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of the Lincoln State Journal
Sunday 5 June 1887.


This special edition was intended to PROMOTE Nebraska as a state and provide the towns of with an opportunity to advertise their status, attract new residents.

Fairbury Gazette - issue dated Saturday, June 18, 1887

"The Lincoln Journal Sunday (June 12, 1887) was the best immigration edition ever published in the State. It comprised 32 pages of well written matter descriptive of a number of the enterprising towns in the State, with a fund of valuable information for eastern people seeking homes in the west."

Above statement was forwarded by B. Busing. When Wm. Wever located the issue, the actual publication date was 5 Jun 1887. The reference to "32 pages" is the total for the newspaper, only part of which was "immigration" material. There are articles intended to promo the entire state (see below), and some "regular news". Some extra pages are provided for your entertainment - examples of the filler stories, jokes & poetry of the day; also some advertisements.

     THE JOURNAL today is a volume of Nebraska history and statistics compiled by hundreds of busy hands and brains, that exemplifies too in a vivid manner the resources and energy of a modern newspaper. The reading matter we present to our subscribers and to any resident or stranger that wishes to invest five cents in live literature this morning, fills 187 columns in small type and if reduced to book form a volume similar in composition and make-up to the last issue of the Nebraska State Historical society, would make a book of 505 pages, octavo size. A book that would be sold at retail for at least $2.50 per copy.

     There are no full page advertisements to pad out the thirty-two quarto pages of this royal edition. The first object of the publishers has been held in view from the beginning, and that was to advertise the great state of Nebraska and establish a landmark of her marvelous growth that will endure with history and will be quoted for all time by statisticians and statesmen.

     One hundred and forty cities and towns in the state have been written up by as many competent and well informed residents, and the information given about each in clear concise language, is precisely that for which every citizen in this state is asked by his relatives and friends in other states or in Europe many times in the course of a year.

     The saving of time and energy that the possession of a copy of this edition of THE JOURNAL by the Nebraskan who wishes to tell a non-resident friend all there is to know about the state is incalculable.

     A tabular statement is given in addition of the the population, distance from Lincoln, amount of exports of grain and live stock, number and kind of business houses in these 140 towns, etc., that of itself is worth many times the cost of the sheet to every business man in the state, to paste up in his counting room for reference.

     Special articles of great practical value to all inquirers concerning the state have been written for this edition by Professors Bessey and Hicks of the State University and Swezey of Doane college, on the grasses of Nebraska, on her geological formations and soil and on her climatology as it has been observed and studied for years at the weather stations.

     Mr. L. L. Selles of the Nebraska farmer contributes a paper on the live stock interests and resources of the state that is admirable for its accuracy of information and the soundness of its judgment. The railroads of the state have a large space and their history and development are presented in full. The dairy interests are also the subject of an able article by an expert.

     In short, what the twenty-four pages edition of THE JOURNAL of March 20 did for Lincoln, this great issue of the "Nebraska edition" essays to do for the state, and we carefully submit it to the public confident of its cordial approval.

(Articles Index for "Immigrant Issue" does not appear in original)



    The State Normal (Peru)


Railroads of Nebraska


The Dairy


Lincoln's Railroads


Nebraska Rapid Development




In Memorium Address of Isham Reavis in Honor of the Late Hon. A. J. Weaver


Wholesale Trade


Grasses and Forage Plants




What Lies Under Us


Tabulated List of Towns Reviewed in Issue


Index of Town Articles by County


  (some additional business ads for towns)

Articles, fillers, ads - on other subjects


   Finance & Real Estate

   G.A.R. National Encampment at St. Louis, Plans & Conflicts; news about other conflicts


   General News & ads


   Lincoln State Journal ads

Producer's note: Some of the characters in the microfilm copies are not legible. Words could usually be determined by context. It is particularly important that you NOT rely on NUMBERS found in these articles. Yes, they were checked under magnification - even so, many were less than clear. If you are inspired to write a scholarly paper, check the original source material - especially for land values; farm production figures & prices; railroad mileage; etc.

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