Our nation is in mourning this week, due to the horrendous terrorist attack upon it! Many people are outraged at the audacity of this attack. Many people are still in shock by the events. Many more are in mourning. But there are few that are not touched in some way.

Early morning of September 11, 2001, terrorists hijacked four airplanes from our own airports, two from a Boston airport, one from Dulles Airport in Virginia, and one from a Newark, New Jersey airport. Two of these jumbo jets were flown into the two towers of the World Trade Center in Manhattan, New York, one was slammed into the Pentagon Building in Washington, and one crashed outside Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

Shortly after the two jets crashed into the World Trade Center, the two 110 story buildings collapsed, killing and trapping many thousands more workers and visitors. (Total dead could be 5000 or more) Over 300 firemen and police officers, rescuers, are missing and feared dead. They were the first on the scene after the first airplane struck the south tower of the trade center. They rushed in to help their fellow man, and were taken by surprise, apparently, when the tower collapsed.

One of the jets was flown into the Pentagon building, and killed at least 200 people there, including the ones on the aircraft. The death toll would have been much higher, if that particular section had not been under renovation, and many offices were not open.

There are rumors that the passengers of the fourth plane may have fought with their abductors, and caused that plane to crash in an empty field instead of into its intended target. Just what that target was, is not truly known, at this time. Some have speculated that it was Camp David, and others that it was the White House.

There has also been speculation that the White House was the actual target of the plane which struck the Pentagon. President George W. Bush was not at the White House at the time. He was in Florida visiting a grade school.

President Bush called this an 'act of war', and declared that the United States was now at war with terrorists. And in my opinion, he is correct, this nation is at war!

This is just my interpretation of the events. Please, check out other websites for more details.

Our hearts go out to the families of the victims of this unprovoked attack!
And our heart felt thanks to all of the rescue workers and volunteers that have helped and dealt with this disaster!

September 14, 2001

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