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Andreas' History of the State of Nebraska
Lancaster County
Produced by Debra Parminter.


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Lincoln:   Early History | Incorporation | Official Roster
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Lincoln (cont.):   University of Nebraska (cont.)

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Lincoln (cont.):
Wholesale and Manufacturing Establishments
Biographical Sketches- ABBOTT~ALLEN

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** Lincoln Biographical Sketches ** (cont.)

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List of Illustrations in Lancaster County Chapter



GEORGE WEBER, groceries and provisions; business established in 1872 by H. Weber & Co. Mr. George Weber has been alone since 1879. Carries a stock of about $3,000. Mr. George Weber was born in Switzerland, March 1, 1844. Came to the United States in 1854; located in Cleveland, Ohio. In 1857 removed to Toledo, Ohio. Enlisted September 19, 1861, in the Thirty-seventh Ohio, Company G, and served until September 24, 1864. Returned to Toledo, and from there moved to Nebraska in 1869, settling in Lancaster County, where he located a homestead. Moved into Lincoln in 1872. He was married in Perrysburg, Wood Co., Ohio, September 17, 1868, to Miss Helen Lang, of Perrysburg They have three children, Bertha, Annie and Alexander. Mr. W. is a member of the I. O. O. F., Subordinate Lodge and Encampment.

O. W. WEBSTER, boots and shoes, established in 1870 by Mr. W. He carries a stock of about $15,000. Mr. W. was born in Richland County, Ohio, in 1846. He enlisted in 1864 in the Sixty-fourth Regiment Ohio Volunteers, Company D. Re-enlisted in 1865 in the One hundred and Ninety-seventh Regiment Ohio Volunteers. Returned home at the close of the war, and in 1865 moved to Wisconsin and from there to Iowa. Was engaged in teaching school in both States. In 1869 he settled in Lincoln, Neb. He was married in Mansfield, Ohio, October 24, 1876, to Miss Annie Dull, of Mansfield. They have one child, Joseph. Mr. W. is a member of the "Sans Souci" Club.

CHARLES WEST, manager of the Lincoln Land and Loan Agency of B. Lombard, Jr., of Boston; came to Nebraska City in June, 1877, and in 1879 moved his office to Lincoln. He was born at Galesburg, Ill., January 10, 1838. He lived there until 1868, when he went to Carroll County, Mo., and engaged in farming and real estate business. He came from Missouri to this State. He was married at Gloversville, N. Y., February 7, 1860, to Lydia C. Stanley, a native of that place. They have one child, John S. Mr. West enlisted in Company B, Fourteenth Illinois Cavalry, in September, 1862, and served until July 31, 1865, as First Lieutenant of that company. He is a member of the G. A. R. The Lincoln Land and Loan Co. deal in real estate, loans and bonds and mortgages. They give special attention to farm loans. In the last year they have placed about $350,000 in Nebraska. School and county bonds are handled extensively.

L. W. WHEATON, attorney-at-law, came to Lincoln, Neb., in May, 1880, and has practiced here since. With his partner, Mr. Woosley, he prepared the Annotated Statutes of Nebraska, recently issued. He was born in Fayette, Lawrence Co., Pa., December 15, 1846. He lived there until about ten years of age, when he moved to Jo Daviess County, Ill. He lived at Pleasant Valley, in that county, until 1868. He received his education at Hillsdale College, Mich., and at the Grinnell, (Iowa) College. He read law at Vinton, Iowa, and was admitted there in 1874, practicing there until he came to Nebraska. He was married in Lincoln, Neb., December 6, 1880, to Olive P. Miller, a native of Winnebago County, Ill., and daughter of Edward Miller. Mr. Wheaton is a member of the A., F. & A. M.

S. C. WHEELER, locomotive engineer B. & M. R. R., was born in Columbus, Ohio, March 2, 1855. In 1869 he moved to Nebraska, and located in Nebraska City and engaged with a surveying party on the Midland Pacific. When the road was completed he was connected with the locomotive department, and continued in this until the transfer to the B. & M. R. R. Has since been engaged by the latter. He was married in Central City, Neb., December 23, 1880, to Miss McDougal, a native of England. They have one child, a son, W. C., born March 22, 1882. Mr. W. is a member of the K. of H. of Nebraska City, No. 925, and the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers.

E. M. WHEELER, dealer in groceries, flour and feed; established in 1882, succeeding Bostator, Hoope & Vicars. He was born in Suffolk County, N. Y., November 16, 1833. He was educated in his native county, and then removed to New York City, where for eighteen years he was engaged in the provision business. In 1879 he removed to Nebraska, settled in Lancaster County and engaged in farming, which he followed until he opened the present business. He was married in Huntington, Long Island, September 14, 1853, to Miss Fancher, of Huntington. They have four children, Edward H., Robert E., Minnie L., and William W. Mr. W. is a member of the First Methodist Episcopal Church.

WALTER J. WHITE, Foreman for Ætna Iron Works, at State Penitentiary, was born in Burlington, Iowa, May 1, 1856. He there received his education and learned the trade of tinsmith, whch he followed until 1879, when he removed to Lincoln, Neb. He was appointed to his present position in May, 1881, when the works started. Mr. W. has in his department eight to twelve convicts engaged in galvanized iron work exclusively. The works are owned by the Ætna Iron Works, of Quincy, Ill.

M. M. WHITE, head bookkeeper and cashier for Plummer, Perry & Co. Was born in Newport, Monroe Co., Mich., October 19, 1849. He received his education in Monroe, and for about two years was engaged in the drug business. In 1879 he removed to Nebraska, settled in Lincoln, and became connected with the firm of Plummer, Perry & Co. He was married in Monroe, Mich., May 13, 1873, to Miss Clara I. Loose, of Monroe County. They have two children, Alice L. and Virginia I. Mr. W. is a member of the Masonic fraternity, Blue Lodge and Chapter.

E. A. WHITE, general agent of the Sandwich Manufacturing Co., was born in Northampton, Mercer Co., Ill., October 8, 1852, and was reared in Knoxville and Kewanee, Ill. His home was in Illinois until he was about eighteen years of age, when he moved to Iowa. In 1878 he became connected with the Minneapolis Harvester works as machine expert and salesman, and continued with them until April, 1881. Since June 20, 1881, he has been connected with the Sandwich Manufacturing Co.

C. A WICKERSHAM, train dispatcher B. & M. R. R. in Nebraska, was born in Chester County, Pa. September 9, 1859; educated there, and learned telegraphing with the Pennsylvania R. R. Company; was connected with them about four years, two of which as train dispatcher at Renova, Pa. In 1879 he removed to Nebraska settled in Lincoln, and took his present position. He was married in Glen Hall, Chester Co., Pa., June 24, 1880, to Miss Lizzie A. Lamborn, of that county. They have one son, Clarence L.

JOHN WILLIAMS, farmer, was born in Cornwall, England, December 10, 1821. He came to America in 1850; went to Grant County, Wis., and engaged in manufacturing farm wagons for about six years; then went to Lima and farmed for about two years. During his stay in Grant County, Wis., he was elected Justice of the Peace for one term, and was also representative of the Grant County Council of Grangers for three years, and President of the Reform Temperance League. In 1878 came to Nebraska and purchased a farm of 160 acres of the B. & M. R. R. Company, Mill Precinct, near Waverly, which is now all under cultivation, and in 1879 was elected Justice of the Peace for one term, and appointed by County Commissioners for the following two terms. Married in 1843 to Miss Mary Beddick, who was born in Cornwall, England. They have four children, Richard B., John C., Alma and Henry I. Mr. W. is a cousin of J. M. Williams, Member of Parliament.

CHARLES H. WILLARD, Deputy State Treasurer, came from New York to Nebraska in 1870; engaged in land business at Beatrice until 1873, when he became Deputy State Auditor. He held this position until 1879, when he became Deputy Treasurer. He was engineer of mining properties in Pennsylvania, and held various responsible positions connected with public contracts in Oneida and Richmond counties, N. Y., prior to locating in Nebraska.

HENRY H. WILSON, attorney, the seventh child and oldest son of a family of nine children--six girls and three boys--was born on the first day of January, 1854, in a small log house in Jackson Township, Sandusky County, Ohio, about nine miles west of the City of Fremont. His father, Nathaniel Wilson, of Celtic origin, was born in Luzerne County, Pa., and came to Ohio in early life, where he was married on the first day of April, 1841, to Mary Feasel, a native of the latter State, who was, however, of Germanic stock. They at once settled in the wild, dense forest just on the southern edge of the great black swamp, and erected a cabin that has but recently given place to a more pretending edifice. Here the subject of this sketch was reared in homespun from the flock and the hatchel, and enjoyed the advantages of a common school three or four months during each winter. In March, 1871, the Wilson family came to Nebraska and settled on a farm in Saunders County, about eight miles west of Ashland. Here young Wilson spent the summer of 1871 in assisting to subdue the wild prairie and establish a home for the family, and in the autumn of the same year he entered the profession of teaching at Forest City, in Sarpy County. In the spring of 1872 he entered the State Normal School at Peru, but having already decided upon the law for his life work, he found this school little adapted to his wants, and so, after teaching three terms more, he entered the Nebraska State University in the Second Sub-Freshman class in September, 1873. Here he completed the six years' course in five years, graduating a year in advance of his class, and maintained himself during this time by teaching and such other work as opportunity afforded. During his college course he was an active member of the Adelphian and the Union Literary and Debating Societies, and served a term in each as president, as we learn by reference to the files of the Hesperian Student, the college paper, of which he was also editor for one official term. He was graduated as Bachelor of Philosophy in June, 1878, and was immediately elected principal of the High School at Seward. Here he entered upon his new duties in September of this year, and held this position until May, 1880, spending his vacations and other leisure time in the study of the elements of law. The summer vacation of 1879 was spent in the law office of Hon. T. M. Marquette, of Lincoln. Early in May, 1880, Mr. W. entered upon the study of his chosen profession in real earnest in the office of Lamb, Billingsley & Lambertson, of Lincoln, where their large practice gave him abundant opportunity for which he had been waiting ten long years. On the second day of February, 1881, he was admitted to the practice of his profession in the U. S. Circuit Court, and immediately afterward in the other courts of the State. In November, 1881, he formed a partnership with Mr. A. C. Ricketts, and is now the junior member of the law firm of Ricketts & Wilson. During this time Mr. W. has also found time to exercise his pen as an occasional contributor to the Popular Science Monthly and other periodicals, as well as to discuss some current questions through the press of the State. Since January, 1881, he has been a member of Lincoln Lodge No. 19 of the A., F. & A. M. June 22, 1881, Mr. Wilson was married to Miss Emma Parks, of Lincoln; born in Wapello County, Iowa, and graduated at Nebraska State University in 1880.

WINGER & MILLER, dry goods, groceries, boots and shoes, etc.; business established in 1877 by Winger & Irwin--the latter retired about one year later. Mr. Winger then continued the business alone until September, 1880; he then gave Mr. Miller an interest. J. W. Winger, of above firm, was born in Franklin County, Pa., April 19,1842. In 1862 he enlisted in the One Hundred and Twelfth Pennsylvania Volunteers Company D. Commissioned Second Lieutenant in February, 1863, and in 1864, for gallantry displayed in the charge on Petersburg, was commissioned Captain of Company D, a command he retained until the close of the war. He then returned to Pennsylvania and engaged in mercantile business until he moved to Lincoln, Neb., in 1876. He was married in Franklin County, Pa., November 16, 1869, to Miss Irwin, of that county. They have six children--Irwin, Josie, Florence, Wilson, Ralph and Margaret. Mr. W. is a member of the Presbyterian Church and of the A., F. & A. M., of Pennsylvania. Mr. J. E. Miller, of above firm, was born in Cumberland County, Pa., August 2, 1857. In 1873 he went to Harrisburg, and from there moved to Nebraska in 1879, locating in Lincoln, and engaged in clerking with Mr. Winger.

WOLTEMADE & WOLF, cigar manufacturers; present firm organized January, 1876--succeeded H. Woltemade. Employ fourteen men and manufacture about 500,000 cigars annually. G. R. Wolf, of above firm, was born in Germany February 9, 1850. The same year his parents came to the United States, settling in Utica, New York. In 1863 he moved to Fond du Lac, Wis., where he learned his trade, which he followed in different parts of the United States until 1873, when he settled in Lincoln, Neb., working at his trade until present firm was organized. He was married in St. Paul, Minn., December 12, 1872, to Miss H. Broetzman, of Sheboygan County, Wis. They have three children--Robert O., Clara And Martha. Mr. W. is a member of I. O. O. F., Subordinate Lodge and Encampment.

J. V. WOLFE, farmer and stock raiser, was born October, 1833, at Merom, Sullivan Co., Ind., where he was raised and educated up to the age of eighteen; then went to the State University at Bloomington, Ind., and graduated in 1857. Then went to Cincinnati, Ohio, and commenced teaching school at the Glendale Female College for about one year. Then went to Bloomington, Ill., and was made principal of the Major Female College there for one year. Then went to Gosport, Ind., and was principal of the High School. In the fall of 1861 returned to Bloomington, Ind., and entered the Law Department of the University, where he graduated, and at the close of term went to Gosport and commenced practicing law, and in the fall of 1862 was elected member of the Legislature for Owen County, Ind.; and in 1863 went to Spencer, county seat of Owen County, and entered upon the practice of law. In the fall of 1864 was elected County Treasurer for two years and re-elected in 1866 for two years, and continued practicing law until the fall of 1871, when he came West to Lancaster County, Neb., and purchased two eighty-acre farms, one situated in Section 6, Town 9, Range 7; the other in Section 7, Town 9, Range 7, about three miles southeast of Lincoln, both farms being under a high state of cultivation, and improved, with a two-story stone house and good outbuildings. Mr. Wolfe makes a specialty of hogs, having on his farm only pure-bred Berkshires and Poland-China, having on hand always some seventy-five for breeding purposes. Was married in November, 1857, to Miss E. B. Batterton, who was born at Bloomington, Ind., and was Professor of Mathematics at Glendale College. Has seven children--Harry K., who graduated at the Lincoln University 1880, and is now Principal of the Edgar High School, Clay Co., Neb.; Nellie B., who took a three years' select course at the same University, and is now a teacher of District School No. 50, Grant Precinct, in this county; Jessie B., J. B. Jr., Mary, William and W. P. Clay. Mr. W. is a member of the A., F. & A. W., Blue Lodge and Chapter, Spencer Lodge, Ind,; also was nominated in 1873 for Treasurer, and in 1876 for the Senate, and candidate for District Attorney in 1878 for the counties of Lancaster, Otoe, Cass and Nemaha, Neb.

LYMAM WOOD, Deputy Clerk of the District Court, came to Nebraska in the fall of 1871 and located at Firth, building the first dwelling house there; keeping boarders for awhile. He was afterward appointed Postmaster and held that position about five years. He came to Lincoln in September, 1879, and was employed for about a year as clerk in the District Clerk's office, afterward becoming a deputy. He was born in Gallatin County, Ill., February 25, 1839, and lived there until he was five years old, when he moved to Moline. Lived there until he enlisted in Company K, One Hundred and Twenty-ninth Illinois Volunteer Infantry, August 11, 1862. He served until May, 1863, and was mustered out on account of disability. During the winter of 1863-64 he was employed as clerk in the office of the Adjutant-General of Iowa. His home was at Moline until he came to Nebraska. He was married at Davenport, Iowa, May 22, 1865, to Mrs. Nellie Allen, a daughter of Benjamin Shanks, and the first child born in Joliet, Ill. They have one child, Enoch Wellington. Mrs. W. has two children by a previous marriage; William F. and Fannie, now Mrs. Clark Holsington, of Firth, Neb. Mr. Wood is Adjutant of Farragut Post, G. A. R. He is also a member of I. O. O. F., of Friendship Lodge No. 47, at Frith. Mr. Wood's grandfather, Beder Wood, came from Rochester, N. Y. to Gallatin County, Ill., in 1815. Mr. Wood is a son of David R. and Mary Stokes Wood both of whom are dead--his father dying in 1881, and his mother in 1863.

GEORGE E. WOODBURY, Professor of English Language and Literature, Nebraska State University; was born in Beverly, Mass., May 12, 1855. His parents were old residents of Beverly. Entered Exeter Academy, at Exeter, N. H., and graduated in the fall of 1872. He then entered Harvard College, from which he graduated in 1877. During this time he was away from college one year on account of poor health. In the fall of 1877 he came to Nebraska to take the chair of English literature and history a short time, returning East, where for about a year he was attached to the staff of the Nation in New York City. After this spent about one year at Cambridge College. Then returned to Lincoln to take the chair of Anglo-Saxon and rhetoric at the Nebraska State University, and in June, 1881, was appointed to his present position. Prof. Woodbury is a member of the "Dante" Society of Boston, Mass., and of several college societies.

CHARLES A. WOOSLEY, attorney-at-law, came to Lincoln, August 6, 1880. He is a son of William Woosley and was born near Eureka, Woodford Co., Ill., August 1, 1850. Received his education at Eureka College. For five years prior to coming to Nebraska he resided in Tazewell County, Ill., and read law with W. R. Curran, of Pekin, Ill., being admitted to the bar in November, 1880. He was married in McLean County, Ill., December 19, 1872, to Viola Chaplin, a daughter of Jeremiah Chaplin. She was born at Washington, Pa. They have two children--Maud and Kate. In connection with his partner, L. W. Wheaton, he prepared the annotated statutes of Nebraska, commencing their preparation April 1, 1881, and finishing on January 1, 1882.

DR. A. WRIGHT, veterinary surgeon, was born in Brattle, Sussex Co., England, April 19, 1820. He studied his profession in England and in 1840 came to the United States, locating in Dayton, Ohio, where he practiced until about 1845, when he settled in Cincinnati, Ohio, where he remained about seventeen years. He then moved to Davenport, Iowa; then to Jasper County, and from there in 1869 he removed to Lincoln, Neb. Dr. Wright has been engaged in the practice of his profession some forty-six years. He was married in Knox County, Ohio 1841, to Miss Elizabeth Rhoades, of Knox County. They have had in all thirteen children, of which ten survive--William, Isaac, John, Andrew, Theodore, Grant, Mary (now Mrs. William Peer), Mandy (now Mrs. Charles Carpenter), Maria and Fanny (now Mrs. Ira Van Antwerp.

J. G. WRIGHT, contractor and plasterer, was born August 24, 1836, in Wayne County, N. Y. At an early age went with his parents to the northern part of Illinois, where he was raised and educated. Left school at the age of fourteen. In 1853 was apprenticed to a Mr. William Prindle for three years, and then to Mr. M. Dickinson, and in 1858 commenced working at his trade until the commencement of the war, when he enlisted on the 25th of September, 1861, in the Sixty-fourth Illinois Sharpshooters, Company A, under Lieut-Col. D. E. Williams and Capt. John Morrill. He participated in all the battles with his regiment, and in 1862 was promoted to Commissary Sergeant, and after the battle of Corinth the regiment was presented with standard colors by Gov. Yates for acts of bravery and meritorious service. He was mustered out in October, 1864, at East Point, Ga. In 1866 engaged in general merchandise business in La Salle County, Ill., until 1868, when he sold out and engaged in business at his trade as plasterer. In the fall of 1876 came West and located at York, Neb., and purchased a quarter section of land, and farmed the same until the spring of 1881, when he came to Lincoln and commenced working at his trade, and in September of the same year entered into partnership with a Mr. Mulfordand, since which time have contracted for and plastered several private dwellings, as well as the ornamental centers, brackets and corbels on the Odd Fellows' Hall, the Little Block and Walsh & Putnam's--paying particular attention to this branch of the business. He was married in December, 1859, in Illinois, to Miss Annie Cole, of New York. They have five children--Francis E., Effie M., Harriette G., Frank W. and Lewis E. His oldest daughter is married. He is a member of the Grand Army of the Republic, Farragut Post No. 25; member of the Sheridan Lodge No. 735, Illinois. Mr. W's, father commenced his military career in the war of 1812 and served at first as Lieutenant in the Home Guards. He raised a rifle company in Wayne County, N. Y., and was commissioned Captain, and afterwards promoted Major and Colonel. At the same time, his mother's father was in the rifle service in England.

JOHN B. WRIGHT, Mayor of Lincoln, came to Nebraska in December, 1874, and located at Lincoln in February, 1875, engaging in the grain business. He now deals extensively in flax seed at this point, David City, Seward and Utica. He was for two years Alderman, and was elected Mayor in 1879 and 1881. He was born in Rochester, Monroe Co., N. Y., in 1846, and moved to Buffalo when four years old. From there he went to Monroe, Mich., and stayed there six years; then went to Montana and Idaho and the mining regions. He engaged in mining and stock raising until he came to Nebraska.

RICHARD WRIGHT, engineer, B. & M. R. R. Co., water works, was born in Cumberland County, Pa., in 1842, and at an early age left and went to Indiana, availing himself there of a common school education. In 1855 went to Arkansas and drove stage for one year; from thence to Iowa, remaining there for about one year in different pursuits. In 1857 went to Kansas and engaged in farming until 1860, when he went to California and there engaged in farming. In 1865 went to Idaho mining, and from thence to Salt Lake City, teaming for the U. P. R. R. Co. In the fall of 1869 came to Chicago, Ill., and in 1870 went to Vicksburg, Miss., and was employed by the Magnolia Oil Co., as engineer to their works. In 1875 returned to Illinois and was employed as engineer to one of the elevators at Rochelle. In 1880 came to Nebraska and located at Lincoln, and engaged in the well business for about one year, after which he was engaged by the B. & M. R. R. Co., as engineer to their water works, situated on the Antelope, north of the city. Was married March, 1870, at Annendale, Miss., to Miss Winifred Coonan, who was born at Liverpool, England, and came over to America with her parents some eighteen years ago. Has one child, John Edward. Members of the Catholic Church.

CHARLES WUNDERLICH, Superintendent of Stone Department at State Penitentiary. There are in this department eighty to eighty-five men employed cutting and dressing stone. Mr. Wunderlich was born in Bohemia June 24, 1832. He learned the trade of stonecutter, and in 1852 emigrated to the United States, locating at Joliet, Ill.; engaged in the stone business. In 1862 he entered into business for himself, in which he continued until 1869, in which year he moved to Lincoln, Neb., and entered the service of Mr. W. H. B. Stout in his present position. He was married in Joliet, Ill., December 7, 1853, to Miss Annie M. Schrier, a native of Bohemia. They have two children--Elizabeth (now Mrs. C. Visel), Amelia (now Mrs. J. M. Killian). Mr. W. is a member of the A., F. & A. M., and of the K. of P.



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