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NEBRASKA AND MIDWEST GENEALOGICAL RECORD published by the Nebraska Genealogical Society (group ceased existence in 1944). Most issues are now available on-line. NE Territory census records will be found there, extracts of earliest marriages, Bible records, etc. Indexes for most volumes. Tables of content by volume and a topical index to all issues on-line. (For copies of the original, write to NSHS)

Every name index for volumes I through VIII. NOT ALL issues are available on-line. If you find a name of interest and that issue is NOT posted, write to NSHS to secure a copy of the page / article.

Nebraska State Historical Society Publications
Book Series - "Publications and Collections of NSHS"
(some variation in titles, series and volume numbers as portions were regrouped and reprinted)

1892 - NSHS - Vol III (MARDOS)

1907 - Vol 15 or 2nd Series Vol X (MARDOS)

1898 - NSHS - 2nd Series - Vol II (MARDOS)

1913 - Vol XVII Collections of the NSHS (private loan)

1899 - NSHS - Second Series Vol. III - William Walker (MARDOS)

1917 - Vol XVIII Publications of the NSHS (private loan)

1902 - Vol IX or 2nd Series - Vol IV (MARDOS)

1919 - Vol XIX Publications of the NSHS (private loan)

"Nebraska History & Record of Pioneer Days" OLD Journals of NSHS -
The first three volumes (1918-1920) were done earlier. They include pioneer death notices, notes about donations to NSHS, recollections of prominent persons, articles about NE history (military & otherwise) ... We have provided tables of content, topical index and an index to illustrations.
Mar 2000: Vol IV added, and Volumes V & VI should be available soon. We will add notes to the topic index as soon as possible.
(For copies of the original articles, write to NSHS.)

HISTORY - The title of more recent journals published by the Nebraska State Historical Society. Some issues are still available. NSHS has a comprehensive index to all the issues - recommend you check with them for your surnames.  NSHS does sometimes allow re-publication by a family member for personal genealogy.

Example: "The Home in the Cedars" by Florence B. Kortman from April-June issue of Nebraska History (Vol. XIX, No. 2), printed in January of 1939. An account of the Braun Family's settlement in NE, 1871 provided by Marge Sandlier (check out her Nebraska genealogy page at < >.

Ancestree - Journals of Nebraska State Genealogical Society - NSGS website.
Nov 2000 release of some articles, some issues. Articles will be posted to specific counties, as appropriate. Currently down, link will be updated when this is placed online.

Pioneer Record, Vol 3, no 4 - May 1896, includes list of members of Territorial Pioneers (every name index added). This is the only issue we've had access to, thus far! (MARDOS)

NE Pioneers - Reminiscenses and Proceedings for "Nebraska Territorial Pioneers Association", Vol I (1917) and Vol II (1923) (MARDOS)


"Twenty-First Biennial Report of the State Superintendent of Public Instruction of the State of Nebraska, 1910" by E. C. Bishop. (Aug 2003)
Note: Found in a used book store in California! We have no idea how many of these were published as hard bound books, or for what years.

University of Nebraska

Nebraska Alumnus - one issue, June 1925.

University Yearbooks

1912 University of Nebraska (Lincoln) Annual (private loan)

1924 UNL Cornhusker Yearbook (private loan)

1915 Cornhusker - UNL Annual (MARDOS Memorial Library)

1926 UNL Annual (MARDOS Memorial Library)

1918 Cornhusker - UNL Annual (WW I emphasis) (MARDOS)  

NE Government publications (see "Genealogist's Corner" from NSHS newsletter, for information about these resources)

Note: Materials originally produced by government funding are in the public domain.

Nebraska Legislative Handbook/Manuals

1881 - NA
1887 (MARDOS)
1897 - private loan

1901-02 (MARDOS)
1903-4 (MARDOS)
1911 - NA
1933 (MARDOS)

1889 NE Bluebook and Legislative Manual - special edition that combined two titles for that year only (MARDOS)

Nebraska Blue Books (MARDOS)

 1899-00 - NA

1901-02 - NA
1915 - NA
1922 - NA
1924 - NA

      thereafter ... NE Blue Book was published every two years with exception of 1962

1936 (Unavailable)
1966 (Unavailable)

(NA - not available on internet, yet ...)

Note:  The current Nebraska Blue Book is posted by the state government

Other Nebraska Publications related to government -

Nebraska Senate & House Journal, Thirty-ninth Session (Special) 1919 (Minutes for both houses during special legislative session called by Gov. McKelvie to change NE laws following riots in Omaha).

Civil Government of Nebraska, A Manuel of the History &  - 1885, M.B.C. True: NE Constitution; lists of early officials; explanation of government branches, courts, education, institutions; rules of inheritance; list of crimes with penalties.

"Nebraska, Her Resources, Advantages, Advancement and Promises" (by Furnas, 1885) ALSO "The School Land Laws"
     (Published by order of the Board of Educational Lands and Funds.) by Joseph Scott, 1885

Nebraska Facts (guess-timate published1918) by Dept of Publicity, Lincoln, NE

Hand Book For Nebraska Citizens, - by Grace M. Wheeler, 1919

NOTES: "Nebraska Legislative Year Book, 1897". Book was loaned by Geil Wiggins.
     List of NE government officials, articles on NE institutions (Schools, hospitals, prisons, etc). Index to bios, most have photo. Thank you Geil!
     Similar book for 1901-2 is part of MARDOS Memorial Library Collection. It does not include information on NE institutions.

Nebraska Agriculture

Journal of the Proceedings of the State Board of Agriculture of the State of Nebraska, Sept 4, 1873 to Jan 26, 1878

Nebraska Corn Improvers Association - Ninth Annual Report, 1918
     (Food Production during War; Corn & Corn Shows; Land Problem; Crops, Soil, Climate)

1920 Purebred Livestock Directory


Cass County Historical Society Magazine, Vol. 1, no 1 "Pioneer Stories of Cass County" (abt 1940)

Methodist Episcopal Church Journals - Minutes of ME Conferences in Nebraska (Oct 2000 - moved to NEGenWeb Project "Religion" directory)

Society Newsletters

Newsletters of Eastern NE Genealogical Society - ENGS, "Roots and Leaves", 1997-2005. Available through the NEGenWeb Dodge County website.

Newsletters (partial) of Nemaha Valley Genealogical Society - NVGS, parts of 3 issues from 1996-7 that provided excerpts from The Nebraska Republican newspaper.

Phelps Helps (Spring 1996 - Winter 2005) - Available through the Phelps County website, with every name and subject indexes for 1992-1998.

MORE than Nebraska ... other places

Somebody's Links - back issues of genealogy newsletter by Julia Case.

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