A Woman’s Grave
Tangle Hair’s Raid
To the Wood Thrush
"Why Don’t Christmas Stay"
"Salt Creek is Riz"
Lewis and Clark Centennial
The Pictured Rocks of Blackbird Hill
Easter Eggs
Poor's Ranch—Niobrara River
Major Frank North
Francois Salway
Little White River Camp
Before so Many People Built Their Houses in Between
Farewell to My Shanty
Thanksgiving Day
The Song of the Blue
Jay Gould is Dead
A New Boston Tea Party
Bright Eyes
The Empty Sleeve
My Mother-in-Law
Manilla Bay, April 30
The Message from Galilee
The Age of Chivalry
A Cloudy Day
The Patriot Dead
A Question
The Vision
Thirty-Eight, Kelly Hall
A Professor of Work
How Captain Bender Won the Game
Third Annual Reunion of the Class of 1902, U. of N.
Haroun al Hakim's Quest
Hoch das Kaiserlein
Sie Kann Nicht Enden
She Cannot End
La Tombe Dit a La Rose
The Tomb Said to the Rose
The Lover’s Epitaph from Don Quixote
Petrarch—Sonnet 81
Why the Wood Duck’s Eyes Are Red
President Cleveland’s Message
Tommy Reed, of Maine
How Will They Settle the Bill?
Echoes from Little Salt—The Bond Issue
Echoes from Little Salt—The Spanish War
Senator Joseph Burns
Governor George L. Sheldon
Two Cents a Mile
Poems of Chadron
The Dawes County Court House
Snow on the Bad Land Buttes
John Berry’s Train
Kane’s Farewell
John Maher and Von Harris
Ode to a Mule
Marco Major Allen
New Mother Goose
That Good Country
A True War Story
Dwellers in the Big Bad Lands

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