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The Maryland Calendar of Wills
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The Maryland Calendar of Wills, Volume I
Wills from 1635
(Earliest Probated) to 1685

Pages 69-81

Originally Compiled by Jane Baldwin (1904)
Edited and Annotated by
USGenNet Patrons Rhoda Fone & Carole Hammett (2001)
Editors: Words enclosed in [brackets] or preceded by “Editors” are those of the editors and not part of the original edition.

Ringold, John, of Hunting Field, 25th Apr., 1672; 17th Sept., 1672. To Eliza: Cook, 300 A., “Hunting Field” conditionally; if sd. conditions be not fulfilled, sd. land to pass to cous. Barbara Ringold and hrs. To cous. Thomas Ringold, land afsd. if sd. Barbara die without issue. To father Thomas Ringold and William Savage, personalty. Brother James Ringold, ex. and residuary legatee of estate, real and personal. Test: William Toulson, Richard Hill. 1. 497.

Incon, John, Bristol, England, and Maryland, 4th May, 1672; 18th June, 1672. To Mathias Costa, ex., estate in Maryland, and property in Temple st., Bristol, bequeathed to testator by uncle Thomas Ward. Test: Henry Rider, Thomas Bayle, John Balley. 1. 498.

Godfrey, John, Baltimore Co., 29th May, 1672; 19th June, 1672. To John Malan, ex., plantation on Patapsco river. To Thomas Cole and Priscilla his wife, Edward Houghton, Sarah Cole, Anne White, Richard Kene, and John Kemp, personalty. Test: Richard Ball, Richard Gwinn. 1. 499.

Neale, Jacob, Dr., Anne Arundel Co., 11th July, 1672; -- -- -- To Sarah Marsh, dau of Thomas Marsh of Anne Arundel Co., 1/3 of estate at 16 yrs. of age. To Thomas Marsh and Margaret, his wife, residue of estate. Test: Robt. Burle, Ralph Williams, John Bicknall. 1. 501.

Walterling, Walter, St. Mary's Co., 30th Aug., 1672; 14th Sept., 1672. To dau. Mary Walterling, granddaus. Grace and Eliza: Barnes, personalty. Ex.: Son John Barnes. Test: Wm. Asbeston, Henry Smith. 1. 502.

Upgate, Richard, St. Clement's Manor, St. Mary's Co., 9th Nov., 1671; 3d Aug., 1672. To son John and to dau. Mary, wife of Thomas Reeves, personalty. To wife Anne, execx., plantation on Wicomico R. and “Bluff Point.” Test: Thos. Gerard, Thomas Lomax, Mary Snow. 1. 504.

Boulding, William, Bohemia River, Baltimore Co., 26th Aug., 1671. 12th Nov., 1672. To Mary Thwaite, execx., and child., William and Thomas Thwaite, entire estate, real and personal. In event of death of sd. child. under age, property to revert to Mary afsd., their mother. Test: Geo. Broccas, Roger Fretwell, Wm. Brookes. 1. 505.

Cornellison, Hugh, 15th July, 1672. 21st Dec., 1672. To Mary Cook, Daniel Makery, Thomas Woolstone, James Hallwell, personalty. Edward Cantwell, ex. and residuary legatee of estate, real and personal. Test: Wm. Sinclair, Jas. Howell, Thos. Smith. 1. 506.

Montague, Stephen, Charles Co., 21st June, 1672; 4th Oct., 1672. To Mary Emanson, dau. of Nicholas and Mary Emanson, 100 A. “Howland.” George Godfrey, ex. and residuary legatee. Test: John Hanson, Nicholas Solby. 1. 507.

Eaves, George, Somerset Co., 16th Feb., 1671; 3d Dec., 1672. To Thomas Hilliard, son of John Hilliard, 200 A., “New Years Gift,”; and 200 A., “Warwick.” Ex. not named. Test: Wm. Tompkins, Henry Harman, John Dickeson. 1. 508.

Trueman, James, Calvert Co., 29th July, 1672; 1st Nov., 1672. To wife Anne, execx., 1/3 of estate, real and personal. To daus. Martha, Mary, and Eliza:, residue of estate equally. In event of marriage of sd. wife Anne, brothers Thomas and Nathaniel to have charge of sd. children's estate. Test: Nath. Trueman, Arthur Storer, Chris. Pinckney. 1. 509.

Parker, John, Hutchorn, Somerset Co., 16th Sept., 1671; -- -- -- To wife Mary and possible unborn child, to sister Mary Knap, and brother-in-law Henry Knap, personalty. Ex. William Berry of Patuxent River. Test: Thos. Angell, Nicholas Smart, Henry Smart, Henry Heman. 1. 510.

Joyner, Robert, St. Mary's Co., 28th Jan., 1669; 12th Nov., 1672. To wife Mary “Scotland.” To son Robert, sd. plantation at death of wife afsd. To daus. Mary and Katharine, when of age, personalty. Overseer: William Rowssell. Test: John Warreck, Robt. Drury, John Dayne. 1. 512.

Durand, William, Talbot Co., 21st Aug., 1672; 9th Dec., 1672. To Eliza: Aylee with whom testator is about to solemnize marriage, estate, real and personal, during life. To grandson Samuel Withers at 21 yrs. of age, plantation on Wye R. in event of death of sd. Eliza: without issue. Test: Wm. Hemsley, Wm. Stevenson, Wm. Power. 1. 514.

Felton, John, Dorchester Co., 1st Apr., 1670; -- -- -- To wife Katharine, execx., and hrs., estate, real and personal. Test: Sarah Barclett, John Edmond, Thos. Harris, Wm. Bridges, Richard Mansell. 1. 516.

Neale, Henry, (nunc.) New Towne, St. Mary's Co., -- -- --; 22nd Jan., 1672. To wife Anne and son Henry, estate equally. In event of birth of child, estate to be divided into thirds. Ex. not named. Test: Luke Gardner, Wm. Farding. 1. 517.

Goodwin, George, St. Mary's Co., 7th Jan., 1672; 22nd Jan., 1672. Henry Exon, ex. and sole legatee. Test: Thos. Caffard, Winifrede Horne. 1. 518.

Spicer, Samuel, 1st Jan., 1672; 12th Feb., 1672. To Mary Raven, dau. of John Raven, and Daniel Robeson, personalty. Exs.: Richd. Owen, Jno. Raven. Test: Richd. Dawson, Eliza: Ginnet. 1. 519.

Hatton, John, London, 14th Dec., 1654; -- -- -- To sisters and brothers, viz., Sarah, Susan, Hanna, Henry and Samuel, personalty. Brother Thomas, residuary legatee of estate, real and personal, including lands left by father, John Hatton. Exs.: Thos. Hatton afsd., Robt. Llewelin. Test: Richd. Colchester, Hercules Commander, Sr. 1. 519.

Editors: Jul 1663. England. "John HATTON of Virginia. Probate to the brother, Thomas HATTON, the other executor, Robert LEWELLIN, having died." ("American Willis And Administrations in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury 1610-1857" by Peter Wilson Coldham, 1989)

1668-71 Annapolis Chancery Proceedings, Liber CD; 87-91. Suit. In re a tract "Persimmon Point," 400 acres in Baltimore County on Rumley Creek purchased by John HATTON, names Thomas HATTON of Tewkesbury in the county of Glouster in the Kingdom of England, brother and heir of John HATTON formerly of London, and Samuel HATTON (Genealogies of Virginia Families, The Gorsuch and Lovelace Families, Vol. III, GPC, Baltimore, pp. 255-8)

Dearing, John, Anne Arundel Co., 9th Feb., 1670; 12th Mch., 1672. To wife Alice, 200 A., “Dearing's Increase,”; during life. To son Thomas, land afsd. at death of sd. wife. To son John, 200 A., “Freeman's Fancy,”; and 600 A., part of “Abbenton.” Exs.: Thos. Hauckerand Robt. Franckling to sell 200 A., “Dearing's Gallyer,”; and 400 A., “Vellmead,”; to pay debts of testator. Test: Jno. Grace, Roger Sedwell. 1. 521.

Harding, Mathew, Anne Arundel Co., 22d Feb., 1672; -- -- -- Katharine, wife of Henry Stockett, and Frances Stockett, dau. of sd. Katharine and Henry, sole legatees. Exs.: Francis and Henry Stockett. Test: John Oakley, Judath Marsh. 1. 522.

Sunderbee, Thomas, Bristol, England, 17th Feb., 1672; 28th Mch., 1673. To brother Charles Sunderbee, cous. John Harris, and Thomas Harris, personalty. Wife (unnamed), residuary legatee. Test: Peter Parks, Joel Perry. 1. 523.

Stone, Mathew, Charles Co., 24th Dec., 1672; 2nd Apr., 1673. To John, son of Francis Fernly, personalty. Eliza: Cornahill, residuary legatee. Exs.: Wm. Marshall, Sr., Jonathan Marler. Test: Wm. Marshall, Jonathan Marler, Wm. Marshall, Jr. 1. 523.

Moore, Henry, Charles Co., 9th May, 1673; -- -- -- To son Henry and dau. Eliza: home plantation equally; sd. Eliza: to be of age at 16 yrs. To sec. son John, 50 A., “Moore's Folly,”; at Portobacco. To son Thomas, part of “Wheatland.” Wife Eliza:, execx. and residuary legatee. Test: Jessie Wharton, Wm. Guyther, Matthias Obryan. 1. 525.

Herbert, Clement, Talbot Co., 21st Aug., 1674; -- -- -- Wife Eliza:, execx. and sole legatee. Test: Wm. Garye, Wm. Tollard. 1. 527.

Harris, Moses, Anne Arundel Co., 21st Feb., 1672-3; 11th Apr., 1673. Eliza: Champe and hrs., entire estate, including 100 A. on Rhode R. Test: Edward Allely, Thos. Taylor. 1. 528.

Russell, Richard, 18th Sept., 1672; 23rd May, 1673. To wife Sarah, 1/3 of estate. To eld. dau. Eliza: Russell, “Russell's Plantation.” To dau. Mary, personalty. Ex. not named. Test: Humphrey Limbrey, Roger Shehee. 1. 529.

Paine, Thomas, St. Jerome's, St. Mary's Co., 12th Mch., 1672; 23rd May, 1673. To eld. son Isaac, “Paine's Lott” in Baltimore Co. To son Joseph and hrs., “Holt,”; in Baltimore Co. To 5 daus., viz: Mary, Sarah, Eliza:, Hanna and Rachel, personalty and tracts above named should sons die without issue; sons to be of age at 18 yrs. To wife Jane, all land in St. Mary's Co. Exs.: Nath. Garrett, John Smallpiece, John Reynolds. Test: Wm. Calvert, Robt. Ridgely, Jos. Backney. 1. 531.

Waymacke, Jacob, 22nd Mch., 1670; 26th May, 1673. To William Thomas of Dorchester Co., “Spring Garden” and all personal estate. Ex. not named. Test: Wm. Thompson, Wm. Willoby. 1. 533.

Barber / Barbier, Luke, St. Mary's Co., 31st July, 1664; 4th Jan., 1674. To wife Eliza:, “Michan Hall” during life. To wife eld. son Luke and his eld. son and in succession to sons Edward, Thomas and their male hrs., “Michan Hall” afsd. In event of sd. sons dying without male issue, sd. property to pass to next of kin, Barber Vel Barber. To son Edward afsd., 500 A. “Lukeland,”; subject to entail. To son Thomas afsd., “Michan Hills,”; subject to entail. To eld. dau. Eliza: and young. dau. Mary, personalty. Exs.: Capt. Richard Bankes, Randall Hinson. Test: Walter Hall. 1. 534.

Dubrey, Edward, 26th Nov., 1672; 13th June, 1673. To Mrs. Dinah James and Abel James, ex., personalty. Test: Leonard Greene, Thos. Mosely. 1. 537.

Webb, Henry, Boston, New England, 5th Apr., 1660; 13th Sept., 1660. To cous. Eliza: wife of John Blackleeth; to Eliza:, dau. of afsd. Eliza:, To cous. Frances Orum and her 2 child., Eliza: and John Orum; John and Samuel Sanford, child. of sister Eliza: Sanford; wife's sister Barbara, wife of Reynold Sewell of Saulsbury; David and Eliza: Sewell, cousins of deceased wife; eld. son of Capt. Edward Hutchinson; Edward Rawson; to the poor of Boston; Rev. John Wilson, and to “our father” John Norton, personalty. To Harvard College, real estate. Dau. Margaret Sheaffe and grandchild. Eliza: and Mehitabel Sheaffe, execx., residuary legatees of estate, real and personal. In event of death of sd. Margaret, Eliza: and Mehitabel without issue, estate to pass to president and fellows of Hartford College absolutely. Overseers: Edward Rawson, Elder Jas. Paine, Anthony Stoddard, Capt. Edward Hutchinson. Test: Thos. Buttolph, Thos. Scotow, Samuel Robinson. 1. 538.

Collett, John, 26th Mch., 1673; 21st June, 1673. To Peter Ellis and cous. Mary Goldsmith, personalty. To Henry Haslewood, ex., home plantation and 100 A., “Turkey Hill.” To cous. Matthew Goldsmith at 14 yrs. of age, “Elk's Neck” and 650 A., “Small Hopes.” To Eliza: Goldsmith, sister of Matthew, 400 A., “Collett's Point” at 14 yrs. of age. Matthew and Eliza: Goldsmith afsd., residuary legatees. Test: Peter Ellis, Edward Goffo. 1. 548.

White, James, Anne Arundel Co., 29th Dec., 1672; 21st July, 1673. To dau. Margaret and hrs., 300 A., “Eglinton.” To dau. Eliza: and hrs., sd. land in event of death of dau. Margaret without issue. To son James, dwelling plantation at 18 yrs. of age. Execx.: Wife Susanna. Test: John Stansby, Samuel Lane, Robt. Lockwood. 1. 550.

Dweare, William, of Barbadoes, 19th Sept., 1672: 29th Aug., 1673. To Catholic Priest, Joane Clarke, young. son of William Mcdowell, and Michael Higgen, Jr., personalty. Ex. Michael Higgen, Sr. Test: Geo. Sealing, Geo. Adams. 1. 552.

Wright, Thomas, St. Jerome's, St. Mary's Co., 2nd Aug., 1673; 3rd Sept., 1673. To Joseph Edloe, John and Thomas, sons of Joseph Hackney, and William Lucas, Jr., personalty. Wife (unnamed), residuary legatee. Ex. not named. Test: Jos. Hackney, Wm. Newport. 1. 553.

Hawkins, Henry, 24th Dec., 1662; 15th Aug., 1673. To Richard Woolman, Sr., Alis his wife, and child. viz., Mary, Richard, Alis, and Eliza: Woolman, Henry Costin, John Turley, Henry Henfry, Sarah and William Smith, Henry Pratt, Robert Noble, William Newbery, brother Philemon Lloyd and his wife, personalty. To Rebecca Woolman, dau, of afsd. Richard and Alis Woolman 150 A. land. To Edward, son of Philemon Lloyd, all lands included in 4 patents. To Susanna Maria Bennett and Edward Lloyd, residue of estate, Equally. Ex. Brother Philemon Lloyd. Test: Griffith Stevens, Nath. Reade. 1. 554.

Reynolds, John, St. Jerome's, St. Mary's Co., 24th Aug., 1673; 3rd Oct., 1673. To Isaac, Joseph, and Rachel Paine, to young. dau. of Edward Jolly, Thomas James, and Thomas Locker, personalty. Exs.: Wm. Claw, John Smallpeece. Test: Richard Chapman, Nicholas Guither. 1. 557.

Marler, Jonathan, Charles Co., 29th July, 1673; 24th Dec., 1673. To brother John Marler, of Manchester, England, 100 A. (unnamed). To sd brother John and to brother Samuel, all estate in England To Thomas Wakefield, 180 A., “Manchester.” To John Worland, 100 A. (unnamed). Sd. Thomas Wakefield and John Worland, exs. and residuary legatees. Test: Chris. Hitchcocks, Roger Wray, Mathew Wood. 1. 561.

Lecompt, Anthony, Dorchester Co., 9th Sept., 1673; 25th Oct., 1673. To eld. son John, all land on other side of the Ck.; also 50 A. bought of William Willoughby. To 3 sons, viz: Moses, Philip and Anthony, residue of land equally. To daus. Hester and Katharine and Nicholas Tripp, personalty. Execx. wife Hester. Test: Jacob Seth, John Snookes, Margaret Bryant. 1. 562.

Holland, Daniel, Northumberland Co., Va., 31st Mch., 1672; 17th Apr., 1672. To dau. Eliza:, 20 A. in Newman's Neck. Wife Joyce, execx. and residuary legatee. Test: Edward Elliott, Jeremy Robins, Francis Cussan, Paul Winbery. 1. 564.

Watson, Richard, (nunc.) Pickiawaxen, Charles Co.13th Nov., 1673; 6th Dec., 1673. To John Wader, his wife Margery and William, son of afsd. John and Margery Wader, estate, real and personal. Ex. not named. Test: Mark Richardson, Martin Defeara. 1. 566.

Gerrard, Thomas, of Mathotick River, formerly of St. Clement's Manor, St. Mary's Co., 5th Feb., 1672; 15th Dec., 1673. To dau. Mary and hrs., 4 seats of land in St. Mary's Co., including “St. Katharine's Manor” and “Westwood Lodge.” In event of death of dau. Mary without hrs., sd. lands to pass to surviving sons and daus. of testator. To eld. son Justinian and hrs., part of “St. Clement's Manor;” also any land or lands in England To wife Rose during life, and male hrs., 1/2 of sd. “St. Clement's Manor;” 1/2 of “Bastfoord Manor,”; and 1/2 of “Gerrard's Reserve,”; Virginia. In event of death of sd. wife without male issue, son Justinian to possess the whole of “St. Clement's Manor.” To young son John, 1/2 of “Bastfoord Manor” and 1/2 of “Gerrard's Reserve,”; Va.; to possess the whole of sd. tracts in event of death of said wife without male issue. To other 3 sons and 5 daus., sons-in-law, daus.-in-law grandchild.; viz: Gerrard Paten and Gerrard Tucker at 18 yrs. of age, and to John Wauge, personalty. Exs.: Wife Rose and son Gerrard. Test: John Waugh, Isaac Allerton, John Lee. Testator desires to be buried by deceased wife Susanna. 1. 567.

Editors: Thomas Gerard was the Lord of St. Clements Manor, St. Mary's County, but died in Westmoreland County, Virginia (where his will is also of record). He married first Susan, sister of Abel Snow (Archives of Maryland, Vol. 41, p. 373). See also Combs &c.'s St. Clements Manor.

Preston, James, Calvert Co., 20th Dec., 1673; 13th Jan., 1673. To wife Eliza:, execx., and dau. Rebecca, estate, real and personal, equally. In event of death of sd. dau. Rebecca under age, her portion to descend to sister of testator, Rebecca Preston. Should sd. sister die without issue, sd. portion of estate to pass to sister Sarah, wife of William Ford, and hrs. Overseers: Wm. Ford, Wm. Stevens, Jr., Thos. Preston. Test: Edward Bentall, Edward Day, Thos. Browne. 1. 574.

Editors: James Preston was the son of Richard who died testate 1669/70 naming his son, James, and daughters Rebecca and Sarah (among others). (Calendar, Vol. I, pp. 41-54)

Hough, Henry, 16th Dec., 1673; 27th Jan., 1673. To wife Jean and son Henry at 21 yrs. of age, estate, real and personal, equally. Ex. not named. Test: Wm. Hunton, Gervas Shaw, Edward Cowdrey. 1. 576.

Norwood, John, (nunc.)Calvert Co., -- -- --; 6th Feb., 1673. To son (unnamed), all real estate. To wife Eliza:, admx., all personal property. Test: Wm. Singleton. 1. 578.

Regan, Cornelius, Calvert Co., 2nd Oct., 1673; 27th Nov., 1673. To John, son of John Leech, Sarah, dau. of James Hughmes; and Joseph Tilley, personalty. Ex. James Hughmes. Test: John Rogars, James Clerke. 1. 581.

Robinson, Henry, Calvert Co., 17th Oct., 1672; 31st Oct., 1673. To Francis Dorrington and hrs., 200 A. (unnamed). To Thomas Morris, 200 A. (unnamed). To wife Dorothy, execx., 200 A. and use of plantation until son reaches age of 21 yrs. To only son Henry and hrs., plantation afsd. and residue of estate, real and personal, at death of his mother. Test: John Moore, John Taylor, Wm. Buss. 1. 582.

Stinchcomb, Nathaniel, Anne Arundel Co., 11th June, 1670; 24th Sept., 1673. To brother John Stinchcomb, to child. of brother Nicholas Stinchcomb and child. of sister Rebecca Hancocke, personalty. Wife Tomasine, execx. and residuary legatee of estate, real and personal. Test: Edward Allely, Wm. Coboren. 1. 585.

Robinson, Tomassin, 13th Aug., 1673; 26th Nov., 1673. To Benjamin Burkley and Susanna Neale, personalty. To 2 sons, Nathaniel and John Stinchcomb, estate, real and personal, at 21 yrs. of age. In event of death of sd. child. without issue, estate to pass to John Stinchcomb, brother of Nathaniel Stinchcomb, deceased, to child. of Rebecca Hancocke, and to Joane Mastey, mother of testatrix, equally. Ex. Thos Turner. Overseers: Richard Moss, Thos. Homeward. Test: John Piesley, Miles Gibson. 1. 586.

Harrison, Joseph, Charles Co., 28th Aug., 1673; 26th Dec., 1673. To son Francis, land on the east of Main Branch. To son Joseph, land on the west of Main Branch. To child., viz: Richard, Eliza:, Katharine and Benjamin, and to Luke Greene, personalty. Wife Eliza:, execx. and residuary legatee. Overseers: Zack. Wade, Randall Hinson. Test: Jeremy Dickison, Thos. Shuttleworth. 1. 589.

Wright, John, Calvert Co., 6th Feb., 1673; 24th Feb., 1673. To William Eyles, Philip Cookesey and godson John Alwell, personalty. Thomas Trueman, ex. and residuary legatee. Test: Robt. Philips, Eliza: Price. 1. 591.

Marshall, William, Charles Co., 22nd Apr., 1673; —— Dec., 1673. To son William, 4 tracts of land unnamed in Charles Co. To son Joshua and dau. Eliza:, Marshall, 500 A., “Two Friends,”; Charles Co. To child., residue of estate, equally. To son Joshua, cattle mark, obtained by marriage of testator with Katharine Ebden [Hebden]. In event of death of any child under age, or without issue, survivors to inherit deceased's portion, and all dying without issue, estate to be used for benefit of poor of Charles Co. Exs.: Thos. Notely, Robt. Henley and brother Francis Wyne. Test: Zach. Wade, Edward Price, Jonathan Marler. 1. 592.

Editors: William Marshall had married bef 1656, Katherine, widow of Thomas Hebden who died testate circa 1649 (Calendar, Vol. I, pp. 1-13)

Wyatt, Nicholas, Anne Arundel Co., 10th Dec., 1671; 22nd Jan., 1673. To son Samuel at 18 yrs of age, “The Quarter.” In event of death of Samuel without hrs. next of kin to inherit same. To dau. Sarah, “Lower Plantation. To wife Damaras, execx. and residuary legatee. Test: Cor. Howard, Robt. Gugen. 1. 596.

Whittle, William, (nunc.)St. Mary's Co., 4th Mch., 1673; 13th Mch., 1673. To wife Katherine and child., entire estate. Test: Katharine Whittle. 1. 597.

Billingsley, Thomas, Calvert Co., 26th Mch., 1672; 12th Mch., 1673. To brother Francis and John Troster, personalty. To daus. Eliza: and Sarah at majority, 300 A., “Billingsley's Chance.” To dau. Mary at majority, 100 A., “Billingsley's Folly.” To wife Eliza:, execx., “Temoth” during widowhood. To son Thomas at 18 yrs. of age, sd. land at death or marriage of wife Eliza: afsd. Test: Walter Watkins, Anne Morgan. 1. 597.

Williams, Ralph, Bristol, England, and Anne Arundel Co., Md., 13th Aug., 1672; 9th Dec., 1673. To young. dau. Rebecca, personalty. Dau. Eliza: Millen, of London, England, residuary legatee of estate, real and personal. Exs.: Cous. Thos. Day of Bristol, Robt. Burle, Thos. Marsh. Test: Robt. Burle, John Bicknall. 1. 599.

Editors: Ralph or Reph Williams, Sr. of Anne Arundel immigrated to Maryland by 1663 with Jone Williams, Reph Williams, Jr., Jonathan Williams, Eunice Williams, Lois (Lewis) Williams, Maudlin Williams "et al." (Patents AA:69, Gibb)

Tylor, Robert, Calvert Co., 11th Sept., 1673; 8th Apr., 1674. To wife Joan, execx., 750 A., “Brough.” To son Robert at 21 yrs. of age, part of afsd. tract and 375 A., not named. In event of death of either child, survivor to inherit deceased's portion, and should both die, property to go to poor orphans of Calvert Co. If wife afsd. should die during minority of child. they are to be cared for by friends Thomas Sprigg, Samuel Tylor, and Robert Tylor. Test: Thos. Sprigge, John Hales, Wm. Thompton. 1. 602.

Editors: Robert's widow, Joan, married next John Beale of Calvert. She died testate in 1675 (Calendar, Vol. I, p. 107)

Piper, John, Barford Manor, St. Mary's Co., 22nd Oct., 1673; 11th Apr., 1674. To wife Mary, estate, real and personal during life. At death of wife afsd., estate to be divided as follows: To Robert Brown, 1/2; kinsman John Piper of Va., 1/4; to godchild, viz., James Swan, Jr., John Carvill, Clement Roberts, John Corthes, Jean Greenlaw, 1/4 estate in equal portions. Exs.: John Gouldsmith, Thos. Carvill. Test: Sam'l Maddox, Sam'l Cookesey, Roderick Loyd, John Grace. 1. 605.

Stacey, Richard, Patuxent Manor, Calvert Co., 14th Apr., 1674; 12th May, 1674. To William Stacey, personalty. Mary Stacey, wife of sd. William, execx. and residuary legatee. Test: Jas. Garrett, Geo. Rowell. 1. 607.

Bradley, Samuel, Dorchester Co., 7th Dec., 1673; 12th May, 1674. To landlady Philadelphia Rawlings of Transquakin, personalty. Brother Henry Bradley, ex. and residuary legatee. Test: John Patricke, Daniel Clarke. 1. 609.

Burger, Isaac, Kent Co., 9th Oct., 1673; 2nd May, 1674. To Mary Walton, dau. of John and Jone Walton, 50 A., part of “Ship Point.” To Eliza Walton, Ruth, and Richard Jones, Jr., Margaret Hill, Nathaniel Hull and Matthias Smith, personalty. John Walton, afsd., ex. and residuary legatee of estate real and personal. Test: Michael Miller, Edward Jones. 1. 609.

Harris, George, Kent Co., 21st Jan., 1674; 10th Apr., 1674. To Heaster Jenkins, personalty. Wife Sarah, execx. and residuary legatee of estate, real and personal, during life. At death of sd wife to pass to John Smith of England, son of testator's sister. Test: Disboro Bennett, Nath'll Bennett. 1. 611.

Harmer, Godfrey, Gunpowder River, Baltimore Co., 12th Feb., 1673; 20th May, 1674. To wife Mary, execx., all real estate during life. To child., viz., Sarah, Eliza:, and Mary, sd. land equally at death of wife afsd. Test: John Watterton, Chas. Jones. 1. 613.

Carraway, John, Baltimore Co., 30th June, 1673; 8th May, 1674. To Francis Peteet, Eliza: Boulin, and the son of John Boulin, personalty. Ex. John Boulin. Test: Wm. Emmett. 1. 614.

Burger, Joseph, of Wilts, England, and Anne Arundel Co., 22d Oct., 1672; 30th Nov., 1672. To mother, now wife of John Keyne of Marboro, to brothers Isaac and Daniel Burger and sister Eliza:, personalty. To John Keyne, ex., residue of estate, real and personal, for brothers and sisters of testator, viz., William, Samuel, Jeremia, Anne, and Mary. In event of death of any of sd. sisters and brothers, survivors to inherit deceased's portion. Test: Robt. Gough, Wm. Ellis. 1. 614.

Warner, James, Anne Arundel Co., 13th Feb., 1673; 25th May, 1673. To wife Eliza., execx., estate, real and personal, during life. To dau. Johanna Sewell and hrs., sd. estate at death of wife afsd. By codicil: To sons Samuel, Howard, and Philip Warner, and son Henry Sewell, personalty. Test: Abraham Chilld, John Jacob. [Liber & Folio not given]

Masters, Charles, 3d Apr., 1672; 9th May, 1674. To Alis and Eliza:, young. daus. of Richard Woolman, “The Vineyard.” To Rebecca and Mary Woolman, and Richard Woolman, Jr., personalty. Ex. not named. Test: Edward Winckles, Even Griffett. 1. 619.

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