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In Flanders fields the poppies blow

Between the crosses, row on row,

That mark our place, and in the sky

The larks, still bravely singing, fly

Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the Dead. Short days ago

We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,

Loved and were loved, and now we lie

In Flanders fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:

To you from failing hands we throw

The torch; be yours to hold it high.

If ye break faith with us who die

We shall not sleep, though poppies grow

In Flanders fields.

Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae, MD (1872-1918)



Oh! sleep in peace where poppies grow;

The torch your falling hands let go

Was caught by us, again held high,

A beacon light in Flanders sky

That dims the stars to those below.

You are our dead, you held the foe,

And ere the poppies cease to blow,

We'll prove our faith in you who lie

In Flanders Fields.

Oh! rest in peace, we quickly go

To you who bravely died, and know

In other fields was heard the cry,

For freedom's cause, of you who lie,

So still asleep where poppies grow,

In Flanders Fields.

As in rumbling sound, to and fro,

The lightning flashes, sky aglow,

The mighty hosts appear, and high

Above the din of battle cry,

Scarce heard amidst the guns below,

Are fearless hearts who fight the foe,

And guard the place where poppies grow.

Oh! sleep in peace, all you who lie

In Flanders Fields.

And still the poppies gently blow,

Between the crosses, row on row.

The larks, still bravely soaring high,

Are singing now their lullaby

To you who sleep where poppies grow

In Flanders Fields.

John Mitchell



In Flanders Fields the poppies bloom,

Where standing crosses mark your tomb,

Where larks area gaily singing still,

But now we hear their skyward trill,

For all the guns have ceased to boom.

The crosses tells us you are dead,

But flaming poppies teal instead,

That you are living now anew,

In hearts who caught the torch you threw

From Flanders Field

Though you are sleeping ?over There?,

Wee know that you are living here,

We loved you then, we love you still,

So long as poppies bloom, we will;

So long as larks sing in the air

In Flanders Field

James Heron

From ?The Measure of a Man? 1923
Private PALLAS Frank Thurston DD 217
Corporal PALMER Joseph E. Broken Bow DW NSHS
Sergeant PALMER Harry C. Hayes Center DW 217
Sergeant PALMER Harry Meade Madison KIA 215
Private PALMER George S. Grand Island KIA 216
Private PARISH Benjamin A. Cortland KIA 216
Lieutenant PARKINSON Charles R. Lincoln DD 216
Private PARLI Will F. Pawnee City KIA 216
Sergeant PARRY Robert Owen Monroe KIA 215 204
Private PARSON Edward W. Douglas DD 217 212
Private PARSONS Chester Beaver City KIA 216
Private PATCHIN Leroy L. Hazard KIA 216
Private PAXTON George G. Valentine DD NSHS
Private PAYNE James L. Bridgeport KIA 216
Private PECK Frederick L. Florence DW 217
Private PENDER Joseph L. Ainsworth KIA 216 205
Private PENDERGAST Everett R. Chambers DD 217
Private PENINGER Ira A. Valparaiso DA 218
Private PESEK Hubert Gibbon KIA 216
Private PETERS Fred W. Verdel DD 217
Private PETERSEN Johannes S. St. Paul DD 217 205
Private PETERSEN Andrew, Jr. Minden WA 205
Private PETERSON Andrew Else Yutan DD 217 204
Private PETERSON P. Dorchester KIA NSHS
Private PETERSON Avie Kenesaw KIA 216
Private PETERSON Reuben S. Newman Grove DA 218
Private PETERSON Swen H. Craig KIA 216
Lieutenant PETERSON Wm. B. Omaha DA 218
Private PETERSON Luther A. Fremont KIA 216 205
Private PETERSON Richard Patrick Dorchester KIA 216
Private PETERSON Henry F. Arlington KIA 216
Private PETERSON Nels J Omaha KIA 216
Private PFEIFFER Martin August Ellwood KIA 216
Private PFIETERER Emil J. Rushville DD 217
Private PHELPHS Paul C. Peru KIA 216
Lieutenant PHILBRICK Fred Fullerton KIA 204
Lieutenant PHILLIPS Clifford E. Falls City WA 205
Private PHILLIPS John T. Omaha DW 217 204
Private PHILLIPS Walter T. Freedom DD 217 203
Private PICCOLO Angelo Omaha DW 217 204
Private PICKHINKE Bernard A. Howells WA 205
Corporal PIERSON Arthur H. Salem DD 216
Private PIKE Elvin H. Bloomington DA 218 205
Private PIPER Ralph A. Wood Lake DW 217
Private PIZER Adrian Lewellen KIA 216 204
Private PODANSY Anton J. Clarkson KIA NSHS
Private POE Thomas H. Odell KIA 216 205
Private POELS Anton David City KIA 216
Private POHLMAN Albert H. Seward DW 217 205
Private POPA Frank M. Magnet DW 217
Private PORTER Lynn T. Crookston DD 217
Private POST Gustaf Emil Marquette KIA 216
Private POULSEN Hans C. Blair WA 205
Private POWELL Charles C. Neligh KIA NSHS
Private POWELL Delbert D. Mmature KIA 216
Private POWERS William Bertrand DW 217
Sergeant PRENDERGAST J. L. Duff KIA 215
Private PROKOF Lewis Wilber DD 217
Private PROVINCE Clarence L. Oconto DW 217 204
Private QUAKENBUSH Clinton F. Bingham KIA 216
Private QUIMBY David Newton KIA 216
Private QUINN William D. Elkhorn KIA 216
Corporal QUISENBERRY William H. Wood River DD 216
Private RALPH Earl Guide Rock KIA 216
Private RAMOLD John New City KIA 216
Private RAMSEY Richard B. McCool DD NSHS
Private RANDANT Oscar Albert Madison DW 217
Private RAPHAEL Joseph S. Grand Island DD NSHS
Private RAUSCHER Richard Falls City DW 217 205
Sergeant READINGER Douglas H. West Point DW 217
Sergeant REALPH harvey M. Hooper WA 213
Corporal REAVER Herbert Wahoo KIA NSHS
Private REED Irvin O. Harrington DW 217 204
Sergeant REED Roy C. Winside DW 217 204
Private REES George W. Palisade DD 217 204
Private REESE Charles H. Johnson DW NSHS
Private REISINGER Charles H. David City DD 217 204
Private REJDA Anton J. Brainard DA 218
Private REMINGTON Claud A. Polk DD NSHS
Sergeant RHODES Roscoe B. Ansley KIA 215
Private RHODES Raymond R. Nebraska City DD NSHS
Corporal RHODIN William C. Omaha KIA 215
Sergeant RHONE David Kearney KIA 215
Private RICHARDSON John R. Hordville DD 217
Private RIDGE Forrest McGraw DD 217
Private RIEBLING George F. Germantown KIA 216
Private RILEY William Swearingin Superior KIA 216
Private RIPPLE Edward C., Jr. Plattsmouth KIA 216 204
Private RISH Joseph Clark Winnetoon DW 217
Private RITZHAUPT Frank Fairbury DW 217 213
Private ROBB Vernon Douglas DW 217
Sergeant ROBBINS Greeley Miller DA 218
Private ROBERT Emil Creston DW 217
Private ROBERTS John W. Riverdale DD NSHS
Private ROBERTS Levi Carroll WA 204
Private ROBERTS Howard Bushnell DW 217 204
Corporal ROBERTSON Lewis H. Mason City KIA 215
Private ROERICK Gustav Litchfield KIA 216
Private ROGERS James C. Clearwater KIA 216
Sergeant ROGERS William P. Decatur DD 216 204
Lieutenant ROGERS Harry Hastings KIA 215
Private ROGGENSEES Earl J. Holbrook KIA NSHS 204
Private ROINJAREK Stanley A. Farwell DD NSHS
Corporal ROLLINS William Hardy DW 217 209
Private ROMANO Frank W. Kearney DD NSHS
Private ROONEY John P. Thurston DW 217 204
Private RORABAUGH Allen R. Beatrice KIA 216
Private ROSACKER Chris CC. Norfolk KIA 216
Private ROSE Joe Blue Hill DD 217
Corporal ROSENCRANTZ George E. St. Edward KIA 215 204
Private ROSS Ravmond L. Anselmo KIA 216
Private ROSS Ray C. O'Neill DW 217 204
Private ROTH Albert V. Goehner KIA 216
Corporal ROTH Herman Omaha KIA 215
Private ROTHER Frank E. Wolbach DW 217
Private ROUSEY Paul M. Alma DW 217
Private ROY Martin Ashton KIA 216
Private ROYAL Joe F. Archer DD NSHS
Private RUDGE John M. Broken Bow DW 217
Private RUZICKA Edward V. Pishelville KIA 216
Private RYAN Clifford T. Emerson KIA 216
Private SADLER Fred B. Calaway DW 217
Private SALSBURY Vern W. Wisner DW 217
Field Clerk SANDALL John Chester York DD 216
Private SANDERS Sylvester S. Ewing KIA 216
Private SANDERS Albert W. Fremont KIA 216
Private SANDERS Leo J. Ewing KIA 216
Private SANGER Anno. Franklin KIA 216
Private SARBER Charles O. Beatrice DD 217 203
Private SATTERLEE Rathburn E. Spencer DW 218
Private SAUTER Gage G. Arnold DD 217
Private SAXTON Leo D. Belvidere KIA 216 205
Private SAYLOR John H. Big Spriing DW 218
Private SAYRE Eric O. Waterbury DD 217
Corporal SCANLAN Edmund George Irvington KIA 215
Private SCHELLINGER William A. Nebraska City KIA 216
Private SCHENCK Oscar G. Gushing KIA 216
Private SCHICK Charles N. Table Rock DD 217
Private SCHINCK Frank John Tilden DW 218
Private SCHIPMAN Emil Boelus DA 218
Sergeant SCHMER William C. Harvard DD 216
Private SCHMER Conrad Lincoln KIA 216
Private SCHNEIDER William Genoa KIA 216
Private SCHNEIDER Frederich W. Plymouth KIA NSHS
Private SCHNEIDER William Plymouth KIA 216
Private SCHNEIDERMILLER John Hastings DW 218 201
Sergeant SCHREIBER Harry E. Nebraska City DD 216
Private SCHULTZ Donald D. Wisner KIA 216
Private SCHWABAUER George Hastings DD 217 213
Private SCOTT Bert Tim Falls City KIA 216
Private SCOTT William H. Lincoln DD 217
Private SCRIBNER Charles E. Omaha DW 218
Private SELMER Conrad Lincoln KIA 203
Lieutenant SEVERSON Will C. Jackson KIA 215
Private SEVERT Frank Clarks DW 217
Private SEVERYN Joseph F. Schuyler DD 217
Private SHADE Louis F. Blair DD 217
Private SHALKOFF William John Lincoln DW NSHS
Private SHALLERS Louis A. Andrew KIA 216
Private SHANER Elmer Maxwell KIA 216 205
Private SHARP Edward M. Loup City DW 218
Corporal SHAVLIK Joseph L. Bliss KIA 215
Private SHAW Stephen R. Oshkosh KIA 216
Private SHEEHAN John P. Omaha DW 218
Private SHELLENBERGER Abraham Beaver City DW 218
Private SHELLINGER Wiliam A. Nebraska City KIA NSHS
Private SHEMONSKI John Panama KIA 216
Private SHEPARD Claude E. White DD 217 203
Private SHEPPARD Stanley W. Irvington DD NSHS
Corporal SHIELDS Thomas O. Upland KIA 215 203
Corporal SHIRLEY Arthur S. Lawrence KIA 215
Private SHOEMAKER Albert E. Oconto KIA 216
Private SHOEMAKER Herman Adams DW NSHS
Private SHONSEY Thomas B. Clarks KIA 216
Private SHUDBECK August Hartington KIA NSHS
Private SHULTZ Claire W. O'Neill KIA 216
Private SIBBELL Henry Butte KIA NSHS
Private SIDARES Nicholas Omaha RD NSHS
Bugler SIEVERS William E. Gothenburg KIA 215
Private SILLS Lemmon Omaha KIA 216
Lieutenant SIMONSON Gaylor T. O'Neill KIA 215
Private SIMPSON Frank H. Wauneta DD 217
Corporal SIMS Leslie D. Wellfleet WA 203
Corporal SINGER Anton J. Cedar Bluffs WA 205
Private SKIFF William H. Norfolk KIA 216
Private SKINNER Thomas Herman KIA 216 203
Private SKOW Walter H. Irvington DD 217
Private SLAPNICKA John Omaha DD 217
Private SLOAN Frank B. Geneva DD 217
Private SLOGGETT Harvey M. Broken Bow KIA 216
Private SMAUS Louis J. Prague KIA 216
Private SMEATON Howard Wood River DA 218
Private SMITH Fred S. Norfolk DD 217
Private SMITH James L. Lorenzo DD 217
Private SMITH Forrest Roy Nemo KIA 216
Private SMITH Elmer C. Norfolk KIA NSHS
Private SMITH Albert Barthyh DW 218
Private SMITH Harold V. Omaha DW 218
Private SNELL Stephen J. Greeley KIA 216
Private SNIDER Jesse Max Broadwater KIA 216
Private SOLOMON George F. Burton DD 217
Lieutenant SORENSON Soren C. Grand Island KIA NSHS
Private SORG William Arthur KIA 216
Private SPARKS George N. Sidney DD 217
Private SPICKNALL Walter R. Roseland DW 218
Private SPIKER B. Scottsbluff KIA NSHS
Private STAMBAUGH Herbert H. Ashland WA 203
Corporal STANBARGER Orvan F. McCook KIA 215
Private STANKIEWIC Francisek Omaha DD 217
Private STEELE Leo M. Omaha KIA 216
Private STEIDLEY Robert B. Adams KIA 216
Private STELLGES William Deedrich Trenton DW 218
Private STERNBER Fred C. Tilden DW 218
Private STEVEN William A. York KIA 216
Private STEWART George C. Enders DD 217
Private STEWART Iver V. Gothenburg KIA 216 203
Sergeant STEWART Lester E. Walthill KIA 215
Private STICKLEY Harley Franklin KIA 216
Private STILLINE Earl J. Valentine WA 211
Private STOCKWELL Lynn J. Butte KIA 216 203
Private STONE Lloyd E. Juniata DD 217
Bugler STONE Hardin E. Belvidere KIA 215 203
Private STONER Wallace D. Angora KIA 216
Private STOZAK Edward Tobias DD NSHS
Corporal STRAND Clarence H. Newman Grove KIA 215 203
Private STRAND Martin Hartvel Newman Grove KIA 216 203
Private STREETON Charley V. Callaway DD 217
Corporal STROH Henry Lincoln DW 217
Private STRONG Martin H. Newman Grove DW 203
Private STROTHMAN Arthur E. Daykin WA 203
Corporal STROUP Lee Orval Max DW 217
Private STUCKY Arthur Gering DW 218
Private STUEHRK Ernest L. Cedar Bluffs DD 217 203
Captain STURDEVANT Fred F. Gordon DD 216
Private SUDBECK August Hartington KIA 216 203
Private SUEPER Bernard Lindsay DD 217
Private SULLIVAN John Lawrence Palisade DD 217
Private SUNDELL W.N. Irvington DD NSHS
Private SUNDQUIST Edwin A. Lyons DD 217
Private SUPER B. Lindsay DD NSHS
Private SUTHERLAND Gilbert Inavale KIA 216
Sergeant SUTHERLAND John Grand Island DD 216
Private SVEC James Millington KIA 216
Private SWANSON Swantie E. Quick KIA NSHS
Private SZYMANSKI Frank Omaha KIA 216

Status Legend:
KIA = Killed in Action
WA = Wounded in Action
DW = Died of Wounds
DD = Died of Disease
RD = Reported Died

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Transcription Courtesy of: S.M. Anderson
Graphic © S.M. Anderson, 2004