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The Maryland Calendar of Wills
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The Maryland Calendar of Wills, Volume I
Wills from 1635
(Earliest Probated) to 1685

Pages 41-54

Originally Compiled by Jane Baldwin (1904)
Edited and Annotated by
USGenNet Patrons Rhoda Fone & Carole Hammett (2001)
Editors: Words enclosed in [brackets] or preceded by “Editors” are those of the editors and not part of the original edition.

Cager, Robert, St. Mary's Co., 10th Aug., 1667; 5th Sept., 1667. To child., Robert Cager, Jr., and Dorothy, wife of George Monnroe, estate in equal portions; Robert to be of age at 21 yrs. Overseers: John Lawson and Henry Hide. Test: Thos. Hatton, Patrick Forrest, Evan Lewis. 1. 293.

Rutten, Garrett, -- -- --; 8th Mch., 1664. To wife (unnamed) execx., estate, real and personal, during widowhood. If she remarry, dower rights only; residue of estate to be divided among child., (unnamed) of testator; eld. son Garrett to have choice of land. Test: John Waterton, Robert Jones. 1. 296.

Wright, Francis, Baltimore Co., 25th July, 1666; 25th Mch., 1667. To Jacob Clawson de Yong, late of Md., Lewis Stockett, Francis Stockett, Edmund Cantwell, and William Gyles, personalty. To younger brother Raphael Wright of Boville, Wales, “Clayfall;” in event of death of said Raphael, estate afsd. to pass to brother Thomas Wright and hrs. Ex. not named. Test: Geo. Wells, J. Waterton. 1. 298.

Mulliken, James, Calvert Co., 18th Aug., 1666; 16th Oct., 1667. To wife Mary and chil., (unnamed) estate, real and personal. Test: Wm. Murrah, Benj. Granger. 1. 299.

MecKenny, Martin, -- -- --; 23rd Nov., 1667. To Eliza: Morne, personalty. If said Eliza: bear child, said child to have entire estate, real and personal; if there be no child, estate to pass to ex. Edmund Lindsey. Test: John Jinkinson, John Bond. 1. 300 [Search words: McKinney]

Boage, John, Calvert Co., 8th July, 1667; 16th Dec., 1667. To godson John Bigger, Jr., sister-in-law Katharine Bradmore, countrymen William Mills and John Wright, personalty. Wife Mary, execx. and residuary legatee of estate, real and personal. Test: John King, Henry Cole. 1. 301.

Champ, William, St. Mary's Co., 8th Oct., 1667; 13th Dec., 1667. To Eliza: Forrest, eld. dau. of Patrick Forrest, personalty. Fortune Metford, execx. and residuary legatee. Test: Andrew Bashaw, Richard Berkitt. 1. 302.

Jones, Rice, -- -- --; 31st Dec., 1667. To wife Frances, dower rights. To unborn child, residue of estate, real and personal; if said child die, entire estate to pass to wife afsd. Test: Robt. Gates, Robt. Hunt, Sam'l Dobson. 1. 303.

Griffin, Antony, -- -- --; 26th Sept., 1666. To dau. Lucretia, “Cone Hill.” To possible unborn son, “Kingstone.” Wife Jane, execx. and residuary legatee of estate, real and personal. Test: Richard Foxun, Nich. Stephenson. 1. 303.

Trottin, Francis, 7th Jan., 1667; 16th Jan., 1667. Countryman Mark Cordia, ex. and sole legatee. Test: Thos. Warren, Thos. Parsons. 1. 304.

Smith, William, 18th Dec., 1667; 3rd Jan., 1667. To brother Joseph or to his son William, certain property if either come into the province. To John Morecroft, personalty. Wife Mary, execx. and hrs., residue of estate, real and personal. Test: Wm. Harper, Wm. Fardell. 1. 305.

Addenbrook, Thomas, London, England, 13th Oct., 1667; -- -- -- To Thomas Ellees and William Adams, exs., personalty. To uncles and aunts, viz., Nicholas and Roger Addenbrooke, Margaret Shirley and Johan Tayler, residue of estate in equal portions. Test: John Chamberson, Sam'll Thompson, John Dunch. 1. 306.

Pinner, Richard, 28th Aug., 1666; 20th June, 1667. To wife (unnamed), such land as she may select. To Roger Cording, 80 A. at 21 yrs. of age. To sons Richard and William, residue of lands in equal portions. To Philip and William, sons of William Ellis and of Ann Roe, personalty. Overseers: Francis Sawyer, Wm. Ellis, Jos. Harrison and Henry Adams. Test: Wm. Ellis, John Digby, Richard Roe. 1. 306

Editors: See the 1684/5 wills of Richard and William Pinner, both probated on 17 Jun 1685, in which William names his mother Anne Attkins. (Calendar Vol. I, p. 155) In Charles County on 2 Aug 1666 one Richard Pinner recorded the mark of his cattle that he had "brought out of Virginia." and on 10 Apr 1667 in Provincial Court, Robert Slye sued George ATTKINS [ATKINS] "who maryed the Relict of Richard Pinner defendant," alleging that "the said Defendt having an Estate in Virginia is gone thither to possess the same and to live by it by which meanes the plt: is remediless to sue for his Just right..." (See Combs &c. of Charles County, 1645-1699, for citations and further records)

Maynard, Charles, St. Mary's Co., 2d May 1661; -- -- -- To wife Ann, execx., seat of land and plantation during life. At death of wife afsd., said properties to descend to eld. dau. Agnes and hrs. In event of death of Agnes without hrs., said properties to pass to young. dau. Eliza: Maynard. Test: Thos. Turner, Bart: Phillips, John Mecart. 1. 307.

Henderson, Alexander, 28th Jan., 1667; 24th Mch., 1667-8. To Philip Parker, godsons John Bromfield and Thomas Nicholls, and Nicholas Young, ex., personalty. Test: Abraham Rosse, Robt. Wherell, Richard Rigll. 1. 310.

Thumur, John, Calvert Co., 4th Apr., 1668; -- -- -- To Capt. Sampson Warren and his son Basell, personalty. To dau. Ann Elwes and son Thomas Elwes, residue of estate, real and personal. Ex. not named. Test: Richard Gibs, Francis Buckstone, Debera Edwards. 1. 311.

Kent, Henry, -- -- --; 24th Feb., 1667. To Dyana, Ann and Mary Kent, personalty. To brother William Kent, residue of estate. Ex. not named. Test: John Troster, Jas. Humes. 1. 312.

Brewer, Eliza:, 6th Mch., 1667; 22nd May, 1668. To son John, dau. Rachel and Amos Peirpont, personalty. To son William, land on South River. Will provides that 640 A. on Wye River be sold for education of 3 child. Overseers: Edward Selby, Nath. Heathcote, Henry Peirpont. Test: Michaell Pope, John Porter, Thos. Besson. 1. 312.

Collett, Richard, 8th Jan., 1667; 28th Apr., 1668. Wife Eliza:, execx. and sole legatee of estate, including 200 A. “Susquehanna Point,”; part of which land was bought by testator from Henry Coursey, who married the relict of Richard Harris. Test: Geo. Monrow, Robt. Height. 1. 314.

Ellery, Henry, St. Mary's Co., 15th Apr., 1668; 16th May, 1668. To Eliza: Forrest, dau. of Patrick Forrest, personalty. To Patrick Forrest, ex., 1/2 land on which testator dwelt. Wife Eliza: residuary legatee. Test: Walter Rowles, Eliza: Workeare, Marmaduke Semme. 1. 315.

Bussey, George, 17th Apr., 1668; 19th May, 1668. To wife Ann and child. (unnamed), entire estate. Ex. not named. Test: Wm. Offett, Francis Leigh. 1. 316.

Peart, John, Anne Arundel Co., 20th Feb., 1667; 18th May, 1668. Antony Congoe, sole legatee. Ex. not named. Test: Moses Groom, Henry Timberly. 1. 317.

Morgan, John, 16th Oct., 1667; 30th May, 1668. To Simon Carpenter, Christopher Barnes, personalty. Only dau. Eliza: Morgan, execx. and residuary legatee. Brother-in-law William Coursey, overseer, and guardian of said dau. Test: Wm. Hemsley, Robert Kent.

Barnes, Francis, Kent Island, 30th April, 1667; -- -- -- Wife Isabelle, execx. and sole legatee. After death of wife, estate to be divided as follows: To eld. son Thomas, home plantation. To son Francis, “Pett's Gift,”; and 100 A. on Lankford Bay. To grandchild Francis Stephens, 125 A. bought of John Jenkins. To daus. Mary and Dorothy, and Ailes Stephens, personalty. Test: Simon Carpender, John Morgan. 1. 319.

Browne, John, Anne Arundel Co., 31st Mch., 1668; 19th Jan., 1669. To wife Mary, execx., estate, real and personal, during widowhood. In event of marriage of said wife, she to have 1/3; residue to William Hopkins in trust for William Greene, son of testator's dau., Mary Greene, until he reach majority. Should said William Greene or Mary his mother die without other issue, land to descend to cousin Thomas Browne; personal property to be divided among child. of testator's brother. Test: Wm. Hopkins, Edward Braush, Thos. Browne. 1. 320.

Haddaway, Rowland, -- -- --; 6th Oct., 1667. To son Peter, land on Choptank Ck., Talbot Co. To son George, 150 A. on Bare Ck., Baltimore Co. Wife Ursula, residuary legatee; sd. wife to have care of George, son of testator, and her dau. Margaret. Test: Antony Meal, Richard Jones. 1. 321.

Lawson, John, -- -- 1667; 2d July, 1668. To dau. Jane Lawson, home plantation. To dau. Dorcas Lawson, other 1/2 of estate. In event of death of daus. Jane and Dorcas before majority, estate to pass to one of Randall Hanson's child. and to John Tunnhill. Exs.: Randolph Hanson, Henry Hide. Test: Richard Rider, Barbara Hanson. 1. 321.

Freeman, Thomas, -- -- --; 12th Sept., 1668. Mr. Cooper, sole legatee of estate, real and personal. Test: Randall Revell. 1. 324.

Taylor, John, Calvert Co., 10th Oct., 1667; 22d Sept., 1668. To son John, 400 A. “Taylor's Folly.” To dau. Eliza: Taylor, 200 A. “Armstronge's Quarter,”; residue of estate in equal portions to said 2 children. Exs.: Wm. Robson, Richard Robson. Test: Richard Miller, Thomas Cobham, Godfry Cain. 1. 324.

Bull, Thomas, 15th Aug., 1668; 29th Sept., 1668. To wife (unnamed) and her son John, 1/3 of estate. Son Thomas Bull, residuary legatee. In event of death of said Thomas, 1/2 of his portion to go to child. of wife by former marriage; other 1/2 to father, brothers and sisters, all unnamed, of testator. Brother-in-law Samuel Lucas of Dover and John Marsh of same town, exs. in behalf of son. Walter Beane, John Coates and John Bowles, exs. of rest of estate. Test: Mecdell Hussey, Stephen Tully, Jos. Horton. 1. 325.

Martin, Thomas, Anne Arundel Co., 16th Mch., 1667; 11th May, 1668. To daus. Mary and Sarah Martin at 16 yrs, of age, estate, real and personal, equally. Exs.: Jeremy Guteman, Marke Clare. Test: Nath. Smith, John Sollers. 1. 327.

Dawson, William, 19th Dec., 1666; 21st July, 1668. To son William and Samuel Abbott and daus. Jane and Joice Dawson, personalty. To Antony, son of Joseph Cox, 100 A. on Choptanke. To Samuell, son of Samuell Abbott, 100 A. (unnamed). To son Antony, ex., residue of estate, real and personal. Test: Edward Roe, John Richason, John Ingram. 1. 327.

Hopper, John, 20th Dec., 1668; 28th Jan., 1668. To Eliza: Tipping, Jr., and John Hilton, personalty. Wife Dorothy, residuary legatee of estate, real and personal. Overseers: Patrick Forrest, John Macky. Test: Curtis Fletcher, Sam'll Dickinson, Wm. Howell. 1. 329.

Black, William, St. Mary's Co., 18th Nov., 1668; 11th Feb., 1668. Wife Ann, execx. and sole legatee. Overseers: Patrick Forrest and John Macky, for benefit of wife and child. of testator. Test: Curtis Fletcher, Wm. Greene. 1. 330.

Evans, William, St. Mary's Co., 10th Feb., 1667; -- -- -- To Catholic Church, goddau. Mary Mansell, and godson William Greene, personalty. Wife Eliza:, execx. and residuary legatee of estate, real and personal. Test: Jas. Martin, Wm. Assiter. 1. 331.

Reynolds, George, St. Mary's Co., 11th Jan., 1668; -- -- -- Wife Dorothy, execx. and sole legatee of estate during life, including 100 A., “Fox;” 100 A., “Bennett's Purchase,”; and 100 A., “Tomson;” to descend to George, eld. son of testator. Test: John Brown, Thos. Bennett, Robt. Joyner. 1. 332.

Armstrong, Francis, Talbot Co., 18th Feb., 1668; 13th Oct., 1669. To son Francis, land lying by John Edmondson's To son Philemon, 200 A. “Armstrong's White Marsh.” To dau. Eliza: Armstrong, “Bettie's Cove” and land on St. Michaels River. To daughter-in-law Cornely Abrahamson, land. To William Bennett and mother-in-law of testator, not named, personalty. Wife Frances, execx. Overseers: Wm. Hemsley, Wm. Bennett. Test: Patrick Brown, Francis Churchyard. 1. 334.

Coale, William, St. Jerome's, St. Mary's Co., 25th Mch., 1659; 17th July, 1669. To dau. Sara, wife of Elias Beach, personalty. To wife Sara, execx., residue of estate, during widowhood. In event of marriage of said wife, estate to be equally divided between wife Sara, and child., viz: Richard, William, John, Nicholas and dau. Mary Coale. Test: Thos. Pair, Thos. Griffin. 1. 335. [Search words: Cole]

Parrat, William, Talbot Co., 14th Mch., 1668; 11th May, 1669. To wife Ann and 4 sons, William, Henry, George and Benjamin, estate, real and personal. Exs.: Son William and brother Isaac Abraham of Talbot Co. Test: John Richardson, Simon Richardson, James Richardson. 1. 337. [Search Words: Parrot]

Elleyeot, William, -- -- --; 2nd Sept., 1668. To Mary Staggnal, Thomas Stagnall, Thomas Taylor, Margaret Brown and sister Mary Midwinter, personalty. Son William, when of age, residuary legatee of estate, real and personal. Overseers: John Rigg, Thos. Taylor, John Brown, Robert Kent. Test: John Foard, Edward Sparks. 1. 339. [Search Words: Elliot]

Blunt, Richard, Kent, Island, 17th Aug., 1669; -- -- -- To wife Ann, execx., plantation during life. To sons Samuell and Richard, said plantation at death or marriage of wife afsd. To sons Josias and Robert, 200 A. on Patapsco River. To daus. Aprill, Grace and Rebecca, and son Thomas, personalty. Test: Wm. Milles, Desbero Bennett. 1. 340.

Ewen, John, Anne Arundel Co., 6th Apr., 1669; -- -- -- To Michael Kenland and Samuell Roberts, personalty. Wife Sarah, execx. and residuary legatee of estate, real and personal. Test: Samuel Lane, Jos. Moaley. 1. 342.

Parr, John, -- -- -- 23rd July, 1669. To Mary Peake, mother of testator, Katherine Peake, Johanna Peake, Henry Viney, John Ramsay's son, John Bennett and Rice Griffin, personalty. Test: Abraham Clarke, John Cable. 1. 342.

Cartlyne / Catlyne, William, 1st Feb., 1667; 19th May, 1669. To Eliza: Barbier, Thomas Covey, James Paddison, Luke Barber, Joshua Guibert and Henry Taylor, personalty. Ex. not named. Test: Gregory Rouse, Wm. Gater. 1. 343.

Martin, James, St. Mary's Co., 3rd Aug., 1669; 4th Sept., 1669. To wife Ann, “Edinborough” and “Ralley.” To son James, 150 A. “Cole Parke.” To dau. Ann, “Ralley” at death of wife afsd. In event of death of son and dau. afsd. under 16 yrs. of age, their estate to pass to Charles Maynard and his sisters, Eliza: and Agnes Maynard. Overseers: Thos. Notley, Walter Hall, John Shankes, Peter Mills. Test: David Driver, George Bancke, Peter Evers. 1. 343.

Edwards, James, Talbot Co., 7th June, 1668; 25th Aug., 1669. William Parratt, sole legatee. Ex. not named. Test: Richard Sixbe, Jas. Doud. 1. 345.

Cheeke, Thomas, 16th Aug., 1659; 21st Sept., 1669. To Henry Merost, Mr. Legate, Mrs. Thorowgood, personalty. Robert Massey and Thomas Thorowgood, exs. and residuary legatees. Test: John Hodgson, Sr., Adam Bankes. 1. 346.

Bullock, Francis, 1st July, 1669; 8th Sept., 1669. To Mathew Brookes, personalty. Mother Jane Bullock of England, residuary legatee. Exs.: John Hatch, Robt. Rowland. Test: Walter Davis, Richard Lowder. 1. 347.

Elis, John, Kent Island, 1st Oct., 1668; 6th Nov., 1669. To son John, all land on Kent Island. To dau. Eliza:, 175 A. on Great Choptanke R. To dau. Mary, land on St. Michael's R. To 3 child. as above named, residue of estate in equal portions at 15 yrs. of age. Overseers: Wm. Vylett, Richard Blount, Chas. Hulinwork, Alex. Maxwell. Test: Robt. Martin, Wm. Mountigue. 1. 348.

Drue, Emanuel, Anne Arundel Co., 3rd Aug., 1669; -- -- -- To sons Samuel and Thomas equally, land by Swan's Cove, 2 patents. To daus. Eliza: and Martha, sd. lands in event of death of sons afsd. under 21 yrs. of age. Exs.: Wm. Steed, Ralph Hawkins, Jr. Overseers: Robt. Burle, Richard Moss. Test: Oliver Holloway, Mary Turner. 1. 349.

Hawkins, Ralph, Sr., Anne Arundel Co., 19th Sept., 1669; -- -- -- To wife Margaret, plantation during life. To child. (unnamed) by sd. wife, personalty. Sons Ralph and William, exs. and residuary legatees of real estate. Test: Wm. O'Neale, Jos. Hawkins. 1. 351.

Haukeins, Hawkings, Thomas, 21st Oct., 1656; 19th Apr., 1669. To Margrett Hall, dau. of Edward Hall, personalty. To son Thomas, 1/2 share of land on Poplar Island. Wife Eliza:, residuary legatee. Overseers: Capt. Robt. Vaughan, Henry Carline, Seth Foster. Test: Edward Hall, Gershom Cromwell. 1. 352. [Search Words: Hawkins]

Stanley, Hugh, 30th July, 1667; 13th Nov., 1669. To wife Dorothy, execx., entire estate during life, including 200 A. in Pocomoke; after death of sd. wife, estate to be disposed of as follows: To brother John Stanley, land, and at his death to sons of sd. brother, viz., John and Edward. If, however, there be a child born to testator, sd. child to inherit entire estate. Test: John Owen, Margaret Wilkes, Roger Blackhurst. 1. 353.

Perkins, Robert, Portobacco, Charles Co., 30th Dec., 1668. -- -- -- To Jane, wife of Arch. Wahob, Patrick Forrest, son of testator's wife, and Richard Corner, personalty. Wife Anne, execx. and residuary legatee. Test: Bartho. Coates, Thos. Corker, Clement Theobald. 1. 354.

Lewger, John, 26th Nov., 1669; 9th Dec., 1669. To 2 sons John and Thomas, jointly, “St. Barbary's Manor.” To dau. Eliza: 300 A. adjoining the “Manor.” Wife Martha, residuary legatee. Ex. not named. Test: Thos. Galley, Geo. Lodge. 1. 356.

Preston, Richard, Calvert Co., 16th Sept., 1669; 8th Jan., 1669. To Thomas Preston, “Upon the Clifts.” To Isaac Hunt and grandchild. William and James Berry, personalty. To son James Preston, if living, use of home plantation until grandson Samuel Preston attains age of 21 yrs.; daughter-in-law Margaret Preston to have charge of her son, sd. Samuel, during minority. To son James, “Barren Island,”; on Eastern Shore. To daus. Rebecca and Sarah Preston, equally, 600 A. by patent. In event of death of both daus. without issue, sd. patent to pass to son James, if living. In event of his death to pass to 2 kinsmen James and John Dorsey, or Darsey. To kinsman Ralph Dorsey, certain land on Little Choptank R. To 3 child. of testator, James, Rebecca and Sarah Preston, residue of estate equally. Ex. not named. Test: Enoch Coomes, Geo. Deulin, Thos. Peake, Wm. Jones. 1. 357

Editors: Richard Preston was a justice and member of the assembly, and one of the leading Quakers of the Province. See Combs &c. of Calvert County for a more detailed abstraction of this will.

Chapline, William, Calvert Co., 9th Dec., 1669; 5th Jan., 1669. To wife Mary, dower rights. To dau. Eliza: Chapline, plantation in Dorchester Co. To dau. Mary Chapline, personalty. To son William, home plantation at 16 yrs. of age. Ex. not named. Test: John Brook, Richard Tubman, Richard Rainer, John Halloway. 1. 363.

Editors: William Chaplain [sic] immigrated to Maryland in 1651 with Elizabeth, his wife, Elizabeth, their daughter, Ales [Alice] Bancroft, his wife's daughter, et al. (Patents ABH:273, dated 12 Oct 1652, Gibb). Will. Chaplin immigrated by 1658 with Elizabeth, his wife, Elizabeth, his daughter, & Alice Bencroft, his servant [sic] (Patents Q:210-1, dated 18 Nov 1658, ibid.) On l7 Jan 1658/9, William Chapline assigned to William Pyther an indenture whereby Edward Parrish was to serve him for seven years; on 21 Jan 1658/9 Pyther assigned the indenture to Richard Gott, and on 20 September 1659 Richard Gott assigned the indenture to Alexander Gordon, his son-in-law (Patents 4:206).

Young, Nicholas, St. Mary's Co., 11th Jan., 1669; 29th Jan., 1669. Wife Eliza: execx. and sole legatee of estate, real and personal, including land at Cedar Point, Charles Co., and “Fresh Pond Neck,”; bequeathed testator by son-in-law Edward Parker, deceased. Test: Humphrey Warren, Robt. Carville. 1. 365.

Parker, Edward, St. Inigoes Manor, St. Mary's Co., 3rd Jan., 1669; 29th Jan., 1669. To father-in-law Nicholas Young, “Fresh Pond Neck.” To mother of testator, plantation at Cedar Point, Charles Co. To brothers Samuel and Edward, 800 A, “Parker's Land,”; Baltimore Co. To sister Eliza: and Roman Catholic Church, personalty. In event of death of 2 brothers afsd. under age, sd. sister Eliza: to inherit land. Exs.: Father-in-law Nicholas Young and kinsman Wm. Bretton. Test: Nicholas Solby, Richard Ridgell, Wm. Gifford. 1. 367.

Thorne, William, Somerset Co., 12th Feb., 1665; -- -- -- To John Richards, 300 A., “South Petherton,”; on s. side Manokin R., provided he remains in service of testator's wife until he reaches 21 yrs. of age. Wife Winifred, execx. and residuary legatee of estate, real and personal. Test: Thos. Meech, Roger Woolford, Edward Southrius. 1. 368.

Phepo, Marke, St. Mary's Co., 19th Jan., 1669; 8th Feb., 1669. To John Keyton, Richard Russell, John Stocks, John Matthews and Constant Daniell, personalty. Sons Philip, Thomas and William Land, residuary legatees. Ex. Bryan Daley. Test: Thos. Paine, Wm. Abbestone. 1. 370.

Martin, Abdaloe, Calvert Co., 25th May, 1668; 14th Dec., 1669. To daus. Eliza:, Mary and Sarah Martin, personalty to be paid at marriage or 21 yrs. of age. To Dr. John Peerce, residue of estate in trust for sd. daus., except cattle given them by deed of gift from Emperour Smith. Test: Francis Swanstone, Ralph Wells. 1. 371.

Corner, Gilbert, 20th Oct., 1668; 5th Mch., 1669. To wife Ellinor and Thomas Pope, 200 A., “Chestnut Point,”; in trust for son Job until he shall be of age. In event of death of son Job without issue, sd. property to pass to wife Ellinor, and to church should she die. Test: Richard Ambrose. 1. 372.

Lewis, William, Talbot Co., 23rd Sept., 1668; 12th Mch., 1669. To Wenlock Christison and Henry Willcockes, personalty. To wife Sarah, home plantation, “Sarah's Neck,”; and 100 A., “Lewis.” To dau. Sarah, 680 A., “Boston Clifts,”; on Great Choptank R. To dau. Mary, 450 A. on Nanticoke R. and 200 A. on Chester R. To wife Sarah, and 2 daus., Sarah and Mary, residue of estate, equally. Exs.: Henry Willcocks, Henry Southeby, Thos. Taylor of Kent, Thos. Pitt. Test: Geo. Collison, Ralph Fishborne, Geo. Claudman, John Burrowes. 1. 374.

Powell, Thomas, Talbot Co., 17th Jan., 1679; 11th Apr., 1670. To dau. Anne Powell, Anne, dau. of Howell Powell, Howell Powell, and Winlock Christison, personalty. To wife Anne, 1/2 plantation during life. To eld. son Thomas, 1/2 sd. plantation, he to possess whole at death of wife Anne afsd.; also 1/2 “Hog Island.” To William Thunderman, Jr., “Old Towne” on Choptanke R. at majority. Exs.: Richard Gorsuch, Lovelace Gorsuch, Geo. Cowley. Test: Wm. Blackstone, Jno. Wiggins, Michael Parker, Edward Fish. 1. 377.

Simpson, Alexander, Charles Co., 30th Dec., 1669; 12th Apr., 1670. To goddau. Margaret Wahob, dau of Archibald Wahob, 120 A. (unnamed). To Eliza: Wahob, dau. of sd. Archibald, 120 A. and dwellinghouse; if either sister die, survivor to inherit property. In event of death of both Margaret and Eliza: during minority, land to pass to Jane Wahob, their mother. To Jacob Leah, brother of sd. Jane Wahob, 300 A. “Simpson's Delight.” To Thomas Borker, personalty. Execx.: Jane Wahob. Test: Humphrey Warren, Alex. Galant, Howell Williams. 1. 379. [Search Words: Waughop, Lee]

Hall, John, Talbot Co., 25th Jan., 1669; 30th Apr., 1670. To George, son of John Elliot, 100 A. w. side Chester R. To Jane, dau. of John Elliot, Thomas Reid, and Isaac Abraham, personalty. Ex. not named. Test: John Glover, Wm. Mollins. 1. 381.

Tucker, John, Calvert Co., 25th Feb., 1669; 4th Apr., 1670. Wife Amey, execx. and sole legatee of estate, real and personal. Test: Henry Harris, Mary Davis, Benj. Bennett. 1. 382.

Harris, William, 20th Sept., 1669; 4th Apr., 1670. Wife Eliza:, execx. and sole legatee of estate, real and personal. Should sd. wife die before will be proved, following division of estate to be made: To Jonathan Neale, 100 A., “Harrises Mount”; at his death to pass to Margaret Hawkins, Jr. To sister —— Bird in England, Eliza: Beasley, Alexander Gardner, Eliza: dau. of John Reid, and John Mears, personalty. Test: Thos. Phillips, Daniel Edge. 1. 382.

Purnell, Richard, 8th Mch., 1669; 11th Apr., 1670. Wife Anne, execx. and sole legatee of estate, real and personal, including 100 A., “Purnell's Porches,”; on Little Choptanke R. Test: Wm. Purnell, Eliza: Sybley. 1. 384.

Minter, John, Anne Arundel Co., 25th Jan., 1669; 28th May, 1670. To Guy Meeke and sister (unnamed) of testator in England, personalty. Eliza: Willistone, residuary legatee. Ex. not named. Test: Cor. Howard, John Todd. 1. 385.

Jackson, Barnaby, 13th Feb., 1669; 28th May, 1670. To Owen Guither, Constant Gunby, Barnaby Anketill, and the Church, personalty. Wife Margaret, and hrs., execx. and residuary legatee of estate, real and personal. Test: Francis Anketill, Geo. Goodricke, Thos. Mathews. 1. 385.

Beane, Walter, Charles Co., 12th Apr., 1670; 28th May, 1670. To wife Ellinor, execx, home plantation, 450 A., during life. To son Thomas, sd. plantation at death of mother, and 1, 000 A. in St. Mary's Co., at 21 yrs. of age. To eld. dau. Edith, wife of Mathew Hill, 300 A. in Charles Co. on Wicomico R. To dau. Eliza:, 300 A. on Patuxent R. To 3rd and young. dau. Ellinor, 750 A. nr. Portobacco Ck. Test: Mathew Hill, John Long, Edward Nibbs. 1. 386.

Chandler, William, Anne Arundel Co., 25th Jan., 1668; 15th Apr., 1670. To wife Mary, execx., estate, real and personal, during minority of child. To son William and hrs., 100 A. at 18 yrs. of age. To dau. Mary and hrs., 40 A. at marriage. Test: Robt. Loyd, Richard Wright, William Adams. 1. 388.

Huggins, Richard, Anne Arundel Co., 3rd Feb., 1669; 14th May, 1670. Wife Anne, execx. and sole legatee of estate, real and personal. Test: Thos. Knighton, Francis Stocket, Geo. Walker. 1. 389.

Caine, James, 12th Dec., 1667; 15th Apr., 1670. To John Avery, personalty. Wife Ellinor, execx. and residuary legatee. Test: John Avery, John Bosman, Robt. Lewen. 1. 390.

Cammell, Patrick, Calvert Co., 22nd Apr., 1670; 25th June, 1670. To son George Atcheson, personalty. Wife Susan, execx. and residuary legatee. Overseer: Ninian Beale. Test: Daniel Cunningham, John Castle. 1. 390.

Editors: See the 1684 will of George Acheson [sic] who named mother Susan Clarke, with Richard Clarke adm. of his estate (Calendar Vol. I, pp. 138-151)

Tettershall, William, Brittain's Bay, St. Mary's Co., 30th May, 1670; 25th June, 1670. To wife Anne, execx., “St. John's.” To dau. Mary and hrs., said plantation at death of wife afsd. To eld. son Lawrence, and hrs., said plantation should dau. Mary die without issue; also 450 A., “Tettershall's Gift,”; in Charles Co., and 100 A. at Nevitt's Ck. In event of death of both child. of testator without issue, estate to pass to eld. son (unnamed) and his hrs. of brother John Tettershall of Wiltshire, England, provided he or they come into the province within 2 yrs. after decease of testator. To the Roman Catholic Church, said estate should provision afsd. be unfullfilled. Overseers: Brother Lt.-Col. John Jarboe, Walter Hall. Test: John Jarboe, Wm. Assiter, Abraham Coombe, David Driver. 1. 391.

Editors: William Tattershall married first Mary, and the two immigrated to Maryland in 1658 (Patents AB&H:23,Gibb). By 1661, Ann Lewger, had married Wm. Tattershall and had a Special Warrant from Lord Baltimore for 50 acres (Patents 4:618, Skordas) She was apparently the widow of Mr. John Lewger who had immigrated to Maryland in 1637 with wife Ann, son John and others. John Lewger was a member of the Governor's Council and Secreatary of the Province (Patents 1:17, 19, Skordas), and still living in 1651 (patents AB&H:150, ibid.). An accounting of the estate of William Fetershull [sic], St. Mary's County, was presented to the court on 12 Jun 1674 by his relict (widow), Ann Neall (Liber 1:19, Skinner) On 7 Feb 1764/5, Ann Neall, executrix of the will of Henry Neall, presented that estate accounting as well, with it including reference to "the said Ann Neall and her two (unnamed) children by Henry Neall (Liber 1:22) The nuncupative will of Henry Neale of New Towne, St. Mary's County was proved on 22 Jan 1672, and named wife Ann, son Henry, and referred to a possible unborn child (Calendar, Vol. I, pp. 69-81)

See Combs &c. of St. Mary's County, Maryland for a transcription of this will, which locates his brother in "Odd Stoakes" Wilts, and also names Mrs. Mary Andrews (a legatee per accounting as well) and St. Ignatius Chappell, as well as detailed land descriptions. The parish of Odstock, Wilts is less than 3 mi. west of Coombe Bisset and the same north of Salisbury. Chideock, Dorset, mentioned below, is less than 3 miles from Bridport.

Court and Testamentary Business, Province of Maryland, 1648/9, Liber A:239

To all prsons to whom these prnts shall come Greeting. These prnts wittnes tht I Edmund Smith of the prouince of Mary-Land Plantr for a ualuable consideraon in hand all ready receaued, haue bargayned, sold & alienated, & by these prnts doe bargaine, sell, alienate, & make our unto Cuth: ffenwick of the same prouince Gent, his heyres or assignes for eur all my right tytle & interest, in all such Lands, goods, debts or chat- tells whatsoeur wch are now att this prnt, or might of right, or shall hereafter happen to bee any wayes apprteyning & doe now, or might, or shall hereafter of right apperteine to mee the sd Edmund Smith, eyther by Inheritance, deed of gwift, or any other wayes whatsoeur wthin the Kingdome of England as wittnes my hand this 10th day ffeb. 1648
Signed, Sealed & deliuered Edmund Smith
in the prnce of Vs Locus + Sigilli.
Phillip Land
Willm Bretton Clk & Register
of the prouince of Mary Land.

Post Scrip
That this is a true deed, signed & sealed by the abouesd Edmund Smith, & tht the sd Edmund Smith receaued a ualuable consideraon of Cuth: ffenwick Gent, for all his whole Estate in England: being now as he conceiveth in the hands of his Vnkles [Uncles] Mr Lawrence Tuttersall of Odstock in Wiltshyre, & Mr Peter Tuttersall of Chideock in Dorsett Shyre. And desyreth his sd Vnkles to make true paymt thereof unto the sd Cuth: ffenwick or his assignes.
I Thomas Greene Gour of Mary Land doe attest the same under my hand & the Seale of the Prouince of Mary-Land this 10th ffeb. 1648 Sig
Tho: Greene
Locus + Sigilli magni.
(Archives of Maryland, Vol. 4, pp. 475-6)

Boughan, David, Calvert Co., 10th Dec., 1669; 30th July, 1670. To dau. Mary and Mr. Sturnkey, personalty. To sons Charles and David at 18 yrs. of age, residue of estate, real and personal. Exs.: John Brooke, Roger Brooke. Test: Jas. Thompson, Thos. Kilton. 1. 393.

Bayley, Godfrey, Baltimore Co., 7th Jan., 1669; 27th Aug., 1670. To Rose Salmon, personalty. To wife Rose, personalty, and to live on plantation during widowhood. To dau. Eliza: Bayley, execx., and dau. Rosamond Bayley, and their hrs. estate, real and personal, equally. Overseers: John Van Heeck, Jos. Hopkins, Thos. Salmon. Test: Daniell Silvaine, Wm. Dunkerton. 1. 394. [Search words: Bailey, Heck]

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