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The Maryland Calendar of Wills
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The Maryland Calendar of Wills, Volume I
Wills from 1635
(Earliest Probated) to 1685

Pages 1-13

Originally Compiled by Jane Baldwin (1904)
Edited and Annotated by
USGenNet Patrons Rhoda Fone & Carole Hammett (2001)
Editors: Words enclosed in [brackets] or preceded by “Editors” are those of the editors and not part of the original edition.

Smith, William, of Augusta Carolina. -- -- --; 22d Sept, 1635. To Roman Catholic Church personalty. Wife, Anne, execx., and residuary legatee. Test: Thomas Heath. 1. 1.

Editors: Believed to be the same who was a passenger on the Ark and the Dove

Blissard, William, (nunc.) Kent Island, -- -- --; 22d March, 1637. Henry Crawley, of Kent Island, ex., and sole legatee. 1. 2.

Smithston, John, (nunc.) St. Mary's Co., -- -- --; 27th Aug., 1638. Wife, Anne, execx., and sole legatee. Test: John Metcalfe. 1. 2.

Editors: John Smithson immigrated to Maryland by 1635 (Patents 2:514, Skordas). "Aug: 18. [1638] an admracon given to Anne Smithson widdow of her husbands estate, the Inventary to be brought in by bartholomew day, & the Accompt vpon demand." (Archives of Maryland, Vol. 4:43, Court and Testamentary Business, 1638). On 27 Aug 1638, "John Medcalfe gent deposeth, that coming to John Smithson late of St Maries planter deceased, lying then very sick, he asked the said John Smithson how he would dispose of his estate in case God should call him in that sicknes; and the said John Smithson answered this deponent in these words, All that ever I have (meaning in this Province) or shall have coming put of England, I freely give to my wife. John Metcalfe. cod: die." And, "william Lewis planter deposeth, that coming to John Smithson aforesaid the day afore he died, the said John Smithson among other discourse complained to this depont that he should leave his wife a poore widdow; to wch this depont answering, (Archives of Maryland, Vol. 4:45) By 1649, Agnes [sic], widow of John Smithson [sic] and servant of Capt. Hawley, had married John Norman. She was deceased by 1658 (Patents AB&H:24, Gibb) See also The Ark and the Dove, and note that another John Smithson was transported to Maryland in 1656 (Patents Qo:292, ibid.), and a third(?), a merchant of London, by 1677 (Patents ABH15:394, Skordas)

Lee, Richard, St. John's, St. Mary's Co., 31st March, 1639; 17th Apr., 1639. To Mrs. Lewger, personal property. Mrs. Hubersteined, of England, residuary legatee. Exs.: Messrs. Lewger and Egerton. Test: Thomas Gerrard, Henry Hooper. 1. 5.

Editors: On 17 Apr 1639, "Thomas Gerrard and Henry Hooper chirurgions deposed vpon their corporall oath touching the last will and testament of Richard Lee who deceased at Sr Johns on the last day of march this pnt yeare; in manner & forme following; that is to say; that the said Richard Lee being of perfect & sound sense & memory, thoughe weake in body, and wished by the said Thomas Gerard to declare his mind how he would dispose of his estate after his death, did answere and say, first that his will was that Humphrey and Anne his maid should be free. Item, he willed that mrs Lewger should have a sattin petticoate wch was his wives, worth 10 l. Item that the remainder of all his estate after all charges defrayed, should be sent to mrs Huber steine in England. Item he entreated mr Lewger and mr Egerton to be his Exequutors, Thomas Gerrard, Henry Hooper. taken before me John Lewger Secretary. eodem die, approbatum est hoc Testamentum, pro vero & vitimo Testamento dicti Richard Lee." (Archives of Marylannd, Vol. 4:51) On 31 Mar 1639, "The Inventary of the goods and chattells of Richard Lee gent deceased" were "delivered into the Court by John Lewger Esq., Exequutor of the said Richard Lee: made and appraised by Thomas Gerard gent Thomas Hebden planter," and included two servants, Humphry Chaplin and Anne Norris (ARMD 4:78), both of whom were transported in 1637 according to Patents 1:19 (Skordas) See also The Ark and the Dove

Speed, John, (nunc.) St. Mary's Co., -- -- --; 6th. Oct., 1639. Richard Brown, ex. and sole legatee. Test: Richard Duke. 1. 5.

Editors: On 6 Oct 1639, Richard Duke, servant to Mr. Pulton, made oath that John Speed, "late Capt: wintrs servant deceased, lying vpon his death-bedd said to this deponent that his will was that Richard Browne his fellow servant should have all such tobaccos as were owing to him the said John Speed; & that out of the same he desired the said Richard Browne to pay such debts as he ought, as far as his tobaccos would reach. This was proved for the will of John Speed, and the said Richard Browne admitted to be exequutor. (Archives of Maryland, Vol. 4:53)

Leonardson, Leonard, St. Leonard's, St. Mary's Co., 24th Mch., 1640; 4th Jan., 1641. To Mother, Alice Cales, personalty. In event of her death to pass to brother (unnamed) or the next of kin. Henry Bishop and Simon Demibiel, exs. and residuary legatees. Test: Walter Cothell. 1. 5.

Coop / Cooper, Robert, St. Mary's Co., 28th Apr., 1641; 12th Jan., 1641. Wife, Eliza:, execx. Test: William Jackson. 1. 6.

Lums, Michael, St. Jerome's, St. Mary's Co., -- -- --; 4th Jan., 1639. Cuthbert Fenwick, ex. and sole legatee. Test: Robert Perch. 1. 7.

Editors: The inventory of Michael Lums was returned by Cuthbert Fenwick, Gent., on 27 Jan 1639/40, appraised by Thomas Gerrard and Thomas Baldridge (Archives of Maryland, Vol. 4:89)

Crawley, Henry, Kent Island, -- -- --; 22d Feb., 1639. To John Glautham, personal property, if he return to the Island. Goddau. Katharine Smith, residuary legatee. Ex. not named. Test: Robert Lake, Thomas Kid. 1. 8.

Westly, William, Kent Island, -- -- 1642; -- -- -- Henry Bellamy, sole legatee. Ex. not named. Test: Thomas Hewitt, William Nisbrook. 1. 8.

Parker, Edward, St. Mary's Co., -- -- --; 20th July, 1644. To the Chapel, personalty. To Cicely Lewger, half estate. Eliza Speare, residuary legatee. Ex. not named. Test: not given. 1. 9.

Calvert, Leonard, (nunc.) St. Mary's Co., -- -- --; 14th June, 1644. To James Lindsay, Richard Willen, Mrs. Temperance Pippett, of Virginia, and godson Leo. Green, personalty. Margaret Brent, execx. and residuary legatee. Test: Francis Ankell [probably Anketill?], Gov. Thomas Green. 1. 9.

Editors: Leonard Calvert, younger brother of Lord Baltimore, was the first Governor of the Province of Maryland. See full transcription of his nuncupative (will) and see also The Ark and the Dove

Tuttey, Robert, New Towne, St. Mary's Co., 15th June, 1647; 21st June, 1647. To Mr. Thomson and child. (unnamed), Joseph Cadell and Mathias Briant, personalty. Admr., William Thomson. Test: William Bretton, Thomas Jackson. 1. 10.

Harvy, Nicholas, Patuxent River -- Aug., 1644 28th June 1647 Dau. Frances, sole legatee Test: William Wheatley, Henry Spink. 1. 11.

Editors: One Nicholas Hervey was transported to Maryland in 1633-4 (Patents 1:20, 37, Skordas), and one Nicholas Harvey [sic] was transported to Maryland by 1634 (Patents ABH:66, and 1:38, ibid.). One Nicholas Hervey immigrated to Maryland in 1641 with wife (unnamed), daughter Frances and others (Patents 1:129-30, ibid.); and one Nicholas Harvey immigrated in 1641 with wife (unnamed) and daughter, Frances and others (Patents ABH:102, 103, Skordas and Gibb). One Nicholas Hervey received a special warrant from Lord Baltimore dated 8 Sep 1641, London, for 1,000 acres conditioned on his emigrating with his wife and five others. (Patents ABH:103, ibid.).

Jane, widow of Nicholas Harvey (the same?) had been transported to Maryland by 1653, and by 1664 was the wife of Thos. Greene (Patents CC:53-4, Skordas)—except that elsewhere in this volume, Skordas indicates that Jane, widow of Nicholas Harvey, married Thomas Greene by 1653 (Patents 7:62, ibid.). By 1658, Nicholas' daughter Frances had married George Beckwith, to whom the land of Nicholas Harvey, deceased, was transferred as "husband of Francis, daughter and heir." (QO:268) (Skordas & Gibb) Nicholas Harvey (or Hervey) is also claimed as having been a passenger on the The Ark and the Dove, and a Nicholas Hervey appears in the records of the 1637 Freeman's Assembly. See also 165 deed of trust and notes for Thomas Greene.
Liber A. 29o Sept. [1549] It is agreed betweene Mr Cuthbert ffenwick the Administrator of Nichas Harvey deceased and John dandy that one Cowe three yeares and a half old another of two yeares and a half old and a heifer of a yeare and a half old wch were formerly part of the Estate of the said Nichas Harvey together with theire Increase male and female shall by theire Joint guift bee and remayne to the sole and proper vse of ffrancis Harvey the daughter of the said Nichas Harvey her heires and Assignes for ever wch guift they the said Mr Cuthbert ffenwick and John dandy doe hereby warrant against all iust claymes wch cattell the said Mr ffenwick doth hereby deliver to the said John dandy to bee by him kept and prserved to the vse before menconed Witnes theire hands this 20th of September 1649 Itn Testor Tho: Hatton Cuth: ffenwick
The marke of
John + dandy

29 Sept. The Marke of ffrancis Harvey the daughter of Nichäs Harvey deceased for Cattell and Hoggs viz: Cropt on the left Eare and a hole through the right Eare (Archives of Maryland, Vol. 4, pp. 508-9)

Cox, Richard (nunc.) -- -- --; 7th Sept., 1647 Anthony Rawlings, admr. and sole legatee. Test: Ralph Crouch. 1.11

Editors: Richard Cox was transported to Maryland before 1643, with service by 1643 or 1644 (Patents AB&H:15, Gibb)

Thomson, John -- -- 1648 7th May 1649 To George Ackrick and wife and to James Walker, plantation. Exs.: Sd. Geo. Ackrick and James Walker. Test: David Pritchard, Cloud Mace. 1. 12

Editors: See also The Ark and the Dove

Cox, William, 1st Oct., 1647; 14th Oct., 1649. To wife and child (unnamed) personalty. To son, (unnamed), land on Kent Island. Exs.: Capt. Giles Brent, Francis Brookes. Test: Richard Willan, John Cage. 1. 13.

Editors: William Cox was probably the husband of Frances (next) given her naming Henry Morgan (of Isle of Kent) as an alternate executor. In 1640, one William Cox (of Isle of Kent?) petitioned to confirm the title to his land ( See also The Ark and the Dove

Coxe, Frances, Kent Island, 18th Oct., 1647; -- -- -- To Capt. Robert Vaughan, ex., estate in trust for child (unnamed) of testatrix. In event of his inability to care for sd. child, Henry Morgan to be ex. in his stead. Test: Wm. Lant, Francis Lumbart. 1. 13.

Makarell, Mekarell, Peter, 3rd Apr., 1648; 8th May, 1648. Thomas Deniard and John Thembleby, exs. and sole legatees of estate, real and personal, including plantation. Test: John Medley, Philip Arther. 1. 14.

Allen / Allin, Thomas, 3rd Apr., 1648; 11th Aug., 1648. To 3 sons, viz., Thomas, William and Robert, entire estate, real and personal, equally. In event of death of any, survivor or survivors to inherit deceased's portion. Ex., eld. son Thomas afsd. Overseers: John Hatch, Wm. Marshall, Richard Banks. At discretion of sd. overseers, James Bruse of Accomack to have son Robert, and Philip Conner of Kent Island to have son William. Sd. sons to be brought up Protestants. Test: [sic] 1. 15.

Editors: Thomas Allen's will was unwitnessed. He was killed, apparently by Indians, at Point Lookout, and his children kidnapped. See transcription of his will and additional records, and see also The Ark and the Dove

Payne, Thomas, St. Mary's Co., 8th Apr., 1648; 25th Aug., 1648. Thomas Hebden, ex. and sole legatee. Test: Philip Ander, John Cage. 1. 18.

Hebden, Thomas, St. Mary's Co., 30th May, 1647; 15th Oct., 1649. Wife, Katharine, execx. and sole legatee. Test: John Hill, John Hatch. 1. 21.

Editors: Thomas Hebden immigrated to Maryland in 1635, and in 1640 transported Katherine, his wife, who, by 1656 had married William Marshall (Patents 3:199-200, Gibb). He may have been the Thomas Hebden who was a passenger on the Bonaventure, bound for Virginia in 1634/5 (See The Ark and the Dove). See 1673 will of William Marshall who refers to his marriage to Katherine Ebden [sic]. (Calendar, Vol. I, pp. 69-81)

Thomson, William, New Towne, St. Mary's Co., 8th Jan., 1649; 11th Jan., 1649. Wife Anne, execx. and sole legatee. Test: Robt. Robins, Ralph Crouch. 1. 21.

Arnold, Thomas, -- -- --; 11th Nov., 1645. To Tabitha Short, dau. of Robert Short, personalty. Richard Purlivant, Edward Connus, Edwin Connus, and Robert Short, exs. and residuary legatees. Test: Edward Langford, Richard Hall, Edward Claxten. 1. 23.

Wiseman, Robert, (nunc.) St. Mary's Co., -- -- --; 16th Apr., 1650. Son John Wiseman, sole legatee. Ex., Jos. Celoure, Celowe. Test: Jos. Celoure. 1. 24.

Editors: Robt. Wiseman, the son of Sir Thomas of Canwell, Essex, was a passenger on the The Ark and the Dove

Hooper, Henry, Dr., St. Inigoes, St. Mary's Co., 27th Jan., 1649; 6th Feb., 1649. Ralph Crouch of St. Inigoes, sole legatee. Ex. not named. Test: John Howard, Robt. Taylor. 1. 24.

Editors: One Henry Hooper immigrated by 1658 with wife, Sarah, and children, Richard, Henry, Elizabeth and Mary "et al." (Patents AB&H:140, Gibb)

Johnson, James, Poplar Hill, St. Mary's Co., 31st May, 1650; -- -- -- To wife Barbara, home plantation as her jointure; at her death to pass to eld. son living or eld. dau. in natural succession. Will made in accordance with postnuptial agreement between Barbara Hatton and her kinsman Thomas Hatton, Sec. of the Province, and James Johnson. Test: Thos. Hatton, Margaret Hatton. 1. 25.

Editors: James Johnson married Barbara Hatton, daughter of Richard and Margaret Hatton, the former brother to the above-named Thomas Hatton. Their postnuptial agreement was signed the same day as his will: Although the wording of James Johnson's will implies the possibility that he had other children, and the prenuptial agreement (Archives of Maryland, Vol. 12, p. 10) that he had an earlier wife, it appears that his son, James Johnson, Jr. was his only son (there may have been also been a daughter, Elizabeth). His widow, Barbara, later married Randall or Randolph Hinson or Hanson (See 1675 wills of her brothers, Richard and Thomas Hatton, Calendar, Vol. I, pp. 110-123) and 1699 will of Randall Hinson (Calendar, Vol. I, p. 173) Additional notes and references about both the Johnson and Hatton families shortly. See also Combs &c. of St. Mary's, 1656-1699

Porter, William, -- -- --; 1st Oct., 1650. Wife Susanna, sole legatee during life. To dau. Jeane Hudd and hrs., sd. estate at death of wife afsd. Ex. not named. Test: Walter Smith.

Editors: One William Porter, of the Isle of Kent, immigrated to Maryland in 1649 with his (unnamed) wife (Patents AB&H:333, Gibbs)

Cooper, Anne, widow of Walter Cooper, St. Mary's Co., 10th Sept., 1651; 21st Sept., 1651. To child., viz., Katharine, Eliza:, Dorothy and Susan Cooper, estate equally at 16 yrs. of age. In event of death of any child under 16 yrs., survivors and their hrs. to inherit deceased's portion. Should all child. die before 16 yrs. of age, estate to be equally distributed among testatrix' nearest kindred and in equal portion to Henry Hastings who married dau. of late husband of testatrix. 2 of sd. child. to be left to tuition of brother John Depotter and other 2 to Cous. Richard Bridgman, both of Amsterdam Holland. Exs.: Bros. Wm. and Thos. Daynes, and friend Gov. Stone. Test: Thos. Hatton, Mary Gray. 1. 29.

Editors: Walter Cooper immigrated before 1651 with wife Ann and, Elizabeth, Dorithy, Susanna, and Catherine Cooper, as well as 17 others (Patents Qo:277-8). One of those transported before 1651 by Walter Cooper was the wife (unnamed, but married by 1653) of George Raper (Patents R:147a) who had immigrated by 1651 (Patents AB&H:338) (Gibb)

Hunt, Katharine, 6th July, 1651; 21st Sept., 1651. To 2 child. of dau. ——Edmonds, to granddau. Susanna ——, and sons William and Thomas Daynes, personalty. If dau. (unnamed) survive testatrix, to be residuary legatee; if not, George Mee to be residuary legatee. Exs.: Son Thos. Daynes and Geo. Mee. Test: Edmond Worrell, Abraham Pope. 1. 30.

Editors: Mrs. Catherine Hunt immigrated the same year she died according to Patents AB&Hamp;H:173 (Gibb)

Manners, George, St. Mary's Co., 17th July, 1651; 6th Nov., 1651. To son Edward and the Church, personalty. To dau. Barbara Manners, 100 A. at St. Ellinor's. To son William, residue of land. Wife Rebecca, residuary legatee and joint ex. with son William afsd. Test: John Slade, John Price. 1. 32.

Longworth, John, 21st Aug., -- -- -- 3rd Dec., 1646. To wife (unnamed) entire estate, if she come into Md. To Walter Broadhurst, Richard Walker, and Richard Hias, sd. estate in event of afsd. not coming to Md. Ex. not named. Test: Robt. Tuttey, Philip Auther. 1. 32.

Editors: Whether this John Longworth was actually a Langworth has not been determined, but is probable based on Gibb and Skordas

James, Henry, 27th Apr., 1645; 23rd Sept., 1646. To Thomas Yewell, house and plantation. To Thomas Allen for benefit of testator's goddau. (unnamed) personalty. Robert Sedgrave, residuary legatee and joint ex. with Thomas Yewell afsd. Test: Matthew Rodan, Isaac Edwards. 1. 33.

Kendall, Thomas, 9th Nov., 1646; -- -- -- To eld. son of Roger Baxter of Kent Island, personalty. To Thomas Youell in trust for his 3 child. (unnamed), residue of estate. Test: Thos. Waggott, John Sturman. 1. 33.

Porter, Nicholas, 29th Dec., 1645; 25th Sept., 1646. To Thomas Yoewell's eld. son and dau. (unnamed) personalty. Thos. Sturman, residuary legatee. Ex. not named. Test: Wm. Pinly, John Sturman. 1. 34.

Dixon, Robert, -- -- --; 17th Dec., 1646. Blanche Oliver, sole legatee. Ex. not named. Test: Robt. Tutty, John Thimbleby. 1. 34.

Maidwell, Thomas, 27th Oct., 1651; 12th Nov., 1651. Wife Margaret, of Petticote Lane nr. Bishopgate, London, execx. and sole legatee of estate during life. To sons Nathaniel and Thomas, sd. estate at death of wife afsd. Test: Wm. Wilkinson, Wm. Marshall. 1. 35.

Cadle, Joseph, 11th Dec., 1651; 9th March, 1652. To Anne, young, dau. of John Shercliffe, and to son (unnamed) of said John, personalty. Lieut. Richard Banks, ex. and residuary legatee of estate. Test: Thomas Allen, John Wade. 1. 36.

Cornish, John, St. Mary's Co., 1st Aug., 1651; 21st Oct., 1652. To brother-in-law Cepaphreditus Lawson, brother William Pierce, and sister Susanna, personalty. Philip Morgan, residuary legatee. Overseers: Richard Preston, Philip Morgan. Test: Wm. Harper, John Felton. 1. 36.

Editors: Epahroditus [sic] Lawson had patented land on Slaughter's Creek of the Rappahannock River adjacent to that of Major John Carter in what became Lancaster, then Rappahannock, County, Virginia, on 3 Sep 1649 (Virginia Land Patents Book 2:180). According to The Paynes of Virginia by Brooke Payne, 1977, he had married Elizabeth Madestard, daughter of Thomas Madestard, Sr. and sister of Thomas, Jr., and had by her one daughter, Elizabeth, who married Robert Payne of Old Rappahannock County, Virginia. Following the death of Epaphroditus, his widow, Elizabeth, married next William Clapham. The will of William Clapham, dated 16 Jan 1659/60 and proved 16 Jun 1660, named son William Clapham, daughter Ann and "wife my child now goeth with." Executors were his wife Elizabeth and his "brother in law" Thomas Madestard (Lancaster Records, p. 75, Fleet's Colonial Abstracts) See also Combs &c. of Richmond County, Virginia

Brough, William, St. Mary's Co., 4th Dec., 1651; 5th Dec., 1651. Wife Sarah, execx. and sole legatee of estate, including personalty now in possession of John Harwood and Humphrey Atwicke on Bleake Ck. Test: Mills Cooke, Richard Niccolls. 1. 37.

Rawlings, Anthony, 14th Mch., 1651; 22d Jan., 1652. To son John, 200 A. on n. side Patuxent R. To young. son Anthony, 200 A. on w. side Patuxent, adjoining his brother's. To eld. dau. Anne Rawlings and young. dau. Margaret Rawlings, personalty. Wife Jane, execx. and residuary legatee of estate, real and personal. Test: William Edde, Thomas Gregory, Michael Base, Thomas Innes. 1. 38.

Stephenson, William, (nunc.) 15th Jan., 1652; 14th Feb., 1652. Humphrey Atwicks, ex. and sole legatee. Test: William Smoote. 1. 41.

Editors: Humphrey Atwickes married Elizabeth, daughter of William Smoote "the Boatright" who was in Gloucester County, Virginia Colony by 1633, and had removed to Maryland by 1648 (The Smoots of Maryland Virginia, by Harry Wright Newman, p. 3).

Jones, William, Kent Island, 6th Dec., 1652; 7th Mch., 1654. To Mr. Marsh, Thomas South, Capt. Jacob, John Winchester, Mr. Ward and Gov. Stone, personalty. Thomas Petts, ex. and residuary legatee of estate, real and personal. Test: Phil. Conner, John Russell, Thos. Hynson, 1. 42.

Nunn, John, (nunc.) Newtowne, St. Mary's Co., -- -- --; 4th Apr., 1653. John Bayly, of Newtowne, St. Mary's Co., sole legatee. Ex. not named. Test: Walter King, Wm. Warren, John Medley. 1. 44.

Cotten, Edward, Newtowne, St. Mary's Co., 4th Apr., 1653; 22d Apr., 1653. To Mr. Starkey, Ignatius Warren, eld. son of John Warren, George Prouse, James Grinaway, Thomas Matthews, Jr., Darby Flanagan and John Wheatley's eld. dau., personalty; also personalty to establish a school at Newtone at discretion of exs. To Barnaby Jackson, personalty provisionally. To John Warren, 450 A. of land at Newtone. Exs.: Thomas Matthews, Ralph Crouch. Test: John Pile, Walter Pakes. 1. 46.

Editors: Edward Cotton [sic] was transported to Maryland by 1637. (Patents AB&H:60, Skordas)

Bonniday, William, Patuxent, -- -- --; 31st May, 1653. To John Hedges, ex., 300 A. at “The Cliffs.” To Guy White and Arthur Wright, personalty. Magdalen Stephens, residuary legatee. Test: John Hedges, Abdelo Martin, John Sutton. 1. 50.

Knott, James, of Nansemum, Va., 4th Sept., 1651; 13th May, 1653. To eld. son Bernard, 600 A. home plantation. To sons Nathaniel and William, sd. property in event of son Bernard afsd. dying without issue; also 600 A. equally at majority; either dying without hrs., survivor to inherit deceased's portion. To dau. Mary Knott at 16 yrs. of age, personalty. To dau. Eliza: Thomas for benefit of her son (unnamed), personalty. To sister E. M. Collins, Anna Young, or any of her child., personalty. Wife Ellinor, execx., together with her son Bernard. Test: Ellinor Knott, Geo. White. 1. 51.

Shelley, Edward, St. Mary's Co., -- -- --; 13th Oct., 1653. William Whittle, admr. and sole legatee. Test: Alice Howard, Wm. Lawrie. 1. 53.

Allen, James, Patuxent River, 8th Nov., 1653; 22nd Nov., 1653. Yephania Smith, ex. and sole legatee. Test: John Turner, Wm. Stockdall. 1. 53.

King, Walter, (nunc.) St. Mary's Co., -- -- --; 21st Oct., 1653. To James Lindsay, admr., Henry Fox, Robert Cager, and Lawrence Starkey, personalty. Test: John Jarbo, John Medley.

Brooks, Anne, wife of Francis Brooks, St. Mary's Co., 19th Oct., 1653; 15th Feb., 1653. To son Francis, personalty. Ex. not named. Test: Robt. Holte, Wm. Wilkinson. 1. 56.

Stiles, Nathaniel, (nunc.) Patuxent, 9th Mch., 1651. -- -- -- To kinsman George Burrough, son of Nathaniel Burrough, sole legatee of estate at majority. Ex., Wm. Ewen. Test: John Webb. 1. 56.

Petts, Thomas, (nunc.) Kent Island, -- -- --; 1st Mch., 1653. To child. of John Winchester and of Roger Baxter, all unnamed, personalty. Ex. not named. Test: John Winchester, Anthony Callaway. 1. 56.

Harris, Thomas, St. Mary's Co., 28th Mch., 1654; -- -- -- To wife Anne, dower rights in land during life. To only son Thomas, lands at majority. Personalty to be equally divided between wife and son afsd. Should sd. son Thomas die under age or without issue, estate to be used for the maintenance of church or school. Overseers: Francis Pope, Wm. Marshall, Robt. Handley. Test: Robt. Robins, Wm. Woofurd. 1. 59.

Beane, Ralph, 12th Nov., 1654; 24th Apr., 1655. To dau. Sarah Beane, at age, personalty to be sent to England To brother Walter Beane, all real estate in Md. and Virginia. To wife Eliza, property in England To sister (unnamed), and to Curbies 3 child., personalty in event of death of sd. dau. Sarah. Overseers: Geo. Cerye Smith, Southwark, England, and Jos. Ward, at Sign of the White Hart, England Test: Mary Calvert, John Hatch. 1. 60.

Hodgis, Hogis, John, St. Mary's Co., -- -- -- -- -- -- To wife Mary, execx., 100 A., plantation. To son John Hogis, 11 mos. of age, 300 A. upon “The Clifts,” adjoining Mrs. Parker's land. To John and William Stevens, sons of brother-in-law Wm. Stevens, 200 A. on “The Clifts,” equally. Overseers: Brother-in-law Wm. Stevens. Test: John Barniff, Philip Hide. 1. 61.

Godson's, Peter, wife, (nunc.) ["Will of Peter Godson's wife"] -- -- --; -- -- --. To son Hamilstone, ex., dau. Mary, and other child. (unnamed), personalty. Test: Eliza: Smith. 1. 63

Johnson, Anne, widow of Capt. Peter Johnson, of Patuxent, 27th May, 1656; -- -- -- To eld. son Peter Johnson, plantation. To young. son James, “The Island Neck” on Island Ck. To daus. Mary and Cornelia Johnson, personalty. To Wm. Dorrington, personalty in trust for testatrix' child. until their majority. Sd. Wm. Dorrington to remain on plantation until he remarries. Overseers: Michael Brook and Thos. Thomas of Leonard's Ck. Test: Wm. Dorrington, John Memal, Andrew Willcocks.

Above will was in form of deed of gift made on eve of the marriage of Anne Johnson, widow of Capt. Peter Johnson. to Wm. Dorrington. 1. 64.

Editors: Peter Johnson of Patuxent River immigrated in 1651 with his wife Ann, and Peter, Mary and James Johnson "et al." (Patents AB&H:140, Gibbs). Patents Q:3 describes James as his second son (ibid.)

Lawrence, Richard, St. Mary's Co., 26th Nov., 1655; -- -- -- To Peter Peakes, personalty. Frances Peakes, wife of Walter Peakes, execx. and residuary legatee. Test: Robt. Thomas, John Bouge. 1. 65.

Hatton, Margaret, St. Mary's Co., 4th Feb., 1656; 29th Aug., 1657. To godson Mathew Stone, to sister (unnamed), and Jone Warde, personalty. Residue of estate to be divided equally among child. (unnamed) at age after cost of son Thomas' tuition is paid. Exs.: Patrick Forrest, Brother Richard Banks. Test: Philip Land, Thos. Matthews, Robt. Macklin. 1. 65.

Editors: Margaret Hatton was the widow of Thomas Hatton, the Secretary of the Province of Maryland. Thomas Hatton, a Protestant (AB&H:433, ibid.) transported himself, his wife (unnamed), his sons Robert and Thomas, and servants Patrick Forest and George Beckwith in 1648 (Patents AB&Hamp;:123, Skordas and Gibb) Their son, Thomas Hatton, Jr. was born 14 Mar 1642 (Patents AB&H:431, Skordas). Gifts to his sons Robert and Thomas and his nephews, William and Richard are in AB&H:430; 7:608; and 2:612-613 (ibid.) Margaret's "brother" Richard Banks had married by 16 Dec 1652, Margaret, widow of Richard Hatton, brother of Thomas Hatton, Secretary.The children of Richard and Margaret Hatton were William and Richard Hatton, and Barbara, Elizabeth, Mary and Elioner Hatton. (Archives of Maryland, Vol. 10:261) Thomas Hatton apparently also died testate, but his will not found, although referenced in 1657 Maryland Testatmentary Court proceedings:
Court and Testamentary Business, Province of Maryland, 1657.
Order to Patrick Forrest
Upon the motion of Patrick forrest to this Court that a probat might be made of the wills [sic] of mr Thomas Hatton and mrs Hatton deceased, and in regard the Wittnesses Lives Something remote, whereby they Cannot Conveniently Come to the Court, The Court doth therefore order that the Said Forrest (being one of the overseers of the will of the Said mrs Hatton) Shall repair to mr John Hatch, or mr John Lawson, who is hereby Impowered to Summon Such Wittnesses before them, as can make proofe of the Deseasants Wills, and that returne thereof be made to the next Provinciall Court
(Archives of Maryland, Vol 10, p. 510)

Fox, Henry, Newtowne, St. Mary's Co., 31st Mch., 1656; 26th Jan., 1657. To Mary Stiles, John Greenhill and John Luger, personalty. Wife (unnamed) execx. and residuary legatee. Wife child. (unnamed), estate at age. Wife John Jarbo and Walter Hall, overseers, estate in event of death of child. under age. Test: John Pille, Ed. Berkeley, Luke Barber. 1. 66.

Peteate, Thomas, St. Mary's Co., 19th Jan., 1650; 18th Mch., 1657. Wife Anne Peteate, sole legatee. Overseers: Walter Cotterall, John Guy. Test: Ralph Beane, Thos. Jackson. 1. 67.

Editors: Thomas Pateet (Petite) was transported to Maryland in 1639 (Patents AB&H:7, Gibb) and was probably the same as Thomas Petit who immigrated by 1641 with his (unnamed) wife (Patents 1:26, ibid.) One Thomas Petite also transported a Catherine Petite in 1645 (Patents AB&H:11, ibid.)

Starkey, Lawrence, St. Mary's Co., 29th Jan., 1656; 19th Nov., 1659. Ralph Crouch, ex. and sole legatee of personal estate. Test: Henry Parnall, Geo. Thomsone, Wm. Boarman. 1. 68.

White, Nicholas, St. Inigoes, St. Mary's Co., 22nd May, 1659; 15th Nov., 1659. To wife Mary, execx., and dau. Ellinor, entire estate equally. In event of birth of 2nd child, sd. child to share in estate equally. Overseers: Nicholas Keiting, Marke Pheype. Test: Peter Bathe, Richard Russell. 1. 69.

White, Mary, widow of Nicholas White, (nunc) -- -- --; 15th Nov., 1659. To Alexander Henderson and Mary Clocker, personalty. To William Boarman, ex., residue of estate in trust for child., Ellinor and Mary White; the former to be cared for by Mrs. Boarman, and the latter to be cared for by Mrs. Keiting. Test: Emanuel Duarte, Thos. Matthews, Johanna Howell. 1. 72.

Clackson, Edward, 26th Nov., 1659; -- -- -- Letters of Admr. on his estate to Nicholas Gwither, high sheriff of St. Mary's Co. 1. 77.

Thimbellby, Thimbellbee, John, 2nd Dec., 1659; 19th Dec., 1659. To the Roman Catholic Church, to John Brown, Margaret Brown, wife of William Brown, John Bryan's child., John Shertcliffe, his wife Anne and sons John and William Shertcliffe, and godson Robert Call, personalty. To goddau. Mary Brown, all land in Md. Exs.: Wm. Brown, John Shertcliffe. Test: Jennet Frissell, Jean Giraugh. 1. 80.

Diniard, Thomas, St. Mary's Co., 1st Nov., 1659; 28th Dec., 1659. To Henry Thomas, son of Robert Thomas, Thomas Thomas' 2 child., Charles Delahey, Arthur Delahey, John Hamon, son of Benjamin Hamon, Furfer Hocker, wife of John Hocker, Thomas Salmon, son of Stephen Salmon, Mary Shipps, wife of Richard Shipps, Vincent Mansell and Rev. Mr. Fitzherbert, (priest), personalty. Exs.: Wm. Assiter, Chas. Maynard. Test: Barth. Phillips, Robt. Thomas, Robt. Joyner, David Boing, John Burrows. 1. 82.

Harwood, John, St. Mary's Co., 11th Dec., 1659; 19th Jan., 1659. Wife Alice, sole legatee. Ex. not named. Test: John Lawson, Stanop Roberts, Jos. Wooderd. 1. 86.

Bowles, Edward, Pickiawaxen, Charles Co., 6th Nov., 1659; 14th Nov., 1659. To son William Bowles, ex., entire estate, out of which he is to maintain his mother, Isabel Bowles. Test: Edward Watons, Thos. Garvin, John Douglas. 1. 87.

Stone, William, Capt., Charles Co., 3d Dec., 1659; 21st Dec., 1660. To wife Verlinda, house and lands at St. Mary's, and to remain in home at Nangemy during widowhood. To eld. dau. Eliza Stone and hrs., 900 A. at Bustard's Island, Patuxent R., and 600 A. at “Nangemy;” that which testator formerly gave her in trust by his brother Sprigg not to be in force. To son Richard and hrs., 500 A. of “Nangemy Manor,” and cattle in consideration of that formerly given him by his uncle, Richard Stone. To son John and hrs., 500 A. of “Nangemy.” To son Mathew and hrs, 500 A. of “Nangemy.” To daus. Mary and Katharine, personalty. Eld. son Thomas and hrs., exs. and residuary legatees. Overseers and guardians of minor child: Gov. Josias Fendall, brother-in-law Francis Doughty, and brother Matthew Stone. Test: Francis Doughty, Stephen Montague, Stephen Clifton. 1. 89.

Editors: Former Maryland Provincial Governor William Stone married Verlinda, daughter of Capt. Thomas and Katherine Graves of Accomack County, Virginia. Capt. Graves, who died in 1635/6, came to Virginia on the Mary and Margaret in 1608, a member of the Virginia Company and later a member of the House of Burgesses. Verlinda's sister Katherine married first William Roper (Northampton Co, Virginia Records, No. 3, 1641-51, p. 263a), second Thomas Sprigg (ibid., No. 4, 1651-54, pp. 14A and 14; and Liber 2, ff. 309-10, Land office, Annapolis); her sister Ann married first Rev. William Cotton, second Rev. Nathaniel Eaton and third Rev. Francis Doughty (successive rectors of Hungar's Parish in Accomack). The Stones had relocated to first St. Mary's County and then to Charles County, Maryland by 1648 when William Stone was appointed Governor of the Province by Lord Baltimore. He served as governor from 1648 to 1656 with two interruptions, and was a member of the Council from 1656 until his death in 1659/60. (Refs: Governors of Maryland, 1634-1689, Archives of Maryland, Maryland State Archives (Citations incomplete, but in progress )

Peary, Davy, 12th Dec., 1659; 4th Jan., 1659. To Anne Thomas and Davy Pritchard, entire estate equally. Ex. not named. Test: Thos. Allenson, Thos. Wentworth. 1. 93.

Tucker, Thomas, 4th Nov., 1659; 24th Feb., 1659. To John Sison, Amos Hambleton, Dr. John Price, and Nathaniel Styles, personalty. Mother Frances, execx. and residuary legatee. Test: Robt. Kettell, Thomas Munni. 1. 93.

Eltonhead, Jane, St. Mary's Co., -- -- -- 28th Feb., 1659. To eld. son Thomas Taylor, “Cedar Point.” To dau. Sarah and grandchild Roger Anderton, personalty. To above-named legatees, residue of estate equally after debts of Edward Eltonhead are paid. Ex. not named. Test: Wm. Coursey, Katharine Coursey. 1. 94.

Editors: According to Patents CC:789, Francis Taylor was transported to Maryland by 1665 by Thomas Taylor, son of Jane Eltonhead, and John Taylor by his father, Thomas Taylor, son of Jane Eltonhead (Gibb)

Land, Philip, Charles Co., 1st Apr., 1657; 8th Mch., 1659. To sons Philip, Thomas and William, personalty; any dying under age, survivor or survivors to inherit deceased's portion. Wife Anne, execx. and residuary legatee. Overseer: Philip Calvert. Test: Roger Isham. 1. 95.

Chandler, Jobe, Portobacco, Charles Co., -- -- -- 27th Apr., 1659. To wife Anne, execx., home plantation, consisting of 1, 000 A. bought of Capt. William Lewes, and 550 A. additional; also 500 A. on Goose Ck., and a possible survey on Nangemy Ck., during minority of child. To son William, plantation afsd. To son Richard, 500 A. on Goose Ck. and a possible survey on Nangemy Ck. To dau. Anne Chandler, personalty, including that given her by her grandmother, Sarah Yardley. To kinsman Thomas Maris, personalty. Child. afsd. to be sent to testator's brothers in England, if sd. brothers so desire. Overseers: Capt. Wm. Stone, brother-in-law Symon Oversees, and brother Robert Slye. Test: Clement Theobald, Wm. Eale. 1. 97.

Editors: Job Chandler married Anne, daughter of Adam (a member of the Virginia Council) and Sarah Thoroughgood. After the death of Adam, Sarah married before 1658, John Gookin, and then Francis Yardley. Her daughter, Ann Thoroughgood (above) married next, before 1586, Gerard Fowke; and her daughter, Sarah Thoroughgood, married Simon Oversee, who married second, Elizabeth Willoughby, who married next George Colclough, widower of Ursula (who married 1st Richard Thompson and 2nd John Mottram). Following the death of George Colclough, Elizabeth married Isaac Allerton of Plymouth Colony and Westmoreland County, Virginia (Citations to be added)

A second more abstract gives more detailed information, but erroneously transcribes the testator's given name as John. This abstract also states that the will (of John Chandler) of “Portoback in the Province of Maryland,” was dated 24 Aug, proved 7 Mar 1659/60, and refers to wife, Ann, daughter, Ann and "her grandmother, Sarah Yardley," sons, William and Richard, 1000 acres land bought of Capt. Lewes plus 50 added that he now lives on, 500 Acres between John Cane and Goose Creek, and "if after Capt. Whittington, and my brother Overseys, upon Nangemy Creek be laid out, the 400 Acres I formerly surveyed between that and the land of Colonel Yardley, do not fall out," to son Richard. "My three children Ann, William and Richard... brothers in England.. kinsman Thomas Maris. Wife Ann, executrix, good friend Capt. William Stone, brother in law Mr. Simon Oversees, loving friend and brother, Mr. Robert Slye. to be overseers. Wits: Clement Theobald, William (x) Eale (Wills, Liber i, folio 97, Genealogies of Virginia Families, The THOROUGHGOOD-CHANDLER Family, Vol. V, p. 488)

Abrahamson, Cornelius, -- -- --; 2d May, 1657. To wife (unnamed) entire estate, real and personal, in Patuxent or Va.; also money due testator in Holland by his brother Francis. Ex. not named. Test: Robt. Blinkhorne. 1. 100.

Wade, John, Dr., -- -- --; 4th Sept., 1658. To son Edward and hrs., all property belonging to testator and his wife Mary which was given them by Edward Attkins of Chilvercoton [Chilvers Coton] in Warwickshire, by will or by deed of gift. To dau. Mary Wade, personalty which is to be paid testator at death of Nicholas Houkins and Eliza: his wife, the bond of which money is in the hands of John Wade, of Chilvercoton. To son John Wade, son of Anne Smith, who formerly lived with testator in Md., personalty in event of death of dau. Mary during minority. Sd. personalty to pass in turn to son Edward afsd. and to Anne Smith, afsd., and then to child. of brother William Wade, in Cecil Warwickshire. To Anne Smith and child. afsd. of testator, residue of estate, real and personal, equally. Wm. Wright, Zacharias Wade, John Harwood, and Jas. Johnson to have property until coming of Anne Smith. Admr., Zacharias Wade. Test: Edmond Brent, Wm. Backhous. 1. 101.

Editors: Mr. John Wade, Chirurgeon (Surgeon) immigrated to Maryland by 1648 (Patents AB&H:49, 166; 3:25-26, Skordas)

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