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Andreas' History of the State of Nebraska
Lancaster County
Produced by Debra Parminter.


Physical Character | Early Settlement | Indian Troubles
Salt Basins


County Organization | Official Roster | County Statistics
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County Poor Department | County Societies


Lincoln:   Early History | Incorporation | Official Roster
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Lincoln (cont.):   University of Nebraska
Lincoln (cont.):   University of Nebraska (cont.)

Lincoln (cont.):   Insane Hospital
Nebraska State Penitentiary | The Second Revolt


Lincoln (cont.):   Public Schools | Fire Department
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Lincoln (cont.):   Societies, Associations, Etc.
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Business Interests | Banks | Hotels


Lincoln (cont.):
Wholesale and Manufacturing Establishments
Biographical Sketches- ABBOTT~ALLEN

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** Lincoln Biographical Sketches ** (cont.)

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Bennet:   Churches | Societies |
| Biographical Sketches - ALLSTOT~GRIBLING

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Bennett:   Biographical Sketches - HANSON~PIPER
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Bennett:   Biographical Sketches - RHEA~WILSON
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Waverly:   Biographical Sketches
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Firth:   Biographical Sketches
Roca | Other Points
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Grant Precinct | Saltillo Precinct | Stockton Precinct

List of Illustrations in Lancaster County Chapter



WILLIAM R. KELLY, attorney at law, came to Lincoln in 1879, and has been associated with C. C. Burr since January 1, 1880. He was born in Perry County, Ohio, near Uniontown, January 26, 1849. That was his home until 1858, when he moved to Clinton, De Witt Co., Ill. He lived there until he came to Lincoln. He enlisted in Company E, Twentieth Illinois Volunteer Infantry, in March, 1864, and served till July 16, 1865, when he was mustered out at Louisville, Ky. He read law with the Hon. H. S. Greene, of Clinton, Ill., and served one term as States Attorney for De Witt County, Ill. He has been practicing since March, 1870. Was City Attorney here for one year. He was married at Macomb, Ill., May 8, 1873, to Ella Kerman, a native of Ohio. They have one child--Ura L.

ALBERT G. KENDALL, Commissioner of Public Lands and Buildings, came to Omaha, Nebraska, in 1868, and was employed as dry goods clerk until 1869, when he went on a Government Survey. In 1870, he was a train boy on the U. P. R. R. He located near St. Paul, Howard County, on a homestead in 1871, and farmed until January, 1874. He was then elected Clerk of the County, and re-elected four times. In January, 1881, he became Commissioner of Public Lands and Buildings. He was born in Janesville, Rock Island Co., Wis., April 2, 1849, and was reared in Vermont, where he lived until he came here. He was married in Newfane, Vt., November 21, 1877, to Fannie R. Morse, a native of that place. They have two children--Beulah H. and Marian. He is a member of the A., F. & A. M.

KENDALL & SMITH, flour and feed. Business established in 1875. The firm own and operate two mills in Lancaster County. The Capital Mills, capacity 200 barrels daily, and the Woodlawn Mills, with a daily capacity of 150 barrels. Employ about thirty men. Chase D. Smith, of above firm, was born in Somerset County, N. J., in 1850. Received his education in that county, and moved from there to Nebraska in 1870, and settled in Lincoln. Mr. S. is a member of the Union Club of Lincoln.

THOMAS P. KENNARD came to Nebraska April 24, 1857, and entered on the practice of law. Was elected to the first Constitutional Convention in 1864, which convention did not meet, owing to the fact that the vote of the people of the then Territory of Nebraska being against State organization. He was appointed Deputy U. S. Assessor for the Northern District in 1862, and served three years, and then resigned. Was elected Secretary of State on the organization of the State in 1867, and was chosen by the Legislature one of the commissioners of public buildings to re-locate the Capital of the State and build a capitol building. Was re-appointed on said commission by the Legislature in 1869, having been re-elected Secretary of State by the people in the fall of 1868. In the fall of 1868 he removed to Lincoln, and has resided there ever since. He was appointed Agent of the State by Gov. Furnas, under a law authorizing the Governor to appoint an agent to prosecute claims against the General Government, either in the Court of Claims, before the Departments or in Congress; which position he now holds. He has spent a great amount of time and money prosecuting certain claims, on some of which the State has already realized. He was elected State Senator in 1876, and in the spring of 1877 was appointed by the President of the United States one of a commission of three to appraise about 7,000,000 acres of land in the Indian Territory, which duty he performed. He is now residing in Lincoln, and engaged in business as a broker.

REV. M. A. KENNEDY, Pastor of the Catholic Church, located here in December, 1880, from Illinois; previous to locating he was for twelve years at Stonyhurst College, England, where he studied classics and philosophy. He then came to Woodstock, Md., and attended the college there for five years, and in 1877 was ordained by Bishop Kain, of Wheeling, Va., after which he was attached to the Church of St. Peter and St. Paul, at Detroit. Then came to Chicago and was attached to the church of the Holy Name for one year, and thence to the Church of St. Theresa, of Lincoln.

JOHN D. KNIGHT, chief clerk in the office of the Commissioner of Public Lands and Buildings, came to Nebraska in January, 1879, and located at Lincoln, reading law for a year. In January, 1880, he entered the office as recording clerk, and since January, 1881, he has been chief clerk. He was born at Crescent, Saratoga Co., N. Y., October 5, 1853. That was his home until he was sixteen years of age; he then went to Michigan, where he resided for three years. He returned from there to Gloversville, Fulton Co., N. Y., and remained there until he came to Nebraska. He was married January 17, 1882, to Helena Van Wyck Heacock, a cousin of U. S. Senator Van Wyck. She was born at Kingsborough, Fulton Co., N. Y.

DR. T. C. KERN, dentist, was born in Henry County, Ind., December 4, 1843. He lived at home, receiving his education and pursuing the study of his profession until 1870, in which year he settled in Lincoln, Neb. Was engaged in practice two years previous to leaving home, and he has followed the practice of his profession since he settled in Lincoln. Dr. K. was married in Lincoln, June 10, 1881, to Mrs. Julia Nash Lottridge, of that city. The Doctor is a member of the Union Club.

KEYES & BULLOCK, stone dealers and planing mills. Stone business established here in 1876, and the planing mills in 1879. Their quarries are located at Roca, and are practically inexhaustible. They employ about forty to fifty men there, and at Lincoln where they do their sawing and dressing, they employ about twenty-five men. The planing mill employs about six men, and is employed in special work exclusively. Mr. J. H. Bullock, of the firm, was born in Chautauqua Co., N. Y., October 14, 1837. In 1859 he removed to Ohio. In 1861 he enlisted in Company D, Forty-seventh Regiment Ohio Volunteers. Was commissioned First Lieutenant in January, 1865, and mustered out in May 1865. He returned to Ohio, and from there moved to Nebraska in 1873, located in Lincoln, and engaged in salt manufacturing; a business he continued in until 1879. He was married in Champaign County, Ohio, June 30, 1869, to Miss Nettie Lyons, of that county. They have one child, Lewis. Mr. B. is a member of the Red Ribbon Club.

WILMER S. KIRK, pattern-maker, Seaton & Lea, was born in 1853, in Delaware County, Pa., and up to the age of sixteen was at school, during which time he was raised and educated by Mr. Ezekiel R. Norman, after which he went to work for the firm of Miller & Allen, Corliss engine builders, Chester, Pa., for four years. During this time the firm dissolved, and Mr. Miller moved to Reading, Pa., and in 1877 engaged in the shipyards of John Roach & Co., Chester, and Cramps, of Philadelphia, and helped to build the first four iron-clad vessels for the Russian Government, as well as the City of Washington, City of Saratoga, City of San Francisco and the Sidney. In April of 1879 he went to Kearney, Neb., and purchased from the U. P. R. R. Co. 160 acres of land, and also a timber claim of 160 acres, all of which he still retains; and in 1880 returned to Chester, Pa., and married Miss Mary M. Mackey, who was born in Delaware County, and was Principal of the Grammar School at Chester for about ten years. They have one child Mary. In 1881 came to Lincoln, and engaged with the firm of Seaton & Lea, and was made foreman of their pattern shop in their foundry. He is a member of the I. O. O. F. since 1877, and a member of Capitol Lodge, No. 11. His wife is a member of the Presbyterian Church of Chester, Pa., also a teacher in Lincoln High School.

C. B. KOON, roadmaster and superintendent of bridges, A. & N. and Wymore Division B. & M. R. R. Was born in Rensselaer Co., N. Y., May 30, 1846. His parents moved to Auburn, N. Y., about 1849. The subject of this sketch received his preliminary education at the Auburn Academy, and in 1865 entered Yale College, from which he graduated in 1869. He adopted civil engineering as a profession and followed it in New York State until 1871; he then entered the service of the A., T. & Sante Fe R. R. In 1872 he returned to Auburn, and engaged in engineering up to the time he came to Nebraska with the exception of about two years, during which time he engaged in the manufacture of carriage springs. In 1879 he came to Nebraska and engaged in the engineering department of the B. & M. R. R. until appointed to his present position, April, 1881. He was married in Auburn, N. Y., December 26, 1872, to Miss L. E. Patten, of Auburn. They have three children, Sidney, Margaret and Catharine.

[Portrait of W. S. Latta, M. D.]

WILLIAM S. LATTA, physician and surgeon, came to Plattsmouth, Neb., April 17, 1857, locating at Rock Bluff, Cass County, where he resided sixteen years, excepting two that he served in the army. He entered the service in the fall of 1862, enlisting as a private, but was soon commissioned Surgeon of the Second Nebraska Cavalry. He was mustered out in 1864. In 1873 he came to Lincoln, and has since resided here. He was born in Crawford County, Pa., May 3, 1826, and lived there until he was eighteen years old. Moved to Cincinnati, Ohio. He graduated, February 25, 1854, from the Eclectic Medical College, at Cincinnati, where he practiced for three years. He was married near Plattsmouth, Neb., May 9, 1861, to Sarah A. Eikensbary, who was born near Burlington, Iowa. They have three children, Samuel E., Minnie B. and Mary Olive; one, William, died in 1865. The Doctor is president of the National Eclectic Medical Association. He is a member of the Nebraska State Medical Association, of which he was for many years president. In 1862 the Doctor organized the military hospital at Omaha. He was twice a member of the Territorial Legislature, and was Mayor of Rock Bluffs when it was a flourishing town. Afterwards abandoned politics from choice to devote his time to his profession.

E. LAWSON, foreman Lincoln Gas Company, is a native of Sweden, and was born February 11, 1845. In his native country he was raised to manhood, following various pursuits. In 1869 he came to America, taking up his abode for a time at Boone, Iowa, and in 1870 engaged in railroading with Mr. John Fitzgerald on the B. & M. in Nebraska. In 1872 he entered the employ of the St. Louis Gas Company, which at that time was about to illuminate the City of Lincoln, and since that date Mr. Lawson has been identified with the city's interests. In 1876 was promoted to his present responsible position in which he has but few equals and no superiors in the West. In 1874 Miss Emma Carlson became his wife. By the union they have two children, Albert W. and Annie. Mr. L. is a member of the I. O. O. F.

HON. G. M. LAMBERTSON, U. S. District Attorney, came to Lincoln in June, 1874, and has lived here ever since. He has been practicing law during his residence. He was appointed U. S. Attorney in December, 1878. He was born at Franklin, Ind., May 19, 1850, and lived there until he came to Nebraska. He was married at Mineral Point, Wis., June 10, 1880, to Jane Gundry, a native of that place. They have one child, Margery Elizabeth.

LANE BROS., firm composed of Milton Lane, M. D., and W. C. Lane. Both were born and raised in Boone County, Ind., and received part of their education in the Indiana University, Bloomington, Ind. After leaving that institution, M. Lane studied medicine with his brother, Dr. T. H. Lane, then a practicing physician in Northfield, a small town in Indiana. Completing his studies there, he attended lectures at Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, and graduated from that institution in 1869, having previously located at Reelsville, Ind., where he practiced medicine eleven years. Leaving there he spent another period, of five years, at Whitestown, Ind., in his chosen profession. In June, 1879, he located in Lincoln, Neb., where he is still engaged in the practice of medidine; is a member of the Masonic fraternity. W. C. Lane, the manager and junior member of the above firm, spent part of his life as a professional teacher in the common and graded schools of Indiana, but afterwards engaged in the drug trade in Indianapolis. From there he removed to Lincoln, Neb., in the spring of 1879, and established the business now owned by Lane Brothers. W. C. L. is a member of K. of H. and K. of P.

J. F. LANSING, real estate and loan agent, came to Lincoln, March 11, 1872, and has been engaged in his present business since that date. He was born in Amsterdam, Montgomery Co., N. Y., May 12, 1843. When fifteen years old he went to New York City, and remained there for about ten years, in the employ of A. T. Stewart most of the time. He then went to Albany, N. Y., and was connected with a mercantile establishment there until he came to Nebraska. He was married at Cohoes, N. Y., January 17, 1872, to Emma E. Oliver, a resident of Cohoes. They have three children, Harry, Oliver and Jessie. Mr. L. has built one frame store, and in the spring of 1880 one elegant two-story brick business block on O street, next to the Opera House, 25x90. He also built three dwellings at the corner of P and Thirteenth streets, three near the corner of K and Eleventh streets, and his private residence at the corner of K and Eighteenth streets. In 1881 he did a business of between $200,000 and $300,000. He is the agent for the Corbin Banking Company of New York. Has acquired a comfortable fortune and is a self-made man.

JOHN P. LANTZ, real estate agent, came to Lincoln in March, 1868, and has been engaged in his present business ever since. He is a lawyer by profession, but only acts as a counsellor, his business being real estate collections, loans and notary public. He was born in Venus, Ohio, March 26, 1823. In 1824 his father moved to Defiance, Ohio, and in 1833 to Bryan, Williams Co., Ohio. He lived there until he came to this State. He was admitted to the bar in Defiance, Ohio, September 15, 1852. On the 12th of August, 1849, he was married at Mount Pleasant, Ohio, to Hannah Aubury, a native of Muskingum County, Ohio. They have one chid, Clara E., now Mrs. O. Parker, of Colorado Springs. They lost one child in infancy.

H. P. LAU, of the firm of H. P. Lau & Co., wholesale dealers in fancy groceries, fruits, etc., was born in Germany, February 26, 1846. Came to America May 18, 1869. First located at Davenport, where he remained until he came to Lincoln, in October, 1869. When he first came here he engaged in the manufacture of soda water and dealt in confectionery in a retail way. The first year he did a business which amounted in the aggregate to only about $6,000. His firm now does a business of $250,000 per annum. Mr. Lau was married in June, 1870, to Fredericka Peterson, a native of Germany. They have five children living, Helena M., Nellie, Anna, Hans, Peter and John. They have lost one child, Christina, who died in November, 1873, aged two years.

LUKE LAVENDER, came to Peru, Nemaha Co., Neb., in December, 1855, and resided in that county for about two years. He then removed to Nebraska City and lived there most of the time until 1862 when he came to Lincoln. In June, 1863, he moved his family here. He located on Section 25, and took a homestead on that section the first year he was here and has engaged in farming more or less ever since. In 1871 he built a carriage factory and operated it one year. He also carried on the real estate business, having an office called the Real Estate Exchange. He was County Judge two years and held various other local offices. He was born in Battle, Sussex Co., England, March 2, 1816, and came to America with his parents in 1820. He located at Chambersburg, Pa., and lived there until 1824. Then he moved to Clinton County, Ohio, and lived there two years, going from there to Champaign County and living there about two years. He then moved to Delaware County, Ohio, and stayed there until 1846, when he went to Dayton where he was located for two years. After that he lived at various places in Ohio and Indiana until he came to Nebraska. He was married at Delaware, Ohio, August 1, 1841, to Mary Maplesden, a native of Sussex, England. They have four children, Luke Washington, Elizabeth Ann, Mary Jane, and Edward Jason.. His present wife was Julia Ann Hoteling, a native of Albany, N. Y. They have two children, Alfred and Alvin. Mr. L. is a member of the I. O. O. F.

CHARLES M. LEIGHTON, firm of Leighton & Brown, wholesale druggists. Native of the State of Maine. Came to Lincoln in 1868. Bought the ground they now occupy, put up a building, and has from that time been working early and late building up the largest drug business in the State. Is now in the prime of life, with bright prospects for the future.

H. C. LETT & SON, general store. Business was established in October, 1880. They carry a stock of about $12,000, and employ two clerks. Mr. H. C. Lett was born in Laramie County, Ohio, September 25, 1834. About 1851 he moved to Illinois, and two years later to Kansas, where he resided until 1861 when he settled in Brownville, Neb., engaging real estate, railroading and mercantile business. During the war Mr. Lett raised a company of volunteers in Brownville, known as the Governor's Guards, of which organization he had command. They were not called out. In 1880 he settled in Lincoln and commenced present business. He was married in Rushville, Ill., October 13, 1858, to Miss M. J. McCreery, of Rushville. They have three children, William H., of the firm, Ella May, Minnie Bell. Mr. Lett is a member of the First Presbyterian Church, also of the A., F. & A. M., of Brownville Lodge, Chapter and Commandery, and of the I. O. O. F. He was Mayor of Brownville one year and was at one time Liberal Democratic candidate for Governor of Nebraska. He was connected with the construction of the Brownville and Fort Kearney R. R. and the Brownville and Nodaway Valley R. R. Was president of both companies. Was also interested in railroad construction in Iowa.

S. W. LITTLE, capitalist, came to Lincoln in March 1871, and brought his family out that fall. Mr. Curson, his son-in-law came in the spring of 1871 and built the first grain elevator. Mr. L. is largely interested in land and building operations. He was Mayor of Lincoln in 1874, is a director of the State National Bank. Born in Pittsburgh, Pa., September 6, 1818. Lived there until nineteen years old when he went to steamboating on the Ohio and Mississippi rivers for two years. Then went to Keene, N. H., where he worked at his trade as glass blower which he had learned at Pittsburgh. Spent a year at Keene, then went to New Jersey. He soon returned to Pittsburgh and from there went to New Orleans and Natchez where he went into the lumber business with his brother. Afterwards he ran a merchandise boat on the river for some years. Sold goods to Jeff Davis in this way. He was married in Pittsburgh, October 15, 1845, to Mary DePutron a native of the Isle of Guernsey. They have five children, Anna F., now Mrs. Elijah Burton, Mary M., now Mrs. Wesley Thompson, Samuel M., a resident of York, Neb., hardware merchant, Emma J., and Lulu May. They lost two children in infancy. He settled in Cincinnati in 1845 and engaged in glass manufacturing. Spent three years in Wheeling, Va., in the same manner. In 1849 he went to Greencastle, Ind., and opened a hardware store with D. B. Alexander, his former partner on the river. In 1853 they laid out the town of Effingham, Ill., and from 1854 to 1856 were in business in Catlettsburgh, Ky. They lived at Effingham, Ill., from 1856 to 1867 when Mr. L. went to West Virginia, staying about eighteen months. In 1870 he went to California, having in 1869 and 1870, traveled about 15,000 miles. In 1871 he located in Lincoln.

HENRY E. LEWIS, attorney at law, came to Lincoln, July 20, 1881. He was born at Claremont, N. H., and graduated from Dartmouth College in 1872. He read law at Moline, Ill., and was admitted to practice in that State in 1878, having moved to Moline in 1876. He resided there until he came to Lincoln. He was married at Davenport, Iowa, September 3, 1879, to Lillie, daughter of Daniel Gould, of Davenport. They have two children, Harold G. and Edith L.

S. B. LINDERMAN, B. & M. R. R. land department, was born in Kingston, N. Y., March 28, 1842. In 1862, he was appointed captain's clerk on the United States Steamer Adirondack, a position he retained until the vessel was wrecked on the Little Bahamas, August 23, 1863, then returned to Kingston. In 1866 he with others, organized the Nebraska Salt Company, and settled in Nebraska, on what is now the town site of Lincoln, with the intention of improving and utilizing the salt springs of that vicinity. Owing to lack of transportation for the finished product the scheme was abandoned. Mr. Linderman was afterward appointed Clerk of the District Court, a position he held about two years, he was then appointed Assistant Assessor of Internal Revenue, and retained the position until these offices were abolished. In 1873, he engaged in the land department of the B. & M. R. R. He was married in Lincoln, December 15, 1867, to Miss Annie L. Kelley, a native of Ohio. They have four children: Emily J., Seldon, Tot and Eugene D. Mr. L. is a member of the A., F. & A. M. Lodge, of Chapter and Commandery. Of the K. P., the old lodge, and the G. A. R., all of Lincoln. He is a member of the Board of Aldermen from the Second Ward, and Register of voters, city and county.

JOHN LINDOLFF, car inspector B. & M. R. R. at Lincoln. Was born in Hanover, Germany, December 13, 1850, he came to the United States, in 1869, and settled in Creston, Iowa, where he engaged in the car inspection department of the C., B. & Q. R. R. In 1874, he removed to Nebraska, locating at Kearney Junction, as foreman in the St. Jo & Denver R. R. Was afterward car inspector at Omaha, and in May, 1880, settled in Lincoln, in present position. He was married in Creston, Iowa, July, 1872, to Miss Amelia Wendel, a native of Saxony. They have four children: Emma, William, Sophia and Rosa. Mr. L. is a member of the German Lutheran Church and of the "Harmonic" Society.

S. C. LOWDAN, farmer and stock raiser, was born in 1848, in Muskingum County, Ohio, where he was raised and educated in 1869, went to Bloomington, Ill., and taught school in the winter and farmed in the summer. In August, 1878, came to Lincoln, and was appointed as teacher to the district schools in 1880. Purchased a farm of 160 acres, Section 11, Town 11, Range 7 east, North Bluff Precinct, and makes a specialty of raising Poland China hogs, mostly all of which are pure breed. His stock horses are of the Clydesdale breed, and all cattle graded Shorthorn Durham. He intends entering the dairy business. He was married October, 1879 to Miss Gertie M. Griswold of York State. They have one little girl, Laura Lee. He is a member of the A., F. & A. M.

F. W. LOWREY, proprietor Lowery's mills and elevator property, acquired by Mr. L. in 1871. The daily capacity of the mill is 100 barrels of flour. The elevator can handle 5,000 bushels of corn daily. Has also branch receiving depots at Seward, Milford, Roca, Hickman, Firth, Adams, Sterling, Smartville and Staplehurst. Mr. Lowrey was born in Tazewell County, Ill., July 16, 1841. He engaged there in stock dealing, distilling, wholesale liquor business, etc., up to 1871, when he settled in Lincoln, Neb. Mr. L. is a member of the A., F. & A. M. Lodge and Chapter, I. O. O. F., K. of P., and of the T. of H.

HENRY LOUGHRY, architect and builder, was born January 2, 1852, at Strabane, County Tyrone, Ireland, where he availed himself of a good education, and in December, 1867, came to America and went to Maryland, and commenced working at his trade, remaining there for about four years. Then went to Chicago and built for one season, and from thence to Yankton, Dak., and remained there for about fourteen months, in the same business. Then went to Grinnell, Iowa, where he took a scientific course for five terms at the Iowa College: and from thence went to Adrian College, Michigan, and took a scientific course for one term. Then went to Findlay, Ohio, remained there one year, returned to Iowa, and in the fall of 1876 came to Lincoln, and taught school for about three months. Then engaged in business as architect, builder and contractor, and during the winter time attended the university here, studying geometry and perspective drawing. Is a member of the A., F. & A. M., Lincoln Lodge, No. 19. Also of the I. O. O. F., Lancaster Lodge, No. 39, and to the Saline Encampment. Mr. L. owns 320 acres of land, south of Norfolk, in Section 9, Town 23, Range 1; also 160 acres, three miles east of same.

J. M. LUCAS, dentist, was born in Mount Holley, Burlington, Co., N. J., March 5, 1850. He was brought up in Philadelphia, where he went to school. Studied dentistry at Harvard University, Boston, in 1873-74, and commenced the practice of his profession in Meigs County, Ohio. From there he moved to Lancaster County, Neb., in November, 1878. He settled in Lincoln February, 1881.

IRVING L. LYMAN, Chief of Police, was born January 16, 1846, at South Hadley, Mass., where he was raised and educated and remained until the age of twenty-six. In 1871 he came to Lancaster County, Neb., and engaged in stock raising and farming for about two years, and in 1873 he came to Lincoln and engaged in the newspaper business. He was connected with the Lincoln Daily Leader, and was manager and city editor of the Globe, after which he was elected City Marshal, and in 1879 he was appointed Chief of Police in Detective Department, which position he now holds. He was married April 28, 1874, to Miss Mary Dean, of Lincoln. He is Secretary of the A., F. & A. M., Lodge No. 19, and was Worthy Master of the A. O. U. W., Lodge No. 35. In 1870 he was assistant superintendent of Dr. Jackson's Water Cure establishment, at Dansville, N. Y.

HON. J. C. McBRIDE, Postmaster, was born near Urbana, Ohio, May 2, 1844, and lived there until 1859, when he went to Indiana, enlisted as a musician, in Company B., Forty-eighth Indiana Infantry, October 1, 1861, and served four years. Was promoted to Captain of Company H., February 1, 1865. He served four years in the United States Army (Thirty-eighth Infantry), from 1867 to 1870. Served as First Lieutenant in New Mexico and Texas, until October, 1870, when he resigned and located at Red Oak, Iowa, engaging in real estate business. In 1871 he came to Nebraska, and located at Schuyler, Colfax Co., where he established the Schuyler Register, and conducted it until the fall of 1874. In the spring of 1873 he was appointed Adjutant General of Nebraska, and in the fall of the same year, was elected County Clerk of Colfax County, and in 1874 was elected State Treasurer, and was re-elected in 1876. January 1, 1877, he established the Nebraska Farmer, and published it until August, 1881. Since 1878 he has been engaged in raising fancy stock. He was appointed Postmaster May 26, 1881.

JOHN H. McCLAY, County Clerk, came to Nebraska in 1870, and located at Beatrice, where he resided four years, engaging in farming and stock raising. They moved to Bennet, Lancaster Co., and farmed there, until elected County Commissioner in 1878. Served as a member of the board until elected County Clerk in the fall of 1881. He was born at West Liberty, Champaign Co., Ohio, October 5, 1843. In 1848 his parents removed to Peoria County, Ill. He enlisted in Company G., Forty-seventh Illinois Volunteer Infantry, in August, 1861, and served until February, 1866. Was mustered out as Lieutenant of Company B., Forty-seventh Illinois. Returned to Peoria and attended school. Afterward moved to Woodford County, Ill., where he remained until he came to Nebraska. He married at Farmington, Ill., January 1, 1867, to Tryphenia Wickwire, a native of New York State. They have two children, William L. and Kate. He is a member of the G. A. R., being Commander of the Post of Bennet. He also belongs to the A., F. & A. M., T. of H., and I. O. O. F.

J. McCONNIFF, assistant superintendent, A. & N. Div. B. & M. R. R., Lincoln, was born in London, Canada, August 11, 1841. In 1857 became connected with the Grand Trunk Railroad and continued with them in different positions until 1870. He then moved to St. Joseph, Mo., and engaged as train dispatcher and superintendent of telegraph with the K. C. St. Jo. & C. B. R. R. Came to Lincoln, Neb., in May, 1880, and took present position. He was married in Toronto, Canada, August 19, 1862, to Miss Elizabeth Jane Smith, of Toronto. They have four children, James Edwin, Alice Edith, Lizzie Bird, Nora May. Mr. McConniff is a member of the A., F. & A. M., of St. Joseph, Mo.

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