. and Mrs. William A. Curry are members of St. Bonaventure's Catholic Church in Columbus.


Lee M. Daniel, son of Thomas W. and Emma Corbett Daniel, was born in Butler County, Nebraska, on September 27, 1889. Mr. Daniel attended the Schuyler, Nebraska, grade schools and was graduated from the Schuyler 'High School in 191 1.

On March 4, 1924, in Columbus, Lee Daniel was married to Frieda E. Gass, the daughter of Samuel and Anna Hofer Gass. Mr. Gass, identified with the furniture and liquor business in Columbus for many years, was born in Switzerland on June 3, 1854, and died in Columbus on June 21, 1928. Mrs. Gass was born April 8, 1857, in Switzerland, and died on September 1, 1945, in Columbus. Mrs. Daniel had ten brothers and sisters. Seven are deceased. The others are: Walter, who is married to Elizabeth Riddell, and lives in Seward, Nebraska; Martha, who married Frank P. Bullington of Kansas City on June 2, 1915, in Columbus; and Anna of Lincoln is the widow of Charles E. Seifert, to whom she was married on January 25, 1918. Lee M. and Frieda Gass Daniel have one daughter, Carolee. Carolee was graduated from Kramer High School in 1947 and attended the Carleton College, at Northfleld, Minnesota, Whittier Junior College, in Whittier, California, and in 1949 was enrolled at Washington University in St. Louis.

From 1910 to 1914, Mr. Daniel, a photographer, was associated with the Fennel Studio in Columbus. From 1914 to 1917, he was the proprietor of the Daniel Studio, at Madrid, Iowa. During World War I, he served in the United States Army with the Camp Funston Auxiliary Remount. In 1922, he opened the Daniel Studio in Boone, Iowa, which he operated for three years. In 1925, he returned to Columbus, and opened the Daniel Studio there. In 1947, Mr. Daniel formed a partnership with Gene Neater.

Lee M. Daniel's hobbies are golf and fishing. He is a member of the Photographers' Association of America and the Columbus Chamber of Commerce.




Dewey John DeBoer

Dewey John DeBoer, born December 22, 1897, in Corsica, South, Dakota, came to Columbus on October 2, 1933, from Evanston, Illinois, with the Harza Engineering Company, to do engineering work for the Loup River Public Power project.

He is the son of John and Mary C. DeVelder DeBoer, and a grandson of Douwe DeBoer, for whom he was named. Both his father and grandfather were farmers. His father was born at Three Oaks, Michigan, December 9, 1870, and his mother was born at Pella, Iowa, November 19, 1875. The family home was established in South Dakota.

Dewey is one of a family of five. His three brothers are: John W., a merchant: O. Lee and Raymond L., both connected with the teaching profession. His sister is Delia C. DeBoer Webster.

Dewey attended the grade schools of Corsica, South Dakota, was graduated from the Corsica High School, and the Ward Academy, in South Dakota, where he received his degree in engineering.

During World War I, in 1918, he spent three months in the Field Artillery. During that time, he was enrolled in officers' training school, at Camp Zachary Taylor, in Kentucky.

On June 6, 1925, he was married to Mary Elizabeth Egan, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William V. Egan, of Ballston Lake, New York, natives of New York State. Mr. Egan, a retired hotel owner, was born at Ballston Lake, June 1, 1870. Mrs. Egan was born September 10, 1878, at Kingsbridge, New York, and died December 22, 1940, at Ballston Lake.

The History of Platte County Nebraska

Dewey J. and Mary Egan DeBoer have two children: Edward Dewey, born in Evanston, Illinois, February 19, 19 29, and Barbara Jane, also born in Evanston. They attended grade school in Evanston and Columbus, Nebraska, and the Kramer High School. Edward was graduated from the Webster Grove High School, in St. Louis, Missouri, in 1947, after which he enlisted in the United States Army, and received his training at Fort Jackson, South Carolina. Barbara Jane attended the Webster Grove High School, and was graduated from the Woodrow Wilson High School, in Washington, D. C. She then enrolled at Trinity College.

Dewey J. DeBoer's advance in the field of engineering was rapid. After receiving his degree, he was employed by General Electric, in Schenectady, New York, for a time before becoming associated with the Harza Engineering Company, of Chicago. He came to Columbus in 1933, as the Harza representative, and worked on the design, construction and operation of the Loup River Public Power project. He later was with the Loup River Public Power District, where, as chief electrical engineer, he assisted in developing the public power program in Nebraska. After completing that work, he was employed as an engineer by the Anaconda Copper Company, with offices in St. Louis, Missouri. Later, the Anaconda offices were moved to Washington, D. C., and Mr. DeBoer moved his family there.

During World War II, he was released from his work as chief electrical engineer for the Loup River Public Power District to serve on the War Production Board, in Washington, D. C.

Mr. DeBoer holds membership in the American Institute of Electrical Engineers and is a registered professional engineer of Nebraska.


Among the settlers in St. Bernard Township, in the early 1870's, was John Deegan, who was born in May, 1836, at Rosecrea, County Tipperary, Ireland, and immigrated to the United States in 1852.

He lived for a time in New York, and later moved to Wisconsin. He came to Platte County in March, 1875, and located on a farm in St. Bernard Township, near Lindsay, Nebraska, where he lived for a quarter of a century.

In 1871, while residing in Wisconsin, John Deegan married Rose Duffy. John and Rose Duffy Deegan had a family of six children: Mrs. M. H. Maher, of Hood River, Oregon; W. J. Deegan, Margaret, George and Edward Deegan, who lived at Red Lodge, Montana; and Ida Deegan.

Mrs. Deegan died in February, 1902, and John Deegan died in February, 1909.

The Deegans were members of the Catholic Church.


C. H. William Deitrich was born in Hanover, Germany, in 1836. He immigrated to the United States in 1867, and remained in New York a few months. He then moved to Chicago, where he spent a short time.

In 1868, he came to Nebraska and located on Shell Creek, where he became engaged in farming. He and his family endured many hardships the first four years, during which they subsisted wholly on corn meal and whole wheat, with no meat except a few prairie chickens and rabbits.

The first year, he plowed two acres of his land. The next year, with the aid of his yoke of oxen, he and his wife plowed all of his land. Mr. Deitrich remained on the farm for five years and then moved into Columbus.

In Columbus, he went into the merchandising business, which he retained throughout his lifetime.

C. H. W. Deitrich was married in Germany in 1859 to Dora Benecke. They had six children: Mathilda, Mrs. Willis, who lived in New York City; Dora, Mrs. William Lindee, who lived in Omaha; Wilhelmina, Mrs. Frank Shott, who lived in Polk County; August, and William of Columbus, and Charles Deitrich, of New York. Charles was a portrait painter.

C. H. W. Deitrich had only two dollars when he first came to Columbus, and owned two farms and several lots in Columbus before he died. Mr. Deitrich was a member of the Royal Arcanum and the German Reformed Church. He died in Columbus on December 18, 1903.

His son, William Deitrich, and his family, live in Columbus at 1221 Eighth Street.


Charles A. DeLand was born January 19, 1886, at Osceola, Nebraska. His parents were William J. and Lelia Justice DeLand. William J. Deland, son of Edward and Ellen DeLand, was born September 8, 1852, at Natural Bridge, New York. When a young man he went to Paney, Illinois. On August 24, 1874, he was married to Lelia Justice, who was born December 24, 1854.

The DeLands moved to Polk County, Nebraska, in 1886, and in 1898 moved to Columbus. W. J. DeLand worked as a plaster contractor for many years. He died in February, 1941. Lelia Justice DeLand died in October, 1927.

Charles A. DeLand had four sisters and one brother: Mrs. Amelia Sales of Osceola; Allie, widow of John Luther, of Columbus; Myrtle, widow of C. D. McPatry, of Modale, Iowa; Oscar E. DeLand, of Laramie, Wyoming, died in October, 1948; and Eva, Mrs. Coit L. Everson, of Gardena, California.

Charles A. DeLand attended Columbus Grade and High School, where he played football.

On February 16, 1909, he was married to Alvine Louise Lusche, daughter of John and Rosalie Lueke Lusche, and granddaughter of Henry Lusche, one of the founders of Columbus. She had one sister and two brothers: Emma, wife of J. Theodore Kaufman; Arthur, married to Neva Anderson, lives at Duluth, Minnesota; and Chauncey, married to Martha Anderson, makes his home on a farm east of Columbus in Columbus Township.

Charles A. and Alvine Lusche DeLand have one daughter, Florence, married to Walter C. Gregorius. Mr. and Mrs. Gregorius had two sons: Walter, Jr.,


born May 4, 1935, and Charles DeLand, born November 10, 1945. Florence DeLand Gregorius attended grade and high school in Columbus. Until her marriage she worked as a steno-bookkeeper.

Charles A. DeLand was in the contracting business with his father, and then with Ralph Drake. In 1933, he entered the employ of the Kaufman Hardware Company.

He is a member of the Masonic Lodge and the I.O.O.F., and is a Democrat. His hobbies are hunting and fishing.


J. B. Delsman, known as "Barney" was born in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, in 1852. He moved to Iowa in 1870, and four years later came to Columbus.

He worked for a short time in the store of J. C. Morrissey. He then opened the J. B. Delsman and Company Mercantile Store, on Eleventh Street, which handled dry goods, shoes, hats, and groceries.

On January 1, 1882, Mr. Delsman bought all the stock, and the store was operated under the name of J. B. Delsman Mercantile Store. In that same year, Mr. Delsman was elected City Treasurer.

In 1875, J. B. Delsman was married to Clara Heitkemper.

He moved to the Pacific Northwest before the turn of the century.


Carroll Evans Devlin, the son of Theodore and Lydia Evans Devlin, was born in Franklin Borough, Cambria County, Pennsylvania, on August 11, 1873. He had one brother, James Devlin, and six sisters: Emma, Carrie, May, Nell, Millessa, and Elda. Millessa was drowned in the Johnstown Flood, The others were married and with the exception of Nell, remained in Pennsylvania. Nell Devlin was the wife of F. J. Suder, a Columbus business man for many years, who moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma in the early 1930's.

Carroll E. Devlin received his formal education in the schools of Cambria County. He was employed for several years by the Carnegie Steel Works, both at Pittsburgh and in Johnstown, Pennsylvania.

He came to Columbus in 1906, and lived for a few years on the Evans farm on the Monastery Road. He later was engaged in business in Columbus. He served as City Engineer and Street Commissioner from April, 1923 to April, 1927, and for a time before 1930, served as the County Road Commissioner.

Carroll Evans Devlin was married to Jennie Gertrude Amigh, the daughter of John and Rachael Ella MacCartney Amigh, at Johnstown.

Mrs. Devlin had five sisters and two brothers, all of whom lived at Johnstown, Pennsylvania. They were: Mary Ann, the wife of Grant Kanavel; Elsie May, the wife of Alfred Bradley; Millie Esther, Mrs. Lee McClam; Olive Mabel, Mrs. John Baird; Ella Kate, who died in 1903; Harvey, Elmer, and George Logan Amigh.

Carroll Evans and Jennie Gertrude Amigh Devlin had two daughters and a son, all of whom were graduated from the Columbus High School: Lillian Devlin is the wife of Robert Anderson, of Los Angeles; Vernetta is the wife of J. Howard Hamilton, of Berkeley, California; and Carroll Devlin, Jr., of Columbus.

Mr. and Mrs. Carroll E. Devlin were Presbyterians and attended the Federated Church in Columbus. Mr. Devlin held memberships with the Elks, the Masons, and the Sons of Veterans. Politically, he was affiliated with the Republican Party.

Mrs. Devlin died on October 14, 1941 Carroll E. Devlin died on March 27, 1946.


John Howard Hamilton and Vernetta Devlin Hamilton were married in Columbus on June 6, 1925. J. Howard Hamilton came to Columbus around 1918, with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. John J. Hamilton. He was graduated from the Columbus High School and attended the University of Nebraska.

Following his work at the University, he was associated with his father in the food canning business. From 1918 until the early 1920's, his father was part owner and manager of the Columbus Canning Company. In 1923-1924, J. Howard was manager of the local canning factory during the canning season.

From Columbus, he went to Michigan, and later lived in Evanston, Illinois. During World War II, J. Howard Hamilton headed the Food Department of the Quartermaster Corps for the United States Armed Forces in Washington, D. C.

J. Howard and Vernetta Hamilton had one son, John Howard, Jr. He attended the Evanston schools and finished his junior year in high school there. He then moved to San Francisco with his parents, where he finished high school. Following that, he entered the Medill School of journalism, affiliated with Northwestern University, from which he was graduated. Since his graduation, his work has been in the field of journalism in Chicago, as a writer. He was affiliated with the Delta Tau Fraternity, at Northwestern University.


Carroll James Devlin, the son of Carroll Evans and Jennie Gertrude Amigh Devlin, was born in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, on December 26, 1905. He attended the Columbus schools and was graduated from the Columbus High School.

On June 5, 1927, Carroll J. Devlin was married to Margaret Tully, the daughter of Patrick and Anne Krause Tully, of North Bend, Nebraska. Her father died in 1949.

Carroll and Margaret Tully Devlin have two sons and a daughter. Carroll Richard was born April 22, 1928; Donald was born in August, 1936; and Mariann was born February 9, 1939. They all attended the Columbus schools. Carroll, III, was graduated from the Kramer High School and served in the United States

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