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The Maryland Calendar of Wills
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The Maryland Calendar of Wills, Volume I
Wills from 1635
(Earliest Probated) to 1685

Pages 96-109

Originally Compiled by Jane Baldwin (1904)
Edited and Annotated by
USGenNet Patrons Rhoda Fone & Carole Hammett (2001)
Editors: Words enclosed in [brackets] or preceded by “Editors” are those of the editors and not part of the original edition.

Steephens, William, Gloucester, New England, 5th Dec., 1680; 21st Dec., 1680. To son James Stevens and son-in-law John Fish and Mary, his wife, estate in Dorchester, and also in Gloucester, equally. To grandchild., viz: William, James, Mary, Abenezer and David, Hann and Samuel Steephens; to Mary Elery and her 2 child.; Abigail Elery, Nathaniel and Job Coyle, and child of Isacy Evele, personalty. Ex. not named. Test: Jno. Haslewood, Wm. Robson. 2. 116.

Bagby, James, Calvert Co., 17th Dec., 1680; 28th Jan., 1680. To brother Samuel Bagby, personalty. Wife Ursula and dau. (unnamed), residuary legatees of estate, real and personal. Overseers of daughter's estate: brother Samuel Bagby and Wm. House, Jr. Test: Jno. Willimott, Danl. Taylor. 2. 117.

Bagby, Michael, Calvert Co., 17th Feb., 1680; 28th Jan., 1680. Eld. brother Amos, ex. and sole legatee of estate, real and personal. Test: Andrew Dickeson, Saml. Bagby. 2. 119.

Harrison, James, Talbot Co., 4th Sept., 1680; 3rd Dec., 1680. To the poor Quakers of Talbot Co., personalty. To wife Isabella, execx., 450 A., “Dover” during minority of son James. To son James, sd. plantation at 21 yrs. of age, also rights of land in New Jersey. To 2 sons, William and Marke, 1,000 A. on Tuckahoe Ck. In event of death of James under 21 yrs. of age, his property to pass to son William, and then son Marke. Should all sons die, daus. Anne and Isabelle to inherit sd. land. Test: Jno. Pitts, Wm. Southeby, Thos. Loginges, Edmond Cattine. 2. 120.

Haslewood, Henry, Balto. Co., 4th Jan., 1679; 4th Nov., 1680. To wife Eliza:, execx., 125 A., “Beaver Neck” during life. To son Henry and hrs., sd. tract at death of wife afsd.; also 50 A., “Western Folly.” To sons William and John and hrs., 550 A., “Atrop.” For payment to estate of John Collett, 450 A., “Mt. Arraratt.” Overseers: Brother Jno. Haslewood, Jno. Yeo, Edward Beedle, Robt. Joanes. Test: Geo. Wells, Nath. Andrew, Thos. Cord. 2. 122.

Hanson, William, Anne Arundel Co., 9th Sept., 1680; 26th Nov., 1680. To Eliza:, dau. of Rebecca, servant of Thomas Besson, Sr., and Eliza:, wife of Thomas Daniell, personalty. Henry Hanslip, ex. and residuary legatee. Test: Thos. Daniell, Wm. Rideings, Philip Dennis. 2. 124.

Stayne, John, 17th Oct., 1678; -- Sept., 1680. To wife (unnamed,) personalty. To Mary, dau. of Philip Holster, personalty. To Charles Harford of Bristol, ex., residue of estate for benefit of his child., Charles and Edward Harford and other child. not named. Test: Symon Hurle, Geo. Lambert. 2. 125.

Walker, Thomas, Somerset Co., 1st May, 1680; 10th Mch., 1681. To son Thomas, plantation on Wicomico R. To wife Jane, son Thomas, and dau. Susanna, personal estate, equally. Overseers: Wm. Stevens, Jno. White, Francis Jenckins, Jno. Winder. Test: Wm. Jones, Robt. Collyer, Thos. Horseman, Samson Water, Mary Landys. 2. 128.

Fry, David, 13th Sept., 1680; 19th Feb., 1680. To son John, 800 A. on w. side Patuxent R. To Matthew Silly and Thomas Pratt, 400 A. on Gunpowder R. Exs.: Richd. Jones, Matthew Silly, afsd. Test: Thos. Crushly, Jno. Allford, Jno. Custis. 2. 129.

Kent, William, Talbot Co., 9th Dec., 1680, 22nd Jan., 1680. To eld. Dau. Mary (married), dwelling-plantation. To dau. Martha, 100 A. To grandson. William Jarvis, 50 A., adjoining Robert Jarvis'. To granddau. Mary Jarvis, personalty. Overseers: Capt. John Cobreath, Jno. Hunt, Richd. Starlings. Test: Jno. Sunderland, Peter Brown. 2. 130.

Salsbury, William, 30th Mch., 1680; 12th Apr., 1681. To wife (unnamed,) home plantation during life. To cous. George Salsbury and hrs., sd. plantation at death of wife afsd. To cous. John Salsbury, sd. plantation and all other lands belonging to testator in event of death of George afsd. without issue. To cous. Thomas Whitle, home plantation in event of death of cousins Salsbury afsd. without issue. Exs.: Jno. Willis, Edward Berke. Test: Benj. Gundry, Smithine Wells. 2. 131.

Broadrib, John, Talbot Co., 13th Sept., 1680; 5th Nov., 1680. To John Hix, personalty. To wife Sibella, execx., and hrs., residue of estate, real and personal. Test: Cornelius Comegys, Hugh Johnson, Jno. Addison, 2. 133.

Joanes, Thomas, Talbot Co., 10th Sept., 1680; 24th Mch., 1681. To sons John and George, if either come into the province, home plantation and land on Wickamiss Branch. To dau. Mary at 14 yrs. of age, 300 A., “Pleasant Spring;” also home plantation if neither of the afsd. sons come into the province. To son-in-law William Eaton, 200 A., “James' Delight.” To Richard Scrivener, John Gibson, and godson Thomas Beuffe, personalty. Ex. Jno. Johnson. Overseers: Col. Philemon Lloyd, Hugh Sherwood, Dr. Jas. Eustis, Jno. Offley, Sr. Test: Thos. Massey, Jno. Offley. 2. 133.

Witton, John, 21st Oct., 1680; 10th Dec., 1681. To eld. son William and young. son John, personalty. Wife Joane, execx. and residuary legatee. Overseers: Capt. Ninian Beall, Richard Gardner. Test: Jonathan Goozen, Wm. Pournall. 2. 136. \

Dickenson, Walter, Talbot Co., 3rd Feb., 1680; 4th Apr., 1681. To cous. Mary Dickenson, dau. of John Dickenson, personalty. To son William, ex., and hrs., home plantation. To sons Charles and Walter, and hrs., land on Dellaway Bay, equally. To sd. 3 sons and hrs., 1, 500 A. in Dorchester Co., equally. To dau. Rachel, afsd. estate in event of death of sd. sons without hrs. To child. Walter and Rachel, personalty bequeathed them by their aunt, Eliza: Meanes. Sons to be of age at 18 yrs.; dau. at 16 yrs. Test: Thos. Camm, Chas. Hughes, Jno. Smith. 2. 136.

Boreman, John, Calvert Co., 13th July, 1680; 5th Apr., 1681. To Christian Harris, personalty. William Harris, ex. and residuary legatee. Test: Jno. Curwen, Thos. Michin. 2. 139.

Rigbie, James, Anne Arundel Co., 8th Nov., 1680; 30th Apr., 1681. To wife Katharine, execx., 130 A., home plantation. To son James at 21 yrs. of age, 800 A. on Kent. To son John at 21 yrs. of age, 300 A. on Patapsco R. To dau. Mary, home plantation at death of her mother Katharine; also 20 A. (unnamed). To dau. Eliza: and poor Quakers, personalty. Overseers: Richd. Hill, Jno. Homewood, Henry Constable. Test: Jno. Keely, Wm. Wood. 2. 140.

Peaker, Robert, Anne Arundel Co., 26th Apr., 1681; -- -- --To son Aquila, 345 A., home plantation. Wife Mary, execx. Test: Katharine Goodbury, Wm. White. 2. 143.

Beard, Richard, Anne Arundel Co., 24th July, 1675; 10th Aug., 1681. To wife Rachel, execx., home plantation during life. To sons Richard and John and hrs., sd. plantation at death of wife afsd., and all other lands except those mentioned below: To dau. Ruth and her sons, part of “Timber Neck” and sd. Richard's share in event of his death without issue. To dau. Rebecca and her sons, part of “Indian Range;” also son John's portion in event of his death without issue. To dau. Rachel Clarke and her sons, all lands above mentioned in event of death of other child., viz., Richard, John, Ruth, and Rebecca, without issue. Overseers: Brother-in-law Wm. Burgess, and sons afsd. of testator. Test: Geo. Green, Jno. Raster, Eliza: Cornton, Thos. Pinethwickie. 2. 143.

Coventon, Nehemiah, Talbot Co., 8th Jan., 1680; 9th May, 1681. To wife (unnamed), land (unnamed). To son Thomas, sd. land at death of wife afsd. Ex. not named. Test: Wm. Jameson, Philip Hopkins. 2. 146.

Parnefee, Robert, Anne Arundel Co., 9th June 1681; 25th Aug., 1681. To wife Eliza:, execx., and hrs., 100 A., “Come by Chance” during life. To dau. Hester sd. land in event of death of wife afsd. without issue; also 140 A., “Bachelor's Hope.” Andrew Norwood and Jno. Hammond, overseers in behalf of child Hester. Test: Danl. Edgg, Gilbert Attwood, Robt. Oves. 2. 147.

Hawkes, John, 2nd Oct., 1680; 24th Mch., 1681. To John Hillary of Yorke, England, personalty. Robert Ashborne, residuary legatee. Overseers: Chris. Rousby, Thos. Mastertoun. Test: Edward Mollins, Henry Platt. 2. 149.

Davis, William, Anne Arundel Co., 15th Mch., 1680; 2nd Sept., 1681. To wife Anne, 1/3 of plantation during life. To Mary Mincher and hrs., of London, residue of estate. John Homewood and Robert Davidge, exs. and residuary legatees of estate, real and personal. Test: Edmund Duncalfe, Timothy Conner, Jno. Smith. 2. 149.

Hudson, John, Northampton Co., Va., and Somerset Co., Md., 16th Oct., 1676; 12th June, 1677. To Thomas, son of Thomas Parnall, of Accomac, Va., personalty. Robert Collier, ex. and residuary legatee of estate, real and personal, including “Windsor,” in Dorchester Co. Test: Jas. Dashiell, Jno. Haynes, Jos. Sherry. 2. 151.

Coventon, Nehemiah, Sr., Somerset Co., 17th Jan., 1679; -- -- --Wife Anne, execx. and sole legatee of estate, real and personal. Test: Wm. Steevens, Benj. Walker. 2. 153.

Jones, Samuel, Sr., Somerset Co., 19th Feb., 1675; 8th Feb., 1678. To sons Samuel and John, 600 A., home plantation, equally; estate to be divided when eld. son Samuel reaches majority. To daus. Mary and Eliza:, personalty. Overseers: Henry Hall, Jno. Bishop. Test: Ellis Coleman, Henry Hall, Anne Patrick. 2. 153.

Curtis, Daniel, Somerset Co., 20th Dec., 1680; 9th Mch., 1681. To wife Mary, execx., dower rights. To son James and hrs., plantation. To Alice, dau. of Charles and Alice Hall, sd. plantation in event of death of son James afsd. without issue. Test: Alice Hall, Jno. Heath. 2. 154.

Gary, John, Calvert Co., 12th Sept., 1681; 9th Oct., 1681. To mother Judith Sharpe, sister Eliza: Sharpe and her dau. Sarah, brother Sharpe, sister Eliza: Dixon, the Harwoods, child. of sister Eliza:, Stephen Gary, Alice Churuely and Eliza: Sloope, personalty. Wife Alice, execx. and residuary legatee of estate, real and personal. Test: Leonard Gibins, Robt. Barloe. 2. 156.

Padley, Joseph, Talbot Co., 13th May, 1681; 19th Oct., 1681. To brother Benjamin and hrs., 300 A. at Tuckahoe. To other 2 brothers, William and John and hrs., 300 A. at Tuckahoe. To Sarah Sharpe and hrs., home plantation. To William Stevens, of Dividing Ck., and Eliza: Sharpe, personalty. William Sharpe, ex. and residuary legatee. Test: Allex. Willson, Jno. Faine, Katharine Canneydey. 2. 158.

Speak, Thomas, St. Mary's Co., -- -- --; 6th Aug., 1681. To wife Eliza:, all lands during widowhood. To son John, sd. lands at marriage or death of wife afsd. Ex. Brother-in-law James Bouring, who is to care for other child or testator. Test: Richd. Edelen, Thos. Sickes. 2. 160.

Heighe, Robert, Calvert Co., 26th July, 1679; 1st Dec., 1681. To wife Eliza:, execx., “Half Woster's Purchase.” To son James and hrs., sd. plantation and 100 A. “Little Land.” To son Robert and hrs., 200 A. at Plum Point. To son Samuel and hrs., 200 A. (unnamed). To dau. Eliza: and hrs., “Robert's Chance;” child. to be of age at 16 yrs. Overseer: Thos. Sterling. Test: Jno. Cobreath, Peter Browne, Jno. Troster. By codicil testator revokes bequest to dau. Eliza:, leaving it in favor of 3 sons, and in lieu, bequeaths dau. 200 A. on Hunting Ck. 2. 161.

Ridgely, Robert, St. Inigoes, St. Mary's Co., 20th Dec., 1680; 24th Dec., 1681. To wife Martha, execx., 1, 200 A., “Little Beleau;” also land in Somerset Co. To eld. son Robert, 800 A., “Friend's Choice,” in Worcester Co., and 600 A., “Belleon,” Somerset Co. To 2nd son Charles, 500 A., “General Gift” and “Timberle,” Calvert Co. 3rd son William, 1, 400 A., “Western Fields,” Somerset Co. In event of death of any son, survivors to inherit deceased's portion. To only dau. Mary, personalty. To William Stevens and his wife Eliza:, of Somerset, personalty. Child. to be brought up Protestants. Overseers: Wm. Stevens, Chris. Rousby. Test: Anthony Underwood, Danl. Clocker, Wm. Taylor. 2. 162.

Williams, Robert, Long Island, New York, 2nd Dec., 1680; 13th Dec., 1681. To wife Sarah, plantation during widowhood. To son John, 100 A. in addition to land already given him. To young son Robert, 40 A. To daus. (unnamed), personalty. Overseers: Saml. Spicar, Thos. Bonn. Test: Isaac Winchester, Raynold Hawk. 2. 166.

Albestone, William, St. Mary's Co., 12th Dec., 1680; 11th Feb., 1681. To son William, plantation. To daus. Winifridge, Isabelle, Rebecca, and Mary, sd. plantation in event of death of son William, and personalty. Ex. Jonathan Bisco. Test: Richd. Burgis, Edward Chester, Richd. Jones. 2. 167.

Coates, Thomas, Portobacco, Charles Co., 23rd June, 1681; -- -- --Cous. Gilbert Clarke, and hrs., sole legatee. To cous. Conyers Clarke, sd. estate in event of death of Gilbert afsd. without issue. Ex. John Clarke, father of Gilbert afsd. Test: Ralph Shaw, Cleborne Lemax. 2. 169.

Johnson, Bernard, Calvert Co., 10th July, 1681; 14th Nov., 1681. To wife Eliza:, execx., “Dove's Nest” during life. To son Bernard, sd. plantation at death of his mother. To daus. (unnamed), sd. plantation in event of death of son Bernard without issue. Test: Jos. Frye, Jas. Puntfield. 2. 171.

Thomas, Alexander, Talbot Co., 23rd Nov., 1681; 7th Mch., 1682. To wife Anna, or Hanna, execx., plantation at Niny Point. To sons John and Edward, sd. land at death of wife afsd. To daus. Mary and Susanna, and unborn child, 400 A., “Taylor's Neck” and 150 A., “Highfield's Addition” at Tuckahoe. Child. to be of age at 16 yrs. Test: Jno. Price, Robt. Fowler. 2. 172.

Wyne, Francis, Charles Co., 14th Nov., 1681; 6th Mch., 1682. To son Henry of London, and hrs., 1/2 of properties, viz., “Ireland,” “Angell,” and “Pinwell Closes,' in Northamptonshire, England. To dau. Eliza: and hrs., residue of above-mentioned properties. To son John, sd. properties in event of death of sd. Henry or Eliza: without issue; also 300 A., “Simpson's Delight;” 200 A. “Wassell;” 100 A. “London;” 100 A. “Blockstitch,” 100 A. “Glowers' Point;” 200 A. “Pithly;” 90 A. “Burton;” 37 A., “Scidmore's Adventures,” and 37 A., “Susquehanna,” all in Charles Co. Wife Eliza:, execx. and residuary legatee of estate, real and personal. Test: Geo. Groves, Robt. Price, Cleborne Lomax. 2. 173.

Cooke, Thomas, Balto. Co., 19th Dec., 1681; 13th Feb., 1681. To dau. Anne Cooke, plantation and 50 A. (unnamed). To Mary Cornelius, 50 A. (unnamed). To Michael Jude, Jr., personalty. Test: Thos. Harris, Jane Jude. 2. 176.

Choice, William, Balto. Co., 28th Oct., 1680; 1st Mch., 1681. Wife Jane, execx. and sole legatee of estate, real and personal, including 82 A. on Bush R. Test: Jas. Collyer, Jno. Duren, Geo. Hooper. 2. 177.

Neck, John, Kent Co., 29th Sept., 1681; 10th Jan., 1681. Mary Peck, execx, and sole legatee of estate, real and personal. Overseers: Maj. Jas. Ringold, Wm. Bateman. Test: Jno. Percefield, Eliza: Pereefield. 2. 183.

Lambertson, Henry, Talbot Co., 24th Nov., 1680; -- -- --Wife Katharine, execx. and sole legatee of estate, real and personal; she to care for child. Overseer: Lewis Blangee. Test: Jno. Eustice, Jno. Offley. 2. 184.

Lane, Samuel, Anne Arundel Co., 18th Jan., 1681; -- -- --. To son Samuel at 18 yrs. of age and hrs., part of “Browsley Hall.” To son Dutton at 18 yrs. of age and hrs., residue of “Browsley Hall.” To dau. Sarah, personalty and above-mentioned property in event of death of sons without issue. To neph. Thomas Lane, in Ireland, property afsd. in event of death of sd. child. without issue. To dau. Grace Burridge, personalty. Wife Margaret, execx. Overseers: Sons-in-law Saml. Smith and Francis Hutchins. Test: Arthur Browne, Jno. Davis, Jno. Hall, Thos. Meridal. 2. 185.

Sprigly, John, Anne Arundel Co., 18th Feb., 1681; 12th Apr., 1682. To brothers Nathaniel and Othniel and hrs., of England, plantation on Herring Ck. and 200 A., “Broad Nashly.” To eld. son (unnamed) of sister Debora Impey, of Md., properties afsd. in event of sd. brothers not taking possession within 5 yrs. after death of testator. To Geo, Impey, personalty. Exs.: Nath. Smith, Jno. Sellars. Test: Arthur Brown, Wm. Powell, Jno. Smallwell, Thos. Meridal. 2. 186.

Knapp, Robert, Talbot Co., 12th Aug., 1680; 22nd Apr., 1682. To grandson Robert Cloathier, son of Lewis Cloathier, 50 A., “Poplar Neck,” at 16 yrs of age. To granddau. Mary Cloathier and Eliza: Cadmure, personalty. Wife Eliza:, execx. and residuary legatee of estate, real and personal; plantation to uass to grandson Robert afsd. at her death. Test: Michael Turbutt, Jno. Swayne. 2. 188.

Johnson, George, Somerset Co., 23rd Nov., 1680; 23rd Dec., 1681. To eld. child of dau. Katharine, wife of John Goding, 1/2 of personalty at death of testator's wife. To eld. child (unnamed) of brother John Johnson, of Woburn, New England, and to eld. child (unnamed) of cous. -- Prentiss, alias Johnson, certain property in Canterbury, England, equally. To eld. child of brother William Johnson, of New England, property due testator from brother Edward Johnson, of New England, and certain property in Canterbury, England, left testator by father Edward Johnson, after decease of grandfather William Johnson. To wife Katharine, “The Straights,” “Garden's Pasture;” 300 A., “Johnston;” 200 A., “Discovery;” 50 A., “London's Gift;” 50 A., “London's Advisement;” 200 A., “Poplar Ridge;” 500 A., “Jones' Adventure,” during life. To young. child (unnamed) of George Wilson, “London's Gift” at death of wife afsd. To eld. child (unnamed) of son George Johnson, 1/2 estate, in Maryland, real and personal, at death of sd. wife. To Roger Woolford, Libing Denwood, Wm. Berry and Thos. Taylor, of Md., exs., residue of estate in trust for the poor of the Quaker faith. Test: Jno. Heath, Thos. Price, Thos. Beauchamp. 2. 189.

Davidge, Robert, Anne Arundel Co., 28th Sept., 1681; 24th Apr., 1681. To wife Providence, execx., 1/3 of plantation and 200 A. on n. side Patapsco R. To son John, residue of plantaiton at 20 yrs. of age, and to inherit entire plantation at death of mother. Test: Arthur Hide, Chas. Crow, Jas. Offord. 2. 194.

Lashley, Eliza:, widow of Robert Lashley, Calvert Co., 13th Nov., 1681; 15th May, 1682. To dau. Katharine Brightwell, Philip Cooksey, grandchild. Henry Cooksey and Richard Southerne, personalty. Dau. Mary Truman, execx. and residuary legatee of estate, real and personal. Test: Jno. Burras, Thos. Trottman, Thos. Trueman. 2. 196.

Smith, William, Mt. Calvert Hundred, 12th Jan., 1681; 29th May, 1682. Wife Eliza:, sole legatee of estate, real and personal. including “Greeves Cliffs.” To Jane and William Gaskin, grandchild. of sd. wife, personalty at death of wife afsd. Overseers: Robt. Norman, Edward Brokle. Test: Henry Jowles, Edward Brocke, Robt. Norman. 2. 197.

Roberts, Andrew, Anne Arundel Co., 4th Apr., 1682; 22nd May, 1682. To son John at 21 yrs. of age, and hrs., plantation nr. Rhode R. To son Henry at 20 yrs. of age, and hrs., 200 A. nr. South R. To wife Jane and daus. Mary and Katharine, personalty. Ex. wife Jane. Test: Katharine Larkins, Mary Farner, Woolfran Hunt. 2. 198.

Taylor, John, South River, Anne Arundel Co., 1st Jan., 1682; -- -- --Wife Susanna, execx. and sole legatee. To kinsman Thomas Harris and hrs., of Swanley, Kent Co., England, plantation at death of wife afsd. Test: Wm. Bateman, Chas. Whitehead, Basill Sparkman. 2. 200.

Markes, John, Talbot Co., 7th Jan., 1682; 12th Apr., 1682. To son John at 18 yrs. of age, and hrs., “Stevens Field” in Tuckahoe. To son James at 18 yrs. of age, and hrs., “Marke's Chance.” To dau Sarah, “Tuttle Fields.” To wife Mary, personalty. Overseers: Jno. Baynard, Wm. Thercum. Test: Jno. Baynard, Wm. Thercum, Wm. Sueland. 2. 201.

Leake, Richard, Baltimore Co., 9th Jan., 1673-4; 18th June, 1675. William Whitton, sole legatee. Ex. not named. Abraham Wilde appointed admr. Test: Thos. Overton, Hugh Williams. 2. 346.

Beale, Joane, wife of John Beale, Calvert Co., 6th June, 1675; 3rd July, 1675. Son George Reid to be under the guardianship of his godfathers, George Mackall and John Wawhub, during minority. To son Robert and dau. Eliza:, legacies aldeady bequeathed them by late husband, Robert Tyler. To son Peter, alias John Mounten, 200 A., part of land left testatrix by afsd. Robert Tyler. To young. son John Beall, 200 A., part of land afsd. To goddau. Eliza: Coomes and to John Hales, personalty. To husband John, ex., 100 A., part of tract afsd. Young. child., (unnamed,) residuary legatees. Test: Thos. Spriggs, Jno. Halles. 2. 346.

Clarke, Thomas, Calvert Co., 18th Mch., 1674; 16th July, 1675. Wife Sarah, execx., and sole legatee of estate, real and personal, during life. Child., viz., Robert and Sarah, to be cared for by their mother during minority, and to possess estate at her death. Test: Thos. Sprigg, Jno. Halles. 2. 347.

Foster, Seth, Great Choptank Island, Talbot Co., 2nd Dec., 1674; 12th Mch., 1674-5. To wife Eliza:, execx., 1/3 of estate, real and personal. To son-in-law John Hawkins and hrs., 1,000 A., “Tully's Delight,” on Chester R. To young. dau. Sarah --, 1,000 A., “Standish Woods,” on Chester R., and “Green's Plantation” on Kent Island. To eld. dau. Eliza: Lowe, “Great Choptanke Island.” To 2 daus. afsd. residue of estate. Overseers: Wm. Hamilton, Talbot Co., and son-in-law Vincent Lowe. Test: Vincent Lowe, Robt. White, Richd. Bissy. 2. 348.

Editors: Seth's daughter Eliza, by his earlier wife, married Vincent Lowe of Great Choptank, Talbot County, Maryland. Vincent Lowe died testate circa 1692 (Calendar, Vol. 2, p. [to be added]) See also Combs &c. of Talbot County, Maryland for more regarding Lowe families.

Spry, Johanna, Talbot Co., 6th Oct., 1674; 21st May, 1675. To Mrs. Howell, wife of Thomas Howell, Cecil Co., to 2 child. (unnamed) of James Benton, to John Watterton, Richard Ramsey, and 3 grandchild., viz., Sarah, Eliza:, and Mary Harmer, personalty. Only dau., Mary Harmer, widow, execx. and residuary legatee. Test: Jno. Waterton, Roger Sheacocke. 2. 349.

Thomas, Philip, Anne Arundel Co., 9th Sept., 1674; 10th July, 1675. To sons Philip and Samuel and their hrs., 500 A., “The Clifts,” in Calvert Co., equally. To dau. Martha, 3 grandchild. viz., Mary, dau. of John Meers, Philip and Eliza:, child. of William Cole, and to the Quakers, personalty. To 5 child., viz., Philip, Samuel, Sarah, Eliza:, and Martha, personalty, equally. To wife Sarah, execx., and residuary legatee of estate, includ-120 A., “Fuller's Point,” Anne Arundel Co., and 1, 200 A., “The Plains,” on Patapsco R., Baltimore Co.; the latter tract to pass to son Samuel afsd. Test: Jno. Ricks, Marmaduke Noble. 2. 350.

Bruton, Dorothy, Anne Arundel Co., 19th Nov., 1674; 7th Aug., 1675. To Richard Wayd, Isabell Meeck and Eliza: Allcock, personalty. To eld. dau. Eliza:, “Solomon's Hills;” she to be under the guardianship of Mrs. Sarah Homewood. To dau. Ann, residue of personal estate; she to be under the guardianship of Mrs. Sarah Haman. Ex. Edw. Gardner. Test: Philip Dawson, Richard Wayd. 2. 351.

Salmon, Thomas, Cecil Co., 26th May, 1675; 29th July, 1675. To Eliza: Bayly, personalty belonging to her dec'd mother. To Thomas Howell, Jr., Nathaniel and John Howell, personalty. To son Peter, ex., 200 A. on Worton Ck. and residue of personalty to be used for bringing up of child (unnamed). Overseers: Capt. Thos. Howell, Jno. Vanheck, Nath'l Styles, Thos. Howell, Jr. Test: Wm. Dunkerton, Jno. Dixon. 2. 352.

Abrahams, Isaac, Talbot Co., 14th Oct., 1674; 28th June, 1675. To wife Eliza:, dower rights. To George and Benjamin Parret, and to Sarah Reed, personalty. To son Jacob and hrs., all land at 19 yrs. of age. To son afsd. and to dau. (unnamed), residue of estate, equally. Exs.: Wife Eliza: and son Jacob afsd. Test: Jno. Stoaker, Edm. Fisher. 2. 353.

Abrahams, Eliza:, Talbot Co., 11th May, 1675; 1st July, 1675. To William Southbe and his dau. Eliza: Southbe, personalty. To 3 child., viz., Jacob and Mary and Sarah Reed, residue of estate, equally. Exs.: Bryan O'Maly, Thos. Taylor. Test: Wm. Allen, Margaret Lodge. 2. 354.

Harwood, Robert, Talbot Co., 27th May, 1675; 1st July, 1675. To son Peter, 200 A. on Tuckahoe. To Samuel and John Harwood, personalty. To wife (unnamed) and all child. (unnamed), certain personalty. Exs.: Thos. Taylor, Wm. Stevens, Jno. Sumner. Test: Wm. Wood, Geo. Shatterwhite. 2. 354.

Briges, Richard,(47 yrs. of Age) Talbot Co., 30th Mch., 1675; 30th Sept., 1675. To wife Mary, execx., all land during life; to pass at her death as follows: To eld. son Thomas, land on Harry Ck. To other 3 sons (unnamed), residue of land, including 500 A. “Diderrett” on Wye R. Sec. son Richard, to have first choice. To sons and dau. (unnamed), personalty equally. Test: Richard Gould, Wm. Jones. 2. 355.

Martin, Robert, Talbot Co., 24th June, 1675; 19th Aug., 1675. To wife (unnamed), execx., all real estate during widowhood, and 1/3 of personalty. To 2 daus. (unnamed), residue of personalty. To son Charles Hollinsworth, Jr., and hrs., sd. real estate at marriage or death of wife afsd. Overseers: Chas. Hollinsworth, Jno. Reynolds. Test: Humphrey Davenport, Jno. Reynolds, Eliza: Griffith. 2. 356.

Hancock, Benjamin, Talbot Co., 14th Dec., 1674; 10th June, 1675. Wife Sarah, execx. and sole legatee. Test: Benony Bishop, Wm. Coxcell, Mary Wilson. 2. 356.

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