(Corner of Seventh and F streets, N.W.)

Secretary of the Interior--Hoke Smith, 1623 K street, N.W.
First Assistant Secretary--Willim H. Sims, Arlington Hotel
Assistant Secretary--John M. Reynolds, 1510 H street, N.W.
Assistant Attorney-General for the Department of the Interior--John I. Hall, 340 C street, N.W.
Chief Clerk--Josephus Daniels, 1311 H street, N.W.
Chief Law Clerk--Emory F. Best
Appointment Division--Chief, John W. Holcombe, 1829 Corcoran street, N.W.
Disbursing Division--Chief, George W. Evans, 918 Nineteenth street, N.W.
Lands and Railroads Division--Chief, Mark Cooper Pope, 1209 K Street, N.W.
Indian Division--Chief, William C. Pollock, 1317 Eleventh street, N.W.
Miscellaneous Division--Chief, William P. Couper, 28 Iowa Circle
Board Pension Appeals--Chairman, John A. Lacy, 3407 N street, N.W.
Stationery and Printing Division--Chief, Thomas A. Tomlinson, 924 Ninth street, N.W.
Document Division--Superintendent of Documents, John G. Ames, 1600 Thirteenth street, N.W.
Private Secretary--Claude N. Bennett, 1510 H street, N.W.
Custodian--Hiram Buckingham, 624 E street, N.W.


(Interior Department Building)

Commissioner--Silas W. Lamoreux, 1014 Fifteenth street, N.W.
Assistant Commissioner--Edward A. Bowers, 1520 H street, N.W.
Chief Clerk--Michael A. Jacobs, The Anderson, Four-and-a-half and C streets, N.W.
Recorder--Lucius Q. C. Lamar, 1536 I street, N.W.
Principal Clerk of Public Lands--Robert K. Gillespie, 455 G street, N.W.
Principal Clerk on Private Land Claims--William L. Kee, 1102 North Capitol street
Principal Clerk of Surveys--Frank Flynt, 420 Sixth street, N.W.
Railroad Division--Chief, William J. McGee, 636 C street, N.E.
Pre-emption Division--Chief, Goerge McCorkle, 1313 Wallach Place, N.W.
Contest Division--Chief, Michael F. O'Donoghue, 612 Eighteenth street, N.W.
Swamp Land Division--Chief, Edmond Mallet, 1531 Eighth street, N.W.
Accounts Division--Chief, William C. Braly, 417 Sixth street, N.W.
Mineral Division--Chief, John E. Wright, 316 Elm street, La Droit Park
Special Service Division--Chief, John R. Moore, 608 E street, N.W.
Drafting Division--Chief, Harry King, 1335 Q street, N.W.
Receiving Clerk--Marion McH. Hull, 1623 K street, N.W.
Law Clerks--J. W. Witten, 457 Florida avenue, N.W.
          T. Warren Akin, 730 Ninth street, N.W.
Law Examiners--W. O. Conway, 310 Fourth street, S.E.
          Jno. V. Wright, Lafayette square No. 4


(Interior Department Building

Commissioner--John S. Seymour, The Elsmere
Assistant-Commissioner--Samuel T. Fisher, Rockville, Md
Chief Clerk--Samuel E. Darby, 423 M street, N.E.
Financial Clerk--Frank D. Sloat, The Hamilton
Law Clerks--Levin H. Campbell, Hyattsville, Md
         James T. Newton, Brookland
Examiners-in-Chief--R. L. B. Clarke, 216 New Jersey avenue, S.E.
         H. H. Bates, The Portland
         S. W. Stocking, 1248 Eighth street, N.W.
Principal Examiners:
    Interferences--Watler Johnson, 918 M street, N.W.
    Tillage--Oscar C. Fox, Linden, Md
    Farm, Stock, and Products--
    Metallurgy--Eugene A. Brynes, 1506 Seventeenth street, N.W.
    Civil Engineering--B. W. Pond, Eckington, D.C.
    Fine Arts--
    Chemistry--J. B. Littlewood, 415 B street, N.E.
    Harvesters--Frank C. Skinner, 1231 S street, N.W.
    Household Furniture--Wesley G. Carr, 1611 Riggs Place, N.W.
    Hydraulics--F. M. Tryson, 913 Eighth street, N.W.
    Land Conveyances--H. P. Sanders, 1504 Twenty-first street, N.W.
    Leather-working Machinery and Products--Eugene M. Harmon, Eckington, D.C.
    Mechanical Engineering--William L. Aughinbaugh, 1420 Sixth street, N.W.
    Metal Working--William H. Blodgett, Washington Grove, Md
    Plastics, Artificial Stones, Lime, and Cement--Thomson J. Hudson, 10 Ninth street, S.E.
    Electricity, A--Gustav Bissing, 716 West Lombard street, Baltimore, Md.
    Printing and Paper manufactures--James Q. Rice, 1713 Corcoran street
    Steam Engineering--Francis Fowler, 1449 Q street, N.W.
    Calorifics--Thomas G. Steward, 628 East Capitol street
    Builders' Hardware and Surgery--A. G. Wilkinson, 1526 K street, N.W.
    Textiles--Robert P. Hains, 1006 I street, N.W.
    Firearms, Ordnance, Marine Propulsion and Shipbuilding--Malcolm Seaton, 3 Cooke Place, Georgetown
    Instruments of Precision and Trade-Marks--F. A. Seely, 2020 G street, N.W.
    Designs and Sewing machines--P. B. Pierce, 1119 Seventeenth street, N.W.
    Artesian and Oil Wells, Mills and Thrashing, Stone Working--L. B. Wynn, 1424 Chapin street, N.W.
    Electricity, B--G. D. Seely, 2203 M street, N.W.
    Washing, Brushing, and Abrading--C. G. Gould, 1617 Thirteenth street, N.W.
    Pneumatics--W. W. Townsend, 1443 Kenesaw avenue, Mount Pleasant
    Wood Working--Ballard N. Morris, Fourteenth and Park streets, Mount Pleasant
    Typewriting and Linotype Machine, Matrix Making, Lamps and Gas-fittings--Oscar Woodward, Woodside, Montgomery Co, Md.
    Gas, Painting, Hides, Skins and Leather, Alcohol and Oils--George S. Ely, 300 First street, S.E.
    Advertising, Baggage, Packing, and Storing--A. P. Greeley, 1225 O street, N.W.
Chiefs of Divisions:
   Issue and Gazette--John W. Babson, 106 Eleventh street, S. E.
   Draftsman--Jos. B. Marvin, 1620 Riggs Place
   Assignment--Frederick V. Booth, 322 Indiana avenue
   Librarian--Howard L. Prince, 419 Spruce street, N.W.


(Pension Building, Judiciary Square)

Commissioner--William Lochren, Hotel Arno
First Deputy Commissioner--Dominic I. Murphy, 911 T street, N.W.
Second Deputy Commissioner--Henry C. Bell, 405 East Capitol street
Chief Clerk--Charles A. McKevitte, The Gramercy
Assistant Chief Clerk--John Anthony, 332 E street, N.E.
Medical Referee--Thomas Featherstonhaugh, 424 C street, M.E.
Assistant Medical Referee--Daniel C. Gentsch, 226 I street, N.W.
Law Division--Chief, Frank E. Anderson, Alexandria, Va.
Board of Review--Chief, Algernon A. Aspinwall, 1305 Riggs street, N.W.
Board of Revision--Chief, James R. Van Mater, 1450 Stoughton street, N.W.
Medical Division--Medical Referee in charge
Special Examination Division--Chief, James R. Fritts, 232 E street, N.E.
Old War and navy Division--Chief, Napolon J. T. Dana, 413 Fourth street, N.W.
Eastern Division--Chief, Romeo L. De Puy, 228 Ninth street, N.E.
Middle Division--Chief, George T. Ribble, 723 Spruce street, Le Droit Park
Western Division--Chief, John G. Gray, 1326 L street, N.W.
Southern Division--Chief, Edwin G. Crabbe, 1227 I street, N.W.
Record Division--Chief, John D. Kynaston, 924 Twenty-third street, N.W.
Certificate Division--Chief, John McL. Lipscomb, Mount Pleasant, D.C.
Finance Division--Chief, William B. Shaw, Jr., 1829 G street, N.W.
Mail Division--Chief, Stirling W. Roberts, 307 C street, N.W.
Stationery Division--Chief, Albert H. Parr, 1494 H street, N.E.
Army and navy Survivors' Divison--Chief, Thomas C. Rye, 1019 Sixteenth street, N.W.


(No. 308 F street, N.Y.)

Pension Agent--Sidney L. Wilson, 521 Fourth street, N.W.
Chief Clerk--William Summers, 129 E street, N.W.


(Seventh floor Atlantic building, F street, south side, between Ninth and Tenth, N.W.)

Commissioner-Daniel M. Browning, 415 First street, N.E.
Assistant Commissioner--Frank C. Armstrong, 1928 N street, N.W.
Finance Division--Financial Clerk, Samuel E. Slater, 1415 S street, N.W.
Land Division--Chief, Charles F. Larrabee, 1718 Oregon avenue
Accounts Division--Chief, William S. Davis, 915 Rhode Island avenue, N.W.
Education Division--Chief, Frank F. Palmer, 119 New York avenue, N.W.
Records and Files Division--Chief, George H. Holtzman, 905 Tenth street, N.W.


(Northeast corner of Eighth and G streets, N.W.)

Commissioner--William T. Harris, 914 Twenty-third street, N.W.
Chief Clerk--
Statistician--Weston Flint, 1101 K street, N.W.


(Thrd floor Pension building, Judiciary Square)

Commissioner--Wade Hampton, Metropolitan Hotel
Bookeeper--Francis E. Storm, The Windsor


(Hooe building, 1330 F street, N.W.)

Director--John W. Powell, 910 M street, N.W.
Chief Clerk--Henry C. Rizer, 1727 Q street, N.W.
Chief Disbursing Clerk--John D. McChesney, 1725 Riggs Place, N.W.
Executive Officer--


(512 Ninth street, N.W.)

Acting Superintendent--Carrol D. Wright, 1209 S street, N.W.
Chief Clerk--James H. Wardle, 1735 Ninth street, N.W.
First Division--Population, William A. King in charge
Second Division--Manufactures, William M. Steuart in charge
Third Division--Agriculture, W. Harry Olcott in charge
Fourth Division--Farms, Homes, and mortgages, George K. Holmes in charge
Fifth Division--Vital Statistics, Dr. John S. Billings, Expert Special Agent
Sixth Division--Social Statistics, Prof. James H. Blodgett in charge
Seventh Division--Wealth, Debt, and Taxation, J. Kendrick Upton in charge
Eighth Division--Printing and Stationery, Louis C. Schuckers in charge
Ninth Division--Revision and results, Armin E. Shuman in charge

Department of Agriculture
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