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The Maryland Calendar of Wills
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The Maryland Calendar of Wills, Volume I
Wills from 1635
(Earliest Probated) to 1685

Pages 55-68

Originally Compiled by Jane Baldwin (1904)
Edited and Annotated by
USGenNet Patrons Rhoda Fone & Carole Hammett (2001)
Editors: Words enclosed in [brackets] or preceded by “Editors” are those of the editors and not part of the original edition.

Dixon, John, Baltimore Co., 12th Oct., 1669; 27th Aug., 1670. To Cristiana Waites and Eliza: Southard, personalty. To wife Jane, execx., plantation, 420 A., at Dickinston, during life and 450 A., “Dixon's Neck,”; on Back R., absolutely. To dau. Abigail and hrs., afsd. plantation at death of said wife. Overseers: Capt. Thos. Howell, Nath: Stiles. Test: Jas. Cogell, John Stevens, John Clough. 1. 396.

Walley, Thomas, Calvert Co., 20th Oct., 1669; 3rd Sept., 1670. To daus. Margarett, Eliza:, and Rachel Walley, personalty. To son John and hrs., 300 A. on Wickocomica R., Somerset Co. Wife Eliza:, execx. and residuary legatee. Overseer: Richard Preston. Test: Samuel Vines; Richard Rainer. 1. 397.

Shorte, Ames, St. Mary's Co., 3rd Aug., 1670; 7th Sept., 1670. Thomas Yerbsley of Plymouth, ex. and sole legatee of estate, real and personal. Admr.: Robert Slye on behalf of ex. Test: Rebee Hulsey, Michaell Jefferson, John Barker. 1. 398.

Carpenter, Simon, Chester River, Talbot Co., 22nd Mch., 1669; 23rd Nov., 1670. To Eliza: Mirix and Anne Morgan, personalty. Wife Eliza:, execx. and residuary legatee of estate, real and personal, during widowhood. To son William at 21 yrs. of age, home plantation at marriage or death of wife afsd. To 3 daus. (unnamed) personalty at marriage or 21 yrs. of age. Overseers: Henry Coursey, Wm. Coursey. Test: John Rye, John Simmons. 1. 399.

Collett, John, Balto., Co., 31st Oct., 1669; 29th Oct., 1670. To eld. son Samuel and hrs., 500 A. on Elk R., (taken up by testator and his brother-in-law, John Goldsmith); also 300 A. on Crane Ck. To son John and hrs., 2 tracts, 200 A., on Sassafras R., and 600 A. on Gunpowder R. To young. son George and hrs., home plantation at 21 yrs. of age; also “George's Hill.” Sons Samuell and John afsd., exs. and residuary legatees. Test: John Reeves, Jeremy Dangerfield, Samuel Gouldsmith. 1. 400.

Perry, Thomas, Calvert Co., 21st Sept., 1670; 29th Oct., 1670. To Samuel Graves, Jr., plantation and all real estate. To Jon: Rickard, Eliza: Barker, personalty. To John, Thomas, and Jone Graves, other child. of Samuel Graves, Sr., residue of estate, equally. Ex. Samuel Graves, Sr. Test: Michael Higgin, Wm. Wilkinson. 1. 402.

Cunningham, Darby, Calvert Co., 31st Jan., 1669; 29th Oct., 1670. Michael Higgin, ex. and sole legatee. Test: John Elly, Henry Harris, John Dyer. 1. 403.

Johnson, Daniel, (nunc.)8th Oct., 1670; 29th Oct., 1670. To wife (unnamed) and son (unnamed) entire estate. Ex. Robert Slye. Test: Richard Todd, Jas. Hay. 1. 404.

Barnes, John, Talbot Co., 18th Nov., 1669; 19th Nov., 1670. To Edward Fowler, personalty. John Curtis, ex. and residuary legatee of estate, real and personal, including 200 A. on Broad Ck. Test: Thos. Blether, Jas. Murphey. 1. 404.

Cooke, Henry, of London, England, 11th Nov., 1670; 26th Nov., 1670. Wife Barbara, execx. and sole legatee of estate, real and personal. To brother Edward, land bought of William Canade at death of wife afsd. Test: Thos. Dent, Curtis Fletcher. 1. 405.

Lawrence, John, Kent Co., 28th Nov., 1670; 31st Mar., 1672. To Nicholas Brodaway, Philip Conner, and Mary Tennant, personalty. John Wright, ex. and residuary legatee. Test: Wm. Royden, Peter Dillaroch. 1. 405.

Bassell, Bussell, Ralph, Anne Arundel Co., 10th Feb., 1665; 24th June, 1672. To wife Mary, execx., personalty. To son Ralph, 50 A. at 17 yrs. of age. Test: Francis Saudry, Thos. Watkins. 1. 406.

Ingram, Thomas, Kent Co., 13th Sept., 1669; 27th July, 1671. To wife Mary, property which belonged to the estate of her late husband, Capt. Robert Vaughan, and personalty. To William Vaughan, land at Choptank and money in the hands of Anthony Ingram, of London, brother of testator; said William to be of age at 21 yrs. Exrs.: Robt. Dunn and Disborough Bennett, of Kent Island. Test: Walter Thomas, Wm. Wilson. 1. 408.

Bagbie, John, Calvert Co., 29th April, 1670; -- -- -- To wife Levina, personalty. To sons Amos and Michael, 300 A. To son Samuel, ex., and dau. Charity, residue of tract of land equally. Test: Wm. Bolter, Henry Cole. 1. 409.

Johnson, Richard, (nunc.) -- -- --; 19th May, 1671. To Dina Bagbie, Anne Kent, Mary Kent, and Grace Humes, personalty. Ex. Jas. Garrett. Test: Henry Kent, Henry Anderson, and Eliza: Howard. 1. 410.

Thomas, Thomas, 8th Dec., 1670; 21st Feb., 1671. To son William, home plantation and part of certain tract of land. To 3 daus. Mary, Grace, and Eliza: jointly, remainder of tract of land afsd. Ex. Robert Perry. Test: Wm. Pedder, Robt. Radclifte. 1. 412.

Sterrill, John, 11th June, 1671; 28th July, 1671. John Browne, ex. and sole legatee. Test: Edward Fishwicke, Eliza: Young. 1. 413.

Allen, William, Charles Co., 3rd Jan., 1669; 11th Aug., 1671. To goddau. Mary dau. of Joseph Harrison, Luke Green of Charles Co., John, son of John Munn, personalty. Wife Martha, residue of estate until majority of dau. Eliza: Ex. Brother-in-law John Munn. Test: Walter Cooper, Chas. Wolley. 1. 413.

Emanson, Nicholas, Charles Co., 20th Mch., 1670; 8th Sept., 1671. To dau. Phebe, personalty. To wife Eliza: and dau. Mary Emanson, residue of estate, real and personal, equally; dau. Mary to have her share at 16 yrs. of age. Test: Jas. Martin, Stephen Mountegue, Wm. Marrit. 1. 415.

Deane, Edward, Charles Co., 6th April, 1670; 8th Sept., 1671. Eliza: Lindesay, dau. of James and Mary Lindesay, Charles Co., sole legatee of estate, real and personal, to inherit at marriage or majority. Test: Jas. Martin, John Goshing, Richard Wall. 1. 416.

Jefferson, Michael, Charles Co.,
-- -- June, 1670; 30th Nov., 1670. To the Roman Catholie Church, entire estate. Test: Samuel Cressy, Susanna Cressy. 1. 417.

Pomfret, Edward, 15th Dec., 1670; 12th Jan., 1670. To John Boulton, personalty. Samuel Withers, ex. and residuary legatee of estate, real and personalty. Test: John Harris, Chas. Haynes. 1. 417.

Robinson, Andrew, 12th Sept., 1666; 23d Jan., 1670. To goddau. Jane Johnson, William Innes, Jr., William Humnton, Jr., Jonathan Prather, Jr., personalty. Wife Jane, excx. and residuary legatee of estate, real and personal, provided there be no child. If a child is born, estate to go to said child at majority; wife to enjoy life interest jointly. 1. 418.

Broadwater, Hugh, (nunc.)Baltimore Co., -- -- --; 4th Jan., 1670. To Michael and John Shadwell, jointly, entire estate. Ex. not named. Test: Richard Windley, Henry Enloes.

Manning, Guy, Calvert Co., 9th Oct., 1666; 8th March, 1670. To w'fe Grace, execx., part of plantation “Theabush” during life. To eld. son John, 1/2 above named plantation at 21 yrs. of age and entire plantation at death of wife afsd. To sons Thomas and Nathaniel, and their hrs., 800 A. “Manning's Resolucon,”; equally. Test: Chris: Rousby, And: Cooke. 1. 420.

Wareing, Sampson, Calvert Co., 18th Jan., 1663; 18th Mch., 1670. To countryman Thomas Pritchard, personalty. To wife Sarah, execx., and son Bassill at 21 yrs. of age, residue of estate, real and personal, equally. Test: Stephen Benson, Thos. Elves, Francis Riggs, Henry Hosier, Richard Johns, Francis Backstone, John Vahan. 1. 421.

Slye, Robert, St. Clement's Manor, St. Mary's Co., 18th Jan., 1670; 13th Mch., 1670. To wife Susannah, the house and part of land at “Bushwood.” To young. son Robert, “Lapworth;” “Norwood Lapworth Lodge,”; and “Clear Doute.” To daus. Eliza: and Frances, 500 A. “Rich Neck.” In event of death of either of 2 daus., survivor to inherit portion of deceased. Eld. son Gerard, ex. and residuary legatee. In event of death of said Gerard before 18 yrs. of age or without hrs., surviving child. of testator to inherit his share equally. If child. all die under age or without issue, land to be distributed as follows: To brothers-in-law Thomas Gerard and John Gerard and sister-in-law Mary Gerard, “Bushwood” at decease of wife afsd. To eld. son of sister Eliza: Russell, of London, “Rich Neck.” To Nephews Timothy Cooper and Thomas Cooper, of Springfield, New England, “Lapworth,”; “Norwood Lapworth Lodge,”; and “Clear Doute.” Overseers: Thos. Notley, Benj.: Folly, and brothers Justinian Gerard and Nehemiah Blackstone. Test: John Blackiston, Ebenezer Blackiston, John Bullock, Mary Gerard. 1. 422.

Robert Slye married Susannah Gerard, daughter of Thomas Gerard, Lord of the Manor of St. Clements, St. Mary's County, and Westmoreland County, Virginia. See Thomas Gerard's will, Calendar, Vol. I, p. 76 and see St. Clement's Manor.

Delap, Adam, Anne Arundel Co., 15th Feb., 1670; 14th May, 1671. To wife Anne, execx., and son Abraham, plantation. To wife Anne, and 5 child., viz., Abraham, Mathew, Sarah, John and Deborah, personalty in equal portions. Test: John Greene, Nicholas Gassaway, Francis Johnson, David Steward. 1. 426.

Tawney, John, Calvert Co., 11th Mch., 1670; 7th Apr., 1671. To son (unnamed) “Tawney's Reserve.” To dau. (unnamed) home plantation. Brother Michael Tawny and John Hawres, exs. and to have estate in trust until child. above named be of age. Test: Henry Hough, Margaret Goosey. 1. 426.

Peake, George, 27th Mch., 1671; -- -- -- To wife Mary, execx., 1/3 home plantation during life. To son George, remainder of said plantation; to inherit entire plantation at death of wife afsd. To son Joseph, 300 A. on Choptanke R. To dau. Johanna Peake, personalty. To wife Mary and remaining children (unnamed) residue of personalty. Test: John Troster, Robt. Heighe. 1. 428.

Riggs, Joseph, Calvert Co., 8th Apr., 1671; 20th Apr., 1671. Wife Jane, execx. and sole legatee of estate, real and personal, including “Lower Bennett.” Test: Richard Johns, Henry Hosier. 1. 429.

Horsley, Joseph, Calvert Co., 25th Feb., 1670; 28th Apr., 1671. To John Coleman, Richard Bayley and Judith Cooper, personalty. Wife Rosamond, execx. and residuary legatee of estate, real and personal. Test: John Collman, George Foxwell, Wm. King. 1. 429.

Stockett, Thomas, Anne Arundel Co., 23rd Apr., 1671; 4th May, 1671. To wife Mary, entire estate, real and personal, during life. To son Thomas and unborn child, if son, all real estate at death of wife afsd. To daus. (unnamed) all personal property at death of said wife. To cous. Henry White, personalty. Exs.: Brothers Francis and Henry Stockett and Richard Wells. Test: Thos. Beson, Jr., Thos. Hedge. 1. 430.

Lindsey, James, Charles Co., 21st Apr., 1671; 3rd May, 1671. To the Roman Catholic Church, personalty. Wife Mary, execx. and residuary legatee of estate, real and personal; by her to be disposed of among child. (unnamed). Overseers: Benedict Merchages, Ralph Courtes. Test: Wm. Bretton, Nicholas Solby, John Shereman. 1. 433.

Manwaring, George, Charles Co., 11th Apr., 1671; 5th May, 1671. To wife Anne, 780 A. in St. Mary's Co., and plantations in Charles Co. To Henry Warren, Michael Foster, Bennard Haines and William Turbervill, personalty. Exs.: Henry Adams and Thomas Matthews of Charles Co. Overseer: Henry Warren. Test: Wm. Bretton, Temperance Bretton, Wm. Guither. 1. 434.

Paully, Lionel, Anne Arundel Co., 18th Mch., 1670-1; 20th May, 1671. To Nathan Smith and hrs., “Bersheba.” To Wm. Anderson, 100 A. To Grace Deaver, personalty. Charles Beanon, ex. and residuary legatee of estate, real and personal. Test: Sam'l Lane, Richard Deaver. 1. 435.

Withers, Samuel, Anne Arundel Co., 23rd Mch., 1670; 2nd June, 1671. To wife Eliza:, 1/2 estate, real and personal. To son Samuel, 1/2 estate at majority and entire estate at death of wife afsd. To the care of Capt. William Burgess and Richard Hill are committed William Pennington and Thomas Pennington, orphans of William Pennington of Anne Arundel Co., to whom is left testator's estate in event of death of son Samuel afsd. Test: Thomas March, Robt. Lusbie, Richard Hill. 1. 436.

Collings, George, Anne Arundel Co., 16th Nov., 1670; 5th June, 1671. John Clarke, ex. and sole legatee. Test: Henry Lewis, Oliver Halloway. 1. 438.

Wells, Richard, Anne Arundel Co., 11th May 1671; 9th June, 1671. To wife Sophia, execx., and male hrs. 600 A., “Wells;” 100 A., “Little Wells;” 430 A., “Well's Hills;” if there be no male hrs., lands afsd. to pass in turn to male hrs. of brothers George or Benjamin Wells. To Samuel Lane and hrs., “Breshy Hall” on the ridge. Test: Richard Ewen, John Jeffreys. 1. 439.

Apelford, Tobias, Kent Island, 14th Apr., 1671; -- -- --. To Henry Davis and John More, personalty. Richard Nash, ex. and residuary legatee of estate, real and personal. Test: John Ereckson, John Bradborn. 1. 441.

Gouldsmith, Samuel, Baltimore Co., 12th Oct., 1670; 6th Oct., 1671. To godson George Gouldsmith, personalty. To son-in-law Capt. George Wells, 1/2 estate, real and personal. To wife Johanna, 1/2 estate during life. To dau. Blanch Wells, personalty at death of wife afsd. To dau. Susanna Utie, wife of George Utie, residue of said wife's share. Exs.: Wife Johanna and son-in-law Capt. George Wells. Test: Mathias Stevenson, Nicholas Banks. 1. 442.

Johns, Jones, Henry, (nunc.)—— Jan., 1670; 13th Oct., 1671. To wife Anne, daus. Mary and Sarah, estate equally. Test: Samuel Bowen. 1. 444.

Selby, James, Dorchester Co., 26th Aug., 1671; 13th Oct., 1671. To Thomas Newton and Samuel Pritchett, personalty. To Daniel Clarke, “Perith.” William Morgan and Alice his wife, exs. and residuary legatees of estate, real and personal. Test: Thos. Kendall, Sam'l Pritcherd. 1. 444.

Wright, Barbara, Baltimore Co., 14th Feb., 1670; 16th Oct., 1671. Niece Margaret Penry of Clamorganshire, execx. and sole legatee of real and personal estate in Maryland; also lands called by the name of “Bovill” in Clamorganshire afsd. Test: Thos: Howell, John Owen, Thos. Scott. 1. 445.

Silvaine, Daniel, Baltimore Co., 26th Sept., 1671; -- -- -- To John Ryland and John Bristo, equally, and their hrs., 400 A. “Daniell's Den” on Sassafras R. To William Dunkerton, 200 A. “Daniell's Hope.” To John Bromfield, 150 A. on Wharton Ck., Baltimore Co. In event of death of sd. John before majority, afsd. bequest to pass to Nathaniell Howell, at whose death it shall pass to Thomas Howell, Jr. To Morgan Pennery, Jeremy Silvaine of Herrin Ck., Philip Conyer, Nicholas Allum, Robert Saunders, Francis Williams, Eliza: and Rosamond Bayley, William Johnson, Roger Roberts, Gideon Gundry, Ralph Cassell, William White, and Richard Leake, personalty. Test: Benj. Gundry, John Richardson. 1. 452.

Howard, Richard, Talbot Co., aged 43 yrs. 13th July, 1671; 4th Apr., 1672. To Robert Harding, John Delby and Anthony Meale, personalty. To Rachel Hacker, dau. of Richard Hacker of Va., 250 A. “Bachelor's Ranges” on Choptanke R. To Robert Welderton and Michael his wife, residue of lands, houses, and plantations on Tred Avon Ck. during life. At death of sd. devisees, properties mentioned to pass to Eliza: Todd, now wife of Nathaniel Teagle, and hrs. Michael Welderton afsd., execx. and residuary legatee of estate, real and personal. Test: Anthony Meale, Edward Roe, John Delbey, Wm. Shares. 1. 454.

Waterman, Nicholas, Anne Arundel Co., 8th Mch., 1670; -- -- -- To son Nicholas at 18 yrs. of age, and unborn child, personalty. To wife Ellinor, execx., plantation on West River during life. Test: Robt. Francklin, Sam'l Lane. 1.455.

Neale, Samuel, -- -- 1671; 25th Nov., 1671. To Thomas Peekings in trust for testator's son Samuel Neale, plantation. To daus. Margaret and Rebecca, personalty; child. to be of age at 18 yrs. Test: Evan Carriow, John Ascombe. 1. 457.

Horsey, Stephen, Sr., Somerset Co., 10th Apr., 1671; 2nd Feb., 1672. To 3 young sons, viz., Samuel, Nathaniel, and Isaac, “Coleborne” at majority of young. son Isaac afsd. To child., viz., Stephen, John, Samuel, Nathaniel, Isaac, Mary and Abigail, residue of estate, real and personal. Exs.: 2 eld. sons, Stephen and John. Overseers: Michael Williams, Alex. Draper, Benj. Sumner. Test: John Wollop, Henry Powell. 1. 458.

Brooke, Charles, Brook Place Manor, Calvert Co., 29th May, 1671; 15th Dec., 1671. To brother John Brooke, and hrs., part of “Brook Place Manor” (for description, see will), and “Island Creek Neck.” To neph. Robert, son of brother Robert Brooke, part of sd. “Manor,”; and land on St. Charles' Branch. To neph. Baker, son of brother Baker Brooke, afsd. land on St. Charles' Branch in event of death of neph. Robert before he reaches majority. To neph. William, son of brother Robert Brooke, part of “Brook Place Manor;” sd. portion to be used by neph. William's mother and father-in-law, Thomas Cosden, until he reaches the age of 21 yrs. To brother Roger Brooke and hrs., “Battle Creek Neck.” To sisters Ann Brooke and Eliza: Brooke, 1, 000 A., “Brooke Ridge,”; on Mattapenny Ck. To niece Mary Brooke, Mr. Warren and Mr. Foster, personalty. Brother Henry Brooke, residuary legatee of estate, real and personal, at majority. Exs.: Brothers Roger and John Brooke and sister Ann Brooke. Test: Jos. Newman, Wm. Andrewes. 1. 459.

Gouldhawke, George, Kent Co., 11th Mch., 1671; -- -- -- Wife Mary, execx. and sole legatee of estate, real and personal. Test: Jos. Wickes, Amy Williams. 1. 463.

Gouldhawke, Mary, Kent Co., 27th Apr., 1671; -- -- -- To Mary Cammell, Sarah Nash, dau. of Alex. Nash, Richard Hill, Henry Vizard and Martha Robertson, personalty. To unborn child, residue of estate, real and personal. To brother Joseph Wickes and sister Rachel Wickes, estate afsd. in event of death of sd. child. Ex. Father Joseph Wickes. Test: Mary Miller, Mary Samuell. 1. 464.

Smith, Robert, Talbot Co., 4th May, 1671; 19th Dec., 1671. To grandchild., Mary Waterlin, Eliza: King, dau. of Marke King, deceased, personalty. To Robert King, eldest son of sd. Marke, home plantation. To Robert Walters, land on which his father Chris. Walters, deceased, lived. To dau. Anne Emory, plantation on which she now lives; sd. land to descend to John King, younger son of Marke, afsd. To Robert Walters, John King and James Symonds, son of Thomas Symonds, residue of land in equal parts at 18 yrs. of age. To Ann Walters, Mary Waterlin and Eliza: King, residue of personal property. Exs.: Wm. Coursey, Trustam Thomas. Test: Thos. Jackson, Edward Tomlins. 1. 466.

Hattoft, William, 19th Dec., 1671; 30th Dec., 1671. To Curtis Fletcher, Clement Chevirall, child of John Chevirall; John Thompson, John, son of John Thompson afsd.; Patrick Forrest, Ellinor, his wife; Eliza: Forrest, and each of other child. of sd. patrick and Ellinor Forrest; Eliza: Spink, dau. of Thomas Spink, and brother Richard Hattoft, personalty. Exs.: Caleb Baker, Maj. Edward Fitzherbert. Test: Abell James, Geo. Dundas. 1. 468.

Peake, Mary, 15th May, 1671; 27th Jan., 1671. To son George at 18 yrs. of age, and Jane Merritt, personalty. To son Joseph and dau. Katharine, residue of estate. Exs.: Robt. Heigh, Jos. Tilly, Dr. John Stansbey. Test: John Troster, Wm. Stansbey, Abraham Clarke. 1. 469.

Pope, Francis, Charles Co., 1st Oct., 1671; 27th Jan., 1671. To eld. sons Thomas and Francis, exs., 400 A. “Bryan's Clift,”; and 350 A., “Batten's Clift.” To 2 young. sons Richard and John, 400 A., “Roome,”; at 21 yrs. of age. 4 child. afsd. residuary legatees. Test: Thos. Harris, John Bayly, Jas. Tier. 1. 470.

Hamon, Mordecay, St. Mary's Co., 12th Jan., 1671; 24th Jan., 1671. To wife Margaret, 300 A., “St. Margaret's.” To brother Daniel Hamond, father-in-law Pope Aley [Alvey] and Ann, wife of sd. Pope, William Styles, Martha Tossey, sister of sd. Styles, Edward Rockwood, and Eliza: Peake, personalty. Ex. not named. Test: Francis Fitzherbert, Geo. Cox. 1. 473.

Editors: Mordecai was the son of Ann by her first husband John Hammond. His mother married 2nd Pope Alvey, son of Pope and Mary (Archdale) Alvey of Knotting, Bedfordshire, England. See Combs &c.'s Archdale Families and Combs &c. of St. Mary's County, Maryland

Parrott, Francis, Calvert Co., 26th July, 1669; 10th Feb., 1671. To wife Sarah, and unborn child, estate, real and personal. Test: Wm. Wood, Clement Sale, John Probant, Ralph Nicholson. 1. 474.

Pain, John, 3rd Jan., 1671; 1st Mch., 1672. To wife Mary, home plantation during life. To son John, sd. plantation at death of wife afsd.; also 50 A. “Muchadum” and 100 A. “Rally.” To George Clarke, personalty. Overseers: John Hanson, Robt. Robins. Test: Thos. Mathews, Robt. Maister. 1. 475.

Grant, William, Anne Arundel Co., 19th Dec., 1671; 12th Mch., 1672. To Thos. Roper and hrs., estate, real and personal. Ex. not named. Test: Robt. Francklin, Wm. Roper. 1. 475.

Standly, William, Kent Co., 4th Jan., 1671; -- -- -- To wife Mary, entire estate during widowhood. In event of marriage of sd. wife, estate to be divided equally among child. (unnamed) when of age. Ex. not named. Test: Chris. Andrews, John Hodgson, Jr., Edward Best. 1. 476.

Jones, Henry, (nunc.) -- -- --; 7th Dec., 1671. To wife (unnamed) and child. (unnamed) entire estate. In event of death of any of sd. child. without issue, survivor or survivors to inherit portion of deceased. Overseers: Wm. Pierce, Jos. Hopkins. Test: Sam'l Hewes. 1. 477.

Weedon, James, Pocomoke, -- -- --; 12th Jan., 1670. To son William, testator's interest in certain house on London Bridge. To dau. Anne, sd. property in event of death of afsd. son under 21 yrs. of age. To wife Lucy, execx. sd. property during widowhood if sd. dau. Anne die under 21 yrs. of age. Should sd. wife remarry, property afsd. to pass to brother William Weedon. To wife Lucy afsd., land on Rehoboth Bay. To child. William and Anne afsd. and their hrs., 1, 000 A. on sd. Bay. Overseers: Brother William Weedon, Wm. Stevens of Pocomoke. Test: John Rhodes, Pier Piera. 1. 478.

Robeson, William, Bush River, Baltimore Co., 24th Apr., 1671; -- -- -- To wife Henerica and unborn child, estate, real and personal, equally. Ex. not named. Test: Thos. Heath, Mary Eligge. 1. 480.

Herring, Bartholomew, -- -- --; 12th Apr., 1672. To wife Margaret, estate, real and personal, during life. To son Bartholomew, sd. estate at death of wife. To William Muffitt, sd. estate in event of death of wife and child without issue. Ex. not named. Test: Arthur Ludford, John Pott, Philip Harwood. 1. 481.

Strong, George, Anne Arundel Co., 21st Nov., 1671; -- -- -- To son George, estate, real and personal. Wife Hannah, execx. Test: John Beamon, Wm. Jones, Mathew Harden. 1. 483.

Stockes, John, St. Mary's Co., 4th Mch., 1671; 12th Apr., 1672. To Robert Williams, Bryan Dayly, Constant O'Keefe, James Lewis, personalty. Wife Eliza: execx. and residuary legatee of estate real and personal. Test: Robt. Harper, Humphrey Lumbry, Constant Daniell. 1. 483.

Enderson, Andrew, 23rd Jan., 1671; 24th Apr., 1672. To George More, son of testator's wife, 100 A. unnamed. Wife Eliza: execx. and residuary legatee of estate, real and personal. Test: Mordecay Hunton, Nicholas Buttrum. 1. 484.

Bouth, Thomas, Calvert Co., 15th Jan., 1671; 26th Apr., 1672. To Mary Dewall, personalty. Wife (unnamed), execx. and residuary legatee of estate, real and personal. Test: John Clarke, Geo. Sealing. 1. 486.

Elly, John, Calvert Co., 20th Feb., 1671; 26th Apr., 1672. To the Roman Catholic Church, John, son of William McDonald, William Smith, Michael Higgin, Jr., and John Dyer, personalty. Wife Joan, execx. and residuary legatee of estate, real and personal. Test: Geo. Sealing, Henry Harrisse. 1. 486.

Smith, Nathaniel, Herring Creek, Anne Arundel Co., 10th Apr., 1672; 26th May, 1672. To servants Matthias Dringe and Thomas Hobbs, 200 A., “Hunt's Chance.” To Edward Mason, Edward Fraye, Roger Bradly, Richard James, Margaret Holland, personalty. Ex. Humphrey Emerton. Test: Sam'l Lane, Anthony Kingsland. 1. 488.

Wilson, James, Calvert Co., 3rd May, 1670; 29th May, 1672. To wife Margaret, execx., all lands during life. To eld. son James and son John, home plantation at death of sd. wife, their mother. To son Joseph, 40 A. at death of mother. Test: Robt. Rider, Mary Tilly, Henry Cole. 1. 489.

De Ringe, Hans, 13th Apr., 1672; -- -- -- To Amedes Vandermiven and Richard Leake, personalty. To cous. Matthias and Ameelius De Ringe, residue of estate, real and personal. Test: Hendrick Consturier, Hans Block, Hendriff Janson. 1. 492.

Sharp, Peter, Dr., Calvert Co., 23rd Mch., 1671-2; 28th Mch., 1672. To dau Mary Stephens and William Stephens, 1/3 of personal estate. To Alice, wife of John Gary, Robert and Eliza: Harwood and their child. and friends in the ministry, viz: William Cole, Sarah Mash, Winlock Christeson and his wife, and John Burnett and Daniel Gould, personalty. To son William and hrs., “Claborn's Island” and residue of estate at Tuckahoe Mill. In event of death of sd. William without issue, estate to pass to cous. Nicholas Oliver. Exs.: John Garey, Wm. Berry, Wm. Stevens, Jr., Wm. Sharp. Test: John Barker, Mordecay Hunton, Elias Goddard, Julian Forin. 1. 494.

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Copyright, 2001, USGenNet, Inc., an IRS-approved nonprofit public benefit corporation. The Maryland Calendar of Wills, Volume I, Wills from 1635 (Earliest Probated) to 1685, was originally compiled and edited by Jane Baldwin, and published by Kohn & Pollock, Baltimore, Maryland in 1904 (ISBN 0-94090704-06). This electronic edition was edited, formatted and annotated by USGenNet Patrons Rhoda Fone and Carole Hammett, and gifted 2001 to USGenNet in support of free, nonprofit historical-genealogical research, for researchers engaged in personal, non-commercial genealogical research. Any and all commercial use is strictly prohibited. Researchers may copy and cite this work freely, but with the proviso that copies must include both the URL (web site address) and this notice and all sources, bibliographies and credits; and excepting electronically, in which case permission is freely granted to link to this site instead.


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