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Andreas' History of the State of Nebraska
Lancaster County
Produced by Debra Parminter.


Physical Character | Early Settlement | Indian Troubles
Salt Basins


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Lincoln:   Early History | Incorporation | Official Roster
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Lincoln (cont.):   University of Nebraska
Lincoln (cont.):   University of Nebraska (cont.)

Lincoln (cont.):   Insane Hospital
Nebraska State Penitentiary | The Second Revolt


Lincoln (cont.):   Public Schools | Fire Department
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Lincoln (cont.):   Societies, Associations, Etc.
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Lincoln (cont.):
Wholesale and Manufacturing Establishments
Biographical Sketches- ABBOTT~ALLEN

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** Lincoln Biographical Sketches ** (cont.)

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List of Illustrations in Lancaster County Chapter



[Portrait of F. G. Fuller.]

F. G. FULLER, M. D., was born in Galesburg, Ill., July 7, 1841. He is the only son of L. H. Fuller, who was one of the earliest settlers of Galesburg, the proprietor and builder of the first steam mill in the county and also of the first similar enterprise in Lincoln, Neb. Dr. Fuller received the first two years of his collegiate course at Knox College, Ill., and the remainder at Michigan University. He entered the army in 1862, enlisting in the Seventy-seventh Illinois Infantry. He served three years in the Hospital Department and after his discharge in 1865 attended three courses of lectures in the medical department of Michigan University, receiving his diploma from that institution in March, 1868. Immediately thereafter he settled and began the practice of his profession in Lincoln, Neb. During the years 1875, 1876, and 1877, he was superintendent of the Nebraska State Hospital for Insane. He has been Coroner of the county, City Physician and member of the Board of Health for the city. He is, or has been, a member of the Lancaster County Medical Society (several times its President), of the Lincoln Medical Society (once its president), of the Nebraska State Medical Society (twice its vice-president and twice its secretary), of the Omaha Medical Society, of the Central Military Tract Medical Society, Ill., of the American Medical Association and of the Association of Superintendents of American Institutions for the Insane. He is the oldest resident physician in Lincoln. He was married in October, 1870, to Miss M. Frank Townley, born and educated in Hillsboro, Ohio, and daughter of Col. J. N. Townley, of Lincoln, Neb.

GEORGE E. FISHER, wholesale and retail dealer in leather and findings, hides and tallow. Business established in 1879 by Mr. F. He was born in Bavaria, Germany, December 3, 1835. In 1848 he came to the United States with his parents and located in Onondaga County, N. Y., where he was engaged in the tanning business until he removed to Nebraska in 1879. He was married in Onondaga County, N. Y., April 3, 1862, to Miss Marion Moiser, of Madison County, N. Y. They have two children, Cora E. and G. Frank. Mr. F. is doing the principal jobbing business of this locality and has a man on the road buying hides and selling leather.

HON. S. F. FLEHARTY, private secretary of Governor Nance, was born in Mercer County, Ill., September 6, 1836, and is the son of S. W. and Amelia W. Fleharty. His mother was the daughter of the Rev. John Kirkpatrick, one of the pioneer Methodist Episcopal ministers of Illinois. His father settled in the locality above mentioned immediately after the close of the Black Hawk war. The subject of this article passed his boyhood days on his father's farm, then became successively, a school teacher and printer. In the second year of the late war he enlisted in the One Hundred and Second Illinois volunteer Infantry, and after being in the service a few months was appointed Sergeant-Major of the Regiment. He participated with his regiment in the Atlanta campaign, in the march from Atlanta to the sea and the campaign of the Carolinas. He was in the battle of Resaca, Burnt Hickory, Peach Tree Creek, siege of Atlanta, and the battle of Averysboro, N. C. He continued in the service until the close of the war. He was a member of the Illinois Legislature in 1870 as a Representative from Mercer County, and afterward became prominently connected with the newspaper press of Illinois as a correspondent and legislative reporter. In 1875 he removed to Nebraska and became the editor and proprietor of the Osceola Record published at Osceola, Polk Co. The paper was conducted by him for a number of years with marked success. In the spring of 1881 he was appointed by Governor Nance to the position which he now occupies.

H. P. FOSTER, manager of the Chicago Lumber Co., came to Tecumseh, Neb., in 1872, and engaged in the lumber business there until 1881. He is a native of Palmyra, Wayne Co., N. Y. In 1871 he moved to Kansas and came from there to Nebraska. (See sketch of Chicago Lumber Co., which appears among the business interests of Lincoln.)

C. B. FOX, contractor, was born in 1837, in Wayne County, Ohio, and attended school in Cleveland and Wooster until the age of fourteen. He was engaged with his father in business for about six years, and in 1860 went to Des Moines, Iowa, where he remained for about ten years in business as contractor, having contracted for the stone work of the Public School and Baptist church, as well as assisted to build Adjt.-Gen. Baker's building for the preservation of the war records, and acted as general superintendent for J. Recart, on the Winterset Court House, and in 1871 came to Lincoln and engaged with W. H. B. Stout, built the prison and Lancaster County jail, after which he opened a wagon factory for a short time and engaged again with Mr. Stout and was made general superintendent of the building of the east wing of the Capitol. He was married in 1860 to Miss Rachel G. Kelly, who was born in Mansfield, Ohio. They have two children, Jessie and Eunice. Mr. Fox belongs to Lincoln Lodge No. 19, and has been a Mason some ten years.

J. H. FOXWORTHY, attorney at law, came to Lincoln, April 3, 1873, and has practiced here ever since. For a short time he did some real estate business, but has entirely discontinued that. For one term he served as Police Judge of the city. He was born near Martinsville, Morgan Co., Ind., June 24, 1832, and resided in that county until he came to Nebraska. He engaged in the practice of law about 1857. In August, 1861, he enlisted in Company A, Thirty-third Indiana Volunteer Infantry, served a short time in that Company as Corporal, then in Company H, as Sergeant for a short time and was then appointed on the non-commissioned staff with rank of Orderly Sergeant. He served as such until the fall of 1864 and returned to Indiana, remaining there until he came to Lincoln. He was married first in Morgan County, Ind., to Mary Elizabeth Smith, a native of Jefferson County, Ky. She died in Lincoln, September 1, 1874, leaving four children, Emma C., Charles H., George Sherman and Lorena A. He was married to his present wife, Mrs Mary J. Nunn, a native of Peoria, Ill., in May, 1877, at Lincoln. He is a member of the A., F. & A. M., Lancaster Lodge No. 54, and Lincoln chapter No. 6.

JACOB FRANKFORTER, foreman Godfrey's elevator, was born July 17, 1844, in Mahoning County, Ohio, where he was raised and educated, and after leaving school worked in a saw-mill until 1863, when he enlisted in the Eighty-sixth Ohio Infantry, Company F, then re-enlisted in the One Hundred and Forty-fourth Ohio Infantry, Company B, under Col. Miller, and participated in all the battles with his regiment and mustered out in September, 1864, at Columbus, Ohio, and shortly afterward went to Wood County, Ohio, and worked in a saw-mill, and in 1868 came west to Lancaster Co., Neb., and engaged in farming, homesteading eighty acres situated in Saltillo Precinct, for about eight years, when he came to Lincoln and worked for T. W. Lowrey for about one year, after which he engaged with Mr. Godfrey, and is now foreman and weigher at his elevator and lumber yard. He was married in 1868 to Rebecca Jane Jackson, who was born in Ohio. They have two children living-Archie and Albinus.

W. FULLER, locomotive engineer, B. & M. R. R. in Nebraska, was born in Kalamazoo, Mich., July 17, 1844. His parents moved to Canada about 1845, and from there to La Porte County, Ind., about 1859. In 1861 he enlisted in Company E, Twentieth Indiana Volunteers and was discharged about one year later on account of disability. He commenced his railroad life in 1863 as fireman on the M. C. R. R. Eighteen months later he engaged on the L. & A. R. R., and after a time returned to the M. C. R. R., with which company he remained until 1869 when he moved to Plattsmouth, Neb., and entered the service of the B. & M. R. R. He settled in Lincoln in the spring of 1873. He was married in Michigan City, Ind., November 8, 1863, to Miss Elizabeth Nugent. They have four children, Henry, Joseph H., Charles Edwin and Elizabeth. Mr. Fuller is a member of the A., F. & A. M.

LESTER H. FULLER, retired. Was born in Lenox, Berkshire Co., Mass., March 2, 1805. Was educated there and learned the trade of carpenter and joiner, serving an apprenticeship. Was married in Richford, Tioga Co., N. Y., July 1, 1832, to Miss Beulah P. Brown of that county, and in 1834 removed with his wife to Ottawa. Ill., landing in Chicago while en route, May 24, 1834. The stage house at that time was a log house. After arriving in Ottawa he followed his trade until 1841. His wife died in 1836 and 1838 was again married to Miss Harriet H. Gurley, and removed to Galesburg in 1841. Engaged there in the carriage and steel plow manufactory. In 1850 built the first steam flouring mill in Galesburg, the establishment costing some $12,000. Sold out about four years later and then engaged for a short time in sawmilling business. Then built another steam flouring mill for custom work which was afterwards destroyed by fire. In 1856 his second wife died, leaving three children, Louise, now Mrs. J. C. Stire, F. G., a practicing physician in Lincoln, Neb., and Hattie A., since deceased. In 1871 he removed to Lincoln, Neb., and built the first steam flouring mill in that city, which is now known as the Lowrey mill, and after running it a few years sold out and has since built and rebuilt several mills for other parties. Mr. F. has been a member of the Congregational Church for over fifty years.

CARL FUNKE, wholesale and retail crockery and glass ware. Established in 1880 by Mr. Funke. He carries a stock of from $15,000 to $18,000. He was born in Prussia, August 15, 1853. He came to the United States in 1865, locating in Peoria, Ill. From there he moved to Nebraska in 1869 and settled in Lincoln. From 1869 until present business was established, he engaged in the wholesale liquor business under the firm name of Funke Bros. He was married in Newark, Ohio, May 26, 1880, to Miss Lillie Moore, of that city. They have one child, Lillian Clare.

FRED FUNKE, wholesale dealer in wines and liquors, commenced business in September, 1874, and has continued it ever since. He now has a trade of $125,000 per annum, which is twice as much as he had at first. His sales are chiefly in the South Platte section of Nebraska. He was born in Germany, August 22, 1841, and came to America in 1860. Until he came to Nebraska he lived in Peoria, Ill., where he was engaged in butchering. He was married in Germany in the spring of 1860 to Rosa Urbaker, a native of Germany. They have six children, Hattie, Clara, Ernest, Martha, and two young sons. Mr. Funke is a member of the Board of Trade and Harmonia Society.

JOSEPH F. GOEKLE, was born September 18, 1855, in Quincy, Ill., where he was raised and educated. In 1873 came to Crete, Neb., and was employed by L. P. Goekle and remained with him until September 18, 1876 and left him and went to Harvard, Neb., and was employed by T. J. Dowd and remained with him about two years. He then left for Wilber, Neb., and engaged in business for himself for about three years. Thence to Lincoln in 1878 and was employed by several business men and afterward worked for the B. & M. R. R. He was married in November, 1878, and is now living at Lincoln, Neb.

J. W. GEORGE, engineer, was born in Knox County, Ill., in 1854. He was at school in the same county for about five years, after which he went with his parents to Butler County, Nebraska, farming until the year 1875, when he went to Colorado for a short time, and from thence went to Pottawatomie County, Kan., and engaged with David Easton, as foreman of choppers in the timber, for about six months, and in 1876 he came to Lincoln and engaged with A. S. Godfrey, as foreman for one year; then with Mr. Wright, in his flax seed elevator, as foreman and engineer. He was married December, 1878, to Miss Katie Cummings, who was born in Illinois. They have one child, Lillie. Mrs. G. belongs to the Social Temple of Honor.

HENRY GERNER, fire insurance, represents the Home of New York, Hartford, of Hartford, Conn., Phoenix of New York, Union of Philadelphia, and Queen of London, England; is also State agent for the Mutual Benefit Life Insurance Company. Business was established in 1872, by Mr. G. He was born on board a ship, September 10, 1840, his parents at the time being on their way to England from the Baltic, his father being connected with a steamship company. About 1845 his parents settled in Copenhagen, Denmark, where the subject of this sketch attended school, but finished his education in England. He came to the United States about 1859, and settled in New York City, where he remained engaged in mercantile houses until about 1862, when he moved to Oshkosh, Wis., and engaged in the insurance business, in which he continued there until he removed to Lincoln, Neb., in 1872.

D. A. GILBERT, groceries and provisions, business established by Gilbert & Peck. Mr. G. has been alone about two years. Mr. Gilbert was born in Saratoga County, N. Y., May 23, 1830. In 1858 he moved to Bureau County, Ill., where he engaged in farming; from there he removed to Nebraska in 1872, locating in Lincoln, and engaged in the dairy business, in which he continued until the firm of G. & P. was formed. He was married in Saratoga County, N. Y., to Miss S. F. Coon, of Saratoga County. They have five children, James C., Charles H., Martin F., Carrie B., and Mattie F. Mr. G. is a member of the A., F. & A. M., Lodge, Chapter and Commandery, and of the Temple of Honor.

LEE P. GILLETTE, general agent of the McCormick Harvesting Machine Company, came to Nebraska City in May or June, 1857. Lived there until 1873. In June, 1861, he entered the First Nebraska Volunteer Infantry, as First Lieutenant, Company D. He was appointed, December 1, 1863, as inspector and Chief of Cavalry, and also Mustering Officer for Northeastern Arkansas, and served at such from December 25, 1863, until the summer of 1864. Late that summer, he took command of the post at Fort Kearney, where he remained over a year. May 30, 1865, he was appointed a member of the Board of Examiners, to determine the qualifications of officers to be appointed in the regular army. November, 22, 1865, he received the appointment of Judge Advocate of General Court Martial at Fort Kearney, which court was dissolved December 12, 1865. In 1869, returned to Nebraska City. He was engaged in farming and in the insurance business until 1873, when he came to Lincoln and engaged in the implement business. He has charge of Southeastern Nebraska for the McCormick Harvesting Machine Company, having been with them since 1877. He was born in Kingsville, Ashtabula Co., Ohio, April 21, 1832. Lived there until he came to Nebraska with his parents, George G. and Ann T. Gillette, both of whom died in Missouri recently. They were early settlers of Nebraska City. Mr. G. was married at Nebraska City, in 1858, to Julietta B. Barnum, a native of Fairfield County, Conn. They have three children, M. Kate, now Mrs. C. O. Bates of Beatrice; Annie L. and Paul S. Mr. G. is a prominent member of the A., F. & A. M.

[Portrait of S. B. Galey.]

HON. S. B. GALEY, attorney, came to Lincoln, in April, 1866, and engaged in work, such as he could find to do, until April 1867, when he was appointed County Clerk, to fill a vacancy. In the fall of 1867, he was elected to the same office. In 1869 he opened a law office and engaged in practice, having been admitted to the bar at Bedford, Iowa, in October, 1865. In the fall of 1870 he was elected a member of the Legislature. In the spring of 1871 he became connected with the A. & N. R. R., and when the road was built became attorney, which position he held until the consolidation with the B. & M. In 1878 he was Mayor of Lincoln. He was born at Allegheny City, Pa., September 30, 1844. When three years old his father moved to Wapello, Iowa., and a few years later S. B. went to Burlington, where he stayed until the spring of 1865. Then moved to Council Bluffs, and from there to Bedford, Iowa. In the fall of 1865 he came to Nebraska City, and taught school there until he came to Lincoln. He was married at Elkader, Clayton Co., Iowa, in October, 1875, to Ellen Carter, daughter of H. B. Carter, banker at that place. They have three sons, Henry C., Ernest B. and Clarence L. Mr. Galey is a member of I. O. O. F., and Knights of Pythias. He read law with the Hon. B. J. Hall, of Burlington, Iowa.

WILLIAM M. GILLESPIE, Constable was born September 25, 1836, in Caroll County, Ohio, where he was raised and educated, and then went with his parents to Van Buren County, Iowa, and from there to Scotland County, Mo., teaching school in the winter, and in the fall of 1860 came to Nemaha County, Neb. In 1861 he enlisted in Company C, First Regiment, Nebraska Volunteer Infantry. In 1863 the regiment was reorganized and made a cavalry regiment, under Col. John M. Thayer. He participated in all the battles with his regiment, and was mustered out at Omaha in 1864; then returned home, and in 1866 he came to Brownsville, Neb., and acted as clerk for T. W. Tipton, who was then Assessor and formerly Chaplain of the First Nebraska Cavalry. In 1867 he returned to Van Buren County, Iowa, and engaged in general business. In 1868 he came to Lincoln, invested in real estate, and was elected as Deputy Sheriff, under Ex-Sheriff Hoagland, for about one year and a half, and is now serving his third term as Constable. He was married April 18, 1868, to Miss Llewellen Ingram, of Ottumwa, Iowa, and married in Scotland County, Mo.

GOODRICH BROTHERS, boots and shoes, firm composed of G. B. and W. H. Goodrich, the latter in charge of branch store in Kearney, Neb. The business was established in 1880, and they carry a stock of about $20,000 in both stores. G. B. Goodrich was born in Lorain County, Ohio, in 1850. His father was engaged in the tanning business there and in Ashtabula County, Ohio, the subject of this sketch being engaged with him. In 1880 he settled in Lincoln, Neb., stopping a few months in Iowa on the way out. He was married in DeKalb County, Ill., in August, 1876, to Miss Mary O. Olmstead, of DeKalb County. They have one child, Mary. Mr. G. is a member of the A. O. U. W., of Iowa.

W. H. GOODRICH, farmer and stock raiser, was born August 9, 1847, in Chautauqua County, N. Y., where he was raised, and availed himself of an academical course of studies up to the age of nineteen. He then taught a district school for one term, after which clerked at the dry goods business for about six years. In 1872 came to Nebraska, located at Lincoln and engaged at farming, purchasing 160 acres of land in Section 21, Township 10, Range 7, northeast, about three miles east of Lincoln, ninety acres of which is under cultivation, balance pasture and meadow. It averages about fifty bushels of corn to the acre. His stock consist of some seventy-five head of graded Short-horns and one pure bred Jersey bull, hogs of the Poland and China breed, carrying yearly some 100 head for breeding purposes and otherwise. He makes a specialty of making butter for shipping purposes. Improvements on farm consist of house, barns, sheds for stock and three large corn cribs. He was married the 18th of May, 1870, to Miss Ellen D. Comstock, of Oneida County, N. Y., has four children, Ross P., Walter, George E. and Nathan. Is a member of the A., F. & A. M. In 1865 was Town Clerk, Charlotte, N. Y., and Trustee and Road Overseer of the highway. In 1876 was elected Road Supervisor of District No. 3, Lancaster County, and is now School Moderator of District No. 87.

HARVEY S. GORDON, lumber merchant, came to Lincoln in October, 1874, and immediately engaged in the lumber business, representing the interests of Edwin H. Tuttle. He remained here until February, 1877, when he went to Fairmont, Neb., and ran a lumber yard there for C. N. Paine & Co., of Oshkosh, Wis., for two years. He returned to Lincoln in 1879. He was born in Sheffield, Berkshire Co., Mass., March 15, 1833 and lived there most of the time until he came to Nebraska. For several years he was engaged in the lumber and express business. In 1860 he was married at Sheffield, Mass., to Martha V. Rhoades, a native of that place. Mr. Gordon is a member of A., F. & A. M.

E. S. GORE, locomotive engineer, B. & M. R. R., in Nebraska, was born in Claiborne County, Miss., November 29, 1849. He moved to Missouri in 1867. He commenced his railroad life on the H. & St. J. R. R., in 1875. In 1879 he located in Lincoln, Neb. Has been with the B. & M. R. R. since they took control of the A. & N. R. R. Mr. Gore is a member of the K. of P., and of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers.

F. A. GRAHAM, superintendent of farm at State Penitentiary. The department employs about forty men and eighty horses. The stock in addition consists of 500 head of cattle and 900 hogs. Mr. Graham is a son of Mrs. W. E. Gosper, of Lincoln, he was born in Herkimer County, N. Y., June 30, 1854, his parents moved to Illinois about 1865 and settled in Geneva. In 1871 he moved to Lincoln, Neb., attended school for a time and in 1878 engaged with W. H. B. Stout in present position.

ROBERT B. GRAHAM, County Treasurer, settled on Section 21, Township 12, Range 8, Lancaster County, and engaged in milling and farming, which he continued until the spring of 1881. In December, 1881, he sold his mill but still carries on his farm. He was a member of the Legislature in 1880-81, and was elected Treasurer in November, 1881. Mr. Graham enlisted in Company E, Sixty-seventh Illinois Infantry, May, 1861, and was discharged in November, 1862, on account of disability caused by typhoid fever. He located at St. Louis, where he engaged in the manufacture of army bread and continued at this until his establishment was destroyed by fire in the summer of 1864. He was married in St. Louis in 1868 to Mary E. Hilton, a native of that place. In 1869 he removed to Glenwood, Iowa, where he engaged in milling until he came to Nebraska. He is a member of the A., F. & A. M. He has four children, John L., Nellie G., Sarah J. and Olive. Mr. Graham was born in New York City May 17, 1842, and lived there until six years old, when he moved to St. Louis. In 1856 he went to Burlington, Iowa, and attended Burlington University. In 1861 he went to Chicago intending to attend school, but enlisted instead.

D. E. GREEN, book-keeper for Hoagland Bros., was born in Cherry Valley, Ashtabula County, Ohio, March 27, 1853. His parents moved to Stephenson County, Ill., in 1859 from there in 1874 they moved to Chrystal Lake, McHenry Co., Ill. In October, 1879, he settled in Lancaster County, Neb., and in August, 1880, took his present position. He was married in McHenry County, Ill., March 7, 1876, to Miss Munshaw, of that county. They have one child, Harold D. Mr. Green is a member of the A., F. & A. M. the T. of H., and the A. L. of H.

WILLIAM GREEN, locomotive engineer, B. & M. R. R., in Nebraska, was born in Bedford County, Tenn., December 27, 1842. His parents moved from there to Illinois, then to Iowa, and finally settled in Missouri. The subject of the sketch enlisted in 1861, in Company A, Eighteenth Missouri Volunteer Infantry, and served until mustered out in 1865. He returned to Missouri and engaged in mercantile business and cabinet making until April, 1873, when he commenced his railroad life on the Q., M. & P. R. R. In October of same year he removed to Atchison, Kas., worked in a foundry for a time and in March, 1874, engaged in the service of the A. & N. R. R. Entered the B. & M. service when they took control of the A. & N. R. R. He was married in Sullivan County, Mo., April 1, 1866, to Miss S. A. Green, of Sullivan County, a native of Lagrange County, Ind., where she was born December 3, 1849. They have three children, Owen, Jennie, Charles. Mr. Green is a member of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers.

ANTHONY D. GREGG, contractor, was born January 22, 1840, in Orange County, N. Y., and was at school in Washingtonville, N. Y., for about seven years, then went to Suffolk County, N. Y., farming for eleven years, then went to sea as a sailor for one year. In 1857, commenced working at his trade in Hoboken, N. J. In September, 1861, enlisted in the Sixty-fifth Regiment, State Volunteers, New York, Company G. Col. Cochran participated in seventeen battles with his regiment, viz: Fair Oaks, Seven Pines, White Oak Swamp, Turkey Bend, Malvern Hills, South Mountain, Antietam, Rappahannock, S. Bristow Station, Mine Run, Gettysburg, Fredericksburg, first and second Chancellorsville, Wilderness and Spottsylvania, where he got wounded and disabled and was sent to the hospital on the 11th of May, and was discharged in September, 1864, and returned to Hoboken, remaining there for two years, and in 1866, went to Atchison, Kan., and from thence to Omaha, and in the summer of 1868, engaged with the U. P. R. R. Company, working on bridges until 1869, when he went to California, remained there for one year. In 1870, moved to Lincoln, and was for one year in partnership with Mr. Heltner, then went with D. Graham for the same time, and afterward went into business for himself. He was married in Sarpy county, April 17, 1871, to Miss Harriet A. Keene, who was born in Roxbury, Mass., and came with her parents, in 1857, to Omaha, Neb. They have four children living, Mary Emily, Freddie D., Johnnie K., and Annie H. He belongs to I. O. O. F., Capital Lodge No. 11, and was made a member in 1879. Belongs to G. A. R., Farragut Post No. 25, and has been a member for the last two years. Mrs. Gregg is a member of the Congregational Church.

JOHN S. GREGORY, attorney and real estate dealer, came to Lincoln in the summer of 1862, and located at the Salt Basin, one and one-half miles west of town, known on Government maps as Gregory's Basin. There he put up vats and machinery and manufactured three tons of salt a day during the summer for about four years, speculating meanwhile in real estate. His salt cost him about $12 per ton, and he sold it for about $40 to $60. After a while the price of salt went down so that it did not pay him to make it, and he discontinued the manufacture. He was the only settler here prior to 1863, and there were none in this precinct for nearly two years after he came. After stopping the manufacture of salt, he engaged in real estate operations. He was admitted to the bar in 1866, being the first lawyer in the county. He was the first member of the Territorial Legislature from Lancaster County; one of the first County Commissioners; first Prosecuting Attorney for the county, and the first Postmaster in the county, holding that office at the P. O. of Gregory's Basin, in 1864, the only one in the county until 1866. The compensation was $1 per month, including the cost of transporting the mail once a week to Saltillo, then in Clay County. He held the office until 1867. Mr. Gregory was born at Brattleboro, Vt., December 6, 1833, and lived there three years. Then his father, John S. Gregory, Sr., removed to Toledo, Ohio, where he lived most of the time until he came to Nebraska. He moved here in the summer of 1866, and now lives on Section 34, adjoining the city. He is a native of Brattleboro. John S., Jr., was married at Monroe, Mich., June, 1857, to E. Mary White, a native of Newport, Monroe Co., Mich. They have six children: George M.; Julia M.; William W. (the first white boy born in this precinct); David Austin; Emma L.; and Mabel G. Mr. Gregory is a member of the G. A. R.; he having enlisted in Company A, One Hundredth Ohio Volunteer Infantry, and served from the spring of 1861, until December of the same year, when he was mustered out.

T. S. GRIGOR, proprietor Lincoln Tea Store, teas, coffees and spices. The business was established in 1879. Mr. Grigor was born in Elginshire, Scotland, removed to Canada, in 1855, and from there to the United States. In 1865, he settled in Chicago and engaged in selling teas in the city, a business he followed until 1878, he then removed to Nebraska, and settled in Lincoln, and a few months later opened the present business. Mr. G. is a member of the Congregational Church.

HENRY GRIMM, foreman of car repair shops, B. & M. R. R., Lincoln. Was born in Hesse-Darmstadt, Germany, January 3, 1839, and came to the United States in 1848, with his parents and settled in Baltimore, Md. He enlisted in 1861, in the Eighth Battalion, District of Columbia Volunteers, three months troops. He returned to Germany, where he engaged in cabinet making, a trade he had learned in Baltimore. In 1865, he returned to the United States. He was engaged in a cabinet shop at Martinsburg, W. Va., and at car building at Harrisburg, Pa., until 1876, when he removed to Nebraska, settled in Lancaster County and bought a farm on which he remained until he entered the service of the B. & M. R. R., in 1879. Was appointed to present position in 1881. He was married in Switzerland, August, 1864, to Miss Mary Suter. They have six children, Annie, Henry, Eliza, Lewis, Mary and Emma.

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