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In Flanders fields the poppies blow

Between the crosses, row on row,

That mark our place, and in the sky

The larks, still bravely singing, fly

Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the Dead. Short days ago

We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,

Loved and were loved, and now we lie

In Flanders fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:

To you from failing hands we throw

The torch; be yours to hold it high.

If ye break faith with us who die

We shall not sleep, though poppies grow

In Flanders fields.

Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae, MD (1872-1918)



Oh! sleep in peace where poppies grow;

The torch your falling hands let go

Was caught by us, again held high,

A beacon light in Flanders sky

That dims the stars to those below.

You are our dead, you held the foe,

And ere the poppies cease to blow,

We'll prove our faith in you who lie

In Flanders Fields.

Oh! rest in peace, we quickly go

To you who bravely died, and know

In other fields was heard the cry,

For freedom's cause, of you who lie,

So still asleep where poppies grow,

In Flanders Fields.

As in rumbling sound, to and fro,

The lightning flashes, sky aglow,

The mighty hosts appear, and high

Above the din of battle cry,

Scarce heard amidst the guns below,

Are fearless hearts who fight the foe,

And guard the place where poppies grow.

Oh! sleep in peace, all you who lie

In Flanders Fields.

And still the poppies gently blow,

Between the crosses, row on row.

The larks, still bravely soaring high,

Are singing now their lullaby

To you who sleep where poppies grow

In Flanders Fields.

John Mitchell



In Flanders Fields the poppies bloom,

Where standing crosses mark your tomb,

Where larks area gaily singing still,

But now we hear their skyward trill,

For all the guns have ceased to boom.

The crosses tells us you are dead,

But flaming poppies teal instead,

That you are living now anew,

In hearts who caught the torch you threw

From Flanders Field

Though you are sleeping ?over There?,

Wee know that you are living here,

We loved you then, we love you still,

So long as poppies bloom, we will;

So long as larks sing in the air

In Flanders Field

James Heron

From ?The Measure of a Man? 1923
Sergeant ABART Henry H. Lincoln DD 216
Mechanic ABBOTT Floyd M. Fairmont WA 211
Private ACHEN Glen L. Alma DW 217 211
Private ACKERMAN Arthur Edwin Ong KIA 215
Corporal ADAMS Leslie Superior KIA 215
Private ADAMS John L. Wisner DD 216
Corporal ADLER Adam A. Hastings KIA 215
Private ADOLFSON Arthur E. Malmo DD 216
Corporal ALDERSON Leonard C. Belden DD 216 211
Private ALFORD James F. Omaha DD 216
Corporal ALLEY Lance Whitman DW 217
Private ALLEY Lawrence A. Whitman KIA 215
Captain ALLYN Arthur E., Jr. Hastings DW 217
Sergeant AMSBERRY Ora B. Mason City DD 216
Corporal ANDERSON Arthur Valparaiso DW NSHS
Private ANDERSON Carl A. Boone WA 211
Private ANDERSON Albert H. Omaha KIA 215 201
Wagoner ANDERSON Eddie Oakland DD 216
Private ANDERSON Stanley Hartington KIA 215
Private ANDREASSEN Laurits Hartington WA 211
Corporal ANDREWS Robert C. Lake WA 211
Private ANDREWS Jeff Broken Bow KIA 215
Private ANTRAM Clarence Lewis Tobias DD NSHS
Private APPLEBEE Roy Beatrice DD 216
Private ARPS William Millard KIA 215 212
Private ART John A. Omaha DW 217
Private ASLMAKOPOULOS Demetrios Alliance KIA 215
Private ATTERBERRY Charles I. Vona DD 216
Private AUGUST Ernest Royal Dorchester KIA 215 201
Private AUGUSTIN John C. Ashton DA 218
Captain AUSTIN James B. Omaba DW 217
Private AVERY George P. Spaulding DA 218
Private BAATZ Herman Frederick Western DW 217
Private BABB James E. South Omaha DW 217
Private BACKMAN Adolph G. New Castle KIA 215
Private BAILEY Erwin M. Hayes Center DD NSHS
Private BAILEY Edison J. Guide Rock KIA 215
Private BAILEY Walter E. Stuart DD NSHS
Private BAIRD Verner A. Brunswick KIA 215 211
Corporal BAKER Sterling Seward DA 218
Private BALUSAUCKS Joseph South Omaha WA 211
Private BANKS Leonard S. Fairman KIA 215
Private BARRETT Walter C. Wayne DD 216
Private BARTUSLAK Andrew E. Elyria KIA 215
Private BASTIAN Anton C. Wayne KIA 215
Private BATES Robert H. Wahoo DW 217
Private BAUER Jacob G. Lincoln DD 216
Private BEACHLER Corley C. Reynolds KIA 215
Private BEAM Guy Herman Hayes Center KIA 215
Corporal BEAVER Herbert Wahoo KIA 215
Private BECK Andrew August Hayes Center KIA 215 211
Private BECK Reuben Scotia DW 217
Private BEHRENDS George H. Crab Orchard DD 216
Private BEIRIGER Albert G. Roseland DD 201
Private BEJLEK Albert Omaha DW 217
Private BELZ Fred F. Stanton DW 217
Private BENDOWSKY Frank Grand Island KIA 215
Private BENHAM Thomas E. Lincoln DW 217
Wagoner BENHART Edwin Alexander Taylor DD 216 201
Private BENNETT Owen Ellsworth KIA 215 201
Corporal BENNINGTON Ralph A. Litchfield DD 216
Sergeant BENSON Harry A. Stanton WA 201
Private BERGER Albert G. Roseland DD 216 201
Private BERGSTRASSER Otto A. Sterling DW 217
Corporal BERLAGE John W. Omaha DW 217
Private BERNASEK Frank, Jr. Geneva DW 217 211
Private BERNERT Joseph Mason DW 217
Private BERRY Oscar E. Tryon DD NSHS
Private BERRYMAN Roy B. Central City KIA 215
Private BESACK Bernard G. Springfield WA 211
Private BETTENHAUSEN William West Point DW 217
Private BETTS Fred L. Grand Island KIA 215 201
Private BEYER William Palmer KIA 215
Private BILILE Irvia E. Seresco DD 216
Private BILLS Claude W. Mill KIA NSHS
Corporal BISCO George W. Beatrice DD 216
Private BISHOP Leon Mason City KIA NSHS
Private BITTING Arthur Beatrice KIA 215
Private BLATNY Jacob A. Linwood DW 217 211
Private BOECKNER Henry J. Plymouth DW 217 212
Private BOHL John Lincoln KIA 215
Private BOKEMBER Anton H. Wakefield KIA 212
Private BOLTON Ervin I. York KIA 215
Private BOND Herman Loyd Benkelman KIA 215
Private BONHAM Charles Roy Beaver City KIA 215 201
Corporal BORING Glen Ashland KIA 215
Private BOSE Frank David City KIA 215
Private BOSSARD Harry Vern Papilion DW 217
Private BOTTELFSON Bernhardt Hartington KIA 215
Private BOUBAR Emil Omaha DW 217
Private BOUDEN Earl Brunswick WA 211
Private BOWER William Riverton DW NSHS 211
Corporal BOWERS Adra D. Lincoln DD 216
Private BOWKER Harry C. Omaha KIA 215
Lieutenant BOYLE Junius I. Kearney KIA 215
Sergeant BRAINERD William D. Minden DD 216
Private BRAMMER Leo I. Rockville KIA 215 212
Private BRAMS Magnua M. Scottsbluff KIA 215
Private BRANDSTETTER Ferdinand Howell KIA 215
Private BRAY Earl L. Velma KIA 215
Cook BRAY Garnet L. Mason City DD 216
Lieutenant BREESE Winfield Starr Lincoln DA 218
Private BREWER James H. Greeley KIA 215
Private BRIGHT Lewis A. Red Cloud KIA 215 201
Private BRINDA Leo Valentine KIA 215
Private BRITTENHAM Floyd E. Bradley Island KIA 215
Private BRODINE Edward Elm Creek DW NSHS
Private BROKEMPER Anton Wakefield KIA 215
Private BROOKS Washington M. Cascade WA 211
Private BROWN Howard Elmer Lincoln KIA 215
Private BROWN Andrew J. Burkett DW 217
Private BROWN Ralph Albert Crofton DW 217 201
Private BUCKINGHAM Earle E. Harrison DD 216 201
Private BURDICK James Berwyn DD 216
Private BURGENGER Fred Fremont DD 216
Corporal BURGESS Archie B. Julian WA 201
Private BURGNER Raymond F. Plattee DD 216
Lieutenant BURKE Walter E. Maywood KIA 215
Private BURR Andrew A. Upland WA 211
Private BURROWES John B. Loup City DD 216
Private BURTON William J. DD 216
Private BUTLER Homer J. Midvale KIA 215
Private BUTTERFIELD Archie W. Knoxville DD 216 213
Lieutenant CADWALLDER Charles F. Oxford DA 218
Private CADY Fayette G. Alma DD 216
Private CAIN Henry Earl Anselmo KIA 215 201
Master Electrician CALDWELL William S. Omaha DA 218
Private CAMPBELL George W. Gresham DD 216
Private CAMPBELL Roe E. Steel City DW NSHS
Private CARDER Paul L. Creighton DD 216
Private CARLSON John Gothenburg KIA 215
Private CARLSON August L. Bertrand KIA 215 201
Private CARLSON Erik M. Omaha KIA 215 201
Private CARPENTER Elvard M. Hildreth WA 211
Master Engineer CARROLL Albert L. North Platte DD 216
Sergeant CARROLL Frank Joseph Lynch DW 217
Private CARTER Leora Fairbury KIA 215
Private CATES Edwin L. Wood River DA 218
Lieutenant CATHER Grossmer Bladen KIA NSHS
Private CATTRON Wesley M. Oshkosh DD 216
Private CERV Lewis Dodge DD 216
Private CESSELL Gunnar K. Ainsworth KIA 215
Sergeant CHADWICK William O. Cotesfield DW 217
Private CHAPELLE Atlee E. Ponca KIA 215
Corporal CHAVET Albert H. Ellis DW 217
Private CHEATHAM James T. Garland DD 216
Private CHRISTENSON Otto Oakland KIA 215
Corporal CHURCH Floyd M. South Sioux City WA 212
Corporal CISCO George W. Beatrice DD 216
Private CIZEK Joe C. Prague WA 212
Private CLARK Clifford S. Burwell KIA 215
Private CLARK Roy F. Moorefield DD 216 212
Private CLIFTON Jesse Omaha DD 216
Private CLOAN Frank B. Geneva DD 216
Private CLYDE Joe N. Paddock DW 217
Private COFFMAN Paul Mason City DD 216 212
Private COHR Harry Fairmont KIA 215
Private COLLING Mathias H. Indianola DW 217
Private CONE William A. Ashland KIA 215
Private CONLEY Leonard Omaha KIA 215
Lieutenant CONNELL Robert D. Omaha DD NSHS
Corporal CONSER Arthur M. Hampton DD 216
Private COOK Lester C. Albion DA NSHS 201
Private COOKSLEY Frank Weissert DW 217
Private COOPER Robert H. Oshkosh DD 216
Cook CORLEU August Bloomfield DD 216
Private CORLISS George A. Hebron WA 212
Private CORY Lewis Dodge DD 216
Private COWNIE Brodie G. South Sioux City DW 217
Corporal CRACKEN Chas. M. Springview KIA NSHS
Private CRIGLER James W. Nelson DW NSHS 202
Private CRIPPEN Vincent L. Paxton DD 216
Private CRISIER Waldo Henry St. Edwards KIA 215
Private CROSIER Waldo H. St. Edward DA NSHS 201
Private CROW Arthur J. Omaha DW NSHS
Private CRUM Burl C. Decatur KIA 215
Private CULLERS Arch Crawford DW 217
Private CULLIP Clarence S. Kenesaw DA 218 212
Cook CUNNINGHAM Norman W. Valentine DD 216
Private CUSHMAN Charles Broken Bow KIA 215
Private CZERWONKA Vincent Richland DD 216 201
Private DANCE Harold A. Aurora DD NSHS 209
Private DAVIDSON Earl Ulysses KIA 215 210
Private DAVIS Sydney Fred Oxford KIA 215
Private DAVIS William Henry Rushville KIA 215
Private DAVIS Lee Packard Dakota City RD NSHS
Private DAVIS Neil E. Amherst RD NSHS
Private DAVIS Henry H. Kearney DW NSHS
Sergeant DAWSON Elsa York DW 217
Private DAY Robert J. Aurora DW 217
Private DAY Warren LeRoy Blue Springs KIA 215
Private DEANGELO Frank Superior DA 218
Sergeant DEBOLT William Bassett KIA NSHS
Private DEBRUNNER Francis L. Lodgepole DW 217
Private DECK Ernest Frederick Hocking KIA 215
Private DEHART Hugh F. Humholdt KIA 215 212
Private DELOZIER Nealie H. Magnet KIA 215
Private DEM Rudolph Omaha KIA 215 201
Private DENTON Frank R. Kennard WA 210
Private DEVENEY John F. Omaha DW 217
Private DITTMER Hans H. Clarks KIA 215
Private DITTMER Fred C. Ohiowa WA 210
Private DONEGAN Noel C. North Plattc DW 217
Corporal DOWLING William D. Chadron DA 218
Private DUBUQUE Bertie L. Lincoln KIA 215
Private DUGAN John P. Tilden DD 216
Private DURHAM Oliver F. Naponee KIA 215 210
Private DURHAM Roy O. Bruning DD 216 210
Private DUSENBERRY Eldert A. Aurora DD 216
Private DWYER Daniel J. Omalia DW 217
Private EACRITT John A. Scottsbluff DD 216
Private EATON Roy H. Omaha KIA 215
Private ECKLEY Earl D. Tekamah WA 210
Private EDMISTON Norman Norse Bluff WA 210
Private EGGERT Thomas M. Omaha KIA 215
Private EGLE William Palisade KIA 215
Private EGR Charles J. Weston DD 216
Private EHEMONSKI John Panama KIA NSHS
Private EHLER William Bennington DD 216
Private EISELE David W. Roca KIA 215
Private ELANDER Hedge Brady KIA 215
Corporal ELBER George McCook DD 216 210
Corporal ELDER Guy E. Omaha DD 216
Private ELLIS Glen Farnum DD 216
Private EMBREY Walter W. Wallace DD 216
Private EMORY Cyril A. Omaha KIA 215
Private EMRICH William G. Omaha DD 216
Private ENGLE Walter L. Grant DD 216
Private ENGLER William Lexington DW 217 210
Private ENSLEY James H. Ainsworth DD NSHS
Private ERICKSON Carl M. Bladen KIA 215
Private ERVIN Ernest J. Omaha DD 216
Private EVANS Samuel O. Sutherland DD 216

Status Legend:
KIA = Killed in Action
WA = Wounded in Action
DW = Died of Wounds
DD = Died of Disease
RD = Reported Died

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Transcription Courtesy of: S.M. Anderson
Graphic © S.M. Anderson, 2004