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The Maryland Calendar of Wills
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The Maryland Calendar of Wills, Volume I
Wills from 1635
(Earliest Probated) to 1685

Pages 14-27

Originally Compiled by Jane Baldwin (1904)
Edited and Annotated by
USGenNet Patrons Rhoda Fone & Carole Hammett (2001)
Editors: Words enclosed in [brackets] or preceded by “Editors” are those of the editors and not part of the original edition.

Sudborough, Peter, Patuxent, Calvert Co., 28th Mch., 1658; -- -- --. To wife (unnamed), execx., 1/3 estate. To 5 child. (unnamed) and unborn child, 2/3 estate equally. Test: Thos. Middleton, John Sutton. 1. 104.

Gates Thomas, 2nd May, 1659; 3rd Aug., 1659. To Michael Bellott and John Hollowday, exs., plantation and 100 A. additional, equally. Test: Daniel Walker, Edward Bates. 1. 105.

Haseling, Jeremiah, 17th Apr., 1659; 13th Aug., 1659. To Anthony Dimondidier, personalty. To James Sudward and hrs., plantation and residue of personalty in trust for 2 child., Mary and Thebia Haseling, during minority. Ex. not named. Test: Anthony Dimondidier. 1. 105.

Pell, William, (nunc.) St. Mary's Co., 20th Mch., 1654; 2nd Sept., 1659. To Alice Ward, ½ proceeds from sale of plantation in Virginia. Alice Durand and her dau. Eliza:, residuary legatees. Ex. not named. Test: Alice Ward, Samuel Withers, Alice Durand. 1. 107.

Raper, Rapier, Thomas, City of London, 4th Dec., 1658; 10th Sept., 1659. To brother (unnamed) personalty. Ex., Peter Bathe. Test: Matthew Long, John Burlein. 1. 108.

James, Owen, St. Mary's Co., 18th Sept., 1659; 29th Sept., 1659. To John Lawson, son of John Lawson, Rebecca Frizzell, dau. of Alexander Frizzell, Humphry Beech, Harbert Homan, Rev. Wilkinson, and goddau. Dorothy Cager, dau. of Robert Cager, goddau. Ellen King, personalty. Kinsman Col. John Price, ex. and residuary legatee. Test: Alex. Frissell, Sarah Frissell, Richard Lloyd. 1. 110.

Wheatlie, John, 23rd Jan., 1657; 29th Sept., 1659. To Roman Catholic Church, personalty. To child. (unnamed) residue of estate; daus. to be of age at 16 yrs. In event of death of any child under age, deceased's portion to be equally divided among survivors. Exs.: Richard Willan, Barnaby Jackson, Thos. Mathews. Test: John Price, Wm. Edwin. 1. 112.

Hotchkeys, Richard, (nunc.) Cross Manor, St. Mary's Co., 15th Oct., 1659; 22nd Oct., 1659. Anne-Tilney, execx. Test: Thos. Matthews, John Abingdon. 1. 113.

Fenwick, Jane, widow of Cuthbert Fenwick, Patuxent, Calvert Co., 24th Nov., 1660; 12th Dec., 1660. To sons Robert, Richard and John Fenwick, lands equally, including home plantation, “Little Fenwick,” and “Mousieur's Plantation;” division to be made when eld. son Robert attains age of 18 yrs. No stock to be sold until Cuthbert Fenwick be 21 yrs. of age. To Teresa Fenwick, personalty at 16 yrs. of age. To son-in-law (stepson) Cuthbert Fenwick, personalty with which to stock his seat of land. To son-in-law (stepson) Ignatius Fenwick, personalty. To servants, white, Indian, and negro, personalty. Guardians: Cuthbert Fenwick afsd., together with Ignatius at 21 yrs. of age. In event of death of 3 child., viz., Robert, Richard and John, under age, lands to pass to Cuthbert Ignatius and Teresa Fenwick, and ½ personal estate to Roman Catholic Church, and residue of personalty to be divided among child. of sisters Conoway [Conway] and Marra. Overseers: Cuthbert Fenwick, Wm. Mill, John Bogue. Test: John Wright, John Turner, Edmund Scott. 1. 114.

Editors: Jane Fenwick was the daughter of Richard Eltonhead and widow of Cuthbert Fenwick whose will (and additional notes) are in the Calendar, Vol. I, Page 219.

Hix, Richard, Patuxent R., Calvert Co., 1st Apr., 1660; 8th Jan., 1660. To John Sinklear and wife Jane, personalty. Dau. Mary Hix, execx. and residuary legatee. Overseers: Capt. Leonard Chamberlaine of Kent Co., and Attorney Giles Sadleir. Test: Francis Carpenter, Wm. Sampell. 1. 119.

Dykes, Thomas, Kent Co., 2nd Dec., 1660; 19th Jan., 1660. To John Morgan, Sr., personalty. Francis and Thomas Brooke, residuary legatees. Exs.: Morgan Williams, Wm. Hemsley. Test: Thos. Snow, Mecom Mekeny. 1. 120.

Houlton, Robert, Kent Co., 28th Nov., 1660; 18th Jan., 1660. To Sarah Williams and Matthew Erickson, son of John Erickson, personalty. Morgan Williams, ex. and residuary legatee. Test: Thos. Dikes, Wm. Hemsley. 1. 121.

Russell, John, Kent Island, 7th Jan., 1660; 18th Jan., 1660. To John Lawlence, Disborough Bennett, Thomas Matthews, Cous. Edmund Carpenter, John Morgan, Sr., and goddau-Mary Winchester, personalty. Wife Juliana, execx, and residuary legatee of estate, real and personal, including 1,000 A. home plantation, “Great Thickets,” on Kent Island, and 250 A. “Rusendall” on Eastern Shore. Test: Wm. Hemsley, Morgan Williams. 1. 122.

Thomson, William, (nunc.), 21st Jan., 1660; 26th Feb., 1660. Wife Mary, execx., and child., (unnamed) sole legatees. Overseer: Father-in-law Wm. Bretton. Test: Walter Pakes, Frances Pakes, wife of sd. Walter 1. 123.

Lynton, Ursuly, (nunc.) Charles Co., -- -- -- 17th Apr., 1661. To Jane Thomkinson, John Delahey, wife and young. son (both unnamed) of sd. John Delahey, personalty. Francis Polk, ex. and residuary legatee of estate, real and personal. Test: John Williams. 1. 124.

Bathe, Peter, 12th Apr., 1661; 27th June, 1661. To brother Christopher Bathe, entire estate, consisting of property belonging to testator's father in Ireland, and personalty in Md., in trust for testator's son Richard. Overseers: Patrick Giggins, Marke Pheype, Wm. Brooke. Test: John O'Mas, Anna Land. 1. 124.

Martine, William, -- -- --; 4th July, 1660. To wife (unnamed) 1/3 of land during life, and personalty. To possible unborn child, entire estate at death of wife afsd. To daughters-in-law Mathew, Dorothy (young.), and Margaret (eld.) Needham, sd. estate in event of there being no child born to testator. Overseers: John Vanhark, Caesar Prince. Test: John Vanhack, John Mattkenny, Fobbe Roberts. 1. 126.

Reynolds, Richard, 1st Aug., 1660; 10th Feb., 1660. To brother John Reynolds, and cous. Mary Hazard, personalty. Cous. William Hazard, residuary legatee. Overseers: John Ashcomb, Wm. Stevens. Test: John Obder, Wm. Stevens. 1. 127.

Taylor, Robert, -- -- --; 25th Feb., 1660. To Mary Bulmore and sister Alice Reade, personalty. To sons Robert and Henry jointly, home plantation; should either die during minority, survivor to possess entire plantation. To eld. son Samuel, 800 A. by patent. To dau. Mary Taylor, personalty. Afsd. 4 child., Residuary legatees. Exs.: Brother Geo. Reade, and son Samuel Taylor. Test: Robert Kingston, Richard Garrett. 1. 128.

Editors: According to Patents Q:106, one Alice Griffin had been transported to Maryland before 1658 by Samll. [Samuel] Griffin, her husband, and was married to George Read by 1658. According to Patents ABH:313, one Robert Taylor had immigrated before 1652 with his wife, Samll. & Robert, his sons, Margarett Broom [the above Bulmer?], his kinswoman, et al (Gibb)

Johnson, William, St. Wynefrid's, St. Mary's Co., 7th June, 1656; -- -- --. To wife Emma and dau. Eliza: Johnson, entire estate if they, or either of them, arrive in England; if not, following division of property to be made: To neph. William Langworth, son of brother James Langworth, 500 A. “St. Wynefride.” To Roman Catholic Church, Emma Shanks, dau, of John Shanks of St. Clement's Bay, niece Mrs. Mary Langworth, sisters Agatha Langworth, Eliza: Price, Eliza: Morris, and mother, Mrs. Eliza: Morris, personalty. Ex., brother James Langworth. Test: Luke Gardner, Robt. Cole, Wm. Thompson. 1. 129.

Editors: William Johnson immigrated in 1651 and was deceased by 1658 according to Land Records, Liber Q, Folio 19, which includes the information that Aemilia Johnson was the sister-in-law of James Langworth and by 1658, the relict of William Johnson (Gibb Amelia (Emma) did come to Maryland where she married 2nd Thomas Turner and 3rd William Roswell. See both James Langworth's and Thomas Turner's wills below. See also Combs &c. of St. Mary's, 1656-1699

Herman, Augustine, Baltimore Co., -- -- -- 24th May, 1661; To 2 child., viz., Ephriam Georgins Herman and Casparus Herman, entire estate, real and personal, including “Bohemia Manor,” Baltimore Co., at majority, i. e., between 18 and 21 yrs. Testator desires governor and council to appoint overseers of his estate. Test: John Collett, Francis Riggs. 1. 131.

Millner, Thomas, Avon River, Charles Co., 23rd Feb., 1659;
12th Feb., 1661. To Joseph Harrison and hrs., all estate in Md. To John Thomkinson and hrs., 200 A. “Redd Clift” in Westmoreland Co., Virginia. Ex. not named. Test: Thos. Robinson, Samuel Palmer. 1. 132.

Langworth, James, St. John's, Charles Co. 18th Aug., 1660; -- -- -- To wife Agatha, execx., 1/3 estate during life and all lands should she survive all child. To son William, 800 A. “St. John's.” To son John, 300 A. on St. Clement's Bay and rights, 670 A. yet to be taken up. To dau. Mary and hrs., “St. John's,” and residue of land to dau. Eliza:, in event of no sons surviving testator. In event of son or dau. being born after drawing of will, same to enjoy rights with sd. child. Should neither wife nor child. survive testator, following division of estate is made: To godson John Gardner, son of Luke Gardner, “St. John's.” To goddau. and niece Eliza: Johnson, 300 A. on St. Clement's Bay. To goddau. and niece Mary Turner, dau. of brother Thomas Turner, land due me by warrant. To goddau. and niece Jane Constable, dau. of Marmaduke Constable, personalty at 18 yrs. of age. To brothers and sisters Luke Gardner and Elza: his wife, Thomas Turner and Emma his wife, of St. Clement's Bay, to kinsman Robert Greene and to Roman Catholic Church, personalty. Test: Zachary Wade, Henry Adams, Thos. Brooke, Thos. Simpson. 1. 133.

Editors: One James Langworth was transported to Maryland between 1635 and 1641 according to Folio AB&H, Liber 95 (Gibb), and according to Liber Q, Folio 19, one James Langworth immigrated in 1647, and in 1651 transported his wife (unnamed) and one servant Rowland Rawlins. (ibid.) This latter record also states that this James Langworth was "brother-in-law" of Aemilia Johnson, and in his will dated 7 Jun 1656 (above), William Johnson refers to James Langworth as his brother. Emma did come to Maryland, where she married second Thomas Turner (see his will below) and third William Rosewell (see also his will, ref. Turner will notes). See also the 1693/4 will of William Langworth, son of James, (Calendar, Volume II, page 70; Liber 2, Folio 282) See also Combs &c. of St. Mary's, 1656-1699

Price, John, Col., St. Mary's Co., 10th Feb., 1660; 11th Mch., 1660-1. To son-in-law Joseph Bullett, land on Herring Ck. To Herbert Howman and William Styles, personalty. Dau. Anne Price, execx. and residuary legatee of estate, real and personal, at 18 yrs. of age; if she die under age, ½ estate to pass to sd. son-in-law Joseph Bullett; residue to establish a free school, and in event of sd. Joseph and Ann dying under age, all real estate to be used for establishing a free school. Overseers: Wm. Hatton, Daniel Clocker, Geo. Mankall, Thos. Dent. Test: Wm. Wilkinson, Thos. Dent, Wm. Hatton. 1. 141.

Editors: Ann Price, daughter of Col. John Price of St. Mary's County, married by 1674, Richard Hatton, son of Richard and Margaret Hatton (Warrants 19:375; Maryland Chancery Papers 2:59, 66, 68, 70, Robert Barnes' Maryland Marriage References).

Peteate, Thomas, 19th, Jan., 1650; 9th July, 1661. Wife Anne, execx. and sole legatee. Test: Ralph Beane, Thos. Jackson. 1. 143.

Bromale, Brumale, William, Kent Co., 4th Dec., 1660; -- -- -- To Joseph Dowkins, personalty. 3 child., viz., Luke, Richard and Charles, residuary legatees of estate, real and personal, equally. Overseers: Wm. Parratt, Wm. Turner. Test: Humphrey Warren, Jas. Urick, John Willen, Timothy Goodridge. 1. 144.

Dicke, James, -- -- --; 5th Feb., 1660. To John Cobreath, 100 A. (unnamed). To William Mackdoeall James Allett, Henry Alexander and James Allen, personalty. Ex. not named. Test: Nicholas Homes, Michael Gillings. 1. 145.

Potter, Henry, (aged 40 yrs.) St. Mary's Co. , 22nd Dec., 1659; 23rd June, 1662. Dau. Audry, sole legatee. Ex. not named. Test: Marcks Pheypo. 1. 145.

Salter, John, Kent Island, 20th Mch., 1660; 1st May, 1661. To daughter-in-law Rebecca Lumbard, personalty. To wife Jane, execx., and child (unnamed) residue of estate, real and personal. Test: Moses Stagwell, Toby Wells. 1. 146.

Medley, John, -- -- --; -- -- --. To eld, son John, “Medley House of Medley,”; and 600 A. To sons George and Thomas, portion of sd. plantation. To son William, 550 A. “Bretton's Bay,”; and mill at hd, of Brittain's Bay. In event of death of any son, survivor or survivors to inherit deceased's portion. Trustees Col. Wm. Evans and Richard Willans are requested to recover certain moneys, portion of testator's “last wife,”; in Thomas Garrett's hands in Lancastershire, England, and which money is bequeathed to son Thomas, afsd. in lieu of other estate. Test: Robt. Shell, Edward Elliott. 1. 147.

Coursey, John, -- -- --; -- -- --. To father Henry Coursey, “Courseyston.” To brother William, testator's part of “Cheston.” To brother James, 400 A. nr. mouth of Chester R., if he come or send for same. To sisters Katharine Coursey and Jane Southcote, niece Mary Coursey and to Nicholas Bradway, Mrs. Juliana Russell, Sarah Williams, dau. of Morgan Williams, Roger Baxter, Thomas Matthews and Anne Rogers, personalty. Ex. not named. Test: Wm. Coursey, Thos. Matthew, Disborough Bennett. 1. 148.

Keiting, Nicholas, 20th Apr., 1657; 10th Oct., 1661. To wife (unnamed) execx.; 1/3 estate, real and personal. To son Thomas, residue of real estate in Md. and Ireland. To dau. Ellinor, personalty. Test: John Metcalfe, Marks Pheype. 1. 150.

Parker, Samuel, (nunc.)
-- Nov., 1660; 10th Oct., 1661. To William Hurds and John Douglas, personalty. Wife, (unnamed) residuary legatee. Test: Robt. Slye, Edward Naufaun. 1. 151.

Frissell, Forker, St. Mary's Co., 13th Dec., 1661; 23rd Apr., 1662. To William Harper, plantation for 7 yrs., at the end of which time to pass to Denish Frissell and hrs. To wife (unnamed) of sd. William Harper, Mary Halles, dau. of James Halles; Rebeck. Frissell, dau. of Alexander Frissell; Joan Mackahill, dau. of George Mackahill, John Mackey and Mr. Wilkinson, personalty. George Mackahill and Francis Hill, exs. and residuary legatees. Test: Wm. Baker, Mary Bruckfield, Wm. Harper, Eliza. Harper, Wm. Stanfort. 1. 152.

Wright, William, St. Mary's Co., 3rd June, 1660; 23rd Apr., 1662. To wife Mary, execx., and 3 child., (unnamed) and possible unborn child, personal estate equally. To son William, seat of land. To eld. dau. (unnamed), sd. land in event of death of son William afsd. and no other son being born. Overseers: Randall Hinson, John Lawson, of Poplar Hill. Test: Richard Banks, Richard Bennett, John Cammell. 1. 153.

Bradnox, Thomas, Capt., Kent Island, 20th Oct., 1661;
25th Dec., 1661. Wife Mary, execx. and sole legatee of estate, real and personal. Test: Toby Wells, Edward Sparks. 1. 154.

Carnell, Christopher, St. Mary's Co., 25th Nov., 1661; 17th June, 1662. To John Pyper, ex., estate, real and personal, in trust for testator's dau. Eliza: Carnell. Overseer: John Goldsmith. Test: Sam'l Harris, John Norman, Sam'l Debson. 1. 155.

Wardner, Warner, Andrew, St. Mary's Co. , 5th Oct., 1660; 27th Mch., 1662. To wife Mary, execx., land at hd. of St. Clear's Branch until son George attain age of 21 yrs. If wife should die, dau. Isabel to be committed to care of William Lucas, and son George to John Vanheck. Overseers: Wm. Lucas, Wm. Cole, John Vanheck. Test: Wm. Kelly, Geo. Mee. 1. 156.

Bushell, Thomas, (nunc.) St. Mary's Co. , -- Mch., 1653; 12th Feb., 1661. To wife and child. (unnamed), all property. Brother William Bushell excluded from participating in estate by reason of testator having already freed him. Ex. not named. Test: Zach. Wade, John Wahob. 1. 157.

Beavin, Hugh, St. Mary's Co., 16th Oct., 1661; 23rd Nov., 1661. John Vanheck and William Lucas, joint exs. and sole legatees. Test: Josias Smith, Philip Mackeaneday. 1. 157.

Mee, George, St. Mary's Co., -- -- --; 6th Aug., 1662. To Josias Smith, house and ground. To John Vanheck, land on side of Deep Ck. To wife (unnamed), residue of estate, real and personal, during widowhood; if she marry, entire estate, excepting dower rights, to go to John Vanheck. Caesar Prince to live with testator's wife until he is 18 yrs. of age. Exs.: Wife (unnamed) and John Vanheck. Test: Geo. Willson, Thos. Ward. 1. 158.

Lambert, Samuel, 14th Oct., 1661; 21st Dec., 1661. To John Williams, personalty. Brother John Lambert, ex. and residuary legatee. Test: Thos. Wentworth, Robt. Stine. 1. 159.

Guy, John, 26th Feb., 1658; 28th Jan., 1661. Wife Anne, sole legatee. Ex. not named. Test: Gyles Tomkins. 1. 159.

Russell, Christopher, St, Mary's Co., 30th Mch., 1662; 30th July, 1662. To 2nd son Walter, dau. Eliza Russell, and Katharine Budd and hrs. personalty. Eld. son William, and hrs., exs. and residuary legatees of estate, real and personal. Capt. Josias Fendall and Robert Hyndley, overseers during minority of child. Test: Thos. Lomax, Geo. Shourtie, Geo. Taylor. 1. 159.

Coughing, Thomas, (nunc.)
15th Aug., 1662; 27th Oct., 1662. Character of estate not shown. Exs.: Matthew Stone, Thos. Sprigg, Thos. Trueman. Test: Wm. Calvert. 1. 161.

Battin, William, St. Mary's Co., 29th May, 1662; -- -- -- To wife Margery, execx., ½ estate. To Charity Adams, Wm. Love, dau. Ledia Newman, son George Newman, child. of sd. dau., viz., George, William and Margaret Newman, sister Jone Smute, and William Smute, son of sd. sister, residue of estate, personal. Overseers: Capt. Josias Fendall, Robert Henley, brother-in-law Thos. Smute. Test: Sam'l Clarke, Mary Oonell, Thos. More, Edmund Pinsonn. 1. 162.
Editors: Lydia (Ashcomb) Newman was not the daughter, but the step-daughter of William Battin, who on 1 Jan 1652 "demanded from His Lordship 650 acres of land for the transportation of himself, his wife Margarey, his wife's daughter Lydia Ashcomb, his servants George Newman, Richard ----, and Susannah ----, and a servant Robert Joyce whom he had purchased from Robert Brooke and for whom he was to have 50 acres of land." After his death, his widow Margery married John Bowles, but died shortly thereafter. Jane Battin, sister of William, married Thomas Smoot, son of William "the Boatright." (Ref: The Smoots of Maryland and Virginia by Harry Wright Newman, pages 50-53)

Walton, Thomas, 5th Oct., 1662; 21st Nov., 1662. Wife, Ellinor, sole legatee of estate, real and personal. Admr. John Anderson. Test: Richard Collett, John Wiseman. 1. 163.

Cornelos, John, 12th Nov., 1662; 30th Nov., 1662. To John Winale, entire estate during life. To Anne Dorrington and her child. (unnamed) sd. estate at death of John Winale afsd. John Dorrington, admr. and guardian of John Winale. Test: Richard Bond, John Allenson. 1. 163.

Palmer, William, 6th Nov., 1662; 3rd Dec., 1662. To mother (unnamed) or brother (unnamed) if living, personalty. To James Attwick, 25 A. at mouth of Ck. To Herbert Homan, Henry Banyster, and Daniel Smith, personalty. Alexander Fryssall, and hrs., exs. and residuary legatees of estate, real and personal. Test: Wm. Heous Atkeson, Roger Atkeson, Richard Downes. 1. 164.

Smith, Richard, Charles Co., 25th Nov., 1662; 2nd Jan., 1662. To wife Mathew, land on s. side of run during life. To unborn child, land on n. side Potete's Ck. To William, son of Edward Williams, 50 A. on n. side of run for a term of years; to revert to wife and child of testator. If wife and child die without hrs., estate to pass to the Protestants of the county. Overseers: Francis Pope, Arthur Turner, John Hatch. Test: Robt. Robines, Jas. Johnson. 1. 165.

Turner, Thomas, St. Winifred's, St. Mary's Co. 2nd Oct., 1662; 21st Jan., 1662. To Roman Catholic Church, personalty. To wife Emma, residue of estate, real and personal during life for maintenance of herself and “our” 3 child., viz., Thomas and Mary Turner, and Eliza Johnson. To son Thomas, estate in Essex, England, due testator by his father's will. To dau. Mary Turner, estate in Essex, England, should son Thomas afsd. die under age. Child, to be of age at 16 yrs. Overseers: Luke Gardner and kinsman Wm. Bretton. Test: Wm. Rosewell, Chas. Alexander. 1. 169.

Editors: Despite the testator's having termed Eliza Johnson "our" child, she was his step-daughter. His wife Emma was the widow of William Johnson by whom she had daughter Elizabeth. After the death of Thomas Turner, Emma married third William Roswell of St. Mary's. See wills of William Johnson and James Langworth above (Liber 1, folios 129 and 133), and will of William Roswell in Vol. II, p. 94.

Beach, Anna, widow of Elias Beech, 22nd Jan., 1663; -- -- --. To eld. dau. Mary Beach, (aged 10 yrs., 7 wks.) young. dau. Rebecca Beach, (aged 3 yrs., 6 mos.) young. son Thomas Beach, (aged 1 yrs., 7 wks., ) personalty. Ex. not named. Test: Thos Innes. John Boulton. 1. 169.

Gott, Richard,* Herring Creek, Anne Arundel Co. , 28th Nov., 1660; 20th Feb., 1662-3. To dau. Susan Gott, personalty. To son Richard, plantation at Herring Ck. at 17 yrs. of age. Wife Susan, execx. and residuary legatee of estate and use of plantation at her volition. Test: Edward Parrish, Jeffry Flambert. 1. 171.

* Henry Hooper, demanded letters of administration, upon this estate on 20th Feb., 1862-3 [1662-1663?], having married the widow.

Bowles, William, Pickiawaxen, Charles Co. , 15th Apr., 1662; 27th Feb., 1662. To wife Sarah, execx., and hrs., ½ estate, real and personal. To Robert Robbins, personalty. Uncle John Bowles and kinsman James Tyre, residuary legatees. Test: Jas. Smith, Wm. Ayliffe, Wm. Lewis. 1. 171.

Shirtcliffe, John, St. Mary's Co., 2d Dec., 1661; 26th Mch, 1663. To wife Anne, execx., plantation on Bretton's Bay. To eld. son John, land on n. w. side Bretton's Bay. To young. son William, land on St. Clement's Bay. To eld. dau. Mary, land. To dau. Anne, land. To cous. Thomas Spalding, land. In event of death of all child. without issue, estate to pass to Roman Catholic Church. Overseers: Brother-in-law Henry Spinke and friend Peter Mills. Test: Edward Clarke, Edmond Smith, Leonard Green. 1. 172.

Editors: John Shirtcliffe immigrated to Maryland in 1646, service by 1649 (Patents 2:474, Gibb). His wife (unnamed) also had service by 1649 (Patents 2:550 and AB&H32, ibid.) His daughter, Ann was the wife of Edward Clarke by 1668, at which time she claimed one headright "by the will of her father John Shircliffe / Shirtcliffe (Patents HH:157, ibid.). Mary, daughter of John Sherclif [sic] who died before 1667 was married by that year to Peter Mills of Brittans Bay, St. Mary's County according to Patents FF:522, which also includes the information that Elizabeth Morgan and Josophat Dorrill were both transported before 1667 by John Sherclif. (ibid.) See Peter Mills' will in Calendar Vol. I, pp. 138-151. See also Combs &c. of St. Mary's County, 1656-1699

Grimes, Richard, 9th Apr., 1662; -- -- -- Robert Kedger, sole legatee. Test: Henry Ellery. 1. 175.

Harwood, Alice, widow of John Harwood, -- -- --; 30th Apr., 1663. To John Wallcop's son (unnamed) and dau. Eliza:, Dorcas Lawson, Frances Phillips, dau. of Thomas Phillips, Richard, son of Thomas Ringe, Wadden Frissell, personalty. Stanop Roberts, residuary legatee. Test: John Lawson, Duncomb Phirzell, John Wilkinson. 1. 176.

Haggett, Humphrey, 30th Mch., 1663; 30th July, 1663. Wife Anne, execx. and sole legatee. Test: Francis Bacheler, Thos. Lomax, Thos. Wentworth, Thos. Steed. 1. 177.

Goddard, Anthony, of Suringden of Wilts, England, and Va., 28th July, 1663; 10th Aug., 1663. To Wm. Burgess, entire estate in trust for Hester Burgess of Bristol, England Test: John Gray, Nath. Heathcote. 1. 179.

Talbott, Richard, West River, Anne Arundel Co. , 2d Apr., 1663; -- -- -- To wife (unnamed) execx., plantation during life. To son Richard, “Poplar Knaule.” To other 2 sons, Edward and John, “Talbott's Ridge” jointly. To son (unnamed) and dau. Eliza:, personalty. Test: Richard Galloway, Jacobs Duhattes, Thos. Tailor. 1. 180.

Ailes, Ayles, William,
31st Oct., 1663; -- -- -- Wife Mary, execx. and sole legatee; child. to be cared for by her. Test: Wm. Wood, Mordecaie Hammond. 1. 181.

Stockely, Woodman,
22d Feb., 1659; 30th Oct., 1663. To wife America and 4 child., viz., James, Eliza:, Anne and Oliver, estate in equal parts; child. to be of age at 18 yrs. Overseers: Michaell Brook, Jas. Berry, Wm. Berry, Wm. Allomby. Test: John Whiston, John Winall. 1. 181.

Cole, Robert, St. Clement's Bay, St. Mary's Co., 2nd Apr., 1662; 8th Sept., 1663. To 3 sons, viz., Robert, William and Edward, land. To son-in-law Francis Knott, land. To daus. Mary and Eliza:, sister Anne Harinton, mother, Mrs. Jane Cole of Middlesex Co., England, and the Roman Catholic Church, personalty; child. to be of age at 18 yrs. Exs.: Col. Wm. Evans of St. Clement's Bay, Capt. Luke Gardner, St. Clement's Bay, and cous. Henry Hankes of London. Test: Thos. Brook, Jas. Thomson Clarke, Edward Clarke. 1. 182.

Editors: Robert Cole, a freeholder of St. Clements Manor, immigrated to Maryland in 1652 or 1653 with his unnamed wife and four children (AB&H:338, Skordas and Gibb). In 1654, Land Patent Q:78 indicates that he was the son of "Mrs. Joan Cole" (Gibb). His wife was Rebecca according to Patent Q:205, which indicates she was transported to Maryland by 1658 by her husband, Robert (Gibb) Robert Cole's estate instructions included the birthdates of his children, i.e., Robert Cole, Jr., born 15 Oct 1652; Mary Cole, born 26 Jan 1653; William Cole, born 23 Jun 1655; and Edward Cole, born 9 Nov 1657; Eliza Cole, born 2 Mar 1659. See also Combs &c. of St. Mary's, 1656-1699

Brasseur, Mary, widow of “The Clifts,”;
-- -- --; 25th May, 1663. To sons Robert, Benjamin and John, land; to be of age at 21 yrs. To daus. Mary, Anne, Susanna, Martha and Eliza:, personalty; to be of age at 16 yrs. Test: Theophilus Lewis, Jas. Pugslep. 1. 187.

Duncan, David,
8th Dec., 1663; 28th Jan., 1663. To child. (unnamed) personalty. William Tenahill, ex. and residuary legatee. Test: John Lawson. 1. 189.

Wilkinson, William, 29th May, 1663; 21st Sept., 1663. To Eliza: Budden, dau. of Margaret Budden, “my” last wife, personalty. To 2 grandchild., viz., William Dent, eld. son of Thomas and Rebecca Dent, and William Hatton, eld. son of William and Eliza: Haton, personalty. To son-in-law Thomas Dent and Rebecca his wife, 1/2 residue of estate, real and personal. To his son-in-law William Hatton and Eliza: his wife, other 1/2 residue of estate, real and personal. Exs.: Sd. sons-in-law Thomas Dent and William Hatton. Test: Randall Hanson, Daniell Smith. 1. 190.

Bateman, John, 23rd Nov., 1663; 3rd Dec., 1663. To wife Mary, execx., testator's portion “Resurreccon Manor;” “Thorpe Freehold,”; and certain personalty after an indebtedness to her mother, Margaret Perry, is paid. Dau. Mary Bateman, residuary legatee of estate, real and personal. Overseer: Philip Calvert. Test: Thos. Trueman, John Gittings. 1. 192.

Willan, Richard, 25th Oct., 1662; 5th Sept., 1663. To wife Mary, execx., dower rights. To Philip Willan, land. To daus. Eliza: and Grace, goddau. Mary Mills, personalty. Overseers: Capt. Luke Gardner, John Shercliff. Test: Patrick Forrest, Thos. Hatton. 1. 193.

Cannaday, Susan, 11th July, 1663; 26th Feb., 1663; To son James, land, when of age. To child., viz., William, John, and Susan, personalty. Exs.: Mr. Norton, Mr. Leagwert. Test: John Tany, Wm. Graves. 1. 195.

Story, Ralph, Capt.
25th Dec., 1663; 6th Jan., 1663. To brother's child. (unnamed) Dr. John Price, John Boyce, Thomas Gold, and Thomas Atkins, personalty. Wife Avie, execx. and residuary legatee. Test: Wm. Street, Nicholas Temple. 1. 195.

Sison, John, Anne Arundel Co., -- -- --; 16th Mar., 1663. To wife Frances, execx., plantation. To eld. dau. Jean Sison, personalty. To Eliza: Sison, land, including island bought of Edward Lloyd. To brothers Benjamin Sison and Cornelius Howard, personalty. Overseers: Cornelius Howard afsd., and Richard Higgins. Test: Wm. Wilson, Wm. Grymes. 1. 197.

Edwin, William, -- -- --; 13th Oct., 1663. To wife (unnamed) execx., plantation during life. To eld. son Michaell, sd. plantation after death of wife afsd. To grandchild Mary Hall, and William Guigoe, personalty. Test: Wm. Price, Wm. Grengo. 1. 197.

Hopkins, Robert, 22nd Mch., 1661; 5th Nov., 1661. To brother Thomas Hopkins, ex., plantation. To father, 2 brothers and sisters, not named, personalty. Test: John Hambleton, Robt. Sorell. 1. 198.

Wright, John, Newtowne, St. Mary's Co., 2nd Nov., 1663; -- Dec., 1663. Landlord John Assiter, ex. and sole legatee. Test: John Davis, Gaberell Woodmarsone. 1. 198.

Billingsley, Susannah, widow of James Billingsley, Anne Arundel Co., 7th Dec., 1663; 9th Feb., 1663-4. To brothers Richard and John Ewen, sisters Anne Ewen, Sophia, Eliza: Talbott, and Susanna Burgess, brother-in-law Thomas Billingsley, Edward Parrish and Walter Carr, personalty. Residue of estate divided among brothers and sisters (unnamed). Test: John Cumber, Jr., John Gray. 1. 199.

Billingsley, James, Calvert Co., 9th Nov., 1663; 6th Jan., 1663-4. To brothers Walter Carr and Thomas Billingsley, and to 3 cousins (unnamed), living in Rapehanock [Rappahannock], personalty. Wife Susanna, execx. and residuary legatee of estate, real and personal. Test: Wm. Carr, Arch. Briscoe. 1. 200.

Editors: Susannah, wife of James, was the daughter of Henry Ewen and --- Turbitt, sister of Michael Turbut of Talbot County who died Testate in 1696 (Calendar, Vol. II, p. 100). Her sister, Elizabeth, married (1) Richard Talbot and (2) William Richardson; See also Combs &c. of Anne Arundel

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