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opened a dry goods store just across the alley, to the south. Their new businesses occupied the buildings which the Grays built.

For some years, they operated these three establishments under the name of the Gray Mercantile Company. The grocery store was later sold to Keating and Schram, and the hardware store was sold to Louis Held and Shell Clark. The Grays continued to operate the dry goods store for several more years, and then rented it to the Denny Brothers.

Clinton was actively associated with his father in business until 1910, when his father died. He then assumed full management of the business.

In 1886, in Mendota, Clinton C. Gray was married to Hortense F. Okey. Their wedding culminated a childhood romance, and they established their home in Columbus. They had two children: Myron, born August 19, 1887, married Louise Bucher, and they had one son, William Bucher Gray; Geraldine is the wife of Alfred E. Burr, of Omaha, and they had one son, Gray Burr.

In 1913, Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Gray and their son and daughter-in-law, Myron and Louise Bucher Gray, went to Roswell, New Mexico, where the father and son went into the land business. Myron returned to Columbus in 1915. Clinton Gray returned to Columbus a few years later for a short time, and about 1919, Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Gray moved to Omaha, where Mr. Gray died on December 27, 1937.



Myron L. Gray, son of Clinton and Hortense Okey Gray, and grandson of Sidney Calhoun Gray, was born in, Columbus, August 19, 1887. He grew up in Columbus, attended the city public schools, and then finished his schooling at the Morgan Park Preparatory School, in Illinois. Following this, he worked in the hardware store which was owned by his father and grandfather.

On April 18, 1910, in Columbus, Myron L. Gray was married to Louise Bucher, daughter of William and Catherine Kumpf Bucher, a Columbus pioneer family. Myron and Louise Bucher Gray had one son, William Bucher Gray. William was graduated from Kramer High School, the University of Nebraska, and the flying school at Randolph, Texas, in 1939. He married Flora Albin, of Lincoln, and they had one son, William, Jr. During World War II, in 1942, William Bucher Gray died when his plane was, forced into the sea.

In 1913, Mr. and Mrs. Myron Gray and his father and mother moved to Roswell, New Mexico, where he and his father, Clinton C. Gray, were in the alfalfa and fruit farming business. In 1915, Myron returned to Columbus, and assumed the managership of the Gray Drygoods Company. He presided in that capacity until the store was sold to the Denny Brothers. A short time later, he and his brother-in-law, George O'Brien, of Los Angeles, opened the G-O Shop, a ladies' ready-to-wear establishment.

Other business changes ensued after the firm disposed of their shop. From 1930-1935, Myron Gray worked for the Pierpoint Brothers, of Omaha. From 1935-1939, he sold the Simpson Brothers line of men's clothing.

On February 23, 1939, Myron L. Gray died in Columbus.


Arthur M. Gray, son of Sidney Calhoun and Rowena Ransom Gray, was born in Arlington, Illinois, on June 28, 1869. He attended school at Princeton, Illinois, and in 1884, moved with his parents to Columbus. Upon his arrival, he entered the Columbus High School, and was graduated with the class of 1886.

His father bought a cattle farm northwest of Columbus, where Arthur worked for two years. About 1886, he was employed as a bookkeeper at the First National Bank, and remained there for three years.

In the early 1890's he and John Griffin formed a partnership as dealers in men's furnishings and shoes. Their firm was known as Griffin and Gray. Two years later, Arthur's father, Sidney C. Gray, bought out Mr. Griffin's interest, and the store was conducted by Arthur and his father for about one year, 1894-1895. Arthur then took over his father's interest in the business and managed it until 1920. This store was located in the Gray Building, and is now occupied by the "Buck's Booterie." This building and the Columbus Bank Building were built in ,888 by Rorer, McDill and Sheldon.

In 1915, Mr. Gray served as a director in the First National Bank of Columbus. In 1921, after selling his shoe business, he became associated with the Thurston Hotel. He maintained this association until 1946, when the hotel was sold to the Earle Hotel Company.

In November, 1896, Arthur M. Gray married Clara L. Lehman, the daughter of George and Elizabeth Ricketts Whaley Lehman. They had two children: Arthur M., Jr. was born August 29, 1897, and died July 5, 1946. Lucille was graduated from Kramer High School, attended Lindenwood College, at St. Charles, Missouri, and the University of Nebraska, at Lincoln, where she was affiliated with the Pi Beta Phi Sorority. On January 21, 1932, she was married to William H. Caldwell, of Evanston, Illinois. The wedding took place at the Grace Episcopal Church, in Columbus.

His wife, Clara Lehman Gray, who inherited the Lehman Estate, was owner of the Thurston Hotel from 1919 to 1946. She also owns and manages land holdings in Texas, Colorado, and California, and is a stockholder in the Columbus Theatre Company. Mrs. Gray is a member of the Tuesday Bridge Club.

Arthur Gray, besides being active in the mercantile interests of Columbus, was a member of the Columbus Chamber of Commerce, the Y.M.C.A., the Wayside Country Club, the Lions Club, the B.P.O. Elks, and the North Western Hotel Owners Association. His hobbies are hunting and fishing.

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur M. Gray are members of the Grace Episcopal Church, in Columbus.

The History of Platte County Nebraska


Arthur M. Gray, Jr., son of Arthur M. and Clara Lehman Gray, was born August 29, 1897, in Columbus, and died there on July 5, 1946. His paternal grandfather was Sidney Calhoun Gray, and his maternal grandfather was George Lehman. He had one sister, Lucille, who is Mrs. William Caldwell, of Evanston, Illinois.

Arthur, Jr. was graduated from the Columbus High School. He attended the University of Nebraska, at Lincoln, for three years, during which time he was affiliated with the Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity.

In 1920, following the death of his grandfather, George Lehman, Arthur, Jr. became the manager of the Thurston Hotel, in Columbus. He remained in that position until 1946.

Arthur Gray's hobby was football. He took a keen interest in all high school and university games, and was a particularly avid fan of those in which either the Columbus High School or the University of Nebraska participated.

Arthur M. Gray, Jr. was a member of the Nebraska Hotel Association, a charter member of the Columbus Lions Club, and a member of the Grace Episcopal Church.


George Herbert Gray, was born in Rome City, Indiana, on February 27, 1868, the son of George Henry and Louisa M. Caswell Gray.

George Henry Gray was born in Bridgeport, Connecticut, on February 27, 1839. He was a merchant and a veteran of the Civil War. In 1872, he came west to Nebraska, and located in Merrick County. His death occurred in Central City, Nebraska, on February 12, 1875. Mrs. Gray was born at Vergennes, Vermont, June , 1839, and died at Grand Island, Nebraska, on April 16, 1934. G. H. Gray had one sister, Nellie, Mrs. John A. Donald, of Grand Island, and two brothers, Clarence and Eugene, deceased.

Before coming to Nebraska, G. H. Gray lived in Indiana and Michigan. He came to Nebraska with his parents when four years of age, and settled at Central City, in Merrick County, where his father was a merchant.

He attended the Central City schools and the Nebraska Central College. As a young man, he worked at herding, farming, clerking, and office work. He spent two years in the office of the superintendent of the Union Pacific Railroad, at Pocatello, Idaho, and remained there until the Idaho road went into the hands of a receiver. During that period, he visited various Indian and construction camps in Idaho, Oregon, and Nebraska. His other interests included swimming, skating, and horseback riding.

He returned to Central City in 1887, and organized the Gray Grocery Company, and remained in that business until 1902, when he became cashier of the Central City National Bank, and later served as its president. He was with that institution for seventeen years.

On June 1, 1892, G. H. Gray married Mary Hettie Rogers Tindall, daughter of Charles Burton and Hannah M. Holloway Rogers. Her father, a native of Delaware, died when Mary Hettie was one year old. Her mother then married Reverend Daniel Knowles Tindall, a Methodist minister.

G. H. and Mary Hettie Gray have one daughter, Nellie Naomi. She was born in Central City, Nebraska, and is a graduate of the Central City High School, and the Nebraska Wesleyan University and attended the University of Nebraska, and the University of Wisconsin. After graduation, she taught domestic science in high school. Nellie Naomi married Doctor Otis W. Martin. Mrs. Martin lives in Omaha, Nebraska, where she is active in social and religious organizations. Otis Martin died in 1948.

On May 1, 1919, G. H. Gray came to Columbus to assume his duties as president of the First National Bank. In that year, he also served on the board of directors and was elected president of both the Duncan State Bank, and the Tarnov Bank. G. H. Gray served as president of the First National Bank in Columbus until 1930, when the Central National Bank bought a large portion of its securities. At that time, the First Investment and Securities Company was organized to liquidate the remaining securities of the hank, and Mr. Gray became its president. G. H. Gray in 1950 had an insurance and real estate business, which was located at 1359 Twenty-fifth Avenue, in Columbus.

Previous to his coming here in 1919, he was president of the Central City Chamber of Commerce for sixteen years. During World War 1, Mr. Gray was chairman of the Liberty Bond Drive and chairman of the Red Cross, in Merrick County.

Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Gray are members of the Methodist Church, in Columbus, Nebraska. Mr. Gray is chairman of the official board of the local church; chairman of the Board of Trustees, Nebraska Conference; Board of Trustees Nebraska Wesleyan University, Lincoln; Board of Trustees, Nebraska Methodist Hospital, Omaha.

He holds membership in the Methodist Brotherhood of the local church, Young Men's Christian Association, Boy Scouts, and State Historical Society. Fraternally, he is a member of the Lone Tree Lodge 36, Masonic, Central City; Nebraska Consistory 32 Degree Mason, Omaha; Tangier Temple, Shrine, Omaha. He is a member of the Columbus Chamber of Commerce. Politically, he is a Republican.


William Jacob Gregorius, son of Jacob and Katherine Nemicek Gregorius, was born October 18, 1876, in Columbus, Nebraska. His father, born in Germany, died in 1886 when he was thirty-nine years old. His mother, born in Bohemia, died September 25, 1919, in Columbus. The Gregorius family came to Platte County in the 1860's. William Jacob had four sisters and two


brothers: Edward, deceased; Emma, deceased; Fred, married to Anna Kumpf, lives in Columbus; Augusta, wife of Roy E. Pierce, lives in San Francisco, California; Eva, widow of George Loshbaugh, lives in Columbus; and Rose, widow of A. C. Scott, lives in Grand Island, Nebraska.

On June 26, 1907, William J. married Elizabeth Farley, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Farley, natives of Ireland, at St. Bonaventure's Church, with Reverend Father Mariam, O.F.M. officiating. Mr. Farley, born, April 1, 1837, made two trips back to his homeland after coming to Platte County, and on one of these trips, he was married in Ireland. Elizabeth has one brother, George, who lives in Indianola, Iowa, and one sister, Mary, deceased, who was the wife of James Gallagher, of New Haven, Connecticut.

William J. and Elizabeth Fancy Gregorius had four children: Walter Charles, born April 27, 1908, was graduated from Kramer High School, attended the University of Colorado at Boulder, is married to Florence DeLand, and lives in Columbus; William Jacob, Jr., born January 14, 1910, attended St. Bonaventure's Grade School, and was graduated from Kramer High School. He married Doris Winslow, and lives in Columbus; James Farley, born September 1, 1911, also attended St. Bonaventure's Grade School, and was graduated from Kramer High School. He married Patricia Herrod, and they live in Columbus; Elizabeth Louise, born June 30, 1913, was graduated from St. Bonaventure's High School. She is married to Thomas B. McCray, and lives in Long Beach, California. All four children were born in Columbus.

W. J. Gregorius has always lived in Columbus, and has worked for over fifty years at the Columbus Telegram. He is a member of the Knights of Columbus, B.P.O.E., the Izaak Walton League, the Wayside Country Club, the Sons of Herman, the Sixty Schoolmates Club, and is an honorary member of the Columbus Fire Department. Politically, he is affiliated with the Democratic Party.

Mr. and Mrs. Gregorius are members of St. Bonaventure's Catholic Church.


Walter Charles Gregorius was born April 27, 1908, in Columbus, Nebraska. His parents were William J. and Elizabeth Farley Gregorius. He had two brothers and one sister: William J. Jr., James Farley, and Elizabeth, Mrs. Thomas McCray.

He attended St. Bonaventure's Grade School and was graduated in 1925 from Kramer High School. He then attended the University of Colorado at Boulder.

On May 26, 1934, Walter Gregorius was married to Florence DeLand, daughter of Charles A. and Alvine Lusche DeLand, at Sacred Heart Church in St. Paul, Minnesota. They had two sons: Walter C. Jr., born May 4, 1935, in Minnesota; and Charles DeLand, born November 10, 1945, in Columbus.

From 1929 to 1934, Mr. Gregorius was an accountant at the Nebraska Continental Telephone Company in Columbus. In April, 1934, he moved to Waterville, Minnesota, as auditor for the Minnesota Community Telephone Company, and was there until October, 1937. From 1938 to 1941, he was employed as Profit Clerk for Nash-Dietz of Columbus, and on April 7, 1941, he started to work in the general office of the Consumers' Public Power District.

Walter C. Gregorius was Grand Knight, and financial secretary several years for the Knights of Columbus, of which he is a member. He is an active member of the Columbus Fire Department.

Mr. and Mrs. Gregorius are members of St. Bonaventure's Church, and are Democrats.


Chris Greiner was born October 10, 1892, at Hanover, Kansas, and died in October, 1947, in Columbus. He was the son of Hans and Flora Marianna Kock Greiner, natives of Germany. Flora Greiner was born December 29, 1873, at Hamburg. Chris Greiner had two sisters and two brothers: Elsie, Mrs. Harry Williams; Helen, Mrs. W. D. Brenneman; Ernest, and Hans, of Columbus.

In 1898, Chris Greiner came to Columbus with his parents. He attended the Columbus schools, and was associated with his father in the grocery business until his father retired. Chris was then the manager of the Council Oak Store in Columbus for ten years. About 1936, he resigned to establish Greiner's Market at 2419 Eleventh Street, Columbus. The Greiner Market is operated by his son, Kenneth Greiner, his stepson, Marvin Weisenfiuh, and his son-in-law, Herman Mueller.

On June 12, 1923, he was married to Mrs. Bertha Heibel Weisenfluh, and they established their home in Columbus. They had one son, Kenneth Greiner, and two children of Mrs. Greiner's by a former marriage, Marvin Weisenfluh and Opal Weisenfluh, Mrs. Herman Mueller.

Chris Greiner was a member of the Trinity Lutheran Church, a member and past president of the Eagles Lodge, and a member of the Chamber of Commerce, and the Izaak Walton League.


Kenneth Greiner, the son of Chris and Bertha Heibel Greiner, was born February 14, 1924, in Columbus. His father was born in Hanover, Kansas, October 10, 1892, and was a partner in Greiner's Market. He died on October 15, 1947. Kenneth's mother was born on July 24, 1891, in Colfax County. Kenneth has a half-brother, Marvin Wisenfluh, and a half-sister, Opal Wisenfluh, the wife of Hans Mueller.

Kenneth attended the Columbus public schools and was graduated from Kramer High School in the class of 1942.

He is a partner in Greiner's Market, where he works in the Meat Department.

On September 8, 1947, Kenneth Greiner was mar-

The History of Platte County Nebraska

ried to Betty Lou Ewert, the daughter of George and Barbara Triba Ewert. The ceremony took place at St. Bonaventure's Church in Columbus. Mr. Ewert is the owner of the George Ewert Implement Company and the Ewert Motor and Implement Company. Mrs. Greiner has one sister, Ruth, the wife of Leo L. Syslo, of Columbus. Mrs. Greiner was graduated from the St. Bonaventure High School in 1944, and the National Institute of Business at Lincoln in 1945. Following this, she was employed by the George Ewert Motor and Implement Company.

Kenneth and Betty Lou Greiner have one son, Kenneth, Jr., born September 9, 1948, in Columbus.

Mr. and Mrs. Greiner are members of the St. Bonaventure Church. Politically, Kenneth Greiner is affiliated with the Democratic Party.


Jacob Greisen was born in Butcheimer, near the Rhine, in Germany, on June 10, 1849, the son of Christian and Mary Mouss Greisen, both natives of Germany.

Jacob spent his boyhood in Germany, where he learned the shoemaker's trade. In 1869 he came to America with his parents and three brothers, Henry, Hilger, and John Greisen, and his sister, Agnes Greisen Gruenther and her husband, Henry Gruenther. His older brothers, Peter and Phillip, had preceded them to this country in 1868.

The Greisen and Gruenther families first located in Dane County, near Madison, Wisconsin, where they farmed for three years before coming to Platte County.

Jacob Greisen had gone to Chicago from Dane County, Wisconsin, to work at his trade as a shoemaker. This was after the big Chicago fire which destroyed the city in 1871. He remained there for one year, and then joined the Greisen family on their way west to Nebraska. Peter Greisen had previously come to Platte County where he homesteaded on Shell Creek. Upon their arrival in Platte County, in 1872 Christian Greisen homesteaded on a farm in Burrows Township. Three of Jacob's brothers, John, Henry, and Hilger, lived on the farm there, and his sister and brother-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Gruenther, lived in Columbus until 1880, when they moved to a farm in St. Bernard Township.

During 1872 and 1873, Jacob Greisen was employed by M. T. Kinney, a pioneer shoe merchant, at that time located at 2623 Thirteenth Street, now the site of the Central National Bank. G. W. Phillips also worked for Mr. Kinney then.

In 1874, Mr. Greisen started his own store, the first location was at 2610 Twelfth Street. From there, he moved to the east side of Twenty-sixth Avenue, where Buschman's Store was later located. In 1878, he moved to the south side of Eleventh Street, west of Twenty-fifth Avenue. In the early 1880's he bought a frame building on the south side of Eleventh Street, east of Twenty-fifth Avenue, and transferred his shoe stock there. In 1893 he moved into the new brick building that he had erected at 2421 Eleventh Street. At that time Jacob Greisen formed a partnership with Mr. G. Frischholz; and they added a line of men's clothing to the shoe stock. They conducted this store for several years.

After the partnership was dissolved, Mr. Greisen continued in the clothing and shoe business in his store building, while Mr. G. Frischholz formed a partnership with his brother, Alois. They conducted a clothing and shoe business farther east on Eleventh Street under the name of Frischholz Brothers.

Jacob Greisen sold his shoe and clothing business to A. Svislowsky in 1919, and retired from active business.

Besides his shoe business, he had other business, interests. On January 10, 1888, he became a director of the First National Bank, and served in that capacity until 1927. On January 11, 1927, he was elected vice-president of the First National Bank. He was interested in farming, and owned several farms in Platte County, which he bought through the years.

On November 27, 1892, in St. Bonaventure's Catholic Church in Columbus, Jacob Greisen married Anna Wagner, who was born in Ottawa, Illinois, on December 28, 1865.

Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Greisen had two daughters, Marie and Kathryn.

Marie married John W. Lippstrew. Mr. and Mrs. John W. Lippstrew have one son, James John, born October 30, 1932, in Columbus. He attends St. Bonaventure High School. Mr. Lippstrew is a salesman for the Storz Supply Company, and manager of the local store, at 2303 Thirteenth Street. They live in the former Jacob Greisen residence in the Second Ward, at 2220 Ninth Street.

Kathryn married W. Lyndal Carter. Mr. and Mrs. W. Lyndal Carter have three daughters. They live in South Pasadena, California.

Socially and fraternally, Jacob Greisen was a member of the Maennerchor Society and the Sons of Herman in Columbus, and politically he was a Democrat. He represented the Second Ward for many years as a delegate to both city and county conventions. He served three years, from April, 1902, to April, 1905, as a member of the City Council.

Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Greisen were members of the St. Bonaventure Catholic Church in Columbus. Jacob Greisen died November 24, 1927, and Mrs. Greisen died December 28, 1941.


John Greisen was born in Burrows Township, Platte County, on December 7, 1889, the son of Henry and Mary Seberger Greisen, of the St. Anthony's community in Burrows Township, and the grandson of Christian and Mary Mouss Greisen, who immigrated to the United States from Germany with their family and homesteaded in Burrows Township, in March, 1872.

Peter Ripp was the first Catholic in the St. Anthony's community. He settled there in 1871, and Christian Greisen came early in 1872. However, during that


year, the community was enlarged by the addition of four more Catholic families. From 1872 to 1878, other Catholic families moved into that part of the township. The settlers organized as a congregation, and visiting priests came to the community and said mass for this group at the Christian Greisen home until the first church was built in 1878. Christian Greisen died that year, and Mary Mouss Greisen died in 1894.

Henry Greisen was born in Butcheimer, Germany, on the Rhine, March 16, 1853, and Mary Seberger Greisen was born in Indiana, September 5, 1862. After their marriage, Henry and Mary Seberger Greisen lived on the Greisen farm in the St. Anthony's community until they retired from active farm work when they moved to Columbus. They had ten children. Besides John Greisen, the sons living are Jacob and Hilger. Jacob lives on a farm in the St. Anthony's community. Hilger is married and lives in Burrows Township. Frank, Peter Jr., Phillip Jr., and Max Greisen are deceased. The daughters are: Thresa, Anna, Sophia, and Helen. Thresa married Gus Bernt. Mr. and Mrs. Gus Bernt live on their farm in Columbus Township. Anna married Matt Gilsdorf, and they live in Burrows Township. Sophia married Tony Diedrich. Mr. and Mrs. Diedrich and their family live on a farm north of Monroe in Burrows Township. Helen married Dan Campbell. They live on a ranch in the west. Henry Greisen died March 27, 1940, and Mary Seberger Greisen died November 28, 1935.

Frank Greisen, deceased, married Elizabeth Mausbach, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Mausbach. They had three children, all of whom live in Burrows Township: Paul is married and lives north of Monroe; Wilbert is also married, and Lucille is the wife of Ben Bruce.

On November 9, 1915, John Greisen married Rose Nienaber, at the Holy Family Catholic Church in Lindsay, Nebraska.

Rose Nienaber Greisen is the daughter of Bernard and Clara Tabling Nienaber, of St. Bernard Township. Both her father and mother were natives of Germany. Her, father was born there on October 26, 1864, and her mother was born on November 26, 1874. Mrs. John Greisen has three brothers and five sisters. Her brothers are Tony, Henry, and Andrew Nienaber. Henry and Tony live in St. Bernard Township. Her sisters are: Caroline, Elizabeth, Gertrude, Anna, and Louise. Caroline is the wife of John Niemeyer; Elizabeth is the wife of Carl Eckman; Gertrude married James Leggat; Anna married Watts Perry; and Louise is the wife of Lambert Lapour.

John and Rose Nienaber Greisen had a family of nine children, three sons and six daughters, two of whom are deceased. The others attended school in District 60 in the St. Anthony's community, and the Platte Center High School. They are: Marcella, Phillip, Floreine, Margaret, Ileen, Dorothy, and John Jr. Phillip III was born June 4, 1918, and John Jr. was born March 12, 1936. Marcella married Ves Krings. Joseph and Rita Ann, are deceased. Joseph was born June 21, 1921, and Rita Ann was born October 12, 1925.

Mr. and Mrs. John Greisen and family are members of the St. Anthony Catholic Church in Burrows Township.


Elsie Griffith, the daughter of Ambrose and Margaret Smithers Griffith, was born at Liberty, Missouri.

She received her early education in the schools at Liberty, and was graduated from the Liberty High School in 1906. Following this, she was enrolled at the Mozart Conservatory of Music where she was graduated in 1910 with the degree of Bachelor of Music.

Upon leaving the conservatory, she studied piano and voice in New York, Chicago and abroad.

She then came to Columbus where she had private classes, and in 1912 opened the Griffith's Studio of Piano and Voice which she continued until 1949.

In June, 1946, she went to California where she opened the Griffith's Studio on Wilshire Boulevard at Robertson in Beverly Hills.

Elsie Griffith has attained a high place in her profession, and has numbered among her pupils many who are outstanding in the musical world.

In Nebraska she was affiliated with the Nebraska Federation of Music.

In Columbus she was the Director of the Federated Church Choir for twelve years, was a member of the Friends of Music and served on its first board of directors. She also held membership in the P.E.O., Woman's Club where she was chairman of its music department and the Business and Professional Women's Club which she served as both state and local president.

Miss Griffith is a Presbyterian, and politically is affiliated with the Democratic Party.


Herman Charles Groeteke, Columbus veterinarian, son of Louis and Mina West Groeteke, was born at Scribner, Nebraska, April 24, 1890. His father, born June 1, 1850, in Dusseldorf, Germany, immigrated to this country as a young man, settled on a farm in Dodge County, and died in Fremont, Nebraska, April 11, 1934. His mother, born February 7, 1858, in Waldorf, Germany, lives in Fremont, Nebraska.

Herman C. has two brothers and four sisters: William, who married Clara Wiegand, died June 1, 1933  Arthur, a farmer, married Kate Knutt; Louisa married Henry Shomshor; Frieda married Dr. Houslein; Martha married Oscar Bateman; and Catherine married Paul Wupper Jr., and died November 20, 1918.

Herman attended the Dodge County schools, the Fremont Normal, in Fremont, and the Veterinarian College, at St. Joseph, Missouri, where he was graduated as a doctor of veterinary medicine.

On June 7, 1914, at North Bend, Nebraska, Herman C. Groeteke, D.V.M., was married to Elizabeth Boyle, daughter of Patrick and Marie Malloy Boyle. They had one son, Raymond J. born November 26, 1916, at Hooper, Nebraska. Raymond attended the Columbus

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