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Where to find the census records

Additional info about the census (by Gary Martens)
"Why collect census records"

Territorial and early State Censuses: The extracts appeared in the "Nebraska & Midwest Genealogical Record"from the recovered records for 1854, 1855, 1856, 1865, 1869 (two counties). Remember that the boundary lines were changing constantly, & have changed since. Use link above for these extracts - available on-line. You will find some of those extracts are footnoted with information about other record sources related to the individual!
Cass County Census - information about unusual microfilm collection at NSHS, 1876-1882.

Supplementary information about the times:
1854 Territorial Census - "Machinery in Motion" from "Nebraska as Territory" Chapter of Andreas History of NE, 1882.
1855 - A brief statement regarding "The First Formal Census" from "Nebraska as Territory" Chapter of Andreas History of NE, 1882.

Nebraska Counties no longer in existence:
Blackbird - now mostly in Thurston County
Calhoun - now Saunders County
Clay - original Clay county included what is now the south part of Lancaster and the north part of Gage Counties.
       The current Clay County is an entirely different geographical area.
Elkhorn - became Holt County in 1873
Emmet - see L'Eau Qui Court
Forney - became Nemaha County
Greene - split off into Seward & Lancaster Counties, perhaps other pieces?
Izard - now Stanton County
Jefferson (old original) - now Thayer County
Jones - became the current Jefferson County (not the original Jefferson Co, which became Thayer)
L'Eau Qui Court - became Emmet and now is Knox
McNeal county in 1854 - ??
Pierce - the original county of that name is now called Otoe.
       In 1859, a different geographical area became Pierce Co.
Shorter - now Lincoln County (some mention in 1882 Andreas History)
West - now Holt & Knox Counties

Thanks to Bill W., Lynn, Jeanne, Denny, Connie & many others for additions & corrections to the above list.

Geographic Oddments -
          "burnt district" became part of Sarpy & Douglas Counties
          "half-breed tract" - check on Nemaha County

1854 County Map and 1856 County Map - From A.E. Sheldon's "History and Stories of Nebraska", 1913 on Oldtime Nebraska website.  
1859 Map of NE Counties from NSHS Publications, Vol XIX, 1919 (includes Green, Izard, L'Eau Qui Court, Shorter & West Counties) on NEGenWeb Project Resource Center, On-Line Library.

1882 Map of Nebraska from Andreas History of Nebraska, 1882.

NE COUNTIES - 1854 to Present (boundaries through time by Gary Martens)

NEW- TOWNSHIP NAMES - also known as Precinct Names (please note that the same name may occur in more than one county). This does NOT identify the cities, towns or villages.  Thanks to Bill Oliver for this list!

County Population Figures 1855-1870 (irregular intervals) from "Nebraska as a State" Chapter, Andreas History of NE 1882.

Federal Census: Nebraska participated in 1860 Federal Census, as a territory. Thereafter, NE appears every 10 years as a state.

There is ONE SPECIAL Federal census for the state of Nebraska - 1885.

Census Year

Federal Archives (NARA) Film Series Number

Soundex & Special Schedules

Linked to footnotes below the table.

  Roll numbers for Nebraska

  Soundex film and roll numbers

  Special schedule sheets available

1860 (1) NE Territory, Fed Census

Film Series M-653

NSHS has index

(incl mortality, industrial & agricultural schedules)

Roll 665 (all population on one roll)

1860 Agricultural & Industry schedules: Film T-1128, roll 2.

1860 Mortality Schedules: Film T-1128, roll 3.

Social statistics: Film T-1128, rolls 2 & 4

1870 (2)

Film Series M-593

NSHS has index

(incl mortality, industrial & agricultural schedules)

Rolls 828-833

1870 Agricultural Schedules: Film T-1128, rolls 3-4. Industry on roll 4.

1870 Mortality Schedules: Film T-1128, rolls 3-4

1880 (3)

Film Series T-9

Soundex - partial , Series T-760, 22 rolls (includes families with children 10 years or younger)

(incl mortality, industrial & agricultural schedules)

Rolls 743-757

1880 Agricultural Schedules: Film T-1128, rolls 5-12

1880 Manufactures Schedules: Film T-1128, roll 13.

1880 Mortality Schedules: Film T-1128, roll 14-15

1880 Schedules of Defective, Dependent, Delinquent: Film T-1128, roll 16

1885 Special Fed Census, NE (4)

Film Series M-352

NOT soundexed

(incl mortality, & agricultural schedules)

Rolls 1-56

1885 Agricultural, Manufactures & Mortality schedules are with each county following regular census schedules.

1890 (5) Census of Union Veterans...

Film Series M-123

NOT soundexed

(Special Schedules only)

Rolls 36-38

veteran or widow ONLY.

1900 (6 )

Film Series T-623

Comprehensive soundex

Rolls 916-942

Series T-1057, 107 rolls

1910 (7)

Film Series T-624

Nebraska NOT soundexed for NE

Rolls 838-57

Some census data is illegible

1910 - Only 21 states have soundexes. They are: Alabama, Arkansas, California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, West Virginia. (from Judy on NE-Roots List)

1920 (8)

Film Series T-625

Comprehensive soundex

Rolls 979-1003

Series M-1573, 96 rolls


Will be released 1 April 2002

Use the following links to locate:
Regional branch of the Federal Archives (NARA) that serves your area.
Your local Family History Library run by the Church of Latter Day Saints.

USGenWeb Census Project for the state of NEBRASKA -
established to encourage extraction and to keep track of the census extracts as completed.

The following information from the "Federal Population Census ..." series published by the National Archives as guides to assist with census research. These booklets are available from NARA (National Archives and Records Administration). They include a great deal of information that is helpful to researchers, give film numbers for institutions, list of abbreviations used, etc. Treat yourself to a full set of these guides.

The titles available are:
     "Federal Population Censuses 1790-1890"
     "1900 Federal Population Census"
     "The 1910 Federal Population Census"
     "The 1920 Federal Population Census"
     "ED" and "E.D." = Enumeration District (administrative division for tracking census data)

(1) 1860: Entire Nebraska Territory is on one roll (Film Series M-563, roll 665). The 1860 has been extracted for NEGenWeb Project, most counties are available in NE page of USGenWeb Archives or on the county pages (Platte County). There are counties included that no longer exist. Portions of WY and CO were included in NE Territory for 1860. NSHS has an index to the 1860 for NE.
(2) 1870 Census rolls for Nebraska (Film Series M-593, rolls 828-833). NSHS has an index to the 1870 for NE.
NOTE: Some counties were extracted by Evelyn Cox of Washington. Following her death, those extracts were sent to NEGenWeb as a memorial by the Kititas County Genealogical Society.
Hot links to those counties completed are given below.
   Roll 828: Black Bird, Buffalo, Burt, Butler, Cass, Cedar, Cheyenne, Clay, Colfax, Cuming, Dakota, Dawson, Dixon, Dodge, Gage Counties.
   Roll 829: Douglas, Fillmore, Gage, Pawnee Reservation, Adams Counties.
   Roll 830: Hall, Hamilton, Jefferson, Johnson, Kearney, Lancaster, L'Eau qui Court, Lincoln, Madison & Merrick Counties; Winnebago Indian Reservation.
   Roll 831: Nemaha, Nuckolls, & Otoe Counties.
   Roll 832: Pawnee, Pierce, Platte(images), Polk, Richardson, & Saline Counties.
   Roll 833: Sarpy, Saunders, Seward, Stanton, Washington, Wayne & York Counties.

Some counties are to be posted as images, soon!  
     Jul 1999: Colfax, Cuming, Dawson & Platte Counties are now available as images.
     Nov 2001 Merrick and Hall Counties
Check NEGenWeb Archives 1870 Census page
USGenWeb Census Project for the state of NEBRASKA

2002: NSHS volunteers/employees have completed an index to the 1870 NE census which is available for use "in-house" only. Perhaps it will be published someday ...

(3) The 1880 Census has been soundexed for all families with children under 10 years of age (done to help prove birthdates for Social Security applications). The Soundex film for NEBRASKA is #T-760. If you do NOT know the location of your ancestors, use the soundex film first to guide you to the appropriate census film.

The following roll numbers are for the CENSUS film series T-9.

   Roll 743: Adams, Antelope, Blackbird, Boone, Buffalo, & Burt Counties
   Roll 744: Butler, Cass, Cedar, Chase, & Cheyenne Counties
   Roll 745: Clay, Colfax, Cuming, & Custer (part: E.D. 1-170, sht 10) Counties
   Roll 746: Custer (cont'd: E.D. 170, sheet 11-end), Dakota, Dawson, Dixon, & Dodge Counties.
   Roll 747: Douglas County (part: E.D. 1-18, sheet 36)
   Roll 748: Douglas (cont'd: E.D. 18, sheet 37-end), Dundy, Fillmore, and Franklin (part: E.D. 1-43, sheet 7) Counties
   Roll 749: Franklin (cont'd: E.D. 44, sheet 1-end), Frontier, Furnas, Gage, Gosper, Greeley, and Hall Counties
   Roll 750: Hamilton, Harlan, Hayes, Hitchcock, Holt, Howard, and Jefferson (part: ED 1-292, sheet 30) Counties
   Roll 751: Jefferson (cont'd: E.D. 292, sheet 31-end), Johnson, Kearney, Keith, Knox, and Lancaster (part: E.D. 1-240, sheet 10) Counties
   Roll 752: Lancaster (cont'd: E.D. 240, sheet 11-end), Lincoln, Madison, Merrick, Nance, and Nemaha (part: E.D. 1-209, sheet 4) Counties
   Roll 753: Nemaha (cont'd: E.D. 209, sheet 5-end), Nuckolls, Otoe, Pawnee, and Phelps Counties
   Roll 754: Pierce, Platte, Polk, Redwillow, and Richardson Counties
   Roll 755: Saline, Sarpy, and Saunders (part: E.D. 1-181, sheet 8) Counties
   Roll 756: Saunders (cont'd: E.D. 181, sheet 9-end), Seward, Sherman, Sioux, Stanton, Thayer, Valley and Washington (part: E.D. 1-33, sht 27) Counties
   Roll 757: Washington (cont'd: E.D. 33, sheet 28-end), Wayne, Webster, Wheeler, & York Counties and unorganized territory approximately what is now Cherry County

NOTECheck NEGenWeb Archives 1880 page (text) and NEGenWeb Archives 1880 images page.
or USGenWeb Census Project for the state of NEBRASKA

(4) Special Federal Census: Nebraska 1885 (ordering instructions, roll numbers)

     The 1885 film series is not found at most regional branchs of the National Archives.
     The film IS available at Nebraska State Historical Society, Lincoln, NE - write NSHS for an extract if you know the exact name, precinct or town and the county. You MUST supply specifics with your request, and pay the fee, irregardless of the outcome of the search.
     SOME libraries located in Nebraska County Seats have a copy of the 1885 for their own county. For the address or email link, check the appropriate county page on NEGenWeb.
     The microfilm can be purchased from the National Archives (see link above).
     It can be secured for viewing through Family History Library of LDS for a small loan fee. You will be notified when it arrives and about the length of time it will be held, it cannot be removed from their premises.

Note: The 1886 Nebraska Gazetteer and Business Directory Index is used as a partial index to the 1885 Census at NSHS. The 1886 & 1890 Gazetteers include both farmers & business owners. Other gazetteers exist, but usually include only businesses, no farmers. Several gazetteers for NE have been microfilmed and can be rented from Nebraska State Historical Society (NSHS).

(5) None of the "regular" schedule sheets of 1890 Federal Census remain for the state of Nebraska; all burned in 1921 fire in Washington.

The "Special Schedules ... enumerating Union Veterans and Widows of Union Veterans of the Civil War" are available as film series M-123. ONLY the veteran or his widow is listed. In spite of the usual title - veterans of other wars were included! The following roll numbers are for Nebraska.

NOTE: Some counties have been extracted and are hotlinked below.

   Roll 36: Adams, Butler, Chase, Clay, Dundy, Fillmore, Franklin, Frontier, Furnas, Gosper, Hamilton, Harlan, Hayes,Hitchcock, Jefferson, Kearney, Nuckolls, Phelps, Polk, Red Willow, Saline, Seward, Thayer, Webster, and York Counties.
   Roll 37: Antelope, Arthur, Banner, Blaine, Boone, Box Butte, Brown, Buffalo, Burt, Cedar, Cherry, Cheyenne, Colfax, Cuming, Custer, Dakota, Dawes, Dawson, Deuel, Dixon, Dodge, Garfield, Grant, Greeley, Hall, Holt, Hooker, Howard, Keith, Keya Paha, Kimball, Knox, Lincoln, Logan, Loup, McPherson, Madison, Merrick, Nance, Perkins, Pierce, Platte, Rock, Scotts Bluff, Sheridan, Sherman, Sioux, Stanton, Thomas, Thurston, Valley, Washington, Wayne, & Wheeler Counties.
   Roll 38: Cass, Douglas, Gage, Johnson, Lancaster, Nemaha, Otoe, Pawnee, Richardson, Sarpy and Saunders.

Note: An alternative for 1890 that will confirm the location of your ancestor, is the 1890-91 Nebraska State Gazetteer(most portions are available through NEGenWeb Project). The town listings show business owners, and the county listings show farmers. Only the business owner, or head of household (farm family) appears. Several gazetteers for NE have been microfilmed and can be rented from NSHS.

(6) The 1900 Census was soundexed. The Soundex film for 1900 NEBRASKA is Series T-1057, rolls 1-107. If you do NOT know the location of your ancestors, use the soundex film FIRST to guide you to the appropriate census film. When you find your family in the soundex, make note of the County, ED and page number, etc. (generally in the upper right corner of the filmed card) - then go to the actual census sheets microfilm.

The following roll numbers are for the 1900 CENSUS film series T-623, Rolls 916-942.

  Roll 916.  Adams, Antelope, Banner, Blaine, and Boone (part: E.D.'s 14-15) Counties
  Roll 917. Boone (cont'd: E.D. 16-end), Box Butte, Boyd, Brown, and Buffalo Counties.
  Roll 918. Burt, Butler, Cass (part: E.D.'s 1-6, and E.D. 7, sheets 1-2) Counties.
  Roll 919. Cass (con'd: E.D. 7, sheet 3-end), Cedar, Chase, Cherry, and Cheyenne Counties
  Roll 920. Clay, Colfax, Cuming, and Dakota Counties
  Roll 921. Custer, Dawes, and Dawson (part: E.D.'s 86-87, and E.D. 88, sheets 108) Counties
  Roll 922. Dawson (cont'd: E.D. 88, sheet 9-end, Deuel, Dixon, and Dodge Counties
  Roll 923. Douglas County, City of Omaha (part: E.D.'s 1-32, and E.D. 33, sheets 1-11)
  Roll 924. Douglas County, City of Omaha (cont'd: E.D. 33, sheet 12-end, and E.D.'s 34-80)
  Roll 925. Douglas County, City of Omaha (cont'd; E.D.'s 81-106)
  Roll 926. Douglas County, City of Omaha (cont'd: E.D. 107-end) and Douglas, Dundy, Fillmore, and Franklin (text) (images) Counties
  Roll 927. Frontier, Furnas, and Gage (part: E.D.'s 34-39, and E.D. 40, sheets 1-8) Counties
  Roll 928. Gage (cont'd: E.D. 40, sheet 9-end), Garfield, Gosper, Grant, Greeley, and Hall (part: E.D. 78, sheets 1-9) Counties
  Roll 929. Hall (cont'd: E.D. 78, sheet 10-end), Hamilton, and Harlan Counties
  Roll 930. Hayes, Hitchcock, Holt, Hooker, Howard, and Jefferson (E.D.'s 81-88) Counties
  Roll 931. Jefferson (cont'd: E.D. 89-end), Johnson, Kearney, Keith, Keya Paha, and Kimball Counties
  Roll 932. Knox, Lincoln, and Lancaster (part: E.D.'s 33-41, and E.D. 42, sheets 1-8) Counties
  Roll 933. Lancaster County (cont'd: E.D. 42, sheet 9-end, E.D.'s 43-76, and E.D. 77, sheets 1-2)
  Roll 934. Lancaster (cont'd: E.D. 77, sheet 3-end), Logan, Loup, McPherson, Madison, and Merrick Counties
  Roll 935. Nance, Nemaha, Nuckolls, and Pawnee Counties
  Roll 936. Otoe, Perkins, and Phelps (part: E.D.'s 144-150, and E.D. 151, sheets 1-9) Counties
  Roll 937. Phelps (cont'd: E.D. 151, sheet 10-end), Pierce, Platte, and Polk Counties
  Roll 938. Red Willow, Richardson, Rock, and Saline (part: E.D.'s 1-110*, and E.D.111, sheets 1-5) Counties
  Roll 939. Saline (cont'd: E.D. 111, sheet 6-end), Sarpy (including Ft. Crook), and Saunders (part: E.D.'s 122-139, and E.D. 140, sheets 1-5) Counties
  Roll 940. Saunders (cont'd: E.D. 140, sheet 6-end), Scotts Bluff, Seward, Sheridan, and Sherman Counties
  Roll 941. Sioux, Stanton, Thayer, Thomas, Thurston, Valley, and Washington Counties
  Roll 942. Wayne, Webster, Wheeler, and York Counties

*Suspect error in numbers, but this appears in the original.

Check NEGenWeb Archives 1900 Census (text) or (images)
or USGenWeb Census Project for the state of NEBRASKA

(6) The 1910 Census for Nebraska was NOT soundexed for Nebraska (21 states were done, either in Soundex or Miracode). Many pages were damaged by water prior to filming. All pages were filmed - however, many pages are not truly legible. Sometimes one column or another can be read.

On occasion, a local historical/genealogical society has attempted re-creation of the 1910 on the basis of what is legible. Check with them to learn whether this project has been done in the county of interest to you.

 1910 Nebraska Census is microfilm series T-624, and NE is on rolls 838-57.

  Roll 838. Adams, Antelope, Banner, Blaine, Boone, and Box Butte Counties.
  Roll 839. Boyd, Burt, Brown, Butler, and Buffalo Counties.
  Roll 840. Cass, Cedar, Chase, Cherry, Cheyenne, and Clay Counties.
  Roll 841. Colfax, Dawes, Cuming, Dakota, and Custer Counties.
  Roll 842. Dawson, Deuel, Dixon, Dundy, and Dodge Counties.
  Roll 843. Douglas (ED's 1-46) County.
  Roll 844. Douglas (ED's 47-93) County.
  Roll 845. Douglas (ED's 94-125), Fillmore, and Frontier Counties.
  Roll 846. Franklin, Furnas, Gage, and Garden Counties.
  Roll 847. Garfield, Gosper, Grant, Greeley, Hall, Hamilton, Hayes, Harlan, and Hitchcock Counties.
  Roll 848. Holt, Hooker, Howard, Keya Paha, Kimball, Jefferson, and Keith Counties.
  Roll 849. Johnson, Kearney, Knox, and Lancaster (ED's 37-48) Counties.
  Roll 850. Lancaster (ED's 49-108), Logan, and Loup Counties.
  Roll 851. Lincoln, McPherson, Madison, Merrick, and Nance Counties.
  Roll 852. Morrill, Nemaha, Nuckolls, Pawnee, Otoe, and Perkins Counties.
  Roll 853. Phelps, Pierce, Platte, Polk, and Red Willow Counties.
  Roll 854. Richardson, Rock, Saline, Sarpy, and Scotts Bluff Counties.
  Roll 855: Saunders, Seward, Sioux,Sheridan and Washington Counties.
  Roll 856: Sherman, Webster, Stanton, Valley, Thayer, Thomas, and Wheeler Counties.
  Roll 857: Thurston, Wayne, and York Counties.

Check USGenWeb Census Project for the state of NEBRASKA

(7) The 1920 Census for Nebraska was soundexed, and the 1920 SOUNDEX appears as microfilm series M-1573 on 96 rolls. Use the soundex to locate your family, then seek the entry on the actual census roll microfilm.

The 1920 CENSUS is microfilm series T-625, and Nebraska is on rolls 979-1003. You will notice that the counties are only in semi-alphabetical order. Appears they attempted to "fill a roll", alpha order was secondary.

  Roll 979. Adams Co. (EDs 1-24), Deuel Co. (EDs 119-120 and 281), Antelope Co. (EDs 1-14), Arthur Co. (EDs 1-4), and Box Butte Co. (EDs 10, 272, and 11-17).
  Roll 980. Banner Co. (EDs 5-7), Boone Co. (EDs 15-23, and 231), Boyd Co. (EDs 18-27), Blaine Co. (EDs 8-9), and Buffalo Co. (EDs 34-48, 275, 49-52, and 53).
  Roll 981. Brown Co. (EDs 28-33), Dakota Co (EDs 78-84), Dawes Co. (EDs 97-105), Burt Co. (EDs 24-38), and Cherry Co. (EDs 54-68).
  Roll 982. Butler Co. (EDs 1-17, 227, and 18-19), Franklin Co. (EDs 56-60, 215, 61, 214, and 62-66), Cass Co. (EDs 1-22) and Cheyenne Co. (EDs 69-72).
  Roll 983. Cedar Co. (EDs 39-50), Frontier Co. (EDs 67-69, 221, 217, and 70-78), Chase Co. (EDs 25-32), Dawson Co. (EDs 106-112, 270, and 113-118), and Gosper Co. (EDs 92-93).
  Roll 984. Clay Co. (EDs 33-48), Furnas Co. (EDs 79-91), Colfax Co. (EDs 51-60), and Cuming Co. (EDs 61-77).
  Roll 985. Custer Co. (EDs 73-96)*, Dixon Col. (EDs 85-96)*, and Fillmore Co (EDs 20-29, 33, 30-32, and 34-41).
  Roll 986. Dodge Co. (EDs 97-116) and Gage Co. (EDs 53-57, 42-52, and 58-78).
  Roll 987. Douglas Co., Omaha City (EDs 1-25 and 92-105).
  Roll 988. Douglas Co., Omaha City (EDs 26-58).
  Roll 989. Douglas Co., Omaha City (EDs 59-60, 115-123, 70-76, 78-81, and 124-131).
  Roll 990. Douglas Co., Omaha City (EDs 82-91, 106-115, 132-144), and Hamilton Co. (EDs 79-91, 228, 92-95).
  Roll 991. Dundy Co. (EDs 49-55), Greeley Co. (EDs 132-139), Howard Co (EDs 157-165) Garden Co. (EDs 277, 121-122, 278, and 123-129), and Jefferson Co. (EDs 96-112, and 229).
  Roll 992. Grant Co. (EDs 276, 131, and 130), Hall Co. (EDs 99-116, 212, 117, and 118), Harlan Co. (EDs 119-127), Hitchcock Co. (EDs 216 and 134-141), Hooker Co. (EDs 156 and 271), and Johnson Co. (EDs 23-36).
  Roll 993. Hayes Co. (EDS 128-133), Madison Co. (EDs 135, 229, 137-139, 233, 146-151, 136, 152-153, and 230), Holt Co. (EDs 140-155), and Kearney Co. (EDs 142-154).
  Roll 994. Keya Paha Co. (EDs 170-174), Nance Co. (EDs 164-173), Pawnee Co. (EDs 143-155), and Perkins Co. (EDs 172-173, 213, 174-176, 219, and 218).
  Roll 995. Kimball Co. (EDs 175-177), Merrick Co. (EDs 154-161, 226, and 1162-163), Pierce Co. (EDs 174-182), and Lancaster Co. (EDs 37-48, 86-97, 176, and 98).
  Roll 996. Lancaster Co. (EDs 49-65, 79-82, 66-78, 175, and 83-85).
  Roll 997. Lancaster Co. (EDs 99, 177, and 100-103), Logan Co. (EDs 199-200), Otoe Co. (EDs 118-142), LIncoln Co. (EDs 178-198), and Loup Co. (EDs 201-203).
  Roll 998. Morrill Co. (EDs 207-212, and 273), Sharpy (sic) Co. (EDs 145-152, and 77), Sherman Co. (EDs 239-246), Nemaha Co. (EDs 104-117), Nuckolls Co. (EDs 155-171).
  Roll 999. Phelps Co. (EDs 177-182, 224, and 183-185), Saline Co. (EDs 124-143), Platte Co. (EDs 183-201), and Sioux Co. (EDs 247-253).
  Roll 1000.  Richardson Co. (EDs 156-174) and Stanton Co. (EDs 202-206, 228, 207-208).
  Roll 1001. Saunders Co. (EDs 144-168), Scotts Bluff Co. (EDs 218-220, 279, 221-223, 274, and 224-228), and Sheridan Co. (EDs 229-238).
  Roll 1002. Seward Co. (EDs 169-190), Thurston Co. (EDs 209-217), Thayer Co. (EDs 191-202, 230, 203-205). and Thomas Co. (EDs 2554-255).
  Roll 1003. Washington Co. (EDs 153-165), Webster Co. (EDs 197-210), Wheeler Co. (EDs 265-269), Wayne Co. (EDS 218-220, 232, and 221-225), and York Co. (EDs 2-60226).

*Suspect error in numbers, but this appears in the original.

NOTE: Cannot find McPHERSON County listed in this guide to the 1920 Census. Allan Childers has extracted it - so enjoy the access!
NOTE: Cannot find VALLEY County listed on these 1920 rolls either!
If YOU find these on microfilm - please let us know which roll numbers and EDs.

Check NEGenWeb Project 1920 Census page
or USGenWeb Census Project for the state of NEBRASKA

The 1930 Census films were released 1 April 2002. Currently, Nebraska is not soundexed. See NARA page for report.
Obtaining EDs for the 1930 Census for city dwellers.

How the Census Works by Judy Hanna Green (not a government site, lots of useful information)

This page is NOT a substitute for the USGenWeb Census Project page. Check there for current census production info.
Use the above list of microfilm numbers to prepare for a research trip.
Calculate the Soundex number for each surname before you go!

RootsWeb Review: Vol. 6, No. 41, 8 October 2003. Part 1d. TIPS FROM READERS "Outmaneuvering the Soundex System" By Jim Castellan
Article is followed by [Editor's Note: For more information, links, ... please see the following:]

Check the NARA pages (National Archives and Records Administration) for additional information about federal census records.

US Census Bureauprovides statistical studies about population, etc.

University of Nebraska at Omaha, Center for Public Affairs Research

Cyndi's List: "Census Related Sites Worldwide"

"The Basics of Using Federal Census Records," by George C. Morgan at Ancestry.

Gary Martens contributed the original NE Census page upon which this page is based.

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