The mist so thick, her clothes were wet
Not knowing tonight it would be met
Searching, not knowing where she was bound
Looking, not knowing it would be found
She walked on not knowing what else to do
Shivering, no coat to protect her from the dew
As her heart told her, "You must stop here."
The mist suddenly began to clear
In front of her the lonely stone was placed
She fell to her knees and covered her face
The stoneís saying Mother or Daddy, she knows it is
She raises her eyes, but not hers nor his
Her own name on the stone appears
She shivers again, not cold-but fear
"Oh, Lord! I donít understand," she cries
The silence deafening while on her knees she lies
Her destiny must be chosen tonight
Die without Him or have everlasting life
"My Lord...," she begins to pray
"... have mercy on my soul today."
"Take my hand and guide me, Lord."
"Iíll go through whatever you have in store.Ē"
"Dry your eyes, child." She heard from above
"Your destiny you chose because of my love."
She got to her feet and the mist rolled in
Her destiny was chosen, she would serve Him to the end
As she walked and I awoke, it became clear to see
The girl on this journey was no other, but me.

© 1992, by Cynthia L. Johnson

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