(This index is not part of the original book)

This was to be an all name index, however, many names were repeated throughout the book or mentioned in more than one chapter, and therefore are only listed the first time they occur. All such names have * preceeding them.
Also, there were a few names mentioned in passing, such as "Kit Bullard's mill" or "as Byron would have said" with no other reference made to the person, that I have not listed.
Many of the nobels mentioned were referred to only by title: "Crown Prince of Austria" or "Prince and Princess of Wales", etc. Unless their actual names are mentioned, I did not include them in this index.

Mr. Nate Salisbury
Scatter (Indian)
Short Bull (Indian)
Gov. Thayer
Yankton Charlie (Indian)
Mr. Chauncey Thomas
Forward Zane Grey
*Buffalo Jones
*Mrs. Helen Cody Wetmore
*Wild Bill Hickok (also spelled Hickox)
Milesius-King of Spain
Fiacha Straivetine
Muiredach Tireach
PREFACE Colonel Ingraham
Colonel Inman
*General P. H. Sheridan
Chapter 1Antoine LeClair
Black Hawk (Indian)
*Uncle Elijah Cody
*Eliza Cody
*Helen (Nellie) Cody
*Julia Cody
*Martha Cody
*Mary Cody
*May Cody
*Samuel Cody
General Scott
Chapter 2Jane (maid)
Zebulon Pike
Chapter 3*Charlie Cody
*Judge Delahay
Charles Dunn
*Mr. Hathaway
*Col. Jim Lane
Mr. Lawrence
Elijah Lovejoy
*Justice Sharpe
*Gen. Phil H. Sheridan
Chapter 4See Chapter 3
Chapter 5*Bill McCarthy
*Frank McCarthy
*Mr.Alexander Majors
*Jim Willis
Chapter 6Mr. Barnhart
*John C. Douglass
*Eugene Hathaway (son of Mr. Hathaway mentioned in Chapter 3)
Chapter 7Mr. C________ (the only name given for him; husband to Martha Cody)
*Steve Gobel
Miss Mary Hyatt
General Albert Sidney Johnson
John D. Lee
*Lew Simpson
John Willis
Cardinal Wolsey
George Woods
Brigham Young
Chapter 8*George Chrisman
Mr. Edward Creighton
*President Abraham Lincoln
Mr. Russell
Chapter 9David Phillips
Rain-in-the-Face (Indian)
Chapter 10*California Joe
*General Custer
*Lieutenant Flowers
Mamie Perkins
*Alf Slade
Uncle Tom (slave)
Chapter 11Jim (no other name given, an outlaw)
Chapter 12*Gen. Forrest
*Nat Golden
*Mr. J. A. Goodman
Ed Norcross
*Tecumseh Sherman
*Gen. A. J. Smith
Gen. Sturgis
Chapter 13 Col. A. G. Boone (grandson of Daniel Boone)
Col. Clark
Gen. Ewing
Gen. McNeill
Confederate General Price
"Frederick Williams" (cover name for Buffalo Bill)
Judge Wright
Chapter 14 *Louise Frederici
Ben Holliday
John S. Jones
Mr. Myers
General Polk
Mrs. Polk
Bill Trotter
Diana Vernon
Chapter 15 M. E. Albright
Capt. George A. Armes
Mr. Buckley
*Arta Cody
Dr. Cook
James and Younger brothers (James brothers, and the Younger brothers, outlaws)
Mr. Rose
Dr. W. E. Webb
Chapter 16Billy Comstock
Major Cox
Goddard Brothers (suppliers)
Capt. Graham
*General Hazen
Chapter 17 *Maj. Brown
*Gen. Eugene A. Carr
Denver Jim
Gen. Penrose
Col. Royal
Santana (Indian)
Capt Sweetman
Lt. Ward
Chapter 18*Gen Augur
*Brigadier-General Duncan
Quartermaster Hays
*Maj. Frank North
*"Pa-has-ka" (Indian name for Buffalo Bill, translated: "Long-haired-Chief")
Tall Bull (Indian)
Chapter 19*Kit Carson Cody
*Orra Cody
*Gen. Emory
*Col. Judson (real name of "Ned Buntline" the writer)
Gen. Frank Powell
*Red Shirt (Indian)
Chapter 20 *Grand Duke Alexis
Dr. Asch
*James Gordon Bennett
Mr. Bent
Schuyler Crosby
Mrs. Erickson
Gen. Fitzhugh
*J. G. Heckscher
*Leonard and Lawrence Jerome
Mr. Jester
John ("negro boy")
Carroll Livingstone
Professor Marsh
Mrs. McDonald
Miss Emma Plowman (daughter of Thomas)
Thomas Plowman
Agent Todd Randall
*Spotted Tail (Indian)
Chapter 21 Col. Henry R. Guss
Lizzie Guss (daughter of Col. H. R. Guss)
Mr. Frank Thompson
Two Lance (Indian)
Chapter 22 Bob Acres
John Burke
Lt. Lawson
Capt. Meinhold
*T. B. Omohundro ("Texas Jack")
Gen. Reynolds
Chapter 23 Gen. Crook
Cut Nose (Indian)
Capt. Charles King
Col. Wesley Merritt
*Gen. Nelson A. Miles
Col. Mills
*Sitting Bull (Indian)
Yellow Hand (Indian)
Chapter24.htm Will Goodman (son of Mr. J. A. Goodman)
Chapter 25 Reddy
Chapter 26 James G. Blaine
Maj. John M. Burke
Chauncey M. Depew
Murat Halsted
Grand Duke Michael of Russia
Queen Victoria
Chapter 27 American Bear (Indian)
Rose Bonheur
Cut Meant (Indian)
Flat Iron (Indian)
Pope Leo
Chapter 28 Black Heart (Indian)
John Chamberlin
Kicking Bear (Indian)
Lone Bull (Indian)
Long Wolf (Indian)
No Neck (Indian)
Revenge (Indian)
Chapter 29 Broncho Bill
Mr. Mahan
Opie Read
Mr. Hugh A. Wetmore
Chapter 30 General Manager Clarkson
Gov. Holcomb
A. D. Jones
Senator Thurston
Chapter 31 Capt. Fisher
Zane Grey's Finishing Touch Miss Hazel Olive Bennet
C. M. McCutchen

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