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The Maryland Calendar of Wills
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The Maryland Calendar of Wills, Volume I
Wills from 1635
(Earliest Probated) to 1685

Pages 208-218

Originally Compiled by Jane Baldwin (1904)
Edited and Annotated by
USGenNet Patrons Rhoda Fone & Carole Hammett (2001)
Editors: Words enclosed in [brackets] or preceded by “Editors" are those of the editors and not part of the original edition.

Rider, Robert, Calvert Co., 22nd Nov., 1677; 2nd Feb., 1677-8. To son Robert and hrs., entire estate, which has been converted into tobacco by sale of sd. estate, including 200 A., “Turkey Thicket,” and 50 A., “The Revenge,” to Thomas Jessup. Overseers: Wm. Turner, Robt. Skinner, Sr. Test: Wm. Turner, Jno. Sedden, Thos. Edwards. 9. 75.

Williams, Francis, Kent Co., 23rd July, 1677; -- -- --. Thomas Lewis, ex. and sole legatee of estate. Test: Jas. More, Jas. Howell. 9. 77.

Weire, John, Major, Rappahannock Co., Virginia, 7th May, 1671; 28th Apr., 1678. To wife Honoria, dower rights. To daughter-in-law Margaret, wife of John Watts of Potomac R., and hrs., part of a tract of land, 1, 108 A., bought of Henry Randolph of Jamestown (1/2 of sd. tract having already been sold to Robert Payne). To dau. Eliza: and hrs., “The Island" at 21 yrs. of age. To son John and hrs., residue of lands in Virginia and elsewhere. Exs.: Son-in-law Jno. Watts, Wm. Mosely, Capt. Jno. Hull. Test: Jno. Bates, Luke Humbleton, Jno. Jeffery. 9. 78.

Editors: Major John Weire of Old Rappahannock County, Virginia, married Honoria, mother of Margaret (---), wife of John Watts (and later Abraham Blagg of Richmond County, Virginia). His daughter Elizabeth later married Richard Gardner, son of Richard and Elizabeth (Hatton) Gardner (Calendar, Vol. II, pp. 14-27)

Brookes, William, Charles Co., 16th Nov., 1678; 11th Feb., 1678. Giles Tomkines and John Newton, sole legatces of estate. Ex. not named. Test: Henry Hardy, Thos. Saunders, Jacob Steere, Ralph Shelley. 9. 83.

Foorde, William, Choptank River, Dorchester Co., 16th Nov., 1678; 11th Mch., 1679. To son Samuel and hrs., plantation, being part of land called “The Horne,” given to sd. son Samuel's mother, Sarah Preston, by Richard Preston of Patuxent, dec'd. To son Josias and hrs., 300 A., “The Peach Orchard,” on Blackwater R. (for description see will). Sd. sons to be of age at 21 yrs. To wife Sarah, 1/3 of residue of estate, real and personal. To 2 sons afsd. and unborn child, residue of estate equally. In event of death of any child or child. under age or without issue, survivor or survivors to inherit deceased's portion. Exs.: Thos. Taylor, Jno. Edmondson, Benj. Hunt, Wm. Sharp. Test: Stephen Luffe, Vincent Farcy, Mathew Lewis, Richd. Lane. 9. 84.

Standle, Stanley, William, Calvert Co., 18th Apr., 1678; 13th Dec., 1678. Wife Eliza:, execx. and sole legatee of estate, real and personal. Test: Jno. Hambleton, Chas. Carty. 9. 91.

Coale, William, Anne Arundel Co., 26th Oct., 1678; 16th Feb., 1678, To son William by former wife Hester, and hrs., “Great Bonnerstum” on West R. To 2nd son William by sd. wife Hester, and hrs., 100 A., part of “Hickory Hills,” at 21 yrs. of age. To wife Eliza:, execx., 300 A., part of “Portland Manor,” during life. To son Samuel by present wife Eliza:, and hrs., 200 A., part of “Portland Manor.” To son Philip by sd. wife Eliza., land afsd. bequeathed to wife, at her death. To dau. Eliza:, personalty at 16 yrs. of age. Should either of afsd. younger sons die without issue, surviving one to inherit deceased's portion. In event of death of all sons without issue, land to descend to next in line of Coale, first male, then female. Test: Saml. Lane, Thos. Francis. 9. 92.

Douglas, John, Charles Co., 14th Dec., 1678; 27th Jan., 1678. To wife Sarah, execx., and hrs., 450 A., dwelling place of testator at Pickiawaxen. To son John and hrs., 550 A., part of “Cold Spring Manor,” at 21 yrs. of age. To son Robert and hrs., “Blithwood” at 21 yrs. of age. To sons Charles and Joseph and hrs., 500 A., residue of “Cold Spring Manor,” at 21 yrs. of age. Testator provides that should sd. son John die without issue, son Robert afsd. is to receive 1/2 of his portion, and sd. sons Charles and Joseph 1/2. Test: Henry Bonner, Francis Pollard, Jno. Robynson. 9. 97.

Hall, Christopher, Kent Co., 29th Jan., 1674; 7th July, 1678. To mother Eliza: Ricaud, execx., all real estate. To sisters Sarah, Eliza: and Mary Ricaud, personalty. Test: Wm. Bateman, Abraham Childs. 9. 99.

Crauley, Michael, Calvert Co., 6th Dec., 1678; 8th Feb., 1678-9. Son Michael, sole legatee of estate, real and personal, at 20 yrs. of age. Exs.: Jno. Morris, Jno. Mickener. Test: Judith Cooper, Robt. Owen. 9. 101.

Lewin, Thomas, Cecil Co., 15th Feb., 1678-9; 21st May, 1679. To Hue Fouch, Thomas Savin, son of Eliza: Savin, widow, Thomas Womesley and his wife, Michael Offley and John Pye, personalty. Mary Brockhurst, widaw, execx., residuary legatee. Test: Thos. Nicholas, Stephen Jones. 9. 103.

Grammar, John, Calvert Co., 6th Aug., 1677; 4th July, 1679. To Robert Bryant and Sarah, his wife, and Walter Bowen, personalty. To wife Eliza:, execx., plantation and residue of estate during widowhood. Should sd. Eliza: remarry, real estate to be used for benefit of poor orphans of Calvert Co. Test: Michael Higgen, Chas. Boteler. 9. 105.

Hynson, Thomas, Talbot Co., 14th Dec., 1678; 29th July, 1679. To eld. son Thomas at 18 yrs of age, plantation, “Hynson's Town,” and 150 A. belonging thereto. To son William at 18 yrs. of age, residue of land, 150 A., belonging to “Hynson's Town” afsd. To son Richard at 18 yrs. of age, 150 A., “Hynson's Hills.” To brother Charles, testator's portion of 200 A. on w. side Chester R. To wife Anne, execx., 1/2 of all personalty, and privilege of remaining on plantation. To younger child. (not named) residue of personalty equally. Test: Ja: Courcey, Jas. Treahy. 9. 107.

Gouldson, Daniel, Calvert Co., 2nd Nov., 1678; 14th June, 1679. To wife Alice, execx., 1/2 of estate. To son Daniel (3 yrs. 3 mos. of age) residue of estate at 18 yrs. Test: Wm. Sedgwick, Joseph Tilly, Judith Hagland, Saml. Lester. 9. 110.

Webb, John, Talbot Co., 20th Sept., 1678; 4th Aug., 1679. To mother Anne Webb, in Banbury, Oxfordshire, England, personalty. To Eliza:, wife of William Sharp, to Solomon Thomas and Robert Day of Patuxent River, personalty. William Sharp, ex. and residuary legatee of estate. Test: Jos. Wheatley, Saml. Underwood. 9. 113.

Brooke, Baker, Delabrooke Manor, Colvert Co., 19th Mch., 1678; 26th Mch., 1679-80. To wife Anne, execx., part of “Delabrooke Manor” (for description see will), also “Freehold” and “Longfield” during life. To son Charles and hrs., part of sd. “Manor,” running close to dwelling-house of dec'd brother, Col. Thomas Brooke (for further description see will). To son Leonard and hrs., part of sd. Manor;” also “Haphazard.” To dau. Mary, 1/2 of “Brooke's Partition” on n. side Patuxent R., taken up jointly by testator and dec'd brother, Thomas. To Mary dau. of sd. dec'd Thomas, and hrs., residue of “Brooke's Partition.” To son Baker and hrs., residue of all real estate. To wife Anne and 4 child. afsd., personalty equally. Child. to be of age at 17 yrs. Test: Henry Carew, Geritt Van Sweringen. 10. 1.

Harniss, Susanna, Anne Arundel Co., 8th Feb., 1678; 20th Mch., 1678-9. To dau. Eliza: and son Jacob, exs., estate, real and personal. Test: Henry Whyte, Walter Marrow. 10. 5.

Notley, Thomas, St. Mary's Co., 3d Apr., 1679; 6th Apr., 1679. To sister Katharine Grudgefield of London, personalty. To William Nuigsinger, Ralph Smith, friend Capt. Gerrard Slye and Jane his wife, Capt. Matthew Payne, John Peerce, and godchild., Thomas Notley Goldsmith, Notley Maddox, Notley Warren and Notley Goldsmith, dau. of John Goldsmith, personalty. To godson Notley, son of Benjamon Rozer, and hrs., “Cerneabdy Manor.” Charles Lord Baltimore and Col. Benjamin Rozer, exs. and residuary legatees of estate, real and personal. Test: Wm. Digges, Nich. Sewall. 10. 7.

Evans, Thomas, St. Mary's Co., 17th Mch., 1678; 12th Apr., 1679. Wife Anne, execx. and sole legatee of estate, real and personal, in Md. and England: she to have charge of child. (unnamed). Test: Francis Sourtin, Jno. Evans. 10. 11.

Thorley, Edward, Anne Arundel Co., 11th Dec., 1678; 10th Feb., 1678-9. To 3 sons, viz., Edward, John, and Samuel, and hrs., “Pascall's Chance” in Talbot Co., equally. Should any of the afsd. sons die without issue, survivor or survivors to inherit deceased's portion. In event of death of all afsd. sons without issue, estate to be divided among rest of child. (unnamed), and hrs. Sd. sons to be of age at 18 yrs. To 2 daus. (unnamed), personalty. To cous. Thomas Keene, personalty. Wife Mary, execx. and residuary legatee of personal estate. Test: Thos Knighton, Thos. Sheppard, Thos. Williams. 10. 12.

Peerce, John, Calvert Co., 14th Apr., 1679; 9th May, 1679. To dau. Martha Peerce, in England, personalty. Son John, ex. and residuary legatee of estate, real and personal, including land on Patapsco R. (by patent) and plantation. Test: Robt. Lee, Thos. Impey. 10. 15.

Prethett, Samuel, Dorchester Co., 26th Jan., 1678; 12th Apr., 1679. Sarah Newton, execx. and sole legatee of estate, real and personal; estate to pass to her son and dau., Samuel and Eliza: Newton, if sd. Sarah sees fit. Test: Edward Newton, Jno. Newton, Wm. Trego. 10. 16.

Alvey, Joseph, St. Mary's Co., 26th Mch., 1679; 21st May, 1679. To wife Eliza:, personalty. To eld. son Arthur and 2nd son Joseph and hrs., all lands, 300 A., belonging to estate, equally. To rest of child. (unnamed), personalty. Exs.: Wife Eliza: afsd. and brother Pope Alvey. Test: Henry Fenreley, Edward Cole. 10. 17.

Mason, Miles, Dorchester Co., 6th Dec., 1676; 2d May, 1679. To wife Anne and unborn child, estate, real and personal, including “Teverton.” Overseers: Jno. Dossey, Jas. Cage. Test: Wm. Dossey, Wm. Thomas. 10. 20.

Webb, Richard, Talbot Co., 4th Sept., 1678; 18th Jan., 1678. To Sarah Young, eld. dau. of William Young, Talbot Co., 200 A., “Middle Plantation.” To Eliza: Young, young. dau. of sd. William, 100 A. (unnamed). To William Young, Jr., personalty. William Young, Sr., ex. and residuary legatee. Test: Franciseus Ferdinandus Goyer, Wm. Chearsmor, Jno. Seirgent. Test: Will. Rendall, Jno. Dune, Philip Stevenson. 10. 22.

Winkles, Edward, Talbot Co., 15th Sept., 1677; 19th Nov., 1678. To John Dunn, Jr., and hrs., 200 A., “Winkleton,” land by patent, provisionally. To Josias Morgan, son of Ellinor Husin, and hrs., 400 A., “Popler Kigg.” Wife Eliza:, execx. and residuary legatee of estate, real and personal. Overseers: Richd. Woolman, Philip Stevenson. 10. 24.

Lewis, Henry, Anne Arundel Co., 3rd Feb., 1678; -- -- --. To wife Eliza:, execx., and hrs., 253 A., “Lewis' Range,” on s. side Patapsco R. To son William and hrs., “Tan Yard.” To son Henry and hrs., 325 A., “Lewis' Addition.” To wife and 2 child. afsd., residue of estate equally. Overseers: Jon. Hammond, Wm. Hawkins. Test: Wm. Martine, Barbary Ball. 10. 27.

Tolson, Anne, Cecil Co., 19th Sept., 1677; 27th Feb., 1678-9. To granddau. Anna Blackstone, Jacob Singleton, Eliza: Wilson, John Desjardins, and William Norman, and Dorothy Selby, personalty. To Eliza: Francis and Eliza: Peck and hrs., all land. To son Thomas Francis, land afsd., should sd. devisees die without issue. Dau. -- Blackstone, execx. and residuary legatee, together with son Thomas afsd. Test: Eliza: Nelson, Margaret Lewis. 10. 31.

Dixon, John, Cecil Co., 6th Nov., 1678; 29th Mch., 1678. To Dorothy Haker, brothers Thomas and Robert, personalty. To mother Mary Dixon, execx., personalty. Thos. Haker and Thos. Beck, exs. in Md. Test: Jno. Willis, Richd. Kingword, Geo. Wharton. 10. 32.

Singleton, Jacob, Cecil Co., 14th May, 1678; 26th Feb., 1678. To mother Susanna Singleton, brother John Singleton, sister Rebecca Singleton, brother John Rolestone, sister Eliza: Rolestone, Mrs. Eliza: Blackistone, and Eliza: Pike, personalty. Father John Singleton, nr. Fleet St., London, ex. and residuary legatee. Ebenezer Blackistone and Jno. Dixon, exs. in Md. Test: Geo. Tankersley, Fooke Evens, Jos. Garner. 10. 34.

Wattkins, Thomas, South River, Anne Arundel Co., 15th Apr., 1679; 19th May, 1679. To wife Lydia, plantation, 400 A., on South R. during life. To son Thomas and hrs., sd. plantation at death of wife afsd. Afsd. wife and son, exs. and residuary legatees of estate equally. Test: Chas. Whithradss, Henry White. 10. 38.

Roberson, John, South River, Anne Arundel Co., 10th Mch., 1678-9; 1st May, 1679. To wife Mary, execx., and son John, estate equally, save land which is bequeathed to sd. son John when of age, and hrs. Sd. son to be sent to testator's brother, Henry Blockson, in England, should wife Mary die during his minority. Test: Mary Shene, Hugh Riley. 10. 40.

Besson, Thomas, Sr., South River, Anne Arundel Co., 15th Oct., 1677; 29th Apr., 1679. To son John and hrs., land adjoining son Nicholas Gassaway's. To son William and hrs., land at Little Necke. To son Thomas, the younger, and hrs., land on branch of Little Necke. To dau. Martha and hrs., personalty. Wife Hester, execx. and residuary legatee together with child. afsd. Overseer: Son Thomas, the elder. Test: Edward Burgess, Robt. Ward, Jno. Greene. 10. 42.

Simmons, George, Anne Arundel Co., 2nd Apr., 1679; 4th May, 1679. To brother William, personalty. To son George and hrs., son Abraham and hrs., son Isaac, dau. Sarah, young dau. Mary and hrs., plantation and lands in natural succession. Residue of estate to 4 last named child. when of age. Should any die, deceased's portion or portions to pass to son George afsd. Exs.: Maj. Saml. Lane, Nathan Smith. Test: Thos. Merridale, Thos. Sutton, Abraham Bird. 10. 45.

Harnis, Isaac, Cecil Co., 9th Jan., 1677; 1st Mch., 1678-9. To sister Eliza: and hrs., plantation. To brother Jacob and hrs., 230 A., “Harnisis Range” at hd. of South R.; he dying without hrs., to pass to sd. sister Eliza:. To sister Judye -- and mother Susanna Harnis, personalty. Exs.: Eliza: and Jacob afsd. Test: Jno. Blackiston, Jno. Hussey. 10. 49.

Pawson, John, of the City of Yorke, England, 2nd Aug., 1677; 6th July, 1678. To brother Christopher Pawson, his wife Susanna, and his child., Henry, Samuel, and Eliza:; Mary, widow of brother Seth Pawson, brother-in-law William Carvile, his son Henry and dau. Anne Carvile, Henry Emison, Jane, widow of Henry Leeds, Cous. Margaret Leeds, wife of brother Henry Pawson and 3 child., Elias, Alice, and Sarah Pawson, Alderman Richard Metcalfe and his lady, John Peckett, Cousin Thomas Sugden, Eliza: Morewood, and Helen Horner, George Horner, George Rumsden of Yorke, Dr. Stockett of Md., John Homewood, and Henry Howard of Anne Arundel Co., Md., personalty. Brother Henry Pawson, ex. and residuary legatee. Test: Jno. Crofts, J. Ellerber, Thos. Sugden, Wm. Hardwick. 10. 50.

Hardye, Robert, Somerset Co., 24th May, 1678; 25th Aug., 1679. To wife Anne, entire estate, real and personal, during minority of son James. To son James at 16 yrs. of age, and hrs., plantation, 350 A. To wife Anne and child., viz., James, Eliza;, Sarah, Mary, and Rachel, personal estate equally. To dau. Eliza: and hrs., sd. plantation in event of death of son James afsd. without issue. Overseers: Jno. cinders, Wm. Elgatt. Test: Jno. Winder, Wm. Elgatt. 10. 55.

Spence, David, Wicomico, Somerset Co., 29th Mch., 1678; 1st Aug., 1679. To sons John and James jointly, and hrs., plantation, 500 A., at 18 yrs. of age. Either dying without issue, plantation to pass to survivor and hrs. To sons David and Alexander, jointly, and hrs., 250 A. on n. side Cuttymortwyco R. at 18 yrs. of age. Either dying without issue, to pass to survivor and hrs. To dau. Anne, personalty. Wife Anne, execx. and residuary legatee of personal estate. Test: Benj. Cottman, Philip Askew. 10. 57.

Bradley, Henry, Dorchester Co., 14th Feb., 1678; 1st July, 1679. To wife Mary, execx., 66 A., “Bradley's Desire,” during life. To son Richard and hrs., afsd. land at death of wife Mary afsd. To son Henry and hrs., 100 A., “Bradley's Lot.” To son William and hrs., 100 A., “Sowell's Choice,” when of age. To son John and hrs., 50 A., “Bradley's Range.” To dau. Mary at 18 yrs of age, and son Josias, porsonalty. Test: Anthony Dawson, Richd. Dawson, Barthol. Ennolds. 10. 61.

Hardaker, Anthony, Dorchester Co., 25th July, 1679; 29th Feb., 1679. Thomas Flowers, ex. and sole legatee of estate. Test: Henry Griffend, Benj. Webster, Jas. Agge. 10. 63.

Eaton, Jeremy, Kent Co., 10th Jan., 1675; 6th Nov., 1676. To George Uty and George Wells, 550 A. in trust for first Protestant minister, and his successors, who shall reside in sd. county. To William Vaughan and hrs., 400 A. in Baltimore Co. Wife Mary, execx. Test: Edward James, Wm. Wilson. 10. 64.

Hood, Robert, Kent Co., 14th July, 1677; 9th Mch., 1678. To wife Anne, execx., plantation during life. To unborn child, 1/2 of personalty at 21 yrs. of age, and plantation at death of mother. Test: Geo. Gewas, David Vaughan, Wm. Harris. 10. 65.

Ashbrooke, John, of Nanjemy, Charles Co., 17th Jan., 1677-8; 24th Jan., 1678. To wife (unnamed), execx., plantation during widowhood. To son James, sd. plantation at marriage or death of wife afsd.; son to be of age at testator's death. To daus, Rose, Eliza:, and Anne, personalty. Test: -- Burghill, Simon Stephens. 10. 67.

Jones, William, Miles River, Talbot Co., 2d Nov., 1678; 6th June, 1679. To sons William and Solomon and hrs., plantation equally. To wife Rebecca, and unborn child, eld. dau. Mary, dau. Rebecca, and young. dau. Charity, personalty. Ex. not named. Test: Margaret Syringe, Christo. Dickinson. 10. 69.

Stevenson, Philip, Talbot Co., 2d Apr., 1679; 17th June, 1679. Wife Anne, execx, and sole legatee of estate, real and personal. Test: Robt. Hilton, Jno. Clymar, Jane Singhouse. 9. 71.

Hayling, Thomas, Talbot Co., 24th Feb., 1678; 31st May, 1679. To John and Mary Chafe, personalty. To Rebecca Chafe, 100 A., “The Adventure,” on Reed's Ck. To Richard Chafe, 100 A., “Bachelor's Joy,” on s. side Chester R. In event of death of either of afsd. devisees before the other, survivor to inherit deceased's portion. Should both die, their father to inherit sd. land. Ex. not named. Test: Jno. Trehey, Robt. Morphy, Richard Ellwood, Jno. Watts. 10. 72.

Aldrigg, George, Talbot Co., 1st Oct., 1673; 16th Dec., 1679. To wife Anne, execx., plantation, 350 A., during life. To 2 sons, Benjamin and George, sd. plantation at death of wife afsd. To child. George, Thomas, Mary, and John, personalty. Sd. son John to remain with his mother until he is 21 yrs. of age. To dau. Grace, 250 A., “Old Mill.” Test: Philip Stevenson, Edward Stevens, Jonas Davis. 10. 73.

Elliot, Henry, St. Mary's Co., 13th Sept., 1679; 18th Oct., 1679. Wife Jane, execx. and sole legatee of estate, real and personal. Test: Philip Land, Henry Exon. 10. 75.

Rouse, Gregory, St. Mary's Co., 27th Oct., 1679; 18th Nov., 1679. Thomas Evans, and hrs., ex. and sole legatee of estate. Test: Thos. Nottingham, Jno. Angle. 10. 76.

Gilpin, Sylvanus, Chas. Co., 12th Sept., 1679; 19th Nov., 1679. To wife (unnamed) of Thomas Warton, and Eliza: and John, child. of sd. Thomas, personalty. Thomas Warton, ex. and residuary legatee of estate, including 150 A. lying by Jas. Dillahayes. Test: Michael Parving, Eliza: Warton. 10. 78.

Key, William, Kent Co., 20th Apr., 1679; 4th Feb., 1679. To brother Randall Key of Bristol, Eng., and hrs., “Langford” on Langford Bay, and “New Key.” To John Hussey, personalty. To Major Ringold and Samuel Tovey, residue of estate, real and personal, for the purpose of furnishing the new Court House at New Yarmouth. Test: Morgan Jones, Danl. Jethcott. 10. 79.

Shacocke, Roger, Kent Co., 18th Feb., 1678; 31st Mch., 1679. To Rebecca Hussey and William Key of Kent Co., personalty. Ex.: Wm. Key afsd. Test: Saml. Tovy, Wm. Brockett. 10. 80.

Marsh, Thomas, Kent Co., 12th Aug., 1679; 28th Oct., 1679. To wife Jane, 1/3 of estate, real and personal; also personalty belonging to wife's dec'd father, John Clements. To dau. Sarah, 1/3 of residue of personalty, together with personalty left her by her mother. To dau. Mary, 1/3 of residue of personalty. Son Thomas, residuary legatee of estate, real and personal; to be of age at 18 yrs. In event of either dau, dying under age, deceased's portion to be divided between her surviving sister and child. of testator's two sisters, Margaret Berry and Eliza: Tailor. Exs.: Wm. Berry and Thos. Tailor. Test: Jas. Ewstis, Richd. Kempton, Maurice Woollahand. 10. 82.

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