"Your debt is this!" The voice triumphantly said
Crying, "I cannot pay my bill!" I humbly bowed my head
Not knowing what to do, I waited for the worst
Waiting to be beaten or to death be even cursed
Then, a hand fell on my shoulder and my Lord
Said, "Whatís the price?"
"To pay my childrenís debts, my life Iíll sacrifice."
It was agreed His life be given. His blood
It would be shed
So up Mount Calvary, by soldiers He was led
On a cross they hung my Lord, spikes through
His hands and feet
Between two thieves, they placed his cross
In a hole dug just so deep
He died upon that cross, suffering all the misery
The pain which should have been upon you and me
So that a crown of life on our heads could be bestowed
He gave His life to pay a debt...
A debt He didnít owe

© 1992, by Cynthia L. Johnson

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