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The Maryland Calendar of Wills
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The Maryland Calendar of Wills, Volume I
Wills from 1635
(Earliest Probated) to 1685

Pages 124-137

Originally Compiled by Jane Baldwin (1904)
Edited and Annotated by
USGenNet Patrons Rhoda Fone & Carole Hammett (2001)
Editors: Words enclosed in [brackets] or preceded by “Editors” are those of the editors and not part of the original edition.

Warford, Simon, Kent Co., 12th Apr., 1676; 5th May, 1683. To John, Jr., and Thomas Ingram, sons of Hanna Ingram, personalty. Hanna Ingram, execx. and residuary legatee of personal estate. Test: Jno. Griggs, Jno. Rogers. 4. 14.

Dermott, Edmond, St. Mary's Co., 2nd May, 1683; 29th May, 1683. To Lawrence Hannan, Anthony Gloclin, John Born and Michael Forster, personalty. To the clergy, 1/2 of residue of estate. Stephen Murty, ex. and residuary legatee of personal estate. Test: Thos. Clarke, Dennis Load, Tim. Hesse. 4. 14.

Goldsmith, John, St. Mary's Co., 17th Apr., 1683; 31st July 1683. To son Thomas Notley Goldsmith, home plantation. To son John Gerrard Goldsmith, sd. plantation in event of death of son Thomas Notley without hrs., or during minority; also 400 A. (unnamed) on e. side Chaptico Branch. To son William, sd. plantation in event of death of other sons afsd. without hrs.; also 200 A., “Intirement.” To William Nefinger and Judith, his wife, life interest in sd. tract, “Intirement.” To daus. Nottley Goldsmith and Eliza: Jourdaine, and to son-in-law Thomas Love, personalty. To young. child., viz., Thomas Notley, John Gerrard, William, Priscilla, Margaret and Sarah, residue of personal estate, equally. Wife Judith, execx. Overseers: Sons-in-law Wm. Nefinger and Thos. Jourdaine. Test: Edward Turner, Jno. Scane, Thos. Waringe. 4. 15.

House, William, Calvert Co., 28th Feb., 1669; -- -- --. To wife Anne, execx., 1/3 of land and all personalty, and to hold in trust residue of land for benefit of child., (unnamed). Test: Wm. Needham, Geo. Coale, Wm. Coale. 4. 16.

Tennison, John, St. Mary's Co., 20th Dec., 1682; 8th Feb., 1682. To eld. son John, personalty in addition to property already given him. To son-in-law William Cheshire and Mary his wife, son Matthew, and Henry Fernely, personalty. To sons Justinian and Absalom, exc., plantation and all other land; in event of death of either without issue, survivor to inherit deceased's portion. Test: Jno. Buttler, Vincent Mansell, Wm. Goddard, Thos. Parker. 4. 16.

Bedworth, Richard, Anne Arundel Co., 26th Feb., 1683; 3rd July, 1683. To wife Sarah, execx., 50 A., “Hamm,” 52 A., “Bedworth's Addition,” and home plantation during life. To son-in-law Abraham Thornbery and hrs., sd. land at death of wife; to pass in turn to sons-in-law John and Richard Thornbery in event of death of said Abraham without hrs. Test: Richd. Prickett, Anthony Smith, Margaret Phillips. 4. 17.

Naylor, Abraham, Anne Arundel Co., 5th May, 1683; 30th July, 1683. Wife Jane, execx. and sole legatee of estate, real and personal, during widowhood. In event of her marriage, she to have 1/3 of estate, and residue to the poor of Dranfiel Parish in Darbyshire. Overseers: Saml. Chew, Nehemiah Birkhead. Test: Saml. Chew, Phelema Ginnis, Wm. Swick. 4. 18.

Archer, Peter, Calvert Co., 22nd June, 1683; 2nd July, 1683. To Peter, son of John Chittan, Joseph, son of James Wilson, and William Powell, personalty. To the Church, home plantation. To mother, Mary Archer, in Waymouth, residue of estate. To sisters, Joan and Mary, or either one who may be living, sd. bequest at mother's death. Testator desires to be buried by wife Sarah, deceased. Exs.: Ninian Beall, Jno. Chittan. Overseers: Saml. Copeland, Jno. Browne. Test: Jno. Browne, Lewis Jones. 4. 19.

Buckenall, Thomas, Anne Arundel Co., 31st Mch., 1683; 17th July, 1683. To Peter Hyde, personalty. To wife Mary, execx., 50 A., “Lusby.” To Eliza:, dau. of sd. wife, land afsd. at death of her mother. To Edward Wheelock, son of sd. wife, and hrs., sd. land in event of death of Eliza: without issue. Test: Jno. Andrew, Wm. Pennington, Anne Symonds. 4. 20.

Nance, Rauland, Baltimore Co., 20th Nov., 1682; 30th May, 1682. Henry Constable, ex. and sole legatee of estate, real and personal, including 300 A. (unnamed). Test: Wm. Woods, Kno. Keley, Jas. Rigbie. 4. 20.

Browne, Robert, St. Mary's Co., 16th July, 1683; 16th Aug., 1683. To son Gerrard at 18 yrs. of age, “Browne's.” To son Walter at 18 yrs. of age, sd. plantation in event of death of Gerrard without issue. To godson Robert Browne and to Richard Martine, personalty. To wife Eliza: and daus. Mary, Rebecca, and Susanna, residue of personalty, equally. Exs.: Thos. Gerrard, Jno. Bayne. Test: Henry Bonner, Thos. Helgar, Robt. Toat. 4. 21.

Alcock, Thomas, 21st Apr., 1682; 27th Nov., 1683. To son Thomas at 18 yrs. of age, and hrs., 300 A., “Manson Folly,” and 75 A., “Preston.” To dau. Mary at 16 yrs. of age, and hrs., 209 A., “St. Davidge” and 100 A., “Mounthill.” To wife (unnamed) and unborn child, 200 A., “Hardfrost.” Should sd. child die under age, land to revert to son and dau. afsd. equally. Exs.: Col. Chandler, Jno. Stone. Test: Jno. Hoskins, Matthew Dike, Thos. Ward. 4. 21.

Woodcocke, William, (nunc.) St. Mary's Co., 27th Apr., 1683; 14th Sept., 1683. To Anne Young and William Brewer, personalty. Luke Gardner, ex. and residuary legatee. Test: Honory Cole, Tim. Carrall. 4. 22.

Fearson, John, Charles Co., 22d July, 1683; 9th Oct., 1683. To son Samuel at age, 100 A. in St. Mary's Co. To son Perry at age, 150 A., plantation. Wife Grace, execx. and sole legatee of personal estate. Test: Richd. Beaumont, Matthew Perry, Anne Roberts, Mary Beaumont. 4. 23.

Wahob, Archibald, Portobacco, Charles Co., 1st Dec., 1683; 10th Mch., 1684. To Wife Eliza:, execx., and possible unborn child, 100 A. plantation and 200 A. at Tranjemy. To dau. Margaret, wife of John Lemare, plantation in event of death of wife without other issue. To dau. Eliza:, wife of Philip Hoskins, other tract of land afsd. in event of death of wife without issue. To granddaus. Benedicta and Jane, daus of Philip and Eliza: Hoskins, personalty. Test: Peter Ferendas, Jno. Boyne, Cleborne Lomax. 4. 23.

Davis, William, Calvert Co., 17th Dec., 1683; 29th Mch., 1684. To John White, Eliza: White, John Browne, George Enos, Thomas James, and Edward Hazley, personalty. Ex., Thos. Gant. Test: Lambert Willmer, Jno. Evans, Henry Norman. 4. 25.

Rope, Eliza:, Dorchester Co., 3d Mch., 1683 26th Feb., 1684. To Richard Pottard, ex., 50 A. on Little Choptanke R. Capt. Richard Ladd, residuary legatee of estate, real and personal. Test: Wm. Mittchill, Jno. Hall. 4. 25.

Howard, Henry, Anne Arundel Co., 31st Dec., 1683; 8th Mch., 1684. To Sarah, wife of Joseph Dacey, 200 A., “Collingborne.” To Richard Guin, Hugh Meriking, Edward Jones, John Bennett and his wife Sarah, John Townsend, John Howard of Anne Arundel Co., Mary Cousens, Henry Chappell, John and Matthew Howard, and John Kelee, personalty. Theophilus Hackett, ex., Edward Michael, Samuel, and Eliza: Skidmore, residuary legatees. Test: Jas. Floyd, Richd. Howard, Francis Winnington. 4. 25.

Cromwell, William, Baltimore Co., 19th June, 1680; 3d Mch., 1684-5. To wife Eliza:, execx., “Traherne;” 100 A. “Cromwell's Adventure,” being testator's portion of tract taken up jointly by himself and brother John; also 100 A. “Mascall's Hope,” during minority of son William. To son William at 17 yrs. of age, and hrs., “Mascall's Hope” and Cromwell's Adventure” afsd. To son Thomas at 17 yrs. of age, and hrs., “Hunting Quarter” and 100 A. in Whitstone Neck. Overseer: John Willmott. Test: Job Evans, Matthias Stevenson. By Codicil added later, testator leaves wife 1/3 of estate, real and personal, and testator having additional land (unnamed) and child., (unnamed) division of residue is in accordance therewith. 4. 26.

Parsons, Thomas, Anne Arundel Co., 10th Oct., 1683; 31st May, 1684. To dau. Eliza:, personalty (1 shilling). To dau. Isabelle and hrs., 50 A. To daus. Mary and Susanna and hrs., plantation equally at death of mother (unnamed). Sd. plantation to pass to young. daus. (unnamed) in event of death of Mary and Susanna without issue. To daus. Sarah and Hannah, personalty. Exs.: Anthony Holland, Benj. Capell. Test: Jas. White, Jno. Mayhew, Nich. Grose, Rose Grose. 4. 28.

Hooker, Thomas, West River, Anne Arundel Co., 8th Nov., 1683; 9th May, 1684. To eld. son Thomas and hrs., “Browton,” except 1 1/2 A. already given Quakers. To sons Jacob and Benjamin, and hrs., jointly, 600 A., “Black Walnut Ridge,” in Talbot Co. To son Benjamin, 210 A., “Hooker's Addition,” Anne Arundel Co. To daus. Damaris Hooker and Johanna Clackson, personalty. Exs.: Wm. Richardson, Benj. Lawrence, and son Thomas afsd. Test: Saml. Garland, Alis Bridgwater, Mary Woodlea. 4. 28.

Skipworth, George, Anne Arundel Co., 18th Dec., 1683; 5th May, 1684. To wife Eliza:, execx., plantation at Fishing Ck. during life, and whole estate in trust during minority of child. To son George, sd. plantation at death of mother, and “Silvor Stone,” 850 A., by patent. To possible unborn child, 250 A. of sd. patent. To Quakers, personalty. Overseers: Wm. Richardson, Richd. Johns. Test: Richd. Johns, Sarah Fowler, Wm. Rawlings, Wm. Cole. 4. 29.

Burle, Stephen, Anne Arundel Co., 1st Jan., 1683; 31st Mch., 1684. To son Stephen and hrs., plantation. To son John and hrs., 200 A. at hd. of Rock Ck. To dau. Sarah and hrs., 200 A., “Locust Thicket.” To daus. Mary and Blanche, personalty. To wife Blanche, execx., residue of estate, which is to be divided equally at her death among all her children. Sons to be of age at 18 yrs.; daus. at 17 yrs. Test: Jno. Andrew, Geo. Stourton, Edmond Duncalfe, Wm. Martin. 4. 30.

Henly, Robert, Pyckywaxen, Charles Co., 15th Feb., 1683; 31st Mch., 1684. To Bethsheba and Mary, daus. of Thomas Harris, Eliza: Nichols and grandddau. Charity, dau. of John and Charity Courts, personalty. To son-in-law John Courts, Charity, his wife, and hrs., residue of estate, real and personal. Ex. Son-in-law John Courts afsd. Test: Edward Lee, Richd. Gent, Cleborne Lomax, Margaret Maystis. 4. 31.

Daborne, Thomas, 23rd Oct., 1680; 31st May, 1684. To Juleatha Carr, execx., personalty. To John Carr, 1/2 of 550 A., “Daborne's Inheritance,” at his mother's death. To Richard Carr and hrs., 50 A., “Knocker's Hall.” To Alexander Machfarrend and Susan Carr, personalty. Test: Jno. Mayhew, Thos. Parsons, Susan Player. 4. 32.

Shelton, Thomas, Bohemia River, Cecil Co., 24th Oct., 1683; 4th May, 1684. To Penelope Wood and to dau. Eliza: Whitton, personalty. To son James and hrs., “Maynecouzen” and residue of estate. Ex. Edward Ladamore. Test: Wm. Eares, Richd. Roberts. 4. 33.

Jones, William, Anne Arundel Co., 22nd Mch., 1684; 24th Apr., 1684; To dau. Sarah and hrs. land at Bodkin Point; also lands in Anne Arundel Co. To wife Sarah, execx., sd., lands in event of death of dau. Sarah without issue, and at death of sd. wife, to be divided among 2 brothers and 4 sisters of wife. Test: Wm. Hickes, Charles Norwood, Cor. Hanson, Wm. Hopkins. 4. 34.

Welsh, John, Anne Arundel Co., -- -- --; 3rd Mch., 1683. To eld. son Sylvester and son John and hrs., plantation on South R., equally, at 21 yrs. of age. To 3rd son Benjamin, plantation on Herring Ck. To 4 daus., viz: Mary, Eliza:, Sarah and Damaris and hrs., 100 A. in Balto. Co. at 16 yrs. of age. To unborn child, “Preston's Inlargement;” in event of death of sd. child to pass to eld. son Sylvester. To wife Mary, execx., personalty. Overseers: Henry Welsh, Edward Dawson, Edward Talbott. Test: Henry Hanslap, Eliza: Hanslap, Woolfran Hunt, Samuel Warner. 4. 35.

Heathcote, Eliza:, 12th Jan., 1681; 21st Feb., 1683. To sister Martha Willis, personalty. In event of death of sd. Martha, to pass to Barbara, Ruth and Margaret Heathcoate. Exs.: Col. Thos. Tayler, Jas. Ellis. Test: Jno. Jackson, Simeon Jackson, Wm. Burroughs. 4. 36.

Toms, Edward, Cecil Co., 30th Nov., 1683; 20th Jan., 1684. To Richard Pullin and William Harris, Kent Co., 150 A., “Bensalem,” empowering them to sell same. To Peregrin Brown, personalty. Ex. brother Nathaniel. Test: Jno. Besk, Matthew Poop, Jno. Johnson. 4. 37.

Eareckson, Eliza:, 14th Jan., 1683; 26th Apr., 1684. To grandchild., viz., John, Sarah and Mary Eareckson, child. of son Matthew, personalty. To granddau. Eliza: Dowland, personalty. To dau. Eliza: and her husband, John Copedge, personalty. To dau. Amy, personalty. Son Matthew, ex. and residuary legatee. Test: Wm. Elliott, Augustine Froune, Martha Livertone. 4. 37. [Search words: Erickson]

Lovelace, Francis, Baltimore Co., 3rd Mch., 1683; 19th May, 1684. To Mary, young. dau. of Matthew Woods, cous. Anna Jones, David Jones, cou. Charles Gorsuch, and Robert, Sarah, and Anna Gibson, child. of Miles Gibson, personalty. Sd. Miles Gibson, ex. and residuary legatee. Test: David Adims, Tim Ryley, Sarah Corke, Charles Gorsuch. 4. 38

Editors: Francis Lovelace, son of William and Anne (Barnes) Lovelace, was governor of New York from 1667-1673. Anna Jones was his niece, Anne Gorsuch, daughter of John and Ann (Lovelace) Gorsuch, who married (1) Thomas Todd; (2) David Jones and (3) John Olderton. Charles Gorsuch was also a son of John and Ann (Lovelace) Gorsuch, and Robert, Sarah and Anna Gibson, the children of Miles and Anne (Todd) Gibson, the latter, daughter of Ann Gorsuch by Thomas Todd. See also Combs &c. of Baltimore County, Maryland for more about Francis, and Combs &c. of Talbot County, Maryland for more about his Gorsuch nieces and nephews.

Collins, George, Calvert Co., 20th Dec., 1683; 21st Jan., 1683-4. To son William and to dau. Mary in England, personalty. To Margaret Sansbury, dau. of Anne Brett, John Fowler, goddau. Mary Sharpe, personalty. To Richard Fowler, “Orchard.” Benjamin Evins, ex. and residuary legatee of estate, real and personal, including 250 A., “Mansfield,” and 250 A., “Collin's Desire.” Test: Thos. Holliday, Ninian Beall, John Pottenger, Arch. Burnett. 4. 39.

Neale, James, 27th Nov., 1683; 29th Mch., 1684. To sons James and Anthony, gifts of land, etc., confirmed. To grandson Raphael Neale, 100 A. is Charles Co. To grandchild., viz., Roger, James and Dorothy Brooke, Jane Boarman, dau. of William and Jane Boarman, and Jas. Lloyd, personalty. To wife Anne, son Anthony, and daus. Henrietta Maria Lloyd and Jane Boarman, residue of estate, equally. Exs.: Wife Anne and son Anthony afsd. Test: John Darnall. 4. 40.

Devine, Daniel, 18th Mch., 1684; 17th Apr., 1684. To daus. Esther, Mary, and Martha, personalty. Wife Anne, execx. and residuary legatee of estate, real and personal, during life; at her death to be divided among daus. afsd. Test: Jno. Hilly, Tim. Trear, Owen Brade, Edward Chester. 4. 40.

Murty, Stephen, St. Mary's Co., 18th Apr., 1684; 4th June, 1684. To wife Eliza: in Waterford, Ireland, “New Waterford” and “New Passage” during life; at her death to pass to eld. son John and hrs.; he dying without issue to pass to son Anthony and hrs., and in succession to all testator's child. Wife to have care of younger child. unnamed in will. To Catholic Clergy, personalty. Ex. Clement Hill. Test: Cuthbert Scott, Anthony Lochlin, Lawrence Hanning, Griffin Davis. 4. 41.

Tucker, Thomas, Anne Arundel Co., 9th Dec., 1681; 1st Sept., 1684. To son Thomas, personalty. Wife Sarah, execx. and residuary legatee of estate, real and personal. Test: Wm. Gibbs, Edward Gibbs. 4. 42.

Baldwin, John, South River, Anne Arundel Co., 12th June, 1682; 16th June, 1684. To wife Eliza:, 1/3 of estate. To dau. Margaret, wife of Thomas Cruchley, and hrs. 70 A., “Baldwin's Addition.” To son John, sd. land in event of death of dau. Margaret without issue. To grandson Thomas Watkins, 210 A., “Lydia's Rest.” To dau. Lydia Bittison, sd. land in event of death of her son, Thomas Watkins, afsd. To grandchild. Lydia Cruchley, Hanna Howard, dau. of Philip and Ruth Howard, to Nathaniel Stinchcomb at age, and for the use of the Quaker ministry, personalty. Son John and hrs. exs. and residuary legatees of estate, real and personal. Overseers: Richd. Hill, Henry Ridgely. Test: Richd. Hill, Edward Burgess, Andrew Whiteroft, Robt. Rigsbee. 4. 43.

Yeildhall, William, Severn River, Anne Arundel Co., 18th Oct., 1683; 26th July, 1684. To Edward Hall, personalty. To wife Jane, execx., plantation at hd. of Round Bay during life. To son William and hrs., sd. plantation at death of wife afsd., “Norwood's Fancy,” and “Mr. Lloyd's Island” in Severn R. Son to be of age at 18 yrs. To dau. Eliza: Yeildhall at age, and hrs., 50 A. “Jane's Inheritance,” “Richardson's Joy,” “Narrow Neck,” and “Mottock's Adventure.” Test: Nich. Shepard, Jas. Williams. 4. 44.

Jones, Robert, 3d Apr., 1683; 13th Mch., 1684. To son William, ex., “Carter's Rest.” To young. dau. Mary at 16 yrs. of age, sd. plantation in event of death of her brother William. To dau. Sarah Stoope and hrs., sd. plantation in event of death of dau. Mary without issue. To sd. daus. Sarah and Mary, 200 A., “Sawyer's Hope;” either dying without issue, survivor to inherit deceased's portion. Test: Edward Bedell, Susan Dawkins, Simillia Yoe, Jas. Cozens, Nich. Brown, Jno. Yoe. 4. 45.

Jennings, Leonard, Great Choptanke, Talbot Co., 9th Dec., 1683; 28th June, 1684. To William Sharpe, Jr., and Sarah Sharpe, personalty, at 21 yrs. of age or marriage. William Sharpe, Sr., ex. and residuary legatee of estate, real and personal. Test: Richd. Webbs, Henry Fitzherbert, Jno. Licaturnus. 4. 46.

Stanley, Robert, Calvert Co., 20th Feb., 1683; 20th June, 1684. To Robert Bowen, son of Richard Bowen, at 18 yrs. of age, and hrs., entire estate, real and personal. Ex., Richard Bowen. Test: Nich. Buttrum, Jane Buttrum, Jno. Cheny. 4. 47.

Sanders, Robert, 12th Mch., 1684; 26th July, 1684. Wife Sarah, execx. and sole legatee of estate, real and personal. Overseer: Giles Pomer, father of sd. wife. Test: Jno. Denning, Jno. Watts, Nich. Whittaker. 4. 48.

Stockley, Oliver, Calvert Co., 3d Mch., 1684; 26th July, 1684. To John, William, and Anne, child. of brother Biggs, and Francis, William, and Samuel Peacock, personalty. Ex.: Brother John Bigs. Test: Jno. King, Henry Devine, Jeremiah Eldredge. 4. 48.

Smith, Nathan, Anne Arundel Co., 15th Apr., 1684; 1st Sept., 1684. To wife Margaret, execx., “Smith's Delight” during life. To son Thomas, sd plantation at death of mother, also 290 A., part of “Dan,” and 100 A., “Jerico.” To young. son Nathan, at 21 yrs. of age, and hrs., parcel of land inherited by sd. wife as an heir of John Buridge; also 210 A. “Lord's Bounty.” In event of death of child. without hrs., sd. wife to have 1/2 of their personal estate, and lands to pass to nephews Nathan and Joseph, sons of brother Thomas Smith, and hrs. Overseers: Brother Thomas Smith, eld. son Thomas afsd., Richard Johns, Wm. Richardson, Richd. Harrison. Test: Benj. Schrivener, Jno. Elsey, Margaret Toogood, Susanna Rudfearne. 4. 50.

Daly, Bryant, -- -- --15th July, 1684. To unborn child, 200 A. “Feeper's Fort and Patrick's Hill.” To wife Rebecca, 1/2 of sd. land in event of death of child. To first child of Audry Cocks, and hrs., residue of sd. land in event of death of child. To Nicholas and Ellen Keelon, child. of brother Thomas Keelon, personalty. Exs.: Wife Rebecca and brother Thomas Keelon. Test: Thos. Guidin, Robin Large, Mark Blomfield, Jno. Blomfield. 4. 51.

Mobberly, John, 30th Dec., 1683; 2d Sept., 1684. To eld. dau. Margaret, brother Richard Nennes and his dau. (unnamed), personalty. Wife Eliza:, execx. and residuary legatee. Test: Johanna Hill, Michael Browne. 4. 51.

Jessup, Thomas, Calvert Co., 17th Apr., 1684; 26th July, 1684. To Sarah George, dau. of Griffin George, personalty. To wife Mary, execx., and daus. Mary and Sarah at 14 yrs. of age, residue of estate, real and personal, equally. Test: Jas. Dorsey, Wm. Kid, Jos. Wilson. 4. 52.

Fawson, William, Chester River, Kent Co., 15th Sept., 1684; 11th Oct., 1684. To Hanna, wife of William Young, personalty. To Henry Hosier and Richard Lunder, exs., personalty. Wife Alice, in London, residuary legatee of estate, real and personal. Test: Philip Sutton, Danl. Kelley, Anne Sutton. .4. 53.

Noble, Robert, Talbot Co., 30th Oct., 1682; 19th June, 1684. To wife Cornelia, execx., plantation, consisting of “Planters' Delight,” “Noble's Lott,” and “Noble's Addition,” during life. To son Robert and hrs. sd. plantation at 19 yrs. of age. To dau. Frances, “Noble's Range” at 16 yrs. of age. To unborn child, “Noble's Meadow.” Test: Simon Stephens, Wm. Wrench, David Rogers, Wm. Prosser. 4. 54.

Hinton, Thomas,.(nunc.), Cecil Co., 16th Dec., 1683; 25th Jan., 1683. Wife Alice, sole legatee of estate, real and personal. Ex. not named. Test: Jos. Sperna, Howell Loyd, Jno. Owen. 4. 55.

Darnall, John, 14th Dec., 1684; 18th Feb., 1684. To James Pennington, John Gabon, Mr. Hubart, and Nicholas Gulick, personalty. To wife Susan, 2 tracts, 1 of 400 A. and 1 of 250 A. To wife afsd. and hrs., and to dau. Henrietta at age or marriage, residue of estate, real and personal. To nep. Henry, son of brother Henry, sd. dau.'s share in event of her death without issue. Exs.: Philemon Lloyd and brother Col. Henry Darnall. Test: Francis Lather, Isaac Shepard, Edward Overine. 4. 55.

Painter, Nicholas, Anne Arundel Co., 17th Apr., 1684; 27th Dec., 1684. To Nicholas Courtney, son of Thomas Courtney, St. Mary's Co., and hrs., 1,000 A., “The Grove,” in Dorchester Co. To Charles, son of Col. William Burges, and hrs., 1,050 A. in Cecil Co., and 700 A. nr. hd. of Severn, Anne Arundel Co. To Eliza: Burges, dau. of sd. Col. Burges, and hrs., 700 A. on Wye R., Talbot Co. To William, son of sd. Col. Burges, and hrs., 700 A. in Great Choptanke. To Benjamin and Joseph, sons of Col. Burges afsd., and hrs., 1,000 A. in Great Choptanke, and 400 A. at Tuckahoe, equally. To Anne Burges, dau. of sd. Col. Burges, rights of 1,000 A., of 400 A., and 300 A. in Dorchester Co., patented in the name of Charles Hutchins. Ex.: Col. Wm. Burges. Test: Ursula Burges, Nich. Withers, Sarah Gittings, Jno. Meriton. 4. 56.

Baker, Thomas, Charles Co., 5th Sept., 1684; 18th Nov., 1684. To wife Martha, 1/3 of estate. To child. (unnamed) at age, residue of estate, real and personal. Test: Edward Boteler, Edward Nibbs, Chris. Johnson, Robt. Glue. 4. 57.

Wynne, John, Dr., Poplar Hill, St. Mary's Co., 22d Jan., 1683; 10th Mch., 1684. To wife Anne, execx., “Governor's Gust.” [Gift?] To son John at 18 yrs. of age, “Bennett's Delight.” To wife Anne and son John afsd., all personal estate, sd wife to have care of sd. son and of rest of children, (unnamed). Test: Kenelm Cheseldyn, Stephen Corwood, Chierfitz Geffrey, Dorothy Boone. 4. 58.

Carroll, George, Talbot Co., 18th Aug., 1679; 19th May, 1684. To Anne Emerson, Thomas Brown, Ruth Amyson, Jane Riddail, dau. of Walter Riddall, Katharine Riddall, John Madbury, Richard Smith, John Glandening, personalty. William Coursey, Jr., residuary legatee of estate, real and personal. Ex.: Wm. Coursey, Sr. Test: Jno. Willson, Michael Johnson. 4. 59.

Hartley, John, Talbot Co., 17th Aug., 1684; 16th Dec., 1684. To John Offley, personalty. Jacob Seth, ex. and residuary legatee of estate, real and personal. Test: Jno. Hollinsworth, Jno. Heymer, Thos. Wyatt. 4. 59.

Innis, William, Sr., Somerset Co., 7th July, 1681; 28th Oct., 1684. To son William, personalty. To 3 sons and 2 daughters, viz., Nathaniel, Cornelius, Samuel, Percis Innis, and Parthenia Smock, sd. William's portion in event of his death without issue. To sons Nathaniel and Cornelius, 600 A., home plantation, equally. (For description see will). To son Samuel and hrs., sd. Cornelius' portion in event of his death without issue. To dau. Frances Poynter, personalty. Exs.: Son-in-law Thos. Poynter and Samuel Hopkins. Test: Jno. Osborne, Matthew Searborough, Edward Smith. 4. 61.

Pope, John, Charles Co., 5th Sept., 1684; 18th Oct., 1684. To Joseph Cornell, Charles Co., 350 A., “Batton's Clifts.” To kinswoman Eliza: Burford and hrs., 200 A., “Brian's Clifts.” To Thomas Burford, brother of sd. Eliza:, tract afsd. in event of death of sd. Eliza: without issue. To Bereshebay and Mary Harris, 400 A., “Rome.” To Mary Peter, Edward Baxter, Chris. Shadwell, personalty. Ex.: Jos. Carvill. Test: Lawrence Young, Jas. Halliman, Wm. Wader, Edward Boteler. 4. 64.

Vaughan, William, Kent Co., 15th Sept., 1684; 20th Oct., 1684. To dau. (unnamed) 200 A., “Parson's Point.” Son (unnamed) to be of age at 14 yrs. To wife (unnamed) and 2 child. afsd. residue of estate, real and personal. Overseer: Jas. Ringold. Test: Wm. Lethope, Jno. Sadler, Chris. Granger, Charles Young. 4. 64.

Ashcom, John, Patukent River, Calvert Co., 16th July, 1684; 31st Aug., 1684. To eld. son Charles and male hrs., 1/2 of 650 A., “West Ashcom,” 1/2 75 A., “Cumpton,” and 1/2 of 32 A. (unnamed). To young. son Samuel and male hrs. residue of sd. tracts. In event of sd. Charles not coming into the province, entire tracts to go to sd. Samuel and hrs. To 2nd son Nathaniel and male hrs., 350 A., “Point Patience.” To 3 sons afsd., all personalty. Exs.: Sons Nathaniel and Samuel afsd. Test: Jas. Keech, Thos. Hall, Charles Boteler. 4. 65.

Bowlin, John, Calvert Co., 9th June, 1684; 22d Nov., 1684. To wife Mary, execx., life interest in estate. To son John and hrs., all land. To son Richard, personalty. To child. at 16 yrs. of age, residue of personal estate, equally. Test: Thos. Truman, Richd. Marshan, Wm. Truman, Philip Loran. 4. 67.

Clarke, George, Charles Co., 30th July, 1683; 22d Nov., 1684. To godson Richard, son of Richard and Mary Hall, William Frost, and Francis Adams, personalty. John Godshall, ex. and residuary legatee. Test: Jno. Wilkinson, Jos. Wolph, Cleborne Lomax. 4. 68.

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