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The Maryland Calendar of Wills
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The Maryland Calendar of Wills, Volume I
Wills from 1635
(Earliest Probated) to 1685

Pages 28-40

Originally Compiled by Jane Baldwin (1904)
Edited and Annotated by
USGenNet Patrons Rhoda Fone & Carole Hammett (2001)
Editors: Words enclosed in [brackets] or preceded by “Editors” are those of the editors and not part of the original edition.

Deuhataway, Jacob, 23rd Oct., 1663; 2d Apr., 1664. To son Jacob, “Dort,”; at 21 yrs. of age. To wife (unnamed) execx., dower rights. Test: Jas. White, John Ewen. 1. 201.

Turner, William, Calvert Co., 11th June, 1663; 20th Aug., 1663. To eld. son William, 350 A. To sons Edward and Richard equally, land on Choptanke. To eld. son William and grandson William Clifton, 600 A., to be taken up. To dau. Jone Clifton, personalty. To 3 sons and grandchild above named, residue of estate. Exs.: Son-in-law Stephen Clifton and son William Turner. Test: Francis Tractman, Francis Lane. 1. 202.

Cotton, Edward, 8th Apr., 1663; 22d Apr., 1663. To Mr. Starkey, John Warren, Ignatius, son of sd. John Warren, James Grenoway, Thomas Mathews, Jr., Darby Flanagan, eld. dau. of John Wheatley, and for use of free schools, personalty. Exs.: Thos. Mathews, Ralph Crouch. Test: John Pyle, Walter Pakes. 1. 203.

Goodeker, Christopher, 18th Jan., 1663; 28th Jan., 1663. To wife Dorothy and son Richard, estate equally. Test: John Lawson, Susanna White. 1. 205.

Bolayn, John, 23d May, 1663; 3d Nov., 1663. To wife (unnamed) and her child. (unnamed), 1/2 of estate. To testator's child. (unnamed) residue of estate, real and personal. Overseers: Wm. Marshall, Peter Carr. Test: John Courts, Alex. Smith, Meverell Tully, Thos. Mathews, Henry Adams. 1. 206.

Clarke, Robert, 14th July, 1664; 21st July, 1664. To son Robert (now 12 yrs. of age), and to son Thomas (now 10 yrs. of age), personalty. To dau. Mary, personalty. Eld. son John, ex. and residuary legatee of estate, real and personal. Test: Thos. Mathews, Geo. Goodricke. 1. 208.

Editors: Robert Clark, Gent. immigrated to Maryland in 1636 (Patents AB&H:132, Gibb) Before 1654, “Mr. Robert Clark” married Winifred, widow of Thomas Green, Esq. (Patents AB&H:403, Skordas) and by 1658, “Mr. Robert Clark” had married Joan Cousine (Colsin, Causin), widow of Nicholas (Patents Qo:264, Gibb). His son, Robert, married Sarah Combe, daughter of Abraham (See Combs &c.'s Abraham Combe (of Old Rappahannock County, Virginia and St. Mary's and Charles Counties, Maryland) and Combs &c. of St. Mary's County, Maryland for more on this family)

Bushell, William, St. Mary's Co., 8th Mch., 1663; 1st Aug., 1663. To Robert Frissel, Francis Stephenson and Francis Barnum, personalty. William Watts, Jr., residuary legatee of estate, real and personal. Test: Henry Hide, Thomas Andrews. 1. 208.

Cooper, Sampson, Yorke [Yorkshire], England, 11th Aug., 1659; 20th Feb., 1659-60. To wife Bridget, dower rights. To Maj. George Collough, Capt. John Rogers, William Presley, Rev. David Lindsay, William Bedlam and wife Eliza:, and Hanna Fountlin, personalty. Sons Samuel and Jonathan, residuary legatees of estate, real and personal, in England and Virginia. Overseers: Maj. George Cullough, Col. John Trussel, of Virginia. Test: Thos. Haselridge, Hanna Franckling. 1. 209.

Brimstone, John, Calvert Co., 13th Nov., 1664; 29th Nov., 1664. Guy White, ex. and sole legatee. Test: Wm. Singleton, Thos. Darling. 1. 212.

Houldman, Abraham, Baltimore Co., 28th Dec., 1663; To wife Isabell, execx., land on Severn River. To son Abraham, “Bushwood” on Bush R. and “Holmewood” on Gunpowder R. In event of death of sd. Abraham under 18 yrs. of age, or without issue, estate to pass to wife Isabell. To brother-in-law Robert Burly, “Hunting Worth.” Test: John Collier, Jas. Phillip, Robt. Lenington. 1. 213.

Ubbin, Bernard, Bearman, 20th Feb., 1664; 31st Dec., 1664. To Walter Senserife, ex. entire estate in trust for wife (unnamed) of testator. Test: John Brooke, Edward Armestrong. 1. 215.

Beeston, William, 29th Feb., 1663; 3rd Jan., 1664. Mrs. Mary Bateman, execx. and sole legatee. Test: Robt. Parrey, John Berredge. 1. 215.

Clifton, Stephen, Dr., Calvert Co., 24th Dec., 1664; 12th Jan., 1664-5. To wife Jone and son William, entire estate. Overseers: Capt., Thos. Mannying, Wm. Dorrington and brother Wm. Turner. Test: Abraham Wattson, Wm. Smith, Edward Savage. 1. 216.

Mott, John, -- -- --; 29th Oct., 1664. To dau. Eliza: Mott, entire estate; wife unnamed) to use same during her life-time. Ex. not named. Test: Wm. James, Wa: Phesps. 1. 218.

Hewes, William, 2nd Dec., 1662; 8th Nov., 1664. To William Hatton, eld. son of Wm. and Eliza: Hatton, 1-3 of estate. To William Dent, eld. son of Thos. and Rebecca Dent, 2-3 of estate. Ex. not named. Test: John Dent, John Wynn. 1. 219.

Riggs, Francis, -- -- -- 3rd Oct., 1664. To John Edmondson and Richard Collett, estate in equal parts. Ex. not named. Test: Robert South, Mary South. 1. 220.

Heard, William, Potomac River, 4th Jan., 1664; 26th Jan., 1664. Wife Bridget, execx. and sole legatee. Test: Walter Story, Andrew Ward. 1. 220.

Nevill, John, Portobacco, Charles Co., 15th Jan., 1664; 4th Feb., 1664. To wife Johanna, property, real and personal, formerly bestowed by deed of gift. To son William, plantation. To dau. Ellen Lambert, son John Lambert, grandson John Lambert, personalty. Test: Henry Bailye, Andrew Bashar. 1. 222.

Editors: One Joan Porter was transported to Maryland in 1651 by Thomas Daynes and married to John Nevill by Jan 1652 (Patents AB&H:241, Gibb) See also The Ark and the Dove

Goulding, Gabriel, 15th Feb., 1664; 6th Mch., 1664. To wife Mary, execx., all land. To unborn child, dwelling plantation; in event of death of said child without issue, estate to be divided among Daniell Figett, sons of Mary Walker and second brother Walker. Test: Thos. Studd, Peter Bennett. 1. 223.

Ahalwen, Lathnine, 7th Jan., 1664; 15th Mch., 1664-5. John Ellie, ex. and sole legatee. Test: Wm. Macdowall, Peter Titon. 1. 224.

Heard, Bridget, Potomac River, 4th Mch., 1664; 11th Apr., 1665. To son William, when of age, 1/2 estate, real and personal. To sister Mary Yowkins and to John Douglass, Jr., son of John Douglass of Pickiawoxen, 1/2 estate in equal parts. To mother Katharine Yowkins, personalty. Exs.: John Douglass, Sr., and Humphrey Warren of Wicomico River. Test: John Emerson, Walter Story. 1. 224.

Sewell, Henry, Patuxent River, 25th Apr., 1664; 17th Apr., 1665. To brother Samuell Sewall, 200 A. To cousin Richard Dudley, 100 A. To Roman Catholic Church, personalty. To wife Jane, execx., and child., viz., Nicholas, Eliza:, Mary, and Ann Sewall, and to unborn child, balance of estate, real and personal, in equal portions. Test: Wm. Bretton, Edward Savage. 1. 225.

Osborn, Henry, Leonard's Creek, St. Mary's Co., 26th Aug., 1664; 22nd Apr., 1665. To wife Catharine, execx., estate, real and personal, in trust for “my” children. Test:Henry Tripp, Robt. Day, Thos. Purnell. 1. 227.

Bosman, William, -- -- --; 5th Aug., 1665. To wife Ellinor, execx., dower rights. To sons John, William, and George, land; to be of age at 17 yrs. To daus. Catharine, Bridgett, Ann, and Mary, personalty. Overseers:Capt. Wm. Thorne and Thos. Bloyse. Test: Roger Woolford, Thom. Clarke. Thos. Walley. 1. 228.

Phillips, William, Calvert Co., 25th Nov., 1664; 13th Apr., 1665. To eld. son William, land; to be of age at 17 yrs. To sec. son (unnamed) personalty. To Mary Sewall, personalty. To wife Alice, execx., estate in trust for children. Test: Nath. Stone, Edward Oarmstronge. 1. 231.

Young, Richard, “Of the Clifts,”; -- -- --; 4th Apr., 1665. To Basil Warren, son of Capt. Sampson Warren, brother William Young and sister Eliza:, estate in equal portions. Ex.: Father-in-law Capt. Sampson Warren. Test: Pallidore Pritchard, John Vaughen, James Thompson. 1. 233.

Strowd, James, 10th Nov., 1665; 23rd Nov., 1665. Wife Rebecca, execx. and sole legatee. Test: John Carrington, John Bonnes. 1. 233.

Gibbs, Thomas, 8th Sept., 1665; 25th Oct., 1665. To Richard Gardner and John Smith, estate in equal portions. Ex. not named. Test: Thos. Truman, John Chittan. 1. 234.

Mitford, Bulmer, St. Mary's Co., 23rd July, 1665; -- -- -- To wife Fortune, execx., all estate, real and personal, and to have care of “my” son Thomas; in event of death of wife before proving of this will, son Thomas to be ex. Overseer: Cousin John Morecroft, if he come into the Province. Test: Wm. Champe, Jas. Joung, John Smith. 1. 235.

Kemp, Thomas, 19th July, 1665; 21st Nov., 1665. To mother and sisters, (all unnamed) personal property. Nicholas Young, adms. and residue legatee. Test: Margaret Bankes. 1. 235.

Phillips, Bartholomew. 12th Jan., 1664; 6th Nov., 1665. To dau. Eliza: Phillips, plantation at mouth of St. Clement's Bay. To wife Margaret, execx., residue of estate, real and personal; in event of death of said wife, son-in-law John Tonge to possess plantation nr. head of St. Clement's Bay. In event of death of either child under age, survivor to inherit portion of deceased. Test: Raphael Haywood, Jas. Martin. 1. 236.

Houldcraft, George, Dr., St.Mary's Co., 21st Sept., 1662; 2nd Dec., 1665. Wife Susannah, execx. and sole legatee. To brothers Michael and Valentine Houldcraft, of England, sd. estate at death of wife afsd. Test: Abraham Lemartre, Jas. Edmond. 1. 237.

Darlings, Thomas, Calvert Co., -- -- --; 7th Dec., 1665. To Mrs. Beckwith, personalty. Peternell Chivers, ex. and residuary legatee. Test: John Martin. 1. 240.

Brashieur, Robert Sr., 4th Dec., 1665; 16th Dec., 1665. To Thomas Tovey, Thomas Frost, and Thomas Smith, land on which testator lived. To Rovert Jarvis, Mary Brashieur, personalty. To John Cobreth, house and land. Test: John Cobreth, Mark Clear, John Bennett. 1. 240.

Hopkins, Robert, 22nd Mar., 1661; 5th Nov., 1661. To brother Thomas, ex., plantation. To father, 2 brothers and sisters, (all unnamed) personalty. Test: John Hambleton, Robert Sorel.

Stanaley, Adam, Calvert Co., 24th Mar., 1664; 14th Oct., 1665. To Stephen Benson, ex., lands. To William Benson, son of Stephen, and Eliza: dau. of same, personalty. Test: John Horsley, Henry Mitchell, Thos. Manying. 1. 241.

Wilton, Anthony, 14th Nov., 1665; 16th Dec., 1665. To Ishmaell Wright, ex., personalty in trust for father (unnamed) of testator. To William Stockter, Guy White, and William Singleton, personalty. Test: John George, Richard Walker. 1. 242.

Hammond, Nicholas, Calvert Co., -- -- --; 16th Feb., 1665. To Tobias Miles, son of Tobias Miles, Bazill Waring, son of Sampson Waring, personalty. Wife Alice, execx. and residuary legatee. Test: Wm. Bennett, Sampson Waring. 1. 245.

Ozey, James, St. Mary's Co., -- -- --; 29th Dec., 1665. To Capt. Richard Banks, entire estate. Ex. not named. Test: Francis Richardson. 1. 245.

Clarkson, Robert, 5th Dec., 1665; 22nd May, 1666. To son Robert, 400 A., “Horn Point.” To dau. Eliza: Clarkson, 400 A., “South Centre” on Patapsco River. To dau. Mary Clarkson, 200 A., on Todd's Creek. Wife Milkca, execx, and residuary legatee of lands, etc. Test: John Browne, Wm. Davis, Jonathan Neale. 1. 246.

Adwicke, James, St. Mary's Co., 7th Dec., 1665; 20th May, 1666. To eld. son William, and young. son John, personalty. Wife Grace, execx. and residuary legatee. Test: Adam Ead, Sarah Frizell. 1. 248.

Lumbrozo, John, Charles Co., 24th Sept., 1665; -- -- -- To sister Ribna Lumbrozo, personalty. To Edward Richardson, “Lumbrozo's Discovery” on Nangemy Creek. Wife Eliza:, execx. and residuary legatee of estate, real and personal. Overseers: Henry Adams and Luke Gardner of Maryland, and Edward Richardson of London. Test: Edward Lindsay, R. O. Leeds. 1. 249.

Hall, William, St. Mary's Co., 28th Mch., 1666; 31st May, 1666. To Anne Cage, wife of John Cage, personalty. John Cage, Sr., ex. and residuary legatee of estate, real and personal. Test: John Hunt, Jonathan Marter. 1.250.

Allen, James, -- -- --; 8th Feb., 1665. To John Cobreath, James Humes, Robert Heigh, Paull O'haggan, Sarah Hume, John Bennett, John O'kely, personalty. Ex. not named. Test: Henry Kirk, Samuel Crowe, Thos, Horne. 1. 251.

Towe, Robert, Calvert Co., 24th Nov., 1665; 23rd Feb., 1665-6. Wife Eliza:, execx. and sole legatee. Test: John Hollans, Nicholas Turner. 1. 252.

James, John, 26th Nov., 1665; 26th June, 1666. To sister Eliza:, “James' Hill.” To sister Ann and Eliza: Hunt, wife of Thomas Hunt, personalty. Father-in-law William Toulson, ex. and residuary legatee. Test: Samuell Withers, Thomas Francis. 1. 252.

Griffith, Thomas, 20th Apr., 1665; 25th June, 1666. Wife Lucy, execx. and sole legatee of estate, real and personal, during life, including lands consisting of 1, 000 A. on Susquehanna River, viz: “Mt. Ararat,”; “Atrup” and “Islands.” After death of said wife, estate bequeathed as follows: To eld. sons (unnamed) of sister Mary Saward, 2/3 of estate. To Edward Hollis, 1 island. To Henry Hazellwood and Eliza: Ward, personalty. Test: Lewis Stockitt, Richard Loes. 1. 253.

Gouldsmith, George, Baltimore Co., -- Apr., 1666; 20th July, 1666. To son George, home plantation after death of his mother; also “Indian Quarter” at 18 yrs. of age. To dau. Eliza:, 500 A. on Elk River and 150 A. on Charne Creek. To dau. Mary, “Prater's Hall” on Swan Creek and 500 A. “Surveyor's Point” on Gunpowder River. Wife Mary, execx. and residuary legatee. Overseers: Uncle Samuell Gouldsmith, brother Mathew Gouldsmith and brother-in-law Samuell Collett. Test: Sam. Gouldsmith, John Collett, Matt. Gouldsmith. 1. 254.

Broune, William, St. Mary's Co., 27th Feb., 1665; 26th July, 1666. To son John and dau. Mary in equal portions, all personal property; also to said Mary, personalty given her by her godfather, John Thimbleby. Overseers: John Warren and Edward Clarke. Test: Peter Roberts, George Shaw. 1. 257.

Macenne, Macum, Kent Co., -- -- --; 23rd Dec., 1665. To Roderick Hanson, his dau. Katharine Hanson, personalty. To two daughters-in-law, Sarah Ellinor and Ann Ellinor, and son John Macenne, residue of estate in equal portions. Ex. not named. Test: Alex. Water, Pasco Dunn. 1. 259.

Joy, Edmund, -- -- 1665; 28th July, 1666. To Thomas Martin, 150 A. of “Hunt's Mount.” To Jeremy, Sudena and Dennis Meconnah, residue of estate, real and personal, in equal portions. Ex. not named. Test: Patrick Susenan, Samuel Griffith. 1. 260.

Troope, Robert Capt., Charles Co., 20th July, 1666; 1st Aug., 1666. To Eliza:, wife of Joseph Harrison, Mary Harrison, dau. of said Joseph, Mary, wife of James Lindsey, Eliza: Lindsey, dau. of said James, personalty. To Richard Harrison, son of said Joseph, 150 A. “French Lewis,”; 100 A. “Troupe's Supply,”; and 150 A. adjoining Henry Sylly's To James Lindsey and James Macoy and their heirs forever, 150 A. on Anacostine River. To goddau. Eliza: Theobald and hrs., residue of estate, real and personal. In event of death of said Eliza: before majority, estate to be divided among John Browne, Thomas Elleson, Mary Lindsey, dau. of James Lindsey, and exs. Ignatius Cursine and Stephen Montague. Test: Nicholas Fline, Leonard Green. 1. 260.

Allenby, Phillip, Anne Arundel Co., 12th Oct., 1664; 3d Aug., 1666. To wife Jane and dau. Joyce Allenby of Cumberland Co., England, 1/2 estate, real and personal, in equal portions. Nath. Heathcote, ex. and residuary legatee. Test: Thos. Besson, Jon. Hopkinson. 1. 263.

Frissell, Alexander, Herring Creek, St. Mary's Co., 30th Aug. 1666; 27th Sept., 1666. Wife Sarah, execx. and sole legatee during life. To dau. Rebecca Frissell, plantation at death of wife afsd. Test: Wm. Watts, Adam Head, Robert Page. 1. 265.

Little, John, Hunting Creek, Calvert Co., 16th Sept., 1666; 28th Sept., 1666. To William Bryan, personalty. Wife Mary, execx. and residuary legatee of estate, real and personal. Test: Hugh Standley; Joseph Tilly. 1. 265.

Edloe, Joseph, 3d July, 1666; 30th Aug., 1666. To sons Joseph and John, estate, real and personal, in equal portions. Overseers: Wm. Lucas, Thos. Wright. Test: Geo. Walker, Jane Wright. 1. 266.

Forbes, James, 1st Aug., 1666; 26th Oct., 1666. Wife Margarett, execx. and sole legatee of estate real and personal, during life, including 100 A. “Wales” in Talbot Co. In event of death of wife, estate is left to Robert Blinckhorne, Jr., in trust for dau. Eliza: Forbes. Test: Robt. Stapleford, David Davis. 1. 267.

Manlove, Mark, Somerset Co., 14th Sept., 1666; -- -- -- To sons George and Luke, and daus. Mary, Hannah, Abyah and Persy Manlove, and grand children Hannah Gilley and Richard Hackworth, personalty. To wife Eliza: and her Child., 500 A. on n. side Pocomoke River. To sons Mark, William and Christopher, and their hrs., residue of all lands. Exs.: wife Eliza: and son-in-law Richard Hackworth. Overseers: Stephen Hersey and Wm. Weeden. Test: Wm: Greene, Wm. Stephens. 1. 268.

Stevens, John, 17th Dec., 1665; 19th Sept., 1666. Ann Stevens, execx. and sole legatee of estate, real and personal. Test: Richard Moy., Edward Powell. 1. 269.

Bayly, Thomas, -- -- --; 10th Jan., 1666. Thomas Oakely, sole legatee of estate, real and personal. Test: Arthur Thompson, John Heard. 1. 269.

Browne, John, Charles Co., 2d Nov., 1666; -- -- -- To wife Eliza:, 100 A. (unnamed). To son John and brother Gerrard Browne, residue of lands jointly. In event of death of son before majority, brother Gerrard to inherit sd. son's share. Overseers: Brother Gerrard afsd., Stephen Montague and Jno. Wheeler. Test: Thos. Allanson, Edward Roberts. 1. 270.

Bateman, Mary, Resurreccon Manor, Calvert Co., 1st Feb., 1666; 3d Feb., 1666. To Thomas Trueman, John, son of John Gittings, Mary Bogue, Susan Hennings, Eliza: Cookey, and mother of testatrix unnamed), personalty. Mary Bateman, execx. and residuary legatee of estate, real and personal. Overseers: Lt. Jno. Bogue, Thos. Trueman. Test: Jno. Stansbey, Thos. Harcase. 1. 271.

Pacey, Thomas, Charles Co., 3d Nov., 1666; 2d May, 1667. Jemima Long, execx. and sole legatee. In event of death of sd. Jemima without issue, estate to be used for free schools. Test: Wm. Turnor, Griffith Jenkins. 1. 272.

Coles, Henry, Bristol, England, 4th Mch., 1666-7; 15th Mch., 1666-7. To John Mugwell, Wm. Rosewell and John Foyle, personalty. Sister Anne Jeffreys in Dorchestershire, England, execx. and residuary legatee of estate, real and personal. Test: Jo: Horsley, Geo. Sealing. 1. 273.

Read, David, Calvert Co., 19th Nov., 1666; 22d Mch., 1666. To son-in-law John Hyatt, personalty. To unborn child, certain lands (unnamed). Wife (unnamed), execx. and residuary legatee. Test: Saml. Copland, Jno. Andersone, Edward Cowdery. 1. 274.

Davies, John, St. Mary's Co., 24th Jan., 1666; 26th Apr., 1667. To eld. son John, 1/3 of estate, real and personal. To wife Mary, execx., and unborn child, remaining 2/3. Overseers: Wm. Turbervill, Bryan Daley, and brother John Harrinton. Test: Morgan Jones, Bryan Daley, Jno. Harenton. 1. 274.

Richardson, Lawrence, -- -- --; 14th Oct., 1666. To eld. son (unnamed), home plantation. To eld. child, Sarah Richardson; young. child, Eliza: Richardson; dau. Mary Richardson; young. son Lawrence, and sons John and Thomas, personalty. To 2 young. sons (unnamed), 280 A. “Upper Tayton.” Ex.: son Thomas, afsd. Test: Row: Burghill, Abraham Dutton. 1. 276.

Stockden, William, 22d Dec., 1666; 31st Dec., 1666. To Thomas Wright, all lands. To Mary Wright, Robert Wright, Margaret Wright, Ishmaell Wright, Sary White, Guy White, John Davis, and the Friends, personalty. Test: Jno. Gorge, Richd. Woaker. 1. 276.

Bennett, Richard, Jr., 29th Jan., 1665-6; 6th May, 1667. To cous. John Langley, 400 A. “Folly.” Wife Henrietta Maria, residuary legatee of estate, real and personal; sd. estate to descend to possible unborn child. Exs.: Father Richd. Bennett, wife's father, Capt. Jas. Neale and wife, Henrietta Maria, afsd. Test: Dan. Silvaine, John Bristo. 1. 278.

Burk, William, Calvert Co., 10th Dec., 1666; -- -- -- To Arthur Nutthall, John Holyhott, Eliza: Gunter, Mrs. Eliza: Pott and Bridgett Pott, personalty. Lettice Lurry, widow of Peter Lurry, execx. and residuary legatee. Test: Arthur Ludford, Dan. Fisher. 1. 279.

James, Edward, 14th Aug., 1666; 17th Oct., 1666. To Samuel Dobson and Lucy his wife, entire estate in trust for child (unnamed) of testator. In event of death of sd. child, estate to fall to child. of sd. Samuel and Lucy Dobson. Test: Wm. Boarman, Thos. Darcy. 1. 281.

Boyss, William, Somerset Co., -- -- --; 19th Jan., 1666. To Daniel Denokoe and William Wilkinson, personalty. To sister Jane Bellams of Northampton Co., Va., certain estate of hers in “my” hands. To only dau., Jane Boyss, when of age, entire estate, real and personal. Robert Cattlin, ex., and Ann his wife to hold same in trust for dau. afsd. Test: John Rhodes, Daniell Curtis, Patrick Robertson. 1. 282.

Barnaby, James, Somerset Co., 26th Jan., 1665; 28th May, 1667. Wife Mary, execx., dower rights. To son James, 200 A. described by patent. To dau. Eliza: Barnaby, personalty bequeathed her by godfather Col. Wm. Rendell. To dau. Rebecca, personalty. In event of death of wife and child., estate to pass to John Whitehead, Jr., of Northampton Co., Virginia. Overseers: Hugh Yeog and Charles Hall. Test: Patrick Fleming, Robert Lewan. 1. 283.

Eldridge, William, Anne Arundel Co., 11th Mch., 1665; 2nd June, 1667. To Samuel Lane, admr., and William Sisick, entire estate, real and personal. Test: Henry Bennett, Robert Paca, John Burges. 1. 285.

Yow, Stephen, Calvert Co., 4th Apr., 1665; 17th July 1667. To Henry and Dorothy, children of wife, personalty. Wife Ann, execx. and residuary legatee of estate, real and personal. Overseers: Dr. John Brookes and Hugh Stanley. Test: Hugh Stanley, Dorothy Stanley. 1. 286.

Wells, Richard, Sr., Anne Arundel Co., 22nd June, 1667; 31st Aug., 1667. To son Richard, 600 A., “Wells,”; on Herring Creek; 100 A., “Little Wells;” 420 A., “Wells' Hills.” To son George, 300 A., “Planters Delight,”; in Baltimore Co.; also 475 A. “Wells' Neck,”; in Baltimore Co. To son John, 1, 500 A. “Lankford's Neck,”; in Talbot Co. To son Robert, 350 A., “West Wells,”; Anne Arundel Co. To son Benjamin, 280 A., “Benjamin's Choice,”; Anne Arundel Co. To dau. Martha, wife of Antony Salloway, dau. Ann, wife of Dr. John Stansby, dau. Mary, wife of Thos. Stockett, personalty. Exs.: 5 sons named above. Test: Francis Stockett, Bonham Turner, Wm. Lincolne. 1. 287.

Parker, Edward, St. Inigoes Manor, St. Mary's Co., 3rd Jan., 1669; 29th Jan., 1669. To father-in-law, Nicholas Young, “Fresh Pond Neck.” To mother of testator, plantation at Cedar Point, Charles Co. To brother Samuel, 800 A. “Parker's Delight,”; Baltimore Co. To sister Eliza: and Catholic Church, personalty. Test: Nicholas Solby, Richard Ridgell, Wm. Gifford. 1. 367.

Randall, Richard, Charles Co., 3rd Aug., 1667; -- -- -- To John Pinke of Boston, New England, Antony Bridges and Thomas Cooper, personalty. To Protestant Church, 200 A., “The Addition.” To father Richard Randall, and Ann Randall and their hrs., residue of estate, real and personal. Exs.: Stephen Montague and Jos. Harrison. Test: Samuel Harris, Wm. Hills. 1. 290.

Kinsey, Hugh, Anne Arundel Co., 6th May, 1667; -- -- -- To grandson Paull Kinsey, “Walnutt Neck.” To Sara Clarke, grandchildren Hancock Ball and Margaret Kinsey, and Charles Gorsuch, personalty. To wife Margaret, residue of estate, real and personal. To young. dau. Eliza: Kinsey and hrs., said estate at death of wife afsd. In event of death of said Eliza: without hrs., estate to pass to Mary Humphreys, at whose death, sd. estate to be divided among rest of testator's children, equally. Test: Wm. Hare, John Malom. 1. 291.

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