A Ride to Panmunjom

by Duane Thorin


1. Fortunes of War
   Prisoners All

2. Everybody Same-Same
   A Matter of Policies

3. Officers and Men
   Survival of the Fit
   Gentleman's Agreement
   Fightin' Man

4. Order Out of Chaos

5. The Power of Reason
   Strength of Mind
   The Road
   Mind Over Matter

6. Deliver Me

7. Brother, Neighbor and Enemy
   By the Riverside
   Valley of the Shadow
   Something for Diversion
   Room Service
   The Sign

8. To Freedom
   A Million Chungs
   The Gate

"Nov. 25, 1999
For Lynn and her Legacy Preservation
Duane Thorin"

© 1999, Duane Thorin
©1999, design by Lynn Waterman