Jessie Brewer
Milie Bradfield
H. G.(?) Campbell
Mary Clarke
Anna Copeland
James F. Copeland
Ed Courtney
Owen Courtney
Fannie(?) Cowel
Fran Cratbe
Ira K. Frankenburger
Albert G(?)ensher
Chas Howe
Agusta Hughes
Maud Hughes
Pam Hughes
(looks like)Sam "Hughes"
Sea Hughes
T. R. Hughes
S. E. Jessee
J. O. A.
Alfred T. Jones
Clyde Jones
Edgar Rhudolph Newman
J. C. Newman
Lillie May Newman
W. A. Noble
Walley (or Volley) (?) Oaks
Em. Rose
Mollie Sparks
Mattie Stokes
Edith Sutton
Josie Sutton
Fannie M. V. Taft(?)
Dell Tenney
Rosa M. Wheeler
R. Woodruff
J. M. Wright

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