On April 7, 2001, approximately 12:30 AM, a tornado passed over the town of Chambers, Nebraska. These are pictures of the after-math.

To see a close-up, click on the thumbnail.
More pictures will be posted as they become available. (I had hoped for more pictures than were just added, however, the other film was destroyed in my camera, so I was unable to get them.)

All of the bark was stripped from this tree
Barn? What barn?
This tree was uprooted. The foundation was for a shed, that was moved off, and flipped over
This was the worst damaged home.
The pickup was just parked in the wrong place
This was, as far as known, the only vehicle destroyed
Just another victim of the storm
Damage to the Cemetery
Close Encounter of the Unwanted Kind!
Part of tree covers the corner
One way to top tall trees!

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© 2001 by Lynn Waterman